All You Need To Know For The 2018 Mid-Terms

Any questions?

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  1. GO DUMP!

    what a disgrace.

    fuck this gubbermint and it’s thugs who enforce it’s corruption and graft.


  2. Pathetic. 7 years. They should have been ready and passed it 6 months ago, but no; they prove again they’re even more worthless than the democrats. The democrats pushed the usa on the fast track to socialism in 2008 but they actually did what they said they would.
    This is why despite literally traveling from one end to the other as a young republican to turn out votes in elections, I haven’t done one thing for the gop since 2008; they could own the country with how far left the democrats have gone with a few measures like actually letting people determine their healthcare, but they’re too pathetic to even do that.

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    • face it cuck.

      I fuck your OODA loop into twisted eights.


      and I haven’t even yelled BOO! yet.

      • TeeFat wore a raspberry beret

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  4. from what I’ve read, this was NOT a repeal of aca. it was tinkering with it

  5. Wait and see: it sounds like they’re finally figuring out the right approach: shitcan the whole thing clean, work on fixes piece by piece later.
    Daily Caller lists that news as “breaking”.

    • More bullshit myths from the Fable Master. Not only is it dead anyway, McConnell’s proposal was WITH A TWO YEAR DELAY. Gee, wonder why that would be. Turns out that McConnell is McConnell, not some wild fantasy that exists only in your mind.

      “…they’re finally figuring out the right approach.” How blind to reality are you anyway? Maybe begin at the beginning…things are what they are, and this includes people. People only choose, and they only choose what they want.

      • yeah

        that guy and his idols are still thinking in past tense- murka!

        they can’t even see their way of thinking went out with last decades trash.

        the world will be a better place when a-sap and his cohorts are removed from it.

        then the people who truly understand what freedom is about can step over their rotten carcasses and move forward.

        • Thanks For Your Daily Contribution Here!
          You can’t even get the shit out of your underpants, or your ears.
          And you’re always so proud of yourself, like shitting yourself daily was a real accomplishment.

      • Turns out Jim’s reading comprehension and grasp are running about normal. Following links seems to be kicking your ass too.

        The two year delay between revocation – which could be the next vote they take on it – and implementation – is to gave the states that might want to a chance to cobble up their own plans. Or not. Feel free to explain how that doesn’t repeal ObamaCare. Good luck with that.

        But you’ve finally made a friend here; you can keep him. Just note that all he does is shit himself, fingerpaint the walls with his shit, and cock-a-doodle-doo about his artistic abilities.

        • Why would I care what their reason is? I’m a simpleton…repeal is repeal, repeal two years down the road isn’t repeal. A lot can happen in two years, yes?

          And what kind of reason is that anyway? What…a scumbag in Albany is somehow better than a scumbag in Washington? A ruler is a ruler is a ruler. Why are you defending and justifying scumbag rulers? Considering what I’ve seen from you lately, I’d almost have to conclude that you wish to be a scumbag ruler yourself.

          “Cobble up their own plans”…that’s okay with you? Which the hell side are you on, anyway?

          I’m not here to get friends…I’ve got a life where I do that. I’m here to get at the truth, from wherever it comes. And I gotta say, the more he charges “Loser,” the more it looks accurate. I don’t forget Mahleur for one, where good men stood up for THEIR lives–actually DOING something without seeking a damn thing from anyone else–and guys like you were sitting at your keyboards doing everything you could to knock them down. Wow, you look so smart…so much smarter than them. I guess that means you ought to be free, but they shouldn’t be…is that the point?

          I still don’t know why, but I know you don’t know shit about WINNING, let alone advanced concepts like momentum. Maybe you didn’t notice, but momentum was present then, and isn’t now. But lemme guess…none of that is your responsibility, right? Yawn.

          tfA-t? Seems he’s living on an estate on an island and boating around the Great Lakes…sounds like he’s having a pretty good time. Another one living HIS own life that you can’t hardly stand, just like Mahleur. I couldn’t care less if you’re jealous, except that I happen to understand the role that envy plays in the growth of socialism and statism.

          I asked JC to declare and he did. So which the hell side are you on?

  6. Read this daily, agree with his honest sources, his predictions, his overview of cause and effect.

    End of the day how are you, your family going to deal with what’s coming?. How much food you got, ” a year” , it’s not enough. How many bullets you got, how many magazines you got, to put those bullets in.

    What are your three sources of potable water, how much fire wood to you have already. What you got to trade with, got gold or silver?

    How many seed vaults you have, do you have the hand tools to manage a large guerrilla garden.

    Can you see at night, hit human targets at distance, ” if their on your door steps, your fucked.

    Like most here well you shelter in, got a bugout spot. Does your family know your rally points.

    the house is on fire, do you have the water available to put that fire out?.

    Do you have barbed wire and tee posts available for tangle wire and to keep raiders out of your windows, and other entry points.

    Prepping is far more then having some food and shit around the house, it’s developing a plan, then a counter plan regarding the failure of the first plan, wher you digging your fighting holes, for strategic engagements.

    Are you going to drop trees in the streets, to keep vehicle traffic out?. Do you have the resources to scout your turf, ” bicycles, quiet motorcycles, scooters” . Have the ability to move quantities of food or ammo at a moments notice?

    Do you know all the alley ways, streets trails in your hood. Know the weak points in your neighbors fences, for stealth movement.

    How about force multipliers. You got PVC pipe and end caps, or things that go boom. Got fuse, for same?. Any idea what the diameter of a shotgun shell is to create a toe popper, any idea how to make a claymore directional mine, with your resources?

