Road Pirates

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  1. fucking shit weasel sessions and his cuck supporters.

    the murkins get everything they have earned..

    meanwhile Canada has legalized pot.

    mmmmn the chronic…

    fucking dumb ass murkins.

    ha ha ha

    • Northgunner

      commissar sessions has just single handidly exposed the REAL face of ‘gov/authority’ for all to see.

      Anyone who doesn’t have an immediate pissed off visceral hatred of what he just endorsed can only be described as a statist bootlicking autistic motard!!

      The mask has fallen away and can never be replaced.

      The rule of ‘unintended consequences’ is now in play as are the ideas stated in “Neither Predator Nor Prey”.

      Btw that’s some truly sweet Cannabis there..all those healthy healing CBD’s, THC and other cannabinoids just waiting to do a body a world of good!

      The God’s made Cannabis,
      man made buttwiper/pussy beer.
      Which are YOU gonna trust?!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • ghostsniper

      I’ll take a pound right now, cash money in gold.

      • ah ah ah

        no you don’t.

        you are not allowed to according to sessions and dumpf.

        and tin badge wearing stooges like dodge and dingleberry…

        they dream of kicking in your doors, shooting up the place, and seizing everything.

        because FREEDOM!, and LIBERTY!!

        3 shitbirds if i ever seen any.

  2. Northgunner

    Fuck sessions and the ‘maga’nag he rode in on!!

    Meet the new wannabe ‘top cop’,..same as the old shitweasel!!

    Parasite class is parasite class,..faces change..same thieving, murdering sociopathic shitweasels!! And that goes for the meatpuppet trumpy in Mordor on the Potomac.

    Share this with your fence sitting relatives, friends and others:
    Message to the Voting Cattle

    sessions and the rest of the parasite class have NO legitimacy..they don’t have any ‘authority’ (beyond what the sheep IMAGINE they have) to do jack shit!!

    sessions and the rest want to act like thugs?..fine. treat them like thugs!!
    Rules 5.56. and .308 will be followed!!
    Kill the chicken to frighten the monkey.
    Sat parasite class and their thugs!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  3. Fuck the pigs …

  4. TeeFat, a few threads ago you were ranting about how the Enlisted Man makes the armed forces go round. But you were talking huge shit about NCOs in the sentence before that. You do realize that NCOs are in fact enlisted men? At least when I was both, back in the Reagan and gulf one days. You know, when you were in, too.

    You were in the military TeeFat? Are you fucking positively sure about that? Take your time and think about that answer Ooda Wan, because some of the shit you spout doesn’t quite line up.

    • tfaGGOt is dumber than a bucket of shit and not worthy of ANY response. Best thing you can do is ignore the little twat and let him get bored. Sooner or later the fucking dipshit will wander off to troll a different board in hopes of getting the attention he so desperately needs. He’ll be along directly to herpaderp up some of his oh so predictable stupidity…… Guaranteed.

      • i’m so dumb i just returned from the water on my boat all day.

        got some serious sun.

        what did you geniuses do?

        let me guess…. work?

        ha ha ha

  5. get a load of the comments on this story.

    seems many have lost faith and are disgusted by the green brays and their fuckwitery.

    who could’ve seen that coming?

    these are the same vaccine damaged goons who will gladly kick in your door and rape your women when ordered to.

    it’s all they know.

    • If you found it on a web article it must be true!,amp.html

      Now why don’t you go whisper a little sweet nothing into your honey’s ear, TeeFat.

      • if you don’t know those steroid freaks have been destabilizing the entire world for decades then you really shouldn’t be here anymore- you’re too dumb to add any value- and it shows.. these same goons have been training on American soil to control the population when the balloon goes up.

        JADE HELM ring any bells in those empty heads and fat bodies of yours?

        go back to WM and lick his taint..

        oh wait.

  6. So not only are they going to continue to steal our stuff, but they are going to pick up the pace of stealing our stuff. Yeah, that is a government of, by and for the people, alright.

  7. Read it earlier today .. at first I was furious and now find it very sad .. as a fellow Alabamian (re: AG Sessions) .. to say I’m very disappointed in the AG wouldn’t come as a shock.

    Shame on him (i.e. AG) .. and a fire-fight with any jack-boot thug who thinks I would make a good mark.

    • Right there with you on this…”fellow Alabamian” indeed.

      As Senator, I always found both Sessions and his staff incredibly gracious and responsive the several times we had contact regarding various issues.

      As AG, I am appalled by his stance and directive on this subject.

