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How Common Core Is Destroying Math Instruction In America

If you render a child innumerate and/or illiterate, he or she must depend on authorities for virtually everything.


The people who committed this horrific act live in each of your communities.


Or business as usual?

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  1. I live in a small, rural town and my fiver year old is about to start kindergarten. As soon as she knows how to read well, she will be homeschooled. My wife and I are confident that we can teach our kids everything they need to know to set them up to make their own success in the real world, but teaching a child how to read can be tricky. Language skills will make you or break you. We know several of the teachers at the local school and that’s who will be teaching her in the early grades to read and write well. After those basics, we can take it from there.

    Homeschool your kids and grow your own food. Those are the two best things you can do that the government hates.

    • POd American

      Hopefully you guys are already teaching her to read before Kindercare. Good luck and keep her out of the “system.”

    • Don’t.
      Incarcerating your offspring in the government run childhood indoctrination centers because you don’t feel competent to teach reading is at best, weak. Really weak – if you can’t teach the most basic how do you expect to advance beyond that?

      Once in the indoctrination centers your child Will Not be coming out – ’cause peer relationships, and touchy feely teachers, and “free” lunch & breakfast, & filed trips & so on.

      Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons


      It works.

      Build from there.

    • Virgil Kane

      Homeschooling is the best way to say FUCK YOU to the government. It’s the best way to openly and publicly Starve the Monkeys.

    • Suggestion. If they’re still using the stupid-shit “whole word” or “look-say” method, don’t do it. You couldn’t possibly do worse on your own.

  2. but…but…didn’t Trumpenthal sign an “Executive Order” returning control of public skrewels to “parents and teachers”? Of course he did. To absolutely no effect, since he left the Federal Dept. of Education (orig. via Nixon/Republicans) intact. Not to mention the Judeo-communist controlled Teachers’ Unions.

    • IDK but he did support the little weasel sessions plan to keep running for profit private prisons and the continuation of the war on natural plants and remedies.

      aren’t we blessed to have such benevolent leaders?

      insert vomit and diarrhea for portraits…

      • Northgunner

        “benevolent leaders?…we don’t need no stinkin benevolent leaders here!!”

        Fuck sessions and the rest of ‘maga’ nag he rode in on.. and that goes for that parasite class buffoon trumpy too!!

        Hey cesspool sessions, YOU AREN’T THE BOSS OF ME, FOAD!!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarch!
        Northgunner III

    • It was under Carter that H.E.W. and D.O.E. were established.

      • There you go, ruining Haxo’s perfectly good rant by bringing in those pesky facts thingies. Killjoy.

  3. If you render a child innumerate and/or illiterate, he or she must depend on authorities for virtually everything.

    I believe that’s the point.

  4. greenman227

    When I was in second grade the democrats introduced the ‘new math’, I was already struggling to learn the ‘old’ concepts. I had to repeat third grade because my math skills were so atrocious and still struggle to this day, 60 years later, with basic math skills. Higher math, forget it. Too bad as I’ve an avid interest in hard science, coulda made something of it. But I already knew how to read and they couldn’t take away a decent command of the english language and the opening of the world through reading.
    DON’T let the same thing happen to your children. I was unable to convince my own daughter to homeschool my grandson and he’s struggling at nine years old and he doesn’t enjoy reading. No she wouldn’t let me step in.
    Don’t let this happen to you and yours.

  5. More rope needed.

  6. The Walkin' Dude

    More retard-level-IQ kids means more to die off, and more for the survivors.

  7. i recall someone stating, basically, that rather than harm a child it would be better for the individual to have a millstone tied around their neck and thrown into the sea.

    for ONE child.

    i don’t think we have enough millstones.

    • Agreed, sir. That guy took time out of His busy day of paying for us all, just to say that. So if the bankers made Him mad enough to get violent…


      kirk: It’s a passage from the Good Book. Matthew, Chapter 18. “…woe to those who give scandal to children. Better a millstone tied around their neck and drowned in the depths of the sea.” When the time comes, the Higher Powers are going to need several millstones.

  8. John A. Fleming

    Long-time engineer here. Unlike the guy in the pix here, I understand the concept of what this new-new-really new-swearsies new-math is trying to teach, and the meta-concepts behind it, but it’s still a bass-ackwards muy complicado way of teaching math to kids.
    (Oh, btw, ol’ Jack there forgot to put a ten’s jump in after the three hundreds, that’s the mistake. The more complicated a process or algorithm, the more likely that a defect will be introduced during its execution.)

    The CC untested conceit is that you can leapfrog math learning and teach a gained lifetime of mathematical understanding to someone without any. After a lifetime of working with math, a person can often tailor the method of solving a problem, choosing one technique over another for various reasons. That number-line algorithm in the pix is an example of that: a way to quickly arrive at an answer when you don’t have a pencil and paper, as long as you can visualize and keep track of all those ridiculous intermediate values in your head.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. No, no, no. The first thing you want kids to learn is the simplest way to be productive at math. A kid that succeeds at math keeps learning more of it. There will be time later, for learning all the other ways.

