GoV: The Core Problem

Cutting away the effects and getting to cause.



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  1. Europe is gone and can’t be reasoned with. Bracken’s warning of TeT2 in Europe was supposed to be a warning, not a how-to guide.

  2. ‘Socialism’ in all it’s forms, is nothing more than a suicide note that historically ends with mass graves filled with the bodies of unarmed civilians. In this instance it was the largesse of America, defending Europe against the Soviets that allowed the Democratic Socialists to perpetrate the gigantic fraud of Endless Socialism upon a greedy populace which has ended, as all Socialism does, in a frantic effort to liquidate all witnesses. “Liberalism IS a mental disorder!” and apparently it is also homicidal to the point of genocide.

  3. Northgunner

    Here’s my take, ad shared there:

    The ‘core problem’ ISN’T ‘leftist voters’ or ‘disaffected conservatives’; it’s that people actively hallucinate that they NEED a “leader” and that through the socio-religious act of “voting” beg another individual to be their ‘Master’.

    When an individual comes to the full realization of “I OWN Myself!”, he/she understands that other individuals own themselves and that they (A): have absolutely NO right to inflict their preferences or choices on any other individual through either personal means or through an imaginary proxy superstition called ‘gov/authority/voting’ and (B): as a self-owning individual they have NO need of an external “leader”, they see their leader every time they look in the mirror each morning.

    All the superstition of “gov/authority” does is grant a false premise of legitimacy to individuals who are narcissistic sociopaths that band together as a gang to exploit other individuals by indoctrinating in them the hallucination that people can’t function or operate on a daily basis without such a parasite class existing and directing them from above.

    “Voting” is one of the direct methods that the parasite class uses to continually reinforce not only the original superstition, but also to re-energize their illegitimate dominion over other individuals while making them feel good about it.

    To see the extent of the mental indoctrination that’s present and active just think about the following statement:

    “I’m a law abiding tax payer”.

    With the aforementioned in mind, what such an individual is really saying is, “I’ve decided to relinquish my ability and responsibility to decide right and wrong on my own and have put it into the hands of narcissistic sociopaths. I pledge to follow whatever insane things they decree and will let them threaten and harm me at their whim. I also pledge to let them rob and coerce me out of my property on a regular basis because I accept them as my Masters”.

    Here it is in visual form:

    Message to the Voting Cattle

    There will always be narcissistic sociopaths among us. The main problem is when people blindly believe the superstition of ‘gov/authority’ and grant the above listed parasite class legitimacy through the act of voting. The solution is for when more and more people say, “I OWN Myself – I’m the Boss of Me, I DON’T Need You!!” and they stop supporting the parasite class..they ignore them and deny them any legitimacy. They ignore the parasite class into obscurity.

    How would merkel, macron, and all the rest ‘rule/operate’ if everyone just ignored them? They couldnt…that’s the beauty of it.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • can’t forget cop, .mil, and celeb worship…

      fucking retards.

      and they wonder why they never got ahead.

      because they were too busy watching others do it.

      ha ha ha

    • “it’s that people actively hallucinate that they NEED a “leader” and that through the socio-religious act of “voting” beg another individual to be their ‘Master’”

      Fuck’in A

    • Grey Ghost

      ^^^ My thoughts Exactly.

      What I was going to say in less words was…
      The real “core” problem is the brainwashed “citizens” belief that there even needs to be some damn govt stealing your property and fruits of your labor and redistributing it to others.

      And now I’ll kick the fucking CONstitution hornets nest yet again… Spooner was right. I won’t quote the exact words you all know them.

      Grey Ghost

  4. Only the forcible ejection of the human refuse (living or otherwise) that has invaded Europe will solve the crisis that is upon them, followed by the elimination of the political class that made it happen.

    There is no middle ground.

    • Grey Ghost

      and you might want to consider the human refuse that W and Obama let into the country for the last 16 years.

      Grey Ghost

    • Grey Ghost

      don’t forget about the human refuse that W and Obama let in this country over the last 16 years.

