MDT: Further Thoughts On Reality

Both on the vid above and as standalone.

Note the caveat:

A way to look at the reality board, not the only way.

But objectors had better be able to demonstrate that your reality is truly different.

And never forget that your enemies (note the plural) also get a vote.

Or several.

54 responses to “MDT: Further Thoughts On Reality

  1. Great video comment. Thanks for posting.

  2. Spot on.

    95% of the “preppers” I see where I work that come in with their Don’t Tread On Me shirts and License Plates (thats a funny right there) that roll in from around the country look like Peter Griffin from Family Guy – right along with their even fatter wife and bloated kids.

    Negan Fodder.

    Am I at my tip top shape at 53? no, but far better than many.

  3. I have in the past always liked what JC Dodge wrote. And some with this article is good..but also lately I see him fall into that less-than-useful SFC Barry defeatist kind of mindset that says. “If you are not military or ex military you ain’t shit and never will be anything else, so dont even bother”

    This is nonsense now and has always been nonsense.

    Thats probably not what JC intended to message …..but I sense a shade of that between the lines..

    And its toxic even if its unintentional so I want to address it.

    Can a “Prepper” know all of 7-8 well as well a active Infantry?
    No but he doesnt have to, because for one in a true post-SHTF he will not likely face intact infantry units (why would he?) and number 2: Most Infantry does not perfectly know and execute 7-8 anyway.

    Infantry skills is stuff we teach to teenagers who think about beer ,pizza and pussy in class. Why should non military not be able to absorb it 100%?

    And we often dont tell them why and when a certain drill is executed because we expect them to be told.
    I agree that trainers for SUT should primarily be experienced Infantry.
    but …..I remember back when I was at Bragg all our Black hats had never deployed as Infantry either..
    yet we still listened to them! because they knew what they spoke of.
    because as human beings they can learn and get good info from others experiences. Learning through not having done something themselves is the human advantage over animals.

    I believe that sometimes the lack of anecdotes can even lead to more level headed big picture calls when people aren’t married to what “worked before”.

    Especially if that “Before” involved a specific big military experience that is very, well,.. Big military, which is distinct from the most likely post-SHTF prepper enviroment of small groups on a shoe string budget.. no calls for fires, no motorized transport (except by exception) no air transport,
    While no one can predict how a SHTF will look like in this country I think we dont go out on too much of a limb if we say it will not involve us Patriots being an Occupying Army with lavish Comms, fuel , ammo and medical.

    Training is always good
    Preppers need to train Small Units tactics. Period.
    They are the foundation of everything.
    And will greatly empower them.

    -They dont have to be masters of it.. just competent at the basics.
    because its all about the basics.
    -Same with Carbine skills. No need to be Pat Rogers just be competent… when you can execute basic tactical maneuvers success will come.
    -Same with PT no need to be able to run an Iron man just be sure you dont collapse when you have to sprint a bit during fire-and-movement after a 5 mile ruckmarsch with your pack.

    PS: I am Ex Combat Arms and Infantry myself BUT I don’t go for all this Rah-rah shit.
    You dont need to be a genius to learn this!
    Or execute it!
    Just a little elbow grease in training and practice and have some mental agility.

    • Grenadier1

      You posted while I was writing my reply below. Said it better than I did, with some life history to back it up. Thank you.

    • I have to agree with you. I’ve followed this site for a couple of years now, only because Ann B. referenced it in an article some time back. It’s a daily read. I’m a Civi with a fam and my finger on the pulse of all that is happening at home and abroad (again thanks to the knowledge I glean from this site and others like it). Evil has always been on the march, but now it is much more overt. It sickens me and depresses me.

      When it comes to converting anyone to anything (your side) it’s a balancing act. I understand the need for honesty, but you either will pull someone closer to your cause or you risk pushing them away from your cause with your words. As you have stated I too am not judging but it will either motivate that individual or they will feel all hope is lost so why bother. Listen, I have no illusions about the difficulties of coming out the other side of the future shit storm as a Civi aka/Prepper. As the head of household who can’t afford to get off the hamster wheel for having to provide for a family, makes it difficult to train and prepare. You purchase things that make you think you’re doing something so some comfort and security can be had. That and most importantly preparing the family to understand the potentials and possibilities going forward.

