Z Blog: Guns & The Progs

(Photo by Oleg Volk)


Whose return to the levers of power may come sooner than expected.

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  1. Nice article, until the bitter end, with the whole “NRA has been, more or less, the only good” organization in the battle.

    Neal Knox was the only NRA Prez with any balls, and they tried to kill him in a Texas diner across the street from his office.

    Other than that, they’ve been real good at collecting money and playing the foil.

  2. Agreed with the article until he fell off the planet by praising the NRA; no one is immune to their own brand of fanatisim.

  3. That is a very nice forend on that plr. Anyone know if those are a new design available from them or aftermarket?

    Same size platforms are on sale at Palmetto State Armory now too for 500, with the “legal” arm brace. Been making my mouth water.

  4. Nate Krumholzt

    Gun control is just anti-white identity politics. It’s not about going after guns, it’s about going after the gun culture, which is implicitly white.

  5. As a greater Charlottean rezident, i the joyous experience of our most recent ‘hoodrat festival in the streets, their own street parade, with all the bells and whistles: rocks, bats, molotovs, protesters, etc., stopping traffic on I-85 and randomly trashing vehicles, and in downtown Charlotte, destroying property and beating, and almost BBQ’ing a fellow they knocked out and tried to put on burning tires, this post is sooo timely.

    There we many folks caught up in this mele, the I85 folks, and it could have turned ugly as they were trapped….This is where a decent small carbine or at least a pistol would have saved the day had the ‘rats started pulling folks from autos….

    One day, i envision another scenario like this happening, but there will be armed individuals in autos, and won’t hesitate to fire on the crowd as they fear for their lives….One would be able to make a very persuasive self defense argument based on previous riots/etc….

    its a choice between life or death, life wins….

    • Northgunner

      Sounds like you got a taste from the dindus of what the French have been putting up with for decades from the moslems they’ve imported.
      Especially the rash of riots,and car burnings during “Mass Insanity/MurderDay” (aka bastille day).

      hoodrats and moslems..same problem..same filth on two legs.

      Same solution too..choose 5.56 or .308.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III


    I cannot get behind this author’s support for the NRA. At their latest convention/love-fest, the barred the UNITED STATES CONCEALED CARRY ASSOCIATION for setting up a booth. It seems that TNRAPTB have decided to start their own CCW association/financial/insurance scam just like their partnership with Life Lock and their wine business.
    Richard Feldman in his book RICOCHET, has documented “The Peter’s” love for fine Chardonnay and the D.C. epicurean-lobbyist lifestyle. The sad part of this is so many clueless, well-meaning folks go along with this. And, the perfumed princes and princesses have parlayed their scams into a nation-wide training empire in which a citizen must pass a NRA handgun course taught by a NRA-certified instructor before their local sheriff will issue them a concealed-carry permit. Res ipsa loquitur.

    • Well said!

    • Northgunner

      They’re no less grievance hustlers and hysteria mongers than the naacp and rev AL Shiftless, Jesse Smacksum and Louie F’n Run.

      “The NRA has been the one effective organization in the culture wars of the last half century.”

      Yes, effective in demonstration of how to wear knee pads as they grovel and continually sell their members down the river at every chance they get! If they really were effective on getting the nfa ’34, GCA ’68 and every other freedom destroying bit of anti-gun trash gone..where would that put ‘petey’ and the rest of ‘the lairds of Fairfax’?….

      My point exactly…
      They don’t want ‘a solution’…as it doesn’t get them what they already have as ‘professional parasites’…it would end their ‘gravy train’ overnight.

      Maybe that was the reason that JPFO was ‘aquired’ and effectively gutted soon afterwards…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  7. “It is instinctual as the Prog faith is an explicit rejection of the culture created by western white males.”
    This is my take-away and I’ve seen it in action since Trump announced his candidacy . Nice Kel-Kek BTW, my friend would love that forend!

  8. I came to the conclusion in the 1980’s that the NRA was nothing more than a Judas goat.


      Word. The only people with credibility out there are GOA, Zelman Partisans, and some state organizations. Guard your speech and be careful who you associate with.

  9. 75% of a good essay, then the knee-jerk NRA ad kicked in.

    They were the ones who opposed the Heller and McDonald lawsuits; apparently Z-Man didn’t read that memo.

    The NRA lobbies to continue the NRA; anything that happens that’s good for gun owners is entirely coincidental.

    But Oleg’s poster work is still quite good.

  10. I’m done arguing with shit-libs about guns. Complete waste of time
    Now, working on the uninformed, or the politically ambivalent….that might be far more useful.