Got Money?

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  1. Nice one! I had a Silver Certificate cross my path once, you bet I kept it. I use it to explain some things to the children about money. Understand this, NOTHING in FRN’s is currently representative of reality. Hasn’t been for quite some time. YOU must begin to value your labor apart from the Bankscam bux. Wall Street is a hologram. The Banks are a hologram. The large retail chains are dying because some old bald cunt is a super genius and wan’ts to deliver your widgets by drone? Or is it possible that the economy is so gutted that the appearance of prosperity can no longer be maintained?

    What is the value of growing your own food apart from the “stupormarkets”? Does every transaction you make under the current monetary regime add to your ability to survive long term? What is your knowledge worth? Grow your own food. Do it now while no one is shooting at us.

    If you are still in a “hive” it’s well past time to get out.

    • lastmanstanding

      They sure are beautiful…I have 1’s, 5’s and 10’s.

      Our garden is kicking ass right now and the canning season is right around the corner for us.

      No “hive” for us brother…any I’m headed off for training in an hour.

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

  2. Now, go read the 7th Amendment with a new understanding.

  3. Funny how the Patriotic/CONservitive FOX news never talks about this as well as all those Paytriotic/CONservitives people keep putting into office to save us.


      mikrat: Fox News is FAUX News.

      • Definitely – but when are the other 99.9% of the sheep that watch it and trust it going to wake up and see that its no better than CNN or the rest.

  4. It seems like it’s been forever and I still keep hearing about “one day the the economy will crater or the debt bomb will blow”. Have the PTB finally figured out a way to alter the laws of economics, or have they simply mastered the art of inserting fuse extensions between the proverbial spark and blasting cap?

    • sooner or later, every Ponzi collapses. They longer they endure, the harder the Crash. This one will crash…when no one is predicting or expecting it.

      • it already crashed.

        what you are living is pure BULLSHIT.

        it still works because the pee pull love eating their .gov shit…

      • Your faith is great, Haxo. I’ve been waiting for this Ponzi to crash for more than a half century. What I’ve seen, instead, is a series of downward adjustments for middle- and working-class proles. Years ago “the powers that be” included the cost of home purchases in the CPI. In the early ’80s, under Raygun’s watch, home prices were replaced by rental costs. Interestingly, the white working-class had all but disappeared by that time.

    • as Adam Smith observed, there is much ruin to be had in an [active] economy

  5. Isn’t it simply marvelous how a $1 FRN can become a $5/10/20/50/100 FRN when the creating agency through their majik re-arranges the ink dots, using the same ink and same paper?

    Just imagine the cost savings.

    This is a level of majik which simply cannot be duplicated with gold or silver, I tell you what!

  6. Real value is between your ears.Refuse to consent.Barter,cash,self sustaining lifestyle. When all other options are exhausted…violence will take on a life of it’s own.Violence is a last ditch effort at control.
    We are aggressive primates.I want.You have.Give it to me or I will take it. Currency’s value is based upon faith in the corrupt institution of government. Faith in the USA currency is the faith of a fool.
    Give yourself worth. .Educate,learn skills,evolve into a human with value. Humans with skills are the only currency with true value.When you are wiping your ass with George Washington’s face…you will understand.

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  8. Northgunner

    Only the banksters can take perfectly good paper and perfectly good ink and combine them into something perfectly worthless!
    (Modified and updated from Milton Friedman)

    Through ones knowkedge, skills and personal effort we ARE the gold!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III