      I know John Wayne is not coming nor the Calvary, but I do network and associate with like minded people who also see the train ahead. Is that enough? Obviously not. But it’s something.
      I can say it’s definitely more than the majority are doing. Millions will perish once when the debt/ponzi scheme crashes. No man knows the time.

      “I don’t have to outrun the bear–I just have to outrun you!”

    • Excellent comment.

      You Sir, are correct.

    • kay_de_leon

      Sounds reasonable to me!

    • Infantry is for people smart enough to take an oath to defend the usc, but never read and understand the dang thing (or attempt to, or even care to). This is the .gov standard for all of its workers and is 100% acceptable and allowable, perhaps since its existence.

      Talk with a Vietnam vet who retired with the army. He never read the usc. 95% of the people in the USA have never read it, including .mil. Some think it’s the bill of rights. It is a pure example of a failed ideal.

      All of these x-mil guys should try and learn something else. Physical security is one component of surviving. Try computer programming (a great tool to exercise analytical thought). Try calculus. Try executing a complex project or design. Try being apart of the city council. Try troubleshooting an electronic circuit.

      Very smart and technical people who also strategize to solve complex problems are not submissive. Many are very active and most often beyond what a common person can comprehend.

      Everyone is in the same boat with regards to what is going on worldwide.

      • Bubba White

        This is my reply to Dh87:
        “Infantry is for people smart enough to take an oath to defend the usc, but never read and understand the dang thing (or attempt to, or even care to).” What is your source for this B.S.?
        US History and Government are still taught in high school. A high school diploma is usually required for enlistment. A significant number of soldiers (and sailors, airmen, and marines) also have some college, if not a degree. You seem to think you are a superior being. Kind of like a stereo-typical liberal.
        “Talk with a Vietnam vet who retired with the army. He never read the usc. 95% of the people in the USA have never read it, including .mil.” Does this mean ‘you talked to a Vietnam vet’? or do you want the audience to talk to one? Assuming you talked with one (1) veteran who said he had not read the Constitution, that is hardly an accurate survey and is not representative of anything except your narrow mind.
        “All of these x-mil guys should try and learn something else.” The topic was military tactics. It is more than a little condescending to assume prior military service members don’t know anything else. Kind of like a stereo-typical liberal.
        No, we are not all in the same boat. I can choose who rides in my boat and who gets harpooned trying to climb in uninvited.
        Have a nice day.

    • Bubba White

      I am not sure what your deal is, but I have a few hand grenades to throw into your ‘argument’. (And I am not even going to get into grammatical and spelling errors.)
      Straw man #1: “Most Infantry does not perfectly know and execute 7-8 anyway.” While technically a true statement, since Jesus is not in the Infantry, nobody is executing 7-8 perfectly. But most of the Infantry units in the USA are pretty darn good. In addition to current actual ops in Mooslem Land, they regularly rotate in/out of Ft Polk and Ft Irwin as well as ATREP evaluations at home station.
      Straw man #2: “Infantry skills is stuff we teach to teenagers who think about beer ,pizza and pussy in class.” In CLASS??? How about in the FIELD. And then you’ll be too busy doing what you’re told to be F#cking off daydreaming. If your Team Leaders and Squad Leaders allowed you kick back and daydream without you giving 100% they were pussies.
      Straw man #3: “but …..I remember back when I was at Bragg all our Black hats had never deployed as Infantry either.” Black hats at Ft Bragg teach Jump Refresher and Jumpmaster school. They are not teaching Infantry tactics. Their expertise is in Airborne Operations. All are Master Parachutists. They come from any MOS at Ft Bragg-cooks, MPs, Infantry, Artillery, Armor, etc.
      Straw man #4: “Especially if that “Before” involved a specific big military experience that is very, well,.. Big military…” The size of an exercise does not greatly impact E-2 thru junior E-5; they are doing their small unit tactics just like always. E-5s looking at becoming SQD LDRS will likely have more responsibilities as will SQD LDRS and up, but they are still doing their small unit tactics, and supervising, training, and mentoring their subordinates at the same time. So a “BIG” exercise is not required, although it can provide more realistic elements that an individual SQD LDR likely will not have when in the field training just his SQD.
      “Ex Combat Arms and Infantry. Was Infantry your primary or secondary MOS? What was your other combat arms MOS? Or is that just another grammatical error?

