Navigating Through The Storms

A solid summation.

Got resources, skills, allies, and agility?

You are going to need them all.

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  1. Yes indeed. Drove that road many times. Driving it now. We all are.

    If you need a rest from the battery drain, pull over. God speed brother.

  2. All doom and gloom and no play makes Jack a dull read.
    And a watched pot never boils.

    The economy is going to tank, the unanswerable question is when, and the answer in the meantime is the same: get ready for it the best way(s) you can.

  3. there’s lfqueer and his epic snow flurry he and the rest of the flatlanders “battle” during the cool season.

    ha ha ha

    95% of the murkins would die up here thru just 1 winter.

  4. “Then we get to the fact 21 million non-producing people are working for the government, getting paid from the tax dollars generated by those working for companies producing something. When it is all said and done, there are approximately 94 million full-time workers in private industry paying taxes to support 102 million non-workers and 21 million government workers. In what world does this represent a strong job market?”

    “21 million lowlifes who PRODUCE NOTHING”

    hey MDT, they’re talking about you and your ilk.

    why can’t you parasites just get a real job and PRODUCE something?

    ah fuck it.

    you just can’t understand….

    the american people don’t need you or your kind.


    • Says the man who claims to own a Canadian national park, where the Indians drop off food for him out of sheer adoration, and who lives off of checks of debtbux from his imaginary vast fortune, which will somehow survive an economic depression, because of his sheer awesomeness.

      While demonstrably producing nothing, even here, where all that’s required is the humble ability to form sentences out of mere electronic pixels.

      99.44% sure tfat stands for Totally Fake Ass Troll.
      With only a few hundred posts as evidence.

      Tie a pork chop around your neck and see if the dog will play with you.
      You’re not tall enough for this forum, never have been, and your shortcomings are insurmountably permanent. You’re a sad little panda and no one’s buying your schtick.

      • i give 0 fucks what anyone buys.

        ha ha

        you are nothing.

        N O T H I N G


        now crawl up some loser lifers ass and kiss their ball sack from the inside.


  5. You got to call a cat a cat.
    I’m saying its not when the maelstrom is upon us, this is the maelstrom.
    I read everyones comments, because in a way they are the most genuine of indicators, even the trolls and agent provocateurs, they reveal for more than they probably realize.
    Its not commenting, its keeping your ear to the ground.

    Lot of times, on sites like Zman, Gab, The Last Refuge and the like, even here on WRSA, if you make comment directly to the threat of liberty and self determination, in no uncertain terms what will most likely be will be having to resort to arms in self defense of family person tribe property liberty, you can be met with total silence on many occasions, or you get the trolls and resistance is futile the sky is falling we are all doomed crowd putting their two cents of fiat in.

    I think all the common sense smart and determined over time have left the stage long ago. I’ve watched over the 10 awesome years of WRSA almost a complete turnover of the commentariat, Pete has held the line, even at the worst moments when various actors have attempted to tear it down and infect WRSA with their poison.

    Even that is vitally instructional. If WRSA is nothing else, its a thinking working mans blog. Not like the fine fellows as Zman, Robert Gore Fran etc, but better in one important feature, the nuts and bolts of how things are condensed to their essential truths, no pretense or sneaking up on the subject: here it is, you can think for yourself can’t you?
    God Bless you please Pete.

    Its easy to get frustrated, feel worn out or beaten down by it all, disgusted, tired of the same human extinction movement pulling the same crap over and over.

    As Pete says, “think where we are, think where we will be”, “These are the good times”, “Lets WIN”.
    If the enemy is getting to you this easily, he is winning by destroying hearts and minds. There will always be enemies of your primal rights and liberty.

    BFYTW, “I Won’t!” & “MYOB!”, TINVOWOOT, actually is the optimist’s defiance, because no matter how bad the hews, commentary and propaganda gets, thats nothing when compared to have to aqua in the mud with your combat rifle having to protect your woman, your kids, your property, every hour every day.

    Look at it the is way. To be discouraged and then give up is to actually abandon the verbal and written word battle space to the enemy.
    If they can win that war, how come we can’t win that war is what you got to be asking. Seriously.
    And when you get discouraged and disenchanted, and you give up, well you just gave up the best high ground, the moral hi-ground. We already own and control that advantage, we don’t have to fight for it, all we have to do is shove that moral advantage up the pricks arses. They got nothing, just lies, fake news, fake agitprop, fake narratives and fake memes. They can’t win that war if we just maintain the moral rightful hi-ground.

    It is why they are waging this war of hearts & minds, to get us off that moral Hi-Ground, then we got nothing but a rifle and mud.

