As Do I

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Don’t get me started on the “chuck wood” issue…

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  1. Reading list. WRSA,Drudge,Breitbart,Prison Planet,PJ Media,Daily Kos,Politico,Al-jazerra,Daily record. Commentator(current)Paul Joseph Watson , Andrew Klavin,James David Manning.
    I live in close proximity to information overload. Massive quantities of circulating bullshit, plus the quality has diminished. The swirly is nearing the bottom of the crapper gaining velocity. I need my toilet cleaned.
    I need Hillary.

  2. Hee…

  3. The chickens and woodchucks issue is moot anyway. The eternal question with me is, Are We Ready? Evidently, we’re not going to use common sense when governing ourselves, so we must always be ready for the consequences. I wake up in the morning and listen to bagpipes. The consequences of all our ditherings will come roaring out of the mountains like a snowstorm in May, and only the strong will survive.

  4. Grenadier1

    So we have the answer.
    Why did the Chicken cross the road?

    works for me.

  5. The positive aspect with the chicken meme is the chicken won’t give a damn about motives. Maybe we should be more like the chicken.

  6. i dream of a country where the gubmints hired stooges with a gun and a badge are all put on trial and executed in front of their families….

    “I have a Dream”

    unfortunately for the scum in uniforms my dreams usually come true…


    you should see my beachfront Tiki Bar i finished today.

    fucking incredible. with a panoramic mountain views, 7ft tall electric palm trees, volleyball / badminton court, outdoor dance floor and DJ booth, and yacht, float plane, and water bomber flybys on a regular basis.

    hell yeah.
    life is good.


  7. Woodchucks don’t chuck wood.
    That’s why they should be known as ground hogs. Or whistle pigs.