  4. Christopher

    This is unrealistic. Not everyone can be a Spartan. But most men and women can be led by semi to real Spartans. And when and if those leaders are wholly absent, or fall, others will rise to the occasion or not. It’s really that simple.

  5. Grenadier1

    Cant argue with your experience nor your assessment of where most “prepper” types stand but I do have to argue with the mindset.

    Please dont take this as disrespect, its not, but what other choice do we have?
    Most people who are of the mindset of the prepper are not of the age nor financial status to go off and join a professional service.
    While some folks may still be in good shape or even good enough shape they are still not going to get a complete level of infantry training or be able to consistently put that training into practice. I have taken many classes and went through many training exercises, I am not a soldier. I have no illusions about being at the level of professionals. BUT, I am all I have. I can only do what I can do. I just think that going into any SHTF situation thinking that we can only hole up and have done nothing to plan for a potential offensive mindset is ceding a lot of momentum and initiative to potential bad guys.

    • Take comfort in the knowledge that the “professional armies (The British Expeditionary Forces) in both WW One and WW2, got their arses kicked.

      It was hastily-trained “citizen forces” … often mere conscripts …which saved the day.

      Furthermore, there is quite a bit of evidence that regular troops do not fare best when confronted by situations which are outside of their training. The conscript, with little training, often adapts more quickly and fares better … if he makes it past the first few days of actual combat.

  6. I have in the past always liked what JC Dodge wrote. And some with this article is good..but also lately I see him fall into that less-than-useful SFC Barry defeatist kind of mindset that says. “If you are not military or ex military you ain’t shit and never will be anything else, so dont even bother”

    Way to totally miss the point:
    You can’t half-ass that training, and there aren’t any shortcuts.
    So you’d damned well better bother.
    You don’t have to be a JSOC ninja, but you damned sure better bring a better game than “I probably won’t ever face a well-trained enemy with intact units, because reasons.”

    Those lessons are written in blood, have been since Baron von Steuben’s day, and your well-meaning but self-deluded “I got this, I don’t have to be great at it”, is going to bring you or anyone else of similar mindset to one place, with a surprised look on your face:
    Combat Participation Award, 2nd Place

    Best wishes trying it the easy way, and I really hope you never find out your shit is weak.

    • and i really hope you die in a puddle of your own oiss and shit.

      faggot assed boot licking know nothing and financial loser.

      go lay down and lick your tiny balls- boy.

  7. Spot on, Dick. Needed to be said. The difference between a civilian and a trained soldier is not all that much, after all, the trained soldier was the civilian not that long ago. The combat veteran is the trained soldier who survived the combat, who was a civilian before that. An old campaigner like me can only really impart words to civilians that may or may not help. Civilians are able to do just as well as the combat vets, as they too should know, all one needs is some training , and then the experience/ survival, which is the greatest teacher. We all had to start somewhere. Even if your group is a bunch of fatties, with no endurance, no experience, time and circumstances will drive out of them the frills and fat, with the stupid and the lazy getting eliminated very early in the game. Whatever you have to work with, THAT is what you GET. One thing I learned as a trainer of men and women for combat, is that you get what you put into the training, and the unlikeliest of people can, an often do, wing up as real troopers. Don’t forget the Audie Murphy lesson. A 5′ 4″ poor boy from Texas who was a lion in combat and initially rejected by all the services. And don’t forget there are a lot of women out there, who will also do, just fine.

