Guns For Girls

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Christian Women Up Against ISIS


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  1. Outstanding !

    • replying to the article, not necessarily you, but fuck this shit

      the ‘based’ kurd women they always show are fake as fuck (especially the ‘snipers’), many are part of outright communist groups, and it’s clearly in the same vein as the IDF wimmin (aka JIDF) propaganda we in the 2A crowd have known all these years. When someone posts minority females with guns, especially with an appeal to religion, all I see is someone trying to manipulate without the good grace to make a damn argument.

      There’s no reason to go to the far side of the world to find people to support, even if they were legit.

  2. And who is making the next generation of fighters?

    The people they’re fighting are pumping out replacements.

    • Sir, I do believe you could not have missed the point any further, if you had tried.

      Is it lost on you that the majority in this region “pumping out replacements” are doing so as a result of bondage and rape?

      I suppose one would need to consider the circumstances there, and if you wait around long enough, you’ll get to see exactly those circumstances right here in the good ole USA…”land of the free and home of the brave…” indeed.

      And if you are so concerned that these Christian women aren’t pumping out their replacements fast enough to suit you, do feel free to take their place on that front line. Or again, wait long enough, and you’ll have your very own front line…and golly gee…you may even get to be the Commander….so it will all go your way.

      Who knows…you may have some time to develop some critical thinking skills between now and then. It occurs to me that you may want to begin contributing to your cause…which appears to be making your next generation of fighters. Clearly, if left to you to work out, you’ll have need of someone to mop up behind you.

      • Yeah, someone missed the point by a mile.

        “Is it lost on you that the majority in this region “pumping out replacements” are doing so as a result of bondage and rape? ”

        Right. Which is why they should put christian women into harm’s way to be raped, enslaved or killed?

        Once the christian women are gone the savages win by default.

        • Did you bother to actually read the article?

          Holy shit…I have never seen anyone double down on obtuse so thoroughly as to appear deliberate, as you have, in this instance. Please confirm this as “deliberate” perhaps in an attempt to “win the point.” At the very least, it will be a relief to know that ego is your issue, rather than utter, deliberate, willful ignorance. However, even utter deliberate, willful ignorance is preferable to genuine stupidity.

          All these women want is bigger and better instruments of war… joining a fight in which death by combat is far preferable to what awaits them when real warriors fail to hold the line. It is not as though we have not been given years of information, youtubes, first hand accounts, photos…undeniable evidence, in other words, that women, Christian women in particular, are targeted for extinction.

          Among the more interesting details relayed by the interviewee is that ISIS men actually fear being killed by women. So…ISIS men have a very interesting vulnerability. An intelligent military planner would take full advantage of this particular psychological weakness and exploit it for all it is worth.

          If you have anything useful to add, please do so.

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          Btw, I was truly impressed with a comment you made in another thread. It was actually on point, and very nearly complimentary. Is this a sign that you perhaps are working on learning to play well with others?

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  4. Yes. It is.

    I am sending out inquiries as to how to get funds to these young women. How old does that Commander look? Maybe 20?

    A couple of us have decided to print up this article, and several others, and set up presentations to church congregations in our area. There are only about 76 or so within a 25 mile radius. I am ready to rip off blinders, taking pieces of scalp and hairs out by the roots, if I must. No way, no how, do congregants in this area get to claim ignorance.

    They are going to hear and see, if I can find photographs, what happens to Christian children and women at the hands of what is generally referred to as “ISIS”

    Part of me is praying that the pastors have told their congregants that “we all worship the same God.” I hope to prove them the putrid neutered liars that they are. I pray the congregants find that righteous fury, and monetize it. These women are asking for large arms…they damn well ought to get them.

    I pray Southern women like me are more prevalent than anyone could guess. I pray they look at these women and see their daughters, granddaughters, great granddaughters. I pray they arm those same descendants, and work that Southern charm on those Southern men, who will then line up to teach all of them how to shoot…everything…from a .38 to a .308, from a .45 to 50 cal.

    If anyone out there knows the proper procedures, or has a chain of communication which will insure that our assistance can and will reach these specific women, please send that information to CA, if he can take it, and then CA, please get it to me. I have sent this request out to several contacts with extensive professional contacts, so if that information comes my way, I’ll send it over to CA, for anyone out there interested in doing something for someone we will likely never meet, and will be blessed indeed to live through what they have undertaken.

    They don’t call Southerners “the Warrior Class” for nothing…and I for one am grateful to have a constant prayer answered…that being, “Abba, The Great I AM, please show me what 50 trained and motivated people, with the proper equipment, and requisite dedication, will accomplish. Please help me find, hone, and utilize, to Your delight, the gifts You have given me, so that I too, with focused intent, take up those challenges You have set ever before my eyes.”

    “The Great I AM….please awaken the conscience of Your people, Light the path You would have us walk, and make those paths we walk to our own destruction, glow red from the coals of hell, in order that we seek swift and sure egress from them.”

    “And Abba, I plead your endless protection for these women. If they must lose this life, let it be in battle, and not in the camp of the enemy. Make Your Mercy Keep them, and Your Light lead them home.”

    and the people of God say…Amen.

