Sleepwalking To WWIII

Doomsaying from Down Under, with h/t to Matt Bracken.

But….iPhone….Faceberg… virtual reality…miracles of the modern age….

Memento mori.

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    The good admiral is missing the point. It is not about fear of rising military power. It is about MARKETS. That what has controlled Amerika since that sawed-off, four-eyed, First Progressive psychopath Teddy Roosevelt got “control” of the reigns of power. I put control in quotes because it was really John Hay, Mark Hanna, and others(the Deep State of the time) who pulled the strings and called the shots along with other Wall Street rat bastard (((Bankster )))criminals. Read LITTLE BROWN BROTHER.
    The whole artificial island thing in the South China Sea is not worth the life of one U.S. sailor. This is totally outside our interests UNLESS, the POTUS allows the Deep State, Wall Street, and the ((( Banksters))) to continue to define our interests. And, given the current psyche of the Amerikan Sheeple, I doubt that you would see lines forming around the block at recruiting offices if the Chinamen smoked a Nimitz-class: “…five acres of American sovereignty-global force for good.”
    I regret my cynicism and apologize if I have offended any reader with loved ones in the Navy. But, I do not want to end my final minutes on this planet as radioactive waste because (((Banksters))) and their useful idiots in Mordor-on-the-Potomac decide to make some more money.

    • Northgunner

      Couldn’t agree more!!

      Howls of “duhh-mocracy!!..gotta make the planet safe for lgbtmoslem boy/goat lovers and Catlin Jenner!!..USA!! USA!!..We Can Win It for Cankles!!” will be the refrain that the banksters and the parasite class have their media tentacles put forth to the hive peasants to sanctify more institutional murder, theft and tryanny abroad and more theft and control at home.

      Like bankster Paul Warburg said in the 1930’s, “All wars are economic”.

      May the parasite class and their bankster buddies all FOAD!!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarc!
      Northgunner III

  2. America is crucial to the stability of the region and we cannot afford for it to retreat or to weaken its resolve. I don’t believe it will.

    The author is oblivious, and whistling past the graveyard.

    The nearly 600-ship Navy of the Reagan era is now zooming downwards to barely 200 ships, its smallest since the 1930s.
    The Army, formerly of 14 divisions, is now struggling to maintain 7.
    The Marines have wasted billions on the F-35 Thunderpig, and ground forces have been starved to feed that boondoggle.
    The Air Farce is a shell.
    Carriers that used to embark nearly 100 aircraft struggle to keep 40 on board, and the US would be hard-pressed to deploy so much as a brigade (half a division) to anything in the Pacific.

    As China grows in strength by the year, and we dither over the puny Nork nuke problem, it’s only a matter of time before Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Oz have to decide to either announce a nuclear-capable defense program, or simply to do it quietly, under the radar.
    Japan could do so without fanfare in about a week.

    But if anyone in Oz thinks the Americans will sail in and save their bacon in the next go-around, they’re going to look as surprised as the Polish were in September of 1939 when help never comes.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Damn. Our Military is a Mess.
      A domestic and foreign conflict would cripple us.
      No Bench…

      • you just now grasping this?

        the murkin military is a joke.

        wonder which one is A sap?

        • They’re your home snapshots, so the bigger question is which one is tfag?
          But you got kicked out, right, so I’m guessing you’re the civvie wife above.

          Nice to see you can’t go a day without your usual contribution here.

          Thanks For What You Bring Every Time You Open Your Ass!

          And remember, the less you contribute here, the smarter you sound.

          • go suck off MDT and the rest of the phoney war heroes.


            HERO is reserved for winners….

            something the murkin military has NONE of.

            • The military’s bootmarks on your ass still sting, huh?
              Such a sad, pathetic little whiner.

              Not content at the warm feeling of shitting yourself every day, you come here, dig around in your underpants, and smear it on the wall to validate your existence, because it’s all you’ve ever got to offer.
              Well-played, Mimi.

  3. Since we have not the juice to influence these matters, we shall observe the comedic tragedy from the sidelines. Let’s away, and see thou how G*d dispose thus the day.

  4. Yes, the times are rhyming.

  5. the Judeo-globalist target is (White) Russia, not (Yellow) China. Chinks and Jews get along fine. Whites and Jews, not so much. As to Aesop’s remarks, it’s precisely because of the attenuation of ‘Murka’s conventional military power that any major confrontation will likely go nuclear quickly.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Seems pretty dumb for China to go to war with their own investment.