  8. Huge issues with this video. He talks about the end result of perfectly good military leadership is him stuffing his friends into body bags. Why is it that greatest trained and equipped soldiers on earth can’t defeat a bunch of goat herders with AK’s in Afghanistan? The fact that we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan after 15 years proves the military leadership the speaker speaks so highly of is incompetent beyond belief. Yes, we have incompetent political leaders. But we have a volunteer military. These soldiers chose to involve themselves in these well known clusterfucks. They weren’t drafted. And did these soldiers come home to teach these same utterly failed tactics and strategy that led to our losing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to us ‘stupid’ but well meaning preppers?
    He actually gave good advice to us ‘well meaning preppers’. Stay the fuck home and bunker down. The same should be said to anyone in our military or anyone thinking of joining our military. Stay the fuck home and bunker down and don’t be poorly led to the other side of the planet earth to die horribly in shit holes like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, the Ukraine and Libya.

    • The simple answer? Politics. Now, if we required our politicians to enter combat in the wars they believe we need to fight, we’d see a whole different mindset and much freer ROE. It’s easy to be brave in the CONUS when you’re sending others kids to die, not so much when you get to lead from the front, where you belong, you know, IF you truly believe. Our politicians are fucking spineless bullies.


      it’s called the Peter Principle.

      anyone who stays in .mil longer than 2 tours is just competing with the same class of loser from that point on.

      they can’t bring themselves to accept the responsibility of going out in the real world and making a go of it- Rich or Bust.

      most end up feeding at the trough their entire lives.

      that shit is coming to end soon enough.

      • Here we go….go ahead and get the childish name calling out of the way. Then you can try to actually focus on my reply to your, ‘comment’, which is a fallacy at best, and an uneducated, uninformed ad hominem attack as well. call me a ‘loser cuck’ or whatever…..get it out of your system.

        A better question, in relation to the, “Peter Principle” might be this, when reviewing your demonstrated abilities: Would the highest level of incompetency you’ve reached be on par with a 4th grade elementary student, educationally, based on your spelling, punctuation, and capitalization? I believe it might be exactly that, but I could be wrong. But then again, you haven’t shown your G.E.D., either. Only your standard pattern of functional illiteracy. One thing’s for certain, I do believe you did grow up in Detroit, based on the quality of the schools there.

        In regards to your ‘two tour’ comment, didn’t you, yourself, say that you only got out because of an injury you received in training? As you like to say, “FACT!” So it’s really not in your best interest, as one who let an injury put him out of the service to disparage the motives of people (apparently better than you, because they made a decision to continue to serve on active duty, and then made it through their careers and retired from active service at a time of their choosing, some with debilitating injuries). You sound like some people we had in a few units. We called them, “Ne’er-do-well-malcontents” while they were on active duty. Most of them couldn’t spell, or write a correct sentence, either. Guys like that were usually on, ‘weeds and seeds’ in casual status while awaiting their discharges. Were you one of those guys? Maybe not, but you sure do read like you were. For one who uses a 101st ABN ‘GI Joe’ for an icon, you sure don’t give the impression that you’re anything but an angry, jealous, “I wish I would have done my 20,” kind of a guy, who still resents the fact that he got out because of a broken leg (if memory serves). That is, if you could have lasted that long without getting yourself a, “Big Chicken Dinner,” (aka, Bad Conduct Discharge) and actually making senior NCO.

        Now go and take pictures of your Canadian duck float. Or call more names. Or whatever it is you do to validate your self-concept. Most of the rest of us us want to enjoy posts and comments we read here without this childish prattle.

        • another lifer who finds himself lost in the REAL world.

          you guys always seem to gravitate around yourselves huh?

          because you’re the only ones who can stand listening to your own bullshit and stories of failure.

          Folks, none of these “experts” have any room to tell anyone ANYTHING.

          They all know about following orders and losing.

          you have to WIN first.

          • Great observation! It demonstrates clearly you really don’t know what you don’t know in regards to anyone else’s orientation in the so-called ‘real world.’ The only person on this string who clearly seems lost in the fog of their own rage is you, tFat. You, and you alone. I’d send up a flare to let you orient yourself and get back on course, but you wouldn’t see it, because you’re too busy looking down at the ground blaming everyone for everything, while hoping for the majority of your former fellow citizens die a gruesome death.

