ZH: Soros Immigrant-Transport Networks

Millions more Africans standing by to board.

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  1. i cal bullshit on the expensive inflatables.

    by the looks of that one anyways.

    appears to be a rather cheap jumbo blow-up raft.

    doesn’t look like anything more than a 50 hp outboard..

    Est. total cost: $10k

    $5k for the outboard / $5k for the Intex raft.

    • Your $10K is about what one of the smuggler tour guides indicated in article I linked to previously on this subject; been going on for several years. He was amazed the NGO do-gooder ships don’t even sink them; he goes back out & re-uses ’em. They are easily paid for by a few fees to well-heeled “clients.” $10K to those folks is chump change.

    • The boats in the pic are garbage, “note” how their plastic seams are wielded length wise. My daughter and me are in the driveway rolling our white water boats, from floating last week. just happened to need a Corona and a break, when I saw this.

      Have many high end boats, built by WING inflatables, Bill Wing sells to high speed units. don’t know if he still has the SEAL contract, but he has started to build white water boats again. Had stopped doing the white water boats for a few years, concentrating on his IBS IBM IBL boats, plus his RIBS.

      The companies in Arcata Ca, just south of the Ca/Or border.

      We also own a couple SOTARS, a couple Moravia’s, and one AIRE, 18 foot cat. Two boats are 12 footers and 2 are 14 footers, all but one are cat rafts, two tubs with a frame strapped in the middle. Have one 12.8 custom built WING round raft, ” conventional”

      These boats are a dream to raft especially on big water.the 12s and 14s, turn like sports cars, making negotiating big white water easy.

      Mine are 15/18 years old now, and show little wear, I beat the shit out of them on the Oregon Northern Ca rivers. The good boats are Mittered construction, which means one to one and a half foot wide sections are wielded to make the tubes. These boats are 40 oz materials with another 40 ounce skid piece wirelded to the bottom. Tough fuching boats.

      Back to the boats in the pic, those are cattle haulers, those things will fold in twos or threes in weather conditions. Can’t tell but think those also have wooden slat floors, so those goat fuckers don’t rip the boat fabric.
      The 18 footer can handle insane amounts of weight strapped on top.

      Big white water rafting is a great team building exercise, over the years I’ve noticed that some of the shit talkers seem to mellow on these trips.

      Having explained to them their are two kinds of rafters, those who have swam, and those who will eventually swim.

      I’ve swam some big ass water many times, expect I’ll swim many more times in my life time. If your prone to panic, swimming big water is a great teacher on focusing and effiency of movement related issues.


      Tfat, if your in the market for a RIB, or fishing tight creeks and rivers, have a look at Bills boats. Not cheap, but well made high end kit.


  2. It is all a set up, accomplished with our tax dollars. No wonder my cousin is having trouble selling her house outside of Pittsburg-look what they are bringing into the midwest.


    It is time for the zero reset. And a lot of blood will feed the tree of Liberty, but so be it. We cannot go on like this.

  3. (((Soros))).

    I’m not saying it’s the Jews…but it certainly is THE Jew.

  4. Soros=Jew

  5. Nubbin-Finger Jake Rodell

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