    Stupid ahole Gates and his CCrap. Smartest and richest man in the world can’t teach math to a kid. Thinks by his demonstrated oh-so-superior intelligence he can come up with a new and better way that will help all our kids to program robots to displace themselves.

    • As another longtime engineer and engineering manager, I simply have to say, “Amen.”

      Basic arithmetic (+ – / *, that’s not math) is ridiculouly easy. why complicate it.
      Hell, advanced math is relatively simple if taught correctly. Variables are an easy concept, you can draw this stuff out in sand.

      Fuck most modern teachers, and especially the admin/gov’t overseers.

    • Northgunner

      He (gates) is also a long time proponent of victim disarmament aka ‘gun control’.

      Never forget that.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  9. Wealth care?

    If we only had the House the Senate and the Presidency, then we would show them! That was then and before then they were as useless too. Yet the blame game continues, you will own it, whatever it is in the game of sausage making. The sausage is defined as, exchange the H for a W, Wealth Care, that’s what wealth care is all about, all it has ever been about. Some may think, the three legged broken stool is repairable. Sadly it is not. It is nothing new, it reached the point of no return and that is the fix we are in. They seem to be caught in the Catch 22. Damned if you don’t and damned if they don’t, do it. However that may be a good thing. The clouds may have a silver lining. Don’t know who said it, but he did say, if you find your self in a hole stop digging. The hole being not necessarily the Constitutional Republic system of government but, the people we elect. To put blame where blame is due are the political parties, which are little more than buyouts, bailouts, blackmail and extortion. It is not about making law for National Security and the good of the Country, but it is about, political scheming. Judges and courts no longer about justice, but whom may have the best lawyers appointed to judges, and attached to the deeper pockets. The Treasury, nothing more than green back printed fair tails bedtime stories, sleep well little ones. Still the Corporation run the politicians and the parties they are attracted to and attached to politicians, as well. Campaign finance by the IMF and Federal Reserve, as well as the United Nations lobbyist and hit men, all approved by the IRS.

    So, they blew Wealth Care, let’s move on to tax reform, perhaps 2% less than inflation, and how about the infrastructure to the same old construction companies on the preferred list of contractors and of course bailout the pension plans, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, the entire states of California, not to mention numerous others with cooked books. Then how about the 20 or so trillion national debt, not to mention off books unfunded lie abilities, not to worry, the can can be kicked some more on more down the road, the stock market is dong just fine with the FED invention and injection of fake money. Then we could move on to Medicare fraud, social security to aliens and of course freeloaders. Then too the inner cities gangland drive by’s cop killers, the war on drugs and than too that of poverty for which is their Wealth care plan. NOPE, none of that!!! The AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN they want JO-BS. However, none of them are qualified, have the right pedigree, documentation, and can’t pass a drug test, or a psychological evaluation for a job that pays more than $10.00 per hour part time. NO! We want guaranteed income and big fat stock portfolio with Cadillac wealth Care Plan and besides them are the wrong color, so they will get neither, none, zip and of course zero. And don’t even think about it, working ever again if you are a white man over 45, even if there is age or race discrimination and even if it was a white man that gave you affirmative Action, as too your ADA, but only if you are well tanned! Take that White Man!

    Not so long ago, the previous POTUS, according to CNN, if you can believe that, The Obama Administration secretly arranged a plane delivery of $400 million in cash, in cash, in cash to Iran. That followed by another $1.3 Billion in mixed currencies in cash in payment for the invasion of the U rope a dopes, cash in. While four political prisoners were released, it is little compensation for what we received in return, which was nothing. This is the kind of in your face political games that are played all the while the domestic policy a racial divide, governmentally approved cop killers, educational indoctrination to the new red guard, separation of church and state by removing religion, except for the governmentally approved religion of Peace invading forces and gun running to Mexico and Syria and who knows where else, while promoting Global Warming and the Agendas of the United Nation and sold out our manufacturing base to the Chinese for their cheap labor and certainly they need the latest US technology of our previous Military Industrial Complex that was sold to them. WE should thank our US Government for cranking up the Communist Chinese economy, so we can buy cheap crap!

    The one line that has always bothered me, not that there were not a lot of them mostly lies, but the one that stuck was, you can keep your plan if you like your plan. Put another way, you can keep your job, if you go along with the plan, got it? And of course you did not build that, put another way, you cannot build that without governmental approval and of course pay the vig.That is where you get 97% of scientist in agreement on man made global climate change, because the boss said so! I suppose you would too, if it meant losing your job and income and health plan, retirement plan too, as an alternative, a certain Supreme court Justice did, of a heart attack, yea, right? And the pay off, if you don’t recall, they were rewarded for going along with the plan, all of it. In essence they voted themselves a pay raise and some temporary job security and too the public unions wages and benefits too for which they stand. I pledge allegiance to the almighty dollar? And of course a healthcare plan against lead poisoning, or perhaps a heart attack?