            But as to following orders, yes, I’d say when one volunteers for service the ability to do so is a good thing. For example, when undergoing various categories of training, following orders helps on prevent many, many injuries.. It works. Then, once one proves one can walk and chew gum at the same time without stepping on a rake or tripping over air barriers and breaking a limb, the person is groomed for the responsibility of keeping others in their charge alive (typically after completing the first ‘tour,’ aka ‘apprenticeship period.’ Then, one learns not just about orders, but how to creatively achieve the intent of the orders without being a drone that can only mimic others while he keeps repeating things “Pee Wee Herman” would be proud of, like, “Loser, Cuck, tax sucker, tin pot medal wearer,” and so forth.

            Your not abandoning the childish prattle as of yet. Keep trying. You might get there.

      • But you’ve said you COULDN’T make it through one tour, so what does that say about you? Oh…I know, that ol’ leg injury and all…… Considering men are going back on active duty, combat assignments in SF (not a desk job) while MISSING A LEG………. So tell me, did you get disability for your injury? Was that the stake you made the rest of your millions off of, and if so, doesn’t that mean you’ve been “feeding at the trough” the whole time?

        • ^^^Ding! Ding! Ding!
          We have a winner!

        • you are a LOSER aren’t you?

          you don’t impress anyone besides yourself and any drooling fool who doesn’r know any better.

          your cheap ribbons and badges (made in China) along with $2.00 will buy you a cup of coffee where you can tell your tales of bravery and heroism.

          what a joke.

          now go feed off my tax dollars some more.


          • Well, you managed to act like a human fucking being for almost a whole thread.

            So you weren’t even a real pogue, you were the warm bodied go-fetch-this while your papers went upstream and back. Probably fucked that up while you were at it.

            Illustrious shit there Chesty Puller! No wonder your ass is still sore about it.

            Inside that there red ass fruit loop and tactics and head games stuff.

      • The Peter Principle is based on the logical idea that competent employees will continue to be promoted, but at some point will be promoted into positions for which they are incompetent, and they will then remain in those positions because of the fact that they do not demonstrate any further competence that would get them recognized for additional promotion. According to the Peter Principle, every position in a given hierarchy will eventually be filled by employees who are incompetent to fulfill the job duties of their respective positions.

        which splains why the murkin military just can’t win a war- no matter what whizz bags they have, and no matter how many TRILLIONS they spend.

        wonder how much the “terrorists” spent?- to win

        • The fact that there is a Peter Principle neither means nor requires that it’s always operative. (You were sick the day they covered that part, right?)

          In most places, it’s conspicuous by its utter absence, the military being one of the best examples of a hierarchy that tries to actively weed out the incompetent when they are shown to be so; hence your civilian status.

          By definition, the Peter Principle requires the assent of the higher levels to leaving the shitbags exactly where they are, in a position to do the most damage.

          But hey, since you want to have your own reality, with your own facts, kindly show the class the circumstances and dates of the wars we’ve lost, the generals and admirals who were defeated, and the surrender documents they signed as a result.
          People who paid attention in class and weren’t busy eating the paste know what losing a war looks like:

          You have the entire internet to pluck from: show your work.
          So if anything you claimed were true, you should be able to ace this one.
          If not, we can stand by for the usual from you:

          • loser boy

            master of nothing but cleaning bedpans.

            a true holster sniffer if there ever was one.

            no go and worship your heroes- you know, the ones with the cheap green suits with cheap colorful nylon whizz bangs and pot metal ‘look at me” nothings… hanging in their closets…

      • My God I’m impressed, you actually read a book, or heard of it (it’s been around for 50 years). I have an unbeatable plan to survive and thrive but it does not involve recruiting self important a-wholes and tacticool ‘Operators’

      • justanotherusualsuspect

        You could always become a public servant, right mate?

