TL Davis: The Subterfuge Of Socialism

They do not intend to leave you alone.


Got it?

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  1. The idea of socialism is rooted in the desire to control everything and every one. The appeal of Socialism is rooted in the mortal sin of envy.

    In its execution it is theft of a man’s work and productivity. It is theft of his creative ideas. It is theft of his life. (no, Godfather, I am not trying to sound like Miss Applebaum , or whatever her real name was)

    In a sane and Christian world, people would give in charity of their own accord. They would help their neighbors because it is the right and Christian and neighborly thing to do. White, Western, Christian man has always been thus.

    Up until the implementation of the President Johnson’s Great Society programs and for sometime thereafter, local hospitals did charity work. Many Hospitals required their resident physicians to contribute a part of their time thus.

    Forced collectivism is a control mechanism. It is NOT a method of distribution of goods and services. Unless of course you are one of the controlling class and you get first dibs on all the best goods stolen from the populace.

    Socialism is NOT an economic system which doesn’t work. It is a Control Mechanism which works perfectly.

    TL is correct. They will never leave you alone, because they are control freaks, bullies, thugs, and would-be tyrants.

  2. 7.17.17<<>> from New Pork City, it’s Saturday Night Live, Saturday Evening Post Humorously. The real problem is Elvis has left the building and nobody believes it, in similar factions of so called democratic process, a Constitutional Cry I’s IS.
    Here is why. (From: Straight Line Logic) Please excuse my misappropriation and use to where there is credit due I lifted. Tanks!
    Holy Hell, by James Howard Kunstler
    Posted on July 14, 2017 | 1 comment
    Events aren’t turning out according the grand schemes of the so-called intellectuals in the ruling class. From James Howard Kunstler at
    The abiding enigma of this tormented era remains: why has the thinking class of America abandoned thinking? The answer is: it’s the reaction to their own failure. Failure to do what? To produce the utopia that Gnostic liberalism promised — a perfect world based on altering human nature.
    The result is an essentially religious hysteria, like the witch frenzies of Medieval Europe that were sometimes provoked by ergot poisoning — a fungus with toxic psychotropic properties that grew on the harvested rye, inducing frightful hallucinations in the villagers, who then lashed out at their perceived supernatural antagonists. Trump in our time is the ergot on the bread of our politics. And Russia is the witch.
    Like other operations of the human mind, this collective fugue-state has a big subconscious module in it: the deep, poorly articulated fear that the signal notion of Progress behind progressivepolitics in the industrial era has reached a dead end. The world is clearly not becoming a better place, but rather reeling into disorder and ecological crisis, despite all the rational programs and politics of modern democracy, and political failure is everywhere.
    The “peace dividend” promised by the end of the cold war has degenerated into endless war. The miraculous promises of medicine have been hijacked by “health care” racketeering now institutionalized under ObamaCare. The Civil Rights campaign begun in the 1950s with the most earnest, hopeful intentions (and generous policies) has produced off-the-charts black crime rates, educational defeat, ruined cities, and epic rancor. The middle class has been left economically shipwrecked by the promises of globalism. The pledge of a happy retirement dissolves as the pension funds roll over and die. And the supposed paragon of enlightened American governance morphs into a sinister and corrupt Deep State of oligarchical corruption.
    In the background of all this are even more disturbing quandaries and prospects: population overshoot, mass migration from regions that can’t support these numbers of people, extinctions of animal species, the death of the oceans, climate instability. The practical problems of economy approach an event horizon of energy scarcity, runaway debt from trying to mitigate it, and eventual collapse of our day-to-day hyper-complex economic arrangements. These things are so scary that the thinking classes — except for a minority of nerdy scientists — can’t even bear to think about them.
    A word worth reading the rest, there will be a test.
    Still no solution, I mean other than mass deportation and massive redistribution of wealth stolen followed by massive incarcerations awaiting the high capacity gallows. Other that, there is always the bullet box, excuse me, I may have meant ballot? For whom counts the vote, the bell tolls?
    PS, two issues, first use of words oligarchical corruption, please add Corporations. Second, Gnostic, Piper piped up. We Gnostics object to your improper context conflation with liberals.
    Atheistic liberalism, or
    Humanistic liberalism, or
    Anthropocentric liberalism, or even
    Mad as Hatters liberalism…
    But Gnostics, in history, were all about seeking truth through the “Divine Knowledge’ that is the root meaning of the word; Gnostic.
    There is nothing holy, or truth seeking about this crowd, only their delusion and their true worship of Mammon/The Idol god of materialism and its base icon; money.
    They are the black horseman, which now fails and falls into ‘a measure of wheat for a dollar, and three measures of barley for a dollar, and spare ye not the oil and the wine’, a fall from the age of enlighenment, into the Green horseman, The Greens in league with Islam… the Death worshipers come.
    And none of them, are Gnostics… remember we were called ‘heretics’ and put to the stake, along with all the books. Burned?
    While I may not be a creationist of all things, there is where there is little doubt there was a Creator, need I say living? I believe.

  3. I would add that since the leftists have been so successful at the divide an conquer thing, the woman half of the population will always be on board for the control/safety bullshit that is strangling the man half of the population. It will take rivers of blood to change our society into anything that resembles a free republic, or a free anything.

  4. “80% of Republicans are liberals, socialists and communists,”

    But, how to know whether you are one of that 80%?

    It’s simple. Do you mean to compel your neighbour to comply with YOUR preferences … for example, do you mean to have him fund your Standing Army?

    If “yes”, then you are of a Collectivist’ mindset. It’s a defining aspect of all Collectivism that its adherents take what they want from others, by force.

    There’s no grey areas; a man either subscribes to that notion, or he rejects it.

    • Come back to reality. Humans compete, just like any other organism. A group that centralizes to the point of having a standing army will beat and subjugate groups that do not. See: anywhere white people went outside of Europe.

      Figure out a system that maximizes freedom while taking this into account, otherwise you are just another mindless dreamer spouting platitudes and feel-good bullshit.

  5. Pete, theirs a great road map regarding Soros and the lefts structure over on Zero Hedge today. Regarding the EU migration stuff, at the bottom. May be page II now.

    Worthy of review to have a clear view of exactly view the players, to a certain level are aliened.


  6. Never saw any of it as a subterfuge, but otherwise, yeah.

    A socialist wants to vote himself your money, backed up by government’s guns.
    A communist is willing to come after it with his own gun.
    Both deserve the same remedy.

  7. POdAmerican

    Please do not confuse me with being a Dougie fan, but he was spot on with this little pearl:
    ” I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.”
    Douglas MacArthur

  8. So, what’s the PLAN?

  9. Subterfuge?! I’m no expert but it seems to me they’ve completely given up trying to hide their agenda…. Works out well for sane Americans though. At least now, the willfully blind can’t ignore them.

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