GoV: The Forest Brothers

From GoV:

“…This [NATO-produced video] is for all those who feel compelled to fight for First Principles in some way or another when the time comes…and for all the lost stories floating to the surface now that the USSR is truly no more…”

The fight against other humans who wish to enslave you is eternal.


2 responses to “GoV: The Forest Brothers

  1. Thank God we saved uncle Joe eh?

    “…the patient does not answer questions, is semiconscious, with periodic facial and body extremity spasms. A pulse is barely detectable. The entire body is covered in blood…”

    The report also mentions a missing finger, a right eye pierced by a thin wire or nail, genitals partly removed by cutting, and similar gruesome details.

  2. don’t be like the Forest Brothers. They failed. Nor was ‘Murka ever serious about bringing down the SU. Until Reagan did it, to the great dismay of both demoncrats and republiscams. They did succeed in saving the Chicoms though.