      • a follower

        The military gives them structure, discipline,i believe that is why a recent comment was made suggesting, ” we need the draft.”
        Discipline comes from a variety of places. The collective, the beehive, would not be my go to source.
        Prison also offers discipline to some.
        tfA-t, Do you think any lifers still are attached to their individualism? i would hope so.
        David from the prepper video is retired army i believe. Been watching him for awhile.

        • these turds with name tags are the epitome of ‘self-important”

          all expendable items. they know it.

          the military gives them worthless trinkets and baubles to placate their desire to be someone. in he end, they are nothing but a number and a pin cushion for experimental vaccines and psychological manipulations.

          just listen to them all.

          they really have a non-fact based superiority complex.

          no doubt many will find employment as the regimes thug enforcers.

          it’s all they know.

  9. I firmly believe what JC is saying because I have been preaching it myself. And no, I am not being defeatist but realistic in my expectations. First, one always has to be in good shape. Second, it is much easier to learn and function in a defensive manner than in an offensive manner. Third, whether we like it or not, there are legal realities. Learning defensive drill is simply self protection preparation while learning to function in an offensive manner can be viewed as conspiracy or premeditation. Being Superman does no good if you’re in jail, disarmed, and up on charges. Lastly, and most importantly, Freefor lacks the resources in both money and time to properly train for everything. Better to get the basics of defense down rather than waste time doing things that won’t help in the vast majority of circumstances.

  10. We do not allow PFC’s to run Infantry operations for a reason, and those are the level of training, experience, maturity and confidence induced decisiveness. Civilians have none of this in the field of infantry ops (on a good day, a civilian that has taken 3 or 4 SUT type classes won’t be at the experienced PFC level). To be an Infantryman, you need an Infantry (it’s a group thing), and civilians without a mil background don’t. Do you need to be an Infantryman to be a Survivalist? No. Do you need to have that Infantry (plural) to conduct Infantry operations? Yes. That’s what is meant by “You will not be the ‘Infantry of the 7-8’.”. The chapter on Battle Drills is not enough. The chapter on making an Op Order and the “Sergeant Major Eating Sugar Cookies” is not enough. The Infantry and Infantry operations is a package deal, and you guys didn’t sign up for the package. Conducting a “break contact”, or a static defense doesn’t make you infantry anymore than making instant pudding at home makes you a five star restaurant gourmet chef. Yes, there are similarities, but only in the basics. What does knowing and performing those activities correctly make you? A survivor if you do it right. You’d think that would be the important part, but semantics seem to rule the day here.

    • “We do not allow PFC’s to run Infantry operations”

      well maybe they should.

      the murkin military just might win one for a change…

      hang it up.

      YOU LOST. and the american people KNOW IT.

  11. He’s right. There are a lot of fat pancake eaters in the prepper community. I’m in good shape for 55, but frankly have no desire to fritter around the woods playing fake soldier. If you have to do that in middle-age, you probably don’t have a lot going on in your life,or are unemployed. Also, 55 is too old to be useful in an offensive capability, so screw that If the SHTF, I intend to do exactly what he recommends; shelter in place and hope for the best. In the meatime, I intend to go on enjoying life. If the fight comes to my doorstep, then I foresee the second Battle of the Alamo. If it looks like the final curtain, I intend to dive John Wayne-like onto the enemy bayonets as the final grenade in my hand goes off. Go out with a BANG! I say!

  12. Everyone has a plan until their punched in da mouph

  13. Know your turf better then anyone else, fight smart, don’t just fight. Develop force multipliers, IEDs, toe poppers,

    Advanced warning, set yourself up for success. You won’t be facing re-enforced troops. Sucked em in, once they commit, overwhelm them with firepower.

    one thing I disagree with, their are books produced by TraDoc, to teach retards how to use a mop step by step, how to hold and turn a wrench, how to hold a rifle load a rifle clean a rifle. These books are very effective tools,min the Absense of qualified trainers.

    Fuck even McDonalds has a killer How To training series.

    Battle drills , you can’t practice what you don’t know. Ranger HandBook BoyScout manuals are all great for teaching the newbie. Don’t discount them.