    Interestingly, the plan as laid out in the US Constitution was to prevent what we have, separation of powers, so enumerated, where all three branches, the Executive, Legislative and Judicial are dominated by one political party. George Washington warned us of this in his farewell address, you should probably read it, it was the beginning, as you should know. The political parties, as you may also know have their own agendas funded by the political campaign contribution and are tax deductible by our very own it IRS, Political Action Committees, yet too the charitable and non profit foundations don’t get taxed as individuals do. There is where your $50 campaign contribution out bids your vote, by as much as $50,000, or even 500,000 to $5,000,000 bundled by some Chinese guy only known to the Clintons for purchasing votes. And they call that a democracy? I suppose it mob rule. Of little note here to the political parties are the members that attract the most contribution, need I say Donation to whatever the cause. Usually it has nothing to do with good government, more so profitable business. Then you may ask why even the likes, which I do not, Bernie Sanders, a confirmed communist way back to his commune days can run for president, I mean other than wanting to be a multi million air head, for the pot lobby, or more than half the dummy crates.

    To that I say, Give Peace a Chance. Peace being when all your enemy’s are dead, as the communist, such as Stalin, Mao, Poll Pot, Castro, and to some degree communist light Nazi, death camps, not to mention the Arminian Genocide, Edi Amin of African famous man eater, too the religion of Peace Iranian state sponsored bomb builders cause by a video our very own it, ied if you knew Suzy, Like I know Suzy bomb thrower for Val Jar and buffer zone for previous potus. Please note the IOU in previous? I am not saying how much of your money he got from the Iranian give away was his cut, but it was a camel lot, you can be sure. Interestingly they never found the 777-flight 370 fly by wire navigation system of the Boeing aircraft, it just disappeared, never to be found nowhere, ever , forever gone, I wonder where it went? Then all of sudden, but not too sudden, North Korea has a guidance system for an ICBM, surprise, surprise, but not too surprisingly crashed a few, so as to be not too obvious a copy was made, perhaps Iran too? Nope, we know nothing about that!

    If you think the politicians that cause the Catch 22, can figure a way out, before their retirement, you are sadly mistaken. It is the fix we are in and them know it, there is no way out, the hole is just too deep. Yet the game of cat and mouse cannot continue and they also know that and the proof is them protest too much, both sides, as well delay.The truth of the matter is, there is no way to grow out of it, and if by stroke of luck we do at some future point in time, anyone that remembers it will have been long gone, as well all that cause it. So, future generation are left, and I do mean left, the shit storm!

    An alternative to Blessed be the Peacemaker. We should make Peace. I think you know how to define that, I should hope. Then and only then can we resume that once envisioned Constitutional Republic of honest people for the good of the states and the entire country, where indeed all men are created equal, you girls too, with separate bathrooms of appropriate proportions and sanitary conditions provided, because it the right thing to do.The vision is this, the vision is this, it bears repeating, local elections without outside interference from the state, or money, or anywhere anything else, State Elections with out national campaign money or interference from any where else, to nation election state by state and not national interference in state election. Then State population elects representative and state legislators as should not have been amended, elected Senators paid by the state to represent the state in the Federal Government and no additional benefit from the federal government, in other words, they cannot vote themselves a pay raise!!! And no national broadcast of any local election until the final vote is counted locally. Abolish all Federal Government agencies and offices not enumerated in said Constitution and to keep it that way, an end to the IRS and Federal Reserve, where each state can regulate it’s own banking system if it wants. Abolish the Federal income Tax and all taxes federal, the State pays the Federal tax only and state can collect revenue as they do. The control issue has been backwards for far too long and the odds are 50 to one, 50 states to one Federal, the states are the forth branch of the Federal Government as they always have been, except now the states tell the Federal Government what it should, or not do, NOT the other way around. And there is no need of any political party and there will be no PAC! Because there is no IRS, got it? Told you it was a simple plan, may have bug or two, but I AM pretty sure we can work them out Peacefully, I AM pretty sure of that! But first we need make Peace, but you should know that by now.

    Peace be with you.



    • I give the rant an 8, but the post address gets a 0 for being in the wrong topic.

      Multiply them for the result.

    • Northgunner

      “..If we only had the House the Senate and the Presidency, then we would show them!”

      Forget it!!

