That’s Not Funny!

Via Twitter.

“I need some muscle over here.”

18 responses to “That’s Not Funny!

  1. Hee… Did you all notice the audience in the background? 🙂


    The hatchet-faced, butt-ugly Marxist Jewess had been quiet since Gonzaga hired her. I’m sure her Jesuit handlers too her to “confession”.

  3. Detroit III

    So today the schizophrenic 3% movement is against Trump whereas couple weeks ago they were for Trump. You guys are as fickle as a prom girl on Prom Night

    • Grenadier1

      We are not against him, we want to know where the death squad sign up sheets are.
      Not that I want to be official and all but freelance work is perfectly all right.

    • My prom date was hot as hot can be. My parents were out of town that week. She looked amazing in her prom dress, and the dress looked even better on the floor of my room… sorry, Detroit. Some of us lived in a promising country, and we want it back, as best as we can make it.
      I mean “Detroit lll”. You’re still a moron. I used to live in Michigan – what the fuck happened that made it overrun by minorities, except for idiots like you?

  4. F. Fredburger

    If you want to tell her how you feel, the number is (509) 313-5974

  5. Jesus what a bunch of fuckwits.

  6. Punch the bitch in the mouth!



    Sorry. That should have been: took her to “confession”.

    • Northgunner

      The confessional was roomy enough to do that?!?…
      With her?!?…
      Eeeeeewwwwwwwwww Gross out city to the max!!! 8^p

      The only thing thats worse is ‘chastity’ bono or moldylocks!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III


        Mr. Northgunner: Gonzaga is the whipped cream/cherry topping on the Blue Hive shit pile called Spokane. When the sewage finally hits the impeller(h/t to Col. Cooper), the FSA will be marching East. If they make it through the community of patriots in Otis Orchards and Liberty Lake, my tribe has already plotted their lines of drift.

  8. joelfradbink

    I don’t know what to say anymore — the country is toast — prepare…

  9. The only muscle she needs is the love muscle, and that ain’t happenin’. Fucking shrew.

  10. Mark Matis

    I recognize President Putin and President Trump. I thought that the third leader might have been Orban of Hungary or Duda of Poland, but looking them up shows that to not be the case. Who is the third leader who actually supports Western civilization and culture?