  14. >>>What does knowing and performing those activities correctly make you? A survivor if you do it right. You’d think that would be the important part, but semantics seem to rule the day here.<<<

    No, mind-generated fantasies rule the day here. As this is written, more than 320 million Americans are surviving and not a single one of them–not one–can trace their survival to the action of any US soldier of any sort, infantry or otherwise, at least not here. But sure, millions of them can trace their wealth to wars and soldiers and materiel. Lots and lots of wealth, and plenty of oil and poppies to boot.

    The last time a US soldier was brought into action in this country was 150 years ago. Result—700,000 dead Americans.

    Look, JC…you're either a Warrior in the employ of the rest of us, or you're a thug who intends to get what he wants through force. I don't know and to be frank, I don't care. Thugs abound these days and lots of them wear uniforms, so one more or less won't make much of a difference.

    But like it or not, a soldier is a guard. He is paid to learn and train in order to protect those who employ him, should the need ever arise. I'm sure you don't like it worded that way, but that's the way it is. And further, all the best soldiers will say it, just like that.

    Personally, I admire talent and you've got plenty of that. That's a great thing, but we're all humans and so the most important question is ALWAYS…"to what end?" If your goal is to defend the ideals–and the lives–of your fellow Americans, then do it. Share your talents as you do, and there's nothing wrong with pointing out how misled others are in their false beliefs. I happen to be a big fan of that myself.

    But if you think the rest of us are going to lay down and give you what you want just because, "I deal in force," then you're sadly mistaken. The Rule of the Thug is coming to an end in this country, and eventually the entire world. Every drop of human action is a choice and the madness all around us derives from the refusal to acknowledge the responsibility we all have for our choices. And no duh, the necessity to defend them.

    So just make yours, and make it clear. Stop pussyfooting around with implicit threats about how the toughest guys are going to get their way and nobody else will survive. It's 2017 and it's the dawn of the Information Age. The smartest ones are going to get their way, and their way is the NAP, or voluntarism, or capitalism, or consensualism. Call it whatever you wish–that's semantics–but hundreds of millions of armed-to-the-hilt "dirt people" do finally understand what they will have to DO to defend their lives, their families and their property. It may be an ugly road along the way, but there can be no doubt that when the dust settles, if we don't all kill ourselves off first, the day of the thug is over.

    AFAICT your error has always been the belief that the survival of civilian Americans depends on what you do. The truth is that your survival depends on what civilian Americans do. If you really don't understand that, just trace the source of how you make your living. It ain't rocket science and you can thank us when you're ready.

    BTW my position is simple. Warriors deserve honor and respect. Thugs deserve death. I already know you have the courage to fight. What I don't know, and have wondered all along, is whether you have the courage to declare.

    • I know you think you’re the smartest guy in the room Jim, but maybe you should recognize that you’re not even the smartest voice in your head. You say you don’t know what side I’m on when I take of my free time and give advice on how civilians should deal with deadly situations. If so, your perceptive ability is up there with your “best form of government” ideas (they suck). Who’s gonna give this advice… I don’t plan on oppressing or leading anyone, and the fact that you say my motives are questionable, tells me you’re nothing but a petulant, jealous child who wishes he could do those things, and thinks “If I could do that I would, so he has to think the same way.”.



  15. Commented at the link:

    Nothing but nothing is going to be more important than district-wide comms when things get ugly.

    Of course if you’re the guy with the best comms in the area then you literally become the centre of the onion, and that’s a lot of layers to peel and tears to shed before anyone even gets close to you.

  16. a follower

    “No tactics are better than Bad tactics.”
    i agree. This relates on a number of levels including communication.

  17. I learned and did more in the Reserves than I ever did in the regular army.

    the RA is nothing but a goat fuck shitshow with anyone with more stripes than you acts like they are smart.

    fact is, anyone wearing more than e-5 rank is a major ass licker.

    that’s all they do from that point on.

    walk around on eggshells and kiss ass so they don’t lose their rank.


    and that’s why the murkin military cannot win any conflict.

    too many chiefs and not enough braves.

    anyone saying it’s the NCOs who fight is FULL OF SHIT.

    it’s the enlisted man,,, always was. always will be.