VDH: The Fifth American War

That which cannot continue will not.

Make sure that you will.

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29 responses to “VDH: The Fifth American War

  1. Web site kept locking-up, probably due to heavy advert vids

    • Do you have adblocker? I saw 0 videos

    • I finally got through it, if only to find the point, which is largely non-existent.

      Just another writer with too much time on his hands, and too large a space to fill with anything but the most superficial.

      It would have been interesting to see someone acknowledge the path we are steadily approaching.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Hanson is a like a lot of Conservative, Inc. writers. “I’ll define the problem that everyone can already see, but offer no solutions; you guys go solve it, but don’t do anything that isn’t nice.”

  2. The Betrayal of European Virtue

    • https://mtntopforge.wordpress.com/8-lady-godiva-1/

      You know, the real Hard-Right Women of The West are of such foundational vital importance, how can the Patriarchy of Hard-Right Men of The West, win without the recognition & support of the Matriarchy in this war of preserving The West.

      In no uncertain terms the author of the National Review linked article lost me the second he wrote the Civil War was fought because of “slavery”.

      That right there invalidates his entire premise about war and his assertions about everything he is peddling.
      First the Civil War was fought over the South’s lawful and rightful cause of secession, and to remove itself from northern tyranny and agression.

      That right there is revised history in action. If the author couldn’t get that one glaring authentic truthful fact right, whether by omission & ignorance, or commission & deliberate fake narrative, at the very least his entire reasoning is suspect.

      Sure he may, I say may with emphasis, have some void perspectives, but that one glaring historical mistake sure present an article that looks an awful lot like cultural marxist or cuckery agitprop that has a thread of maintaining the party line.

  3. fuck that murkin rag.

    it is the symbol of oppression, corruption, evil, and an enslaved and dumb’d down people.. and they still line up to die for it.

    note the obelisk in the background…



    the murkins are dumber than a box of dog shit, and even poorer.

    • Get over it, loser.

      • wake-up dumb ass

      • then prove me wrong.

        you can’t. it’s so much easier to “go along” huh?

        it’s just like the cop and .mil worship BS
        they are laughing at you. I guarantee it.

        the pee pul find it easier to drink booze, get tattooed, wave colorful flags, and root for “their guy” than to be “that guy”.. feed them a line of shit and watch them repeat it over and over until they have other imbeciles believing too.

    • Please point to the dolly where America hurt you.

  4. Someone at National Review doesn’t want to get included in the post-rev sweeps?

  5. We are getting very close now ……..
    Civil War In France All Hell Is Breaking Loose!!!


    They can chant, demonstrate, wear upside-down flags, run the white kids off their campuses, and even torch a few police cars. When they start hurting common folks, then it will get sporty.
    Yes,I know we’ve had the knockout games and a few isolated assaults and batteries. Realistically, if you swim with sharks, expect to get bit. Situational awareness is not a big thing with a lot of folks, especially the cosmic white city dwellers. The learning curve will be very steep, steeper when the boys and girls in blue pull a Katrina.

  7. Fucking cuckservatives. I’m getting as pissed as when I read shit from boomercucks. Its not like they weren’t warned. Their own fucking frontpage article from over 20 years ago by Peter Brimelow warned that immigration/ demographics would doom conservatism/ the Republican party.

    “The conservative effort… has so far mostly failed.”

    What effort? With super majorities you didn’t do shit. With the ability to cockblock the Dems you blustered then gave in. Its obvious you fuckers are nothing but controlled opposition.

    “In short, will America remain a multiracial nation united in one culture in which superficial physical appearance becomes largely irrelevant (and indeed one’s racial DNA pedigree soon becomes almost undefinable), or will it go the tribal route that ultimately leads to something like the Balkans, Rwanda, Iraq — or Evergreen State, Ferguson, and Middlebury?

    When was that ever true? We’ve been a racial spoils system since the Snivel Rights movement. It isn’t a choice between multi-racial utopia or break-up, it is between becoming a hated minority in a 3rd world shit-hole or break-up.

  8. Meh.
    We’ve been here for going on nine months.
    And eight years before that.
    And eight years before that.
    And eight years before that.
    VDH is right in his summary of where we are, but whether it will amount to anything imminently, maybe not so much. Things are not as bleak as his worst fears, and Trump isn’t doing anything like anyone’s best hopes. (Which is the problem, along with how much he could realistically accomplish in the first place.) He’s just gotten the elephants pulling us towards the cliff to trudge more slowly. But no one can say precisely where the cliff is. And there’s no single swinging Richard, from Hell to breakfast, who can tell you any different, no matter how many try. Until the wagon goes ass over teakettle over its edge.

    So what is it, exactly, that can’t continue?
    No one can point to a thing, or an actual demarcation of how far is too far.
    How much debt, how much corruption, how much lawlessness, how much lying? Anyone? Beuller? Ferris Beuller…?
    You can list any number of things all day long that are bad, very bad, and horribly bad, and have my wholehearted agreement.
    But no one knows where the balance point is where beyond equals certain disaster.

    Even the Titanic launched lifeboats, because someone noticed seawater was supposed to be outside the hull.

    What we’re headed for is more like the Hindenburg. Nobody inside or out had a clue there was really a problem until it exploded around or on top of them.

    The smartest people in both cases were somewhere else, and not along for the ride. And the farther from it they were, the less it mattered.

