Cis Patriarchal Waaaaaciss Hatespeech

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  1. “Build what you can foresee repairing by hand for 1000+ years” :

  2. Excellent and on-point. Can’t wait to see how Haxo connects all of it to the Jooos. And what names t-fat calls him.

  3. Amen to all of the points above listed by Wrath of Gnon.

  4. Word!

  5. It’s evident the Patriarchy of Hard-Right Men of The West is the underlying object cultural marxism fears as much as guns in the hands of dirt people who will never bend a knee, because those guns and the patriarch combined are what has been consistently all that stands in the way of the globalists and their utopian death cult.
    Its even the fear of the armed Patriarchy exists, that it breeds more of the same has got the left pluperfect out of its mind psychotic.
    That after all this time, all the money and effort, all the 24/7/365 nonstop fake narratives and memes employed to wipe the patriarchy off the face of the West has created an identity movement though a small plurality in relative terms is an armed and undeniable grass roots insurgency which laughs at the absurdity of it all.
    The left has no power any more, only the flaccid power given by those who will and have never stood up against it to begin with.
    All that transpires in the West now is Patriarchal-Alt-Right-Hard-Right, self -validating-every-day-world-view-event. Like Zeitgeist Bitchez.

    Its why the left are exposed as stark raving lunatics. Held up to the self validating set of swinging balls aka Donald Trump. He is existential just by existing because they got nothing, on him, on us. Patriarchy Bitchez.
    Its not because Trump can save the West, no one man can, its because the Men of The West have risen, the left has failed. The fact Trump infiltrated and then outsmarted the gate keepers, how The Great Fuck You is self validating, every day, as political philosophy in line with history, science, reason, and truth, Wins.
    BFYTW Every Day Bitchez:

  6. Exactly what Mrs. Green and I have done. 7 children, all homeschooled, all employed in the family business, all but the last 2 married (5-7 more years for that milestone!), actively involved in our grandchildrens lives, all spouses from the church we have attended for years, all children still attend that church, “hobby” farming (milk cow, chickens, hogs, sheep, guineas, gardens, fruit trees), music, woodworking, crafts, weapons, all these things dovetail together nicely. I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I figured out a long time ago what makes a man happy and did it. Like Pete once said about fruit trees (paraphrasing here to fit the subject): “The best time to start this stuff was 20 years ago…….or today.”

    • Mr. Green: I would love to write or vlog a series on The Critical Importance of Rearing a Family (tentative title: “What I’d tell my daughter…IF she’d listen”), but need input from ladies who’ve raised more than just an “only.” If she’d be interested, my e-mail is at the bottom of the ABOUT page, here:
      Sincerely, Patrice S.

    • “I figured out a long time ago what makes a man happy and did it.”

      That may be a bit too simple for anyone to understand. Could you complex it up a bit and talk about the muzzies, the jooooos, the bankers, the tyrants and the thugs? And maybe a few thousand pages about the Great Plan and the End State?

      Everyone else; it’s always everyone else. If I had you on the stand sworn to the truth, I’d ask…”I’m sorry, I missed that. Who did you say did that?”

  7. Brilliant advice, which describes the habits of less than 25% of actual Americans, if even that much. Anywhere.

  8. “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

    murka has pissed away being the leader of the free world and untold treasure and blood to remain being the leader in the drug, child rape, and counterfeit money game. all while keeping it’s pee pul fatter than pigs, distracted, and dumber than shit with a damn box with an electric screen.

    it’s a miracle!

  9. The simple way is always the easy way. The easy way is always mined. Whatever you pursue, give it your all. Raising children is like life, a crapshoot. There is no guarantee that the children, or your life, will turn out right, or the way you want it. Being a father is like racing through a mile of broken glass, bare footed. Once you finish that first mile, you wonder at how good it feels, not to have any fresh cuts. Then you watch the children go off on their own, and it’s all to do over again. You have to let them go, and get their own cuts and wisdom. Some will fledge and fly on their own, and some will just sit there. Like I said, it’s a crapshoot. Keep and feed a good sense of humor, and like in Ranger School, you laugh at the people tormenting you to keep from being discouraged, and dropping out. Your very existence is a miracle, being able to breathe, eat, see, walk, sleep, piss, crap, laugh, and care are all miracles. If you don’t believe me, try going without eating for a week. You don’t have to succeed at anything. All you ever get is a chance. Do like Anthony Quinn in the Guns of Navaronne, at the end of the movie, when Gregory Peck told him, “Take it!”, “Grab it!”, while holding out a gaff to help him onto the boat. Remember that you’re nobody special, and that people are always watching and listening to you to see how moral you really are. You only get one shot at this life, stand tall, and show everyone that you are a man.