  5. Yeah, that will work out well.
    Just ask the Combat Barbie the Kurds fielded awhile back:


    • Are you deliberately trying to be an asshole, or are you just a fucktard from birth? Denigrating these kickass ladies?

      I don’t post much, and I’m not some feminist-loving schmuck, but your response is jus’ plain fucked up, boy.

      I bet I could put up any of these chicks, who are actually FIGHTING, against yer fat, slow ass ANY day of the week. At least they are doing something besides being a keyboard warrior. Pinche marricón.

      My credentials? I’ve fought in the real shit, from far away lands to places like DC, Dallas, and LA, and I am willing to do so any time again. I’m muscular and fit at 57, and I’m getting bigger every month. I ain’t as “rich” as Tfat, maybe, but I do well. (I hope he buttfucks you for your comment, cabron. I’d actually like to meet him and see what makes him tick.)

      So fuck you. I’ll also bet my 45-year-old Armenian babe will kick yer ass not only in training, but also in a kill box or out hunting, and she will wipe you out on the mats. She takes a deer or elk every year. (Good job, Babygirl!)

      Try that out, you voraciously verbose vermin. Or go shoot someone that is a real enemy and see what that is like.

      *** Sorry, I usually don’t cuss, but WTF? And I’m not a badass, but the bad don’t fuck with me. ***

      • Women in combat is a fail, every time it’s tried.
        You’re all bluster and rah-rah bullshit, because you’ve spent too much time fapping to GI Jane, Tomb Raider, and Scarlet Johannsen in Avengers (hint: none of that’s reality), but it’s not your ass that paid the price that beheaded Kurdish women did for thinking “I got this shit”, nor will it pay for what’s going to happen to the Combat Barbie wannabees in the PR pic. So either go join up, or quit virtue-signaling and flying the diversity flag. You’re just cheering the pimping of Combat Barbie, without any skin in the game.

        Try thinking with your other head (for novelty, if nothing else), and riddle me this, shit-for-brains:
        WhereTF are the so-called men there, that they’re sending their girls to combat?
        You got nothing, right?

        All I have on my side is eighty years of evidence that outside a couple (total, in a century) of extreme outliers, women in combat are and would be a disaster, because they don’t have the biology to do the job, and never will. You’re arguing your feeeeewings, and I’m giving you science. Good luck with that, snowflake.

        All you have is your impotent rage. Go take a chill pill, and get a fucking clue, before you stroke yourself out.

        Oh, and asshole, fucktard, kickass, fuck, pinche’ marricon, shit, buttfuck, cabron, fuck(2), ass, badass, fuck(3), WTF; “I usually don’t cuss”…?

        Calling bullshit on that, Peewee. You’re rather fluent.
        But at least you can construct sentences, unlike teabag.

        If you ever decide to think instead of emote, you can try some light reading on the subject:
        You can follow the numerous links, like to the award-winning essay by US Marine Capt. Lauren Serrano, entitled “Women Don’t Belong In The Infantry“, published in the Marine Gazette, the officer’s journal of the USMC.

        Because unlike unthinking internet blowhards like you, I actually read and think about things like this, and have done so for years — a lifetime in fact — rather than simply engaging my mouth before my brain’s begun turning over.

        So take your e-penis back to the barn, before you hurt yourself.
        And I’m glad you found a woman who can hunt a deer, as if that was relevant to fuck-all.
        So, in your considerable experience, how many times have the deer been shooting back at her??

        You can sputter some more, or just crack a prybar into your head, and try letting some light and knowledge in. It would definitely help, in your case because you at least have the basic tools to do something with it, if you don’t dust yourself off and walk away after you trip over it.

  6. Introduction to safe firearms handling on 7/15 was a great success.Many participants brought a firearm with them. We had ten different revolvers and semi-autos available for training purposes. One 12 gauge shotgun.Two hours was spent on classroom instruction.Two hours was spent on the short pistol range.The tribe has nine ranges to choose from.All participants were taught that for home security a pistol was used to get to your shotgun. We cap the classes at fifteen.Twelve of the participants were female. Three instructors total. Two(one male and one female) work the firing line. One works on safe handling,grips,loading and unloading,sighting and dry fire exercises. All participants are encouraged to use our facilities and take advantage of the many fine marksman and women that are available.Many tribe members teach 4-H which includes firearm instruction. Women and youngsters are a crucial and important part of the tribal NPP initiative. Long pistol, short rifle will be held in August. Long rifle will be held in September. During the winter months re-loading,cleaning and maintenance,building of firearms and storage is taught.It is a year round discipline. Bullets do not discriminate.When you get shot,by a man or a woman, they all fucking hurt.

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  8. Good for them. I’m all for them women getting up off their asses and killing their tormentors. It is about time. Should have been sooner. Anyone willing to defend themselves is worth defending. Doubleplusgood if they go looking for scumbag ISIS, instead of waiting for them to show up, and killing them. After the Big Change here, seeing armed women will be a daily occurrence.