    • “WRSA almost a complete turnover of the commentariat”

      that’s because they are true cucks.

      they won’t be bothered with reality.

      they are very comfy waving their red white and blew rags and singing along with that AIDs infected looking cuck lee greenwood.. no doubt they think this will all pass and Mayberry RFD is right around the corner. fact is, most of the ones who vanished most likely are collecting $ from this corruption and can’t make ends meet without their little gubmint check… so they keep quiet and slither into the shadows…

      • Says the current Head of the Mind-numbingly Stupid Self-hating Morale-crushing Idiotarians.
        If anyone really gave a shit about you, you’d be the first one they’d give it to.
        You beggar description of worthlessness by exploding the previously explored limits of the concept.

        Like the hole at the bottom of the toilet, you exist solely to show people where to empty their bowels, and the only mark of your existence is skidmarks around the bowl.

  6. A laborious even Steven King like ode to Peak Doom

  7. This. Add to that casting pearls before swine and the ever present circular firing squad, you reach a point where you just don’t give a damn about anyone you don’t know in person. The most tragic thing is not being a rabid communist, it’s knowing the evil is there and being more interested in petty infighting and dick measuring. Most of us deserve th boxcar ride or ditch trip we’re gonna get. Let it burn.

    • another who finally gets it.

      yup let it burn.

      i’ll be watching from one of my several spots offshore.

      of course, there’s always the chance the cops, seals, and sf, will save us…if they ever decide to stop waving that rag, kissing the gubbmints ass, and selling fucking coffee and t-shirts.

      ha ha ha ha

      300 million is a good round number.

      • Hey, dickweed, you’re the exact swine he was talking about, right there.
        And your fly is down, pants around your ankles, and your mouth got loose again to prove it. The smell from both your ends is unmistakable, even on the internet.

        We can all agree with you about one thing: you loathe yourself, and want to die, and we all agree with you, and hope you get your wish to kick your oxygen addiction as soon as possible. All you do is leave skidmarks on the bowl and a lingering bad smell, so jiggle the handle and be off with you.
        Go sniff your farts somewhere else, and leave actual men unbothered by your ceaseless quest to always be the biggest and most purulent dick chancre on the web. You won that contest hands down, because you’re the only one playing, and no one’s impressed by watching you fellate your own syphilitic dicklet. Sorry your gay porn career didn’t work out the way you hoped, but you made your choices, and now it’s time to retire quietly to your well-deserved anonymity, and live with the shame of how your pathetic and insignificant life turned out.

  8. Off topic a bit…but there’s way too much mystery over this shooting….could it be another social experiment gone wrong? Nah, nothing of the sort!!!

  9. Three boys thru college, holy moly what a bill. Sure hope it pays dividends down the road. What useful skills did they get at Penn? Sports?
    I hear the familiar sound of burn out. I too reached it. What to do? I went old school, back to what has made me happy for 50 years. I bought another motorcycle, shit yeah. This time a KTM race ready enduro bike and I’m running enduro events again. But the enduro population has aged as I have so we’re all gray haired mature juvenile delinquents. That’s been since march. It’s been a blast.
    What’s my point? All prep and no play makes Jonny a unhappy boy/man. I feel great rejuvenated I mean real stupid fun!
    I have not stopped my preps, just turned down a click or two. Hey we know the storm will eventually hit.
    Oh and a few of the events I run are in PA.


  10. Many people get burnt out because they are always focused on the problems instead of a workable solution…In the process they lose the most important things like families, friends, etc… People need to quit dying(doom and gloom) and start living(building up)…

  11. I live two lives, right now. There’s my prepping life, and there’s my family life. It’s kind of funny, being the mad scientist who knows about the monster, telling family and friends about it, and trying to bring their attention to doing something to be prepared for it. But that’s why the mad scientist gets ignored. Nobody wants to even KNOW about the monster, much less do anything about it. Such is fate. I’ve lost a lot of my vision and agility, for I don’t know how long. But I’m still game for the “game”, and mostly got time on my hands to focus on projects. For all of you ready quit. put an eye patch over one eye, and go everywhere with a walker and use it. You may find you are greatly blessed with binocular vision and two good legs, and you may begin to realize that you don’t have these things as ” right”, but as a matter of grace. Get back to the PT, and planning and scheming, because the sun is not going to always be shining on you. When I came out of my coma, late last April, I couldn’t raise my hand to touch my face. Makes you think about all them preps. In the words of an old man in an old movie, “What if he comes now?” (Calvera) “Are you ready for him?”

  12. Chicken Littles, cursing the sky for not falling fast enough.

    Except for that one guy with the mohawk, trying to climb on top of the sky and jump on it.

    • that’s right.

      and the only sane one here.

      the rest of you are dreamers and flag wavers.

      fucking retards.

      • a follower

        10 years some have you have been here and you still do not realize the stage has been set for tfA-t? Is he a troll when he has a part in the play? An open invitation?
        We have name callers rebuking a name caller by calling him names.
        And no i do not like his tactics.”No tactics are better than bad tactics.”
        So how prepped are you?

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