      Do they not know that by ignoring the continuing criminal enterprise and proceeds thereof conducted by the Clinton Foundation, as but one glaring example among many, while engaging in outright theft from Americans, not provably engaged in any criminal activity, they have at once abandoned any semblance of ROL, and rendered illegitimate, all conceptual authority that ROL implies?

      It may be that those 10 square miles are actually an alternate universe which has somehow breached the divide between dimensions. I ponder the need for a platoon of exorcists as the first order of business.

  8. Same boat, same number of assholes drilling holes in the hull, you know, to let the water out. Only difference is the current is pulling us a little more slowly towards the waterfall. Enjoy the ride, folks…..

  9. The thin blue line folks are fine with this.

  10. Still think the Ballot Box works?
    Don’t worry – The next “R” will save us I’m sure.

    ‘MuriKa! Keep on keep’in on

    • Northgunner

      I still use the soapbox here and in real time to teach about self-ownership and Freedom when possible.

      Both the ‘ballot box’ and ‘jury box’ are not only dismal failures; they serve to continue to indoctrinate people into the myth of ‘gov/authority’ and give it a legitimacy that it never had.

      IMHO it’s definitely time for the ‘cartridge box’!
      And, rope, tar and feathers!!

      We have nothing left to loose from this point on!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III


    Antifa to the left of me, gestapo to the right of me, I’m stuck in the middle the middle with…?

    • Northgunner

      As the Man replied when his subordinate informed him they were surrounded by the enemy. “Good!!,..the dumb bastards have us surrounded, we can attack them from any direction!!”

      Sat ‘ruling class’ & their enforcers!!
      We have nothing left to loose at this point!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

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  13. Grey Ghost

    More “legalized theft” of private property at the point of a LEO gun by Lincoln bootlickers yet again. Last stats I saw had only 5% of civil asset forfeitures were against real criminals, the remaining 95% were against citizens wherein no charges were ever filed and property seized not returned. USA. USA. USA. Rs and Ds … they both steal from you and both use the .gov to do it. No difference between them… criminals everyone.

    Grey Ghost

  14. If you are going to be transporting large amounts of cash or precious metals, which will soon be illegal to hold except for the Elites, please use the family RV. Take along your 3 pet German Shepherds, Sweet Rottweilers, or 6 of your grandma’s noisy little fou-fous. You want to make it a CF to exam anything but the outside of the vehicle. Do not carry anything but icky stuff in the outside bins. Whether you have a compost toilet or not; carry coco coir and offer said officers a detailed explanation of use. Be sure to launch into the benefits of composting poo per the EPA and MotherEarth News. Make the bastards work for their largesse. Inside, hidden behind the road bike, under the kibble (extra large bag) inside a tin that says “medicinal disinfectant” keep your illegals. Aint nobody’s business but your own. As a piece de resistance, see if you can work the family cat into the mix. If an officer tries to enter, you want Crabby Tabby with a full set of claws. Then, there is the hot litter smell. Yes, you want to ensure that the bastards give up after ticketing you for a non existant tail light out.
    PS-Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon on the tv is always a good conversation starter.
    The MF will NOT STOP until The Festivities start.

  15. Jimmy the Saint

    Gummint needs the cash, man.

  16. You’d think that Attorneys General, past and present, would have a decent grasp of, and respect for the foundational law of America (Constitution Amendments IV and V, for instance.).

    You’d be wrong, though.

  17. Well massa Jeff. If the constitution doesn’t protects me, then it doesn’t protect you ether. If I have no right to “life liberty and property” then there is no valid law that need be obeyed. I am not and will NOT be a slave at the whim of dictatorship and tyranny . This act will void all “lawful authority” held by government. No dew process, no valid government. It is just that simple.”Guilty until proven innocent” and “all your property and your body is belonging to us”, is the antithesis of America , and an utterly valid reason to replace the current governance . By any means available. There is now nothing left to lose. One party government must be ended, and voting is no longer an option.

    • Need a like button. Ray NAILED it. Just a matter of people finding, in themselves, the will to do what’s necessary…..

  18. apparently, a requisite for ‘law and order’ to be in place is the ability of cops to ‘steal and keep’.

    we have what we have for tolerating what we tolerate.

