A Reminder

From Gab.

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  1. POd American

    Exchange “books” with “iPhones” and I’ll agree. Didn’t necessarily mean for the better, did it?

    • List wasn’t exhaustive. But I do read a lot of books ON my iPhone. That’s one thing I’ll miss when I get rid of it.

      • Northgunner


        Got Matt’s latest book on mine along with all of Max Velocity’s and Bill Forstchen’s anti-jihad novel.

        Lots of reading to do…

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  2. Left off teddy bears and flowers.

  3. Miles Long

    Damn… a kale smoothie sure changed my world for 2 or 3 days. Never again. Positive thinking didn’t help either.

  4. Change the world? Who the fuck wants to change the world? It will change all on its own, and we will be lucky to survive those changes.

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    “Imagine” sing-a-longs. #[country/city]Strong hashtags. Shit…if Genghis Khan would only have had those two things, he’d have conquered the whole world.

  6. you forgot

    H A T E

    works better than anything i ever came across…

    • wendystringer48088

      “H A T E
      works better than anything i ever came across…”
      As long as it doesn’t cause you to lose focus and do stupid things, it would be a strong motivation to “never give up, Never surrender”.

  7. wendystringer48088

    “H A T E
    works better than anything i ever came across…”

    Have faith. While you may have a head start on many of us in that regard, I think things might be bit by bit getting there for a lot of people…

    It’s going to take a lot to tear people away from their “comfortable” and “peaceful” everyday life. It will take the realization for many that “while you may not be interested in war, war is interested in you.”

    Interesting article about a shooting that happened Saturday in Minneapolis.

    “Mohamed Noor, who joined the department in March 2015, reached over and shot Justine Damond, 40, multiple times from the passenger seat of his squad car while she spoke to his colleague on the drivers side in a back alley”

    Mohamed Noor is a Somali-American police officer and Justine Diamond was a yoga and meditation teacher and was wearing pajamas and was speaking to the two officers through the drivers side window after calling 911 on a disturbance in the ally behind her house.

    Now there’s a “Dial 911 and die” story for you.


    I’m guessing he’s Muslim.