    We’re still buying a case or two of freeze dried food a month, I’ve got 2k 308 brass worked and primed, for loading, on an old RCBS rock chucked, a Dillon 650 for 223 and 45 acp, have the ability to load 30/35 different calibers. Also have the powder primers, bullets to do huge numbers of rounds.

    Around here, this isn’t fantasy football, we take preparedness seriously. It isn’t easy, while a lot of our friends are off on exotic vacations, we’re here, saving that money for a rainy day.

    At times this life style causes me a lot of grief. My wife just doesn’t see what’s coming, she wants to travel, like our friends. I’m not interested, finding a reasonable solution isn’t always easy.

    Tic Toc.


    • Great post, Dirk. Thanks.

    • That was a great comment. Brilliant ideas are swell, but in the end it’s all about implementation.

      Lol, proof positive…”It’s never too late.” Oh alright, until it is.

    • Well stated Brother and that’s just the basics…Wish you were closer Brother…

    • Good post. I got trips planned thru October, but if there is an instant collapse from a EMP attack of the usa or something else of similar proportions; i’m ready to go 6 months with no help from anyone.
      This country is on a decline from unsustainable debts, unchecked immigration and creation of a permanent resentful underclass by DC waiting to stay in control; they future will be worse to bleak at some point.

      • you think DC is bad?

        just think of how the petty tyrant tin star wearing tax parasites are going to take it, when the people finally start shooting back.

        remember they have a wife and kids at home- don’t forget to remove that useless garbage from the planet while you’re at it.

        ha ha ha

        tempus fugit indeed.

    • Yep the wife is always the problem.

      Solipsism. They are not capable of seeing it.

      It’s not their job to defend a nation.

  7. how many times was that repeal passed when they had Obama ready to veto it? Several dozen, wasn’t it? Yeah…those guys…fuck them.

  8. Most of the elected Republicans in Washington secretly identify as Democrats and see nothing wrong with maintaining the deep state.

  9. Tempus fugit…I hear the so-called “repeal” is dead as well….the dead elephant party will be out of power come Jan 2019….we may have till (unlikely) then to get ready for the shitstorm that will be coming.
    Everyday, I am more convinced than ever that what is coming will make Mad Max look like a cartoon…it could happen any day now, but it is coming…

  10. 2018 Mid-Terms? Now there’s some optimism!

  11. I don’t know how anyone could be surprised at what a majority R Senate did, after they lied repeatedly before. My dead ex-wife practically made a career of lying to everyone, and when I figured her out, I was able to make sense of everything, and why it was so fucked up. I made all my plans and did my day to day business then, like I do now, confronted with those lying jack asses, none of my plans include them, nor do I ever depend on them to keep their word. And I have met plenty of people who believe that all is well and that there is no danger of collapse, due to the govts. shenanigans. There is no lie they will refuse, and it’s going to be a rock-hard collision with reality when it comes down.

    • cseanz: “There is no lie they will refuse, and it’s going to be a rock-hard collision with reality when it comes down.”

      That right there is one solid “rock-hard” real, no shit, true statement.

      To try to interrupt their fantasies never crosses my mind, anymore. My one thought about it is that I surely do hope they have forgotten I ever said a thing about it in the first place.

      No matter much work has been done, there remains plenty on my list, and wasting my energy, resources, time, and concern for those who have no such inclination to see after themselves, and their best interests, has been crossed off that list for some time, now.

      Thank God I have no faith in politicians, and that we may have a couple more months of relative peace, time and space. These days are gifts, and productivity is the only proper expression of gratitude for them.

      • “These days are gifts,and productivity is the only proper expression of gratitude for them.”
        Indeed. I received a greeting card years ago with this simple inscription:
        “Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called The Present.”

  12. Got a pair of these elephant hide boots back around 85′

    The boots served me well, and are still around; a little worn out
    on the inside lining, but still wearable.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”


    “Sen. Jerry Moran makes a mad dash to escape reporters”

    The Drudge headline to the link: “Senator hops Capitol subway track to avoid reporters…”
    >>How pathetic. The guy supposedly took a stand to not be a part of ensuring obamacare stayed, but can’t stand up to that position; sad. I would have been on a soapbox outside the capitol the past 2 weeks telling anyone who would listen the effects of “obamacare lite”.

  14. Fuckin Romans had nothing on these cunts. Nothing.

    Don’t just hack them to pieces remember you are an entertainer.

    • the ONLY reason they still suck air is they are protected by the blew scum.

      always remember that.

      blew scum first.

      politicians second.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Corrupt as it was, the Roman Senate at least *liked* Rome.

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  16. POd American

    “Paul Ryan: We Did Our Job on Healthcare and We’re Moving Onto Tax Reform”

    Yeah you congressional critters sure did….you kept ObamyCare intact just like you always have, you lying sorry-assed rotting bags of fecal material.

    (In a perfect world, tomorrows WaPo headline would read): An aging white terminally ill male cancer patient beats Paul Ryan to death with what he has left in his savings…a bag of pennies)

    Bottom of front page: “Congress to take a Second look at ObamyCare after McConnell resigns” Remember, “ObamyCare only works if YOU don’t.”

    Reform?? = Tax hikes for the working classes. Can’t wait to see how much additional tax cover they give to those two stalwarts Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

    And for your continued entertainment, look to the center ring!

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. 2018 mid-terms? – For Fucks Sake, does anyone really think it matters a damn who is placed into the swamp anymore?

    The “R’s” and “D’s” are just 2 wings of the same albatross dive-bombing towards that shit covered rock, yet the voters (sheep) from either side jerk off as soon as one of them makes another false promise to slave the worlds problems.

    Russia would do us all a favor if it nuked DC.

  19. Grey Ghost

    TINVOWOOT… why? Just watch the party of Lincoln support the CPUSA legislation known as Obamacare.