      ‘politics’ is the ‘shell game’ played by the parasite class on the rubes, marks and other useful pigeons to ensure that they have a compliant willing host to continue feeding on.
      As long as a slave BELIEVES that he needs a ‘Master’..that ‘Master’ owns him and that he has to obey ‘Master’, he will ALWAYS be a slave. It’s no different from ‘citizens’ who IMAGINE that they NEED a ‘ruling class’ to be able to get through life.

      Slave Master,..Ruling Class…same same.
      Slaves and ‘citizens’ NEED a parasite class,
      Free men and women DON’T!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarch!
      Northgunner III

  10. Wife just retired, 35 years as a public school teacher. She and most of her teacher buddies HATE, the socialist, communist indoctrination happening in schools. Regarding common core, the wife was on the steering committee with a dozen other teachers for this district.

    To the man or woman, they advised the district to steer clear of anything common core. The school board refused to listen and jumped in head first.

    Not going well here amongst the senior teachers, not surprisingly the new teachers, the ones recently graduating with teaching degrees don’t have a problem, with common core. I’m thinking they have been indoctrinated to the system.

    Administrations and school unions have sold out. Their following the stated goals, of the communist party USA. MTN Forge had a couple awesome posters with their stated goals, along with Soros methods.

    subvert US education, is about complete.

    • Northgunner

      Never forget that ‘state control of education’ was one of the major planks of the communist manifesto.

      So, how many of those planks have been enacted in America to this day?..

      America has become a defacto communist country IMHO.

      What we do about that is up to us!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • Northgunner

        I apologize for the momentary ‘topic thread drift’ but feel that it’s important.

        Too bad that your wife didn’t know about this ahead of time,..would have made for ‘interesting class discussion’..

        islam for kids
        H/t to GOV

        Direct youtube link:

        Talk about a primed grenade of info waiting to go off in the moslems faces..especially cair’s!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

        • No worries, we were both public employees, by choice. We have watched the changes, and known all along where this ends.

          Both of us were deep into our careers, to deep to walk away, as our future was at stake, our retirements. Could we have turned our backs, and walked, Sure.

          In a series of no shit, soul searching sessions we realized the trap, had sprung, ” it does for every civil servant, at some point” . Until it sprung, we didn’t even realize we were in the trap. An eye opener for certain.

          Our choices walk, and leave what we worked the past 15 years for,OR stick it out, do good wher possible. Finish what we started. Option number two was the choice we made.

          We watched law enforcement and education head straight to the bottom. All we could do was shake our heads and voice our observations.


      • Norther gunner, my personal response is to prepare. My vote doesn’t matter, my words at board meetings don’t matter, my emails, to he superintendent go UN answered.

        So those names go on the list, address noted, and I await the day redemption is warranted.

        In the bigger picture, I’m not making a difference for good. In the small picture, my world, I have a foot print, I have a choice, I have a voice.

        That voice” in my pee brain” tells me to continue to prep, and to quit being confrontational, just get by, do my thing, day in, day out. Steady as she goes.

        Tic Toc.


    • thesouthwasrght

      But your wife went on ahead a d did her duty and taught common core did she not? Because muh pension. In my small town the school board is publicly bemoaning the existence of charter schools. People, at least those that care, are fleeing publik edukashun by the boatloads. The only solution the parasites have is to up the millage rate and to attack the charter schools. Next up will be the elimination of private, Christian, and home schooling. Bank it.

  11. The Common Core reminds me of the Common Purpose a few
    years ago. The gentleman exposing the Common Purpose
    was a Naval Officer:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • a follower

      A Naval officer you say, that would make him an e-5 or greater.
      individuals are everywhere, teachers , police, neighbors. Hmmm.

      • a f,
        The video posted above explains similarities.
        Only with the Common Purpose, they hush hush their
        minutes. Would be interesting to get the minutes
        of all the Common Core “brainstorming.”
        I think Mr. Gerrish said he was a Lt. Commander in the
        Royal Navy.

        Above all:
        …”you are not to be like them”…

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. I toed jaw dis would work. Just gotta axe the teesher to splain dat.

  14. The Usual Suspect

    Administrations and school unions have sold out. Their following the stated goals, of the communist party USA. MTN Forge had a couple awesome posters with their stated goals, along with Soros methods.

    Seriously determined parents would select said administrators and union
    teachers for accidental engagements with doorknobs, falling down
    stairways, ect, ect, pain is a lesson everybody understands.

  15. My daughter is homeschooled and smarter then most kids 2x her age.

    I work in computer science and cannot understand this crap.

    • Northgunner

      One’s not supposed to ‘understand’ it.
      One is only expected to parrot back what teacher just said, and nod one’s head in
      uncomprehending agreement.

      Most ‘teachers’ today are nothing more than tv fake news anchors without the tv..they have the same collectivist ideas about thought control!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  16. Eightth Grade Examination for Bullitt County Schools, November 1912. Test your abilities>>>
    So what has changed?