Z Blog: Genetics And The Narrative

Reality eventually wins.

Usually after much agony.

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  1. Re: The masthead, what do we do about it?

    We are slaves. Brazil is the future.

    • you’re an idiot and a slave. Everything the Judeo-globalists do is based on pyramiding debt. Eventually, the pyramid collapses. Then we’ll see about “Brazil”.

      in the meantime, weapon up, keep your money out of the (((bank))) and your head out of the (((TeeVee))).

      • Sounds sensible. So on the assumption you follow your own advice, how is it that (((they))) still control you? Thought I covered this…even fiction ought to be logically consistent.

      • I see you’ve triggered the usual suspects, Haxo. By the way, I think WRSA readers should know that a paperback version of K. MacDonald’s “The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements” is in stock at Amazon for only $26.42.

      • and that’s why the murkin military and it’s former lifers won’t do a G’damnd thing to save their country..

        they are tax feeders till the end.

        they loves them some free shit.

        it’s understandable, they don’t know anything but feeding from the trough.

  2. How does, “We are slaves” answer, “What do we do about it?”

    Anyway, to the article, WTF is this guy on about? Trying to deny free will? Really?? I wonder what he thinks “self-evident” means. How did the article even come to be written in the first place? Oh, he chose to write it. Sheesh.
    What is equality? In human social interaction, being equal does not mean being identical. No two people are identical. Equality means that with respect to other humans, and in interacting with them, the moral stature of each is identical in the absence of any contrary evidence. This is because in relevant respects, they are both free-willed autonomous individuals.

    What are rights? It doesn’t matter what rights are. What matters is that they are the same for each person, again in the absence of any contrary evidence. This is what it means to say, “All men are created equal.” Slavery is an instant denial of rights, because it instantly denies the equal rights of the two parties.

    • Northgunner

      The proper answer: Stop being ANYONE’S slave!!

      The first thing is to remove the mental malate from between one’s own ears. Once this is accomplished, one can mentally understand the idea of “I Own Myself” and then also understand that one DOESN’T have ANY obligation to obey any group of narcissistic sociopaths that call themselves ‘gov/authority’. In fact their claims of ‘legitimacy’ have exactly the same weight as the yowling of any mentally deficient bum wandering aimlessly about.

      Removing Mental Malware – Do You Want to Know the Truth?

      The only ‘equality’ that exists, is the equality to succeed or fail in life on the basis of one’s merits, wisdom/knowledge and skills..thats as far as it goes.

      “The Church gets a bad rap for Galileo, but they were not acting without reason.”
      Zman can’t seem to help himself in being an apologist for another historical group of murderous shitweasels. The church leaders were nothing more than another group of narcissistic sociopaths that relied on the mental malware they installed in their captive population to do great harm and suffering in their name (along with enriching themselves personally at their expense). Burning someone alive because you don’t agree with what he or she says or does is rating your mythological dogma totally out of proportion to reality (ask Giordano Bruno how that worked).
      Or as the Man said, “One man’s religion is another man’s belly laugh”.

      The mental malware in operation in regards to the ‘belief’ in ‘authority/gov’ is the same as that functioning in a religious cult..the belief in statism is essentially a religious belief devoid of ANY logical or rational evidence or proof.

      It’s a laughing matter until a brain dead religious wacko starts trying to stir up his cult flock to commit assault or worse (see jim jones/Guyana as an example). When that happens, all bets are off..and if anyone tries that in my AO, they WILL meet ‘buddah’ from my Fn-fal asap!!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • Northgunner

        “The first thing is to remove the mental malware from between one’s own ears.”
        Damn auto fill..Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  3. No sale.

    From the article:
    “…and the public is better informed than 400 years ago.

    Assumes facts nowhere in evidence, least of all in the West in general, and particularly on the topic of actual science.
    To the contrary, in that respect the public are far worse-informed than they were even 40 years ago, let alone 80 or more.
    Else nonsense like anthropogenic global warming (now happygas-morphed into climate change, as if climate did anything but that since forever) would have been laughed out of existence, instead of fawned over from hedge to hills and beyond.

    Turns out the cultists of demi-religious sciencism, complete with the usual hand-waving and voodoo rituals of traditional superstitious totem worship, holds exactly the same amount of sway that led people to try and flush out witches, or chase away evil spirits.

    The author also blithely overlooks to his peril that following purely materialistic science to its ultimate conclusions leads to exactly the well-documented horrors of socialism, both national and soviet, in short order (traditionally, about a generation’s span seems to be the norm in the recent past, though nowadays everything moves along somewhat faster).

    One might be forgiven a trip thereabouts once in human existence on grounds of ignorance of what lies at the bottom of that slippery slope, but to go there the second time, with the dangers demonstrable from history, is to be an idiot savant of the worst stripe. All that’s missing is the “Hey, hold my beer…” moment.

    And he knows the fire he’s playing with, which is why he rather artlessly tiptoes all around what he’s suggesting without coming out and saying it plainly, demonstrating consciousness of guilt. People don’t walk around mines they don’t know are there.

    Trolling to prove Godwin’s Law operable is still just trolling.

    • go find a green bray or some dumb grunt to suck off.


      • Sorry for writing beyond the second-grade level and leaving you out of the discussion, diaper licker.

        Try using one of these, instead of your usual after dinner activity.

        In forty or fifty years, should you manage to survive that long, you might make up for dropping out and not taking a chance on the third grade.

        Either way, if you haven’t got anything smarter to say that a recitation of what you crapped into the bowl (every day for months), why not stop flogging electrons that never harmed anyone, and leave serious talk to grown-ups?

        Just for the novelty of the effort on your part?
        Remember, the less you say here, the smarter you sound.
        Your OCD and Tourette’s is kicking your ass every day you let it.

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