  19. Water’s wet, sky’s blue and the government will seize your stuff just because they know they can. Doesn’t matter if there are reforms, when the debt cycle starts crashing down; the government will be seizing all sorts of stuff to keep itself afloat regardless if that sinks you.
    I’m telling you straight, if you’re not taking this period of fantasyland we live in where everything is awesome to eliminate all debts including the mortgage, add hard assets like metals and real estate and cutting living expenses so you can live below the poverty line; you’re just asking to be steamrolled when reality comes calling.

  20. Waiting in Idaho

    Let’s see…no Obammie Care repeal, no wall, no tax cut, no Hitlery indictment, bankers and globalists throughout the administration, and no military withdrawal in Middle East. And now the cops can steal more of our stuff. Equal under the law! Fuck Yeah! MAGA!

  21. All Trump got us, is more time to prepare, here’s hoping your using that gift of time wisely.


  22. Since both Rep. Justin Amash and Sen. Mike Lee got in front of microphones and said how bad this is, I assume they have filed bills in their respective houses to deal with it once and for all…

    Will states ever step up and do something useful for a change?

  23. someone activated Sessions control file, and now he has upgraded targeted theft of the innocent traveler…then again, maybe the increased focus will be on people’s homes. I recently read a family memorial about the Stasi in East Germany and it was a brutal regime. The guy in charge wanted to shine to impress the Russians. Anyone even suspected of not being 100% with the program were imprisoned as a miner. Destroyed.
    We are approaching the red zone.

  24. Now that we’ve blown off some steam, let’s come up with a plan to deal with this crap, instead of just being pissed off. There is always a way to deal with the enemy’s moves, you just have to figure out what it is. It needs to hurt the cop who takes the money, and his chief. And whatever is done, it needs to be very clear that it is a result of asset forfeiture. Once the word gets around that you get a very nasty surprise for seizing funds, volunteers will be hard to find who will still do it. Surely, we can do something besides complain. Using the police authority against them sounds like good place to start. Cops all have weaknesses, list them, and go to work.

  25. Nice…it only took 30+ years for folk to understand. It was Reagan’s asshole AG Ed Meese who said that if you didn’t do anything wrong, then you wouldn’t be a suspect.

    See if you got 30 more years to understand another fact. Maybe in 3,000 more years, peeps will say no. Or maybe not, since that involves doing something.

    • And the journal of the somethings you’ve done in 30 years would be…where, exactly?

      If you’re auditioning for the part of Yoda, you’ve got to have the skillz to back it up.

  26. Maybe it’s time to shoot highway robbers, no questions asked, regardless of which uniform they’re wearing, like they did in the old days.

  27. Is it part of the banking “structuring” laws which report you to the government for withdrawing to much of YOUR MONEY in certain amounts and increments? Most people are probably unaware of those. Maybe it’s now illegal to carry too much cash which allows LEO’s to confiscate it? According to most people, it’s OK if you’re a SUSPECTED drug dealer…or terrorist…but they probably don’t know that the Patriot Act makes anyone a suspected terrorist.

  28. flighterdoc

    Time for Sessions to retire…Trump did a good thing getting that asshat out of the Senate, now get him the hell out of government.

    He can go be a talking rectum on TV, make lots of money and not hurt anything

  29. ghostsniper

    When you finally realize this rotten assed gov’t has surrounded you with criminals and potentials and that ever road is slammed with armed highway men you’re on the way to understanding what the *land of the free* really means in this era of the “New Babel”.

    Fuck tribe!
    As long as this rotten assed gov’t is an operative everyone can be bought, and cheaply, and used as a tool of your suppression or murdered.

    Think you’re NOT a lone wolf?
    Think again.
    Your own loving wife will turn on you like the honey badger she is when they threaten to take her kids, or hor her ass out on the stroll.

    Our tribe is small, very small, can be counted on one hand, and we each know we are one bullet from eternity if things line up that way, so we stay awake, alert, and very much aware of the world around us.

    And so should you.

  30. This fuckery started with the war on drugs and to the victors go the spoils. The first war in my lifetime that fedgov actually follows through. We must be the worst enemy ever because everyone else got rebuilt.

  31. Come on, guys – what’s the big deal here? Any good jobs that haven’t been sent offshore are being taken by immigrants and H1-B visa holders, mandatory “health” insurance premiums have skyrocketed, property taxes / utility rates / car insurance & registration / grocery costs / federal, state, and local taxes, etc. have all risen thanks to government intervention and over-regulation, Wall Street has destroyed Main Street, and if you’re not a banker or politician the wealth doesn’t flow your your way. Only criminals will be affected by this since honest, hard-working taxpayers won’t have any assets left to forfeit. No problem!