    I suspect there’s a greater lesson there, if anywhere.

    The reason this country worked as much as it did, when it did, was because it depended on most people, if not all of them, to want it to work; almost everyone depended on everyone else. So you can’t have the guy running the bank doing lines of cocaine, the airline pilots can’t be sound asleep, the folks running nuclear plants can’t be shooting up heroin, and the people passing laws or teaching K-PhD can’t be doing all of that too, plus raving batshit lunatics and child molesters.

    Now we have all that, except exponentially bigger, times decades. Is it any wonder that every day we slide closer to being the country of Trashcanistan?

    And nobody’s stringing them up when they fail.
    No one went to jail when banks crashed. The feds spent more time on Martha Stewart’s Case About Nothing than they did going after the people that looted and destroyed your 401k. The captain of the Exxon Valdez, drunk off his ass when he crashed the ship, paid a $50K fine – thirteen years later. He still has his master’s ticket. (Thankfully, no one wants to hand him the keys to their ship anymore, but he still never did a days’ time behind bars.)

    Now one can grasp why John Adams would state something like this:
    Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

    Every bit of your existence that depends on other people to be clean, sober, sane, and diligent, is now just another point of failure when they live up to reality, rather than your expectations.

    The only answer I can see is to do as much of everything you depend on to live and function, yourself. Even if you think you have tribe, every person you’re depending on is another point of failure between you and getting by. (Ask anybody that’s ever been served divorce papers.) You’re going to have to “go Galt” in every sense you can think of – and you’d better think of all of them — or you’re going to pay the consequences of having one foot under the Hindenburg, and being there in the first place, when it explodes and lands in flames on top of you. And you’re going to have to be far enough away from it that the crash doesn’t affect you.

    Historically, that sort of existence has been accurately described as solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.

    So knowing that, ask yourself why people will claw tooth and nail to uphold what they have right now, even a dysfunctional corrupt broke-dick system, rather than face that.

    • Even the Hindenburg was survived by 2/3 of the souls on board.

    • “The smartest people in both cases were somewhere else, and not along for the ride.. ”

      ha ha ha

      that’s riiiiiiiiiiight.

      ha ha ha

      a least the murkins take take comfort know that their pooLICE farce, the green brays and seals will save you and the country…

      ha ha ha

      find tfA-t! it’s all his fault.

      if we can only silence him all will be well.

  9. Mountain Cracker

    Wow, if even the mushy-spined National Review acknowledges it, the game is afoot. William Buckley would call this turd what it is. Long past time for a herd-thinning.

  10. Northgunner

    More cluck cluck cucking from the ‘national screwyou’.

    They can’t even be counted on to get it right about the War of Northern Aggression…still playing to slavery agiprop.

    What more needs to be said?

    They make as much sense as moldylocks as a street mime…
    They define ‘irrelevance’.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  11. ‘Three decades later the nation divided over slavery, prompting the most lethal war in American history to end it and force the defeated Confederate southern states back into the Union.’

    ^^I got all the way to there and now call BULLSHIT on the rest of it! All credibility is shattered with that incontrovertible fantasy. I don’t blame the author however. He/she/it was no doubt taught that in ‘skool’.

    The civil war was about states rights, pure and simple. ‘Slavery’ was the gruel fed to northern masses to justify the war. And should the author drop by to read comments, here’s another truth dart: Massa Lincolns’ emancipation proclamation only affected southern slaves. Slavery continued unabated in the North and continues to this very day in the form or welfare.

    I recall President Lyndon Johnson’s famous quote: ‘Give me this (welfare), and I’ll have those niggers voting democratic for the next 100 years.’


      Word. When the American Lenin could not get enough cannon fodder to destroy and occupy a sovereign nation, he instituted a military draft. The resulting riots in New Yawk and the murder of free blacks showed exactly where the peoples’ heads were at. Get ready. When the Chinamen light up a Nimitz Task Force, the (((Banksters))) and their useful idiot politicians all the way up to the POTUS will bring back conscription. Hopefully, thoughtful people will resist this slavery by force of arms, if necessary.

      • i’ll be sitting that one out too.

        Jesus help these poor dumb bastards.

        when will humans get it thru their thick stupid heads, fighting over flags and feelings only get the naive and maimed and killed.

        hey, i get it, most of you are emotionally invested in murka! you can thank ABCNNFOXCBSNBC for your indoctrination to the matrix.

        but, you’ve been had. time and again. it’s time to break free and let the past go- once and for all.

        yes it’s a shame vast numbers have died or been permanently injured over the bankers and pols games. maybe it’s time to finally learn a lesson?
        and seriously, would you take back a woman who cheated on you over and over again, birthed someone else’s child, and tried to poison you on a daily basis? are the murkins so brainwashed they can’t see their gubmint is shitting and pissing on their faces and giggling at the same time?


        then they deserve everything that comes from this point forward.

        you have now been schooled and there is no longer any reason to choose the wrong answer- other than you are that dumb.

        FREE DUMB!


        DE MOCK CRAZY!

        #! #! #!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “‘Slavery’ was the gruel fed to northern masses to justify the war.”

      Actually, it wasn’t so much. “Preserving the Union” was the big thing among Union troops – they felt betrayed when the issue suddenly switched to slavery after the Emancipation Proclaimation.

  12. Aesop, if your referring to John McCain having an “egg in his noodle”,sure made my day!

    Fuck that traitor.