      Grey Ghost

  5. A good article. They can’t figure out why people keep voting against their own best interest when supplied with a better alternative. Maybe people are voting for the alternative but TPTB and the sock puppet media keep telling the people that they lost. Has any credible person or group actually done a proper vote count to check. And I don’t mean counting ballots from gov. because those can be faked. I mean going door to door and asking people who they voted for. To see if what the people say is anywhere near what the ballots say. Because when I ask people who they voted for the number one answer is the person didn’t vote because they didn’t like any of the choices and the second most popular answer is they voted for a third party. I’ve been asking this question since the mid 90’s. So I think all elections are a fraud. Who knows for how long they have been rigged. Maybe for as long as governments have existed.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “They can’t figure out why people keep voting against their own best interest when supplied with a better alternative.”

      The problem is determining what is someone’s best interest? Voting for free stuff and no responsibility for themselves – that’s about as self-interested as it gets. Getting people to vote for less stuff for themselves and more responsibility – that’s a tougher argument to make, since it provides (on its face, at least) only burden, and no benefit.

      The benefits that a lot of people vote for are immediate, and the consequences are remote. The big wake up comes when “remote” finally becomes immediate, too.

    • no, the polls and elections are in general quasi-accurate representations of what people – in Europe and North America – want: continued (((debt-financed))) handouts. Meanwhile the (((MSM))) and (((schools))) have long since beaten out of them any White racial or civilizational consciousness.

  6. the lemmings race headlong towards the precipice and with their last panicked breaths, they leap. it’s what all their friends in their bubble are doing right now and they want to be liked. they share in a cause with a common goal. and they won’t be stopped. hold high your “welcome immigrants” signs. and don’t look down when you jump off the cliff.

    the eu made everyone give up their identity “for something better”. “modern education” and common core have done the same here. no surprise then that when you don’t know where you are, you don’t know who you are. just random thoughts during the free fall, trying not to look down.

  7. French, tries to simplify it. Likes, dislikes, agree, don’t agree. I wish it were that simple. Unfortunately it’s not. This is about the power to create self serving laws, to control the narrative, to take God given rights away, and let their fellow like minded people to make up OUR minds.

    To tax the middle, not the bottom or the top.

    I see so much of myself in this article. I don’t have any democratic friends, by choice. I don’t speak their language, or wear their politics. I’m done trying to reason with them. Frankly I don’t give a flying fuck what they think say, or do. My one in the sand is drawn, isn’t moving, won’t comply, I except the responsibility for my words, deeds, actions. It’s just how it has to be.

    I’m done trying to make a difference by going to PTA school board meetings, or county commissioners meetings. I’m even done with my weekly rants to my state elected officials.

    What a long strange trip my life has been. Highest of highs, lowest of lows. Seen the best, and the worst life has to offer, yet it doesn’t resonate with me.

    At 60, I’ve come to the conclusion that the rest of my life has to be one of quality, not quantity. An easy conclusion really.

    Question to all, when was the last time you watched the sun come up, or go down, and just pondered the direction in your life, in your tribes lives.

    What we got right, what we got wrong, just how many truly unanswered equations we will make a difference in/at. Does it really matter.

    What does really matter?

    Good article to start the day with, thank you.

    Dirk Williams


      Thanks, Dirk. I’m pushing real close to 70 and I have a similar mindset. Take it day to day. Stay vigilant, stay fit. But, enjoy your surroundings and your loved ones.

      • My advice for old warriors: Enjoy The Decline. Party like it’s 1945 – in Berlin. Take “Little Bill Dagget’s” advice in the movie Unforgiven: Build that porch so you can sit of an evening, drink coffee, and watch the sun set. Stay vigilant, stay fit, as Dweezil says.

        And when the time comes, take as many of the bastards with you as you can.

      • a follower

        Thanks Dirk & Dweezil, i too appreciate what you have added. i am 53 so yet while i am in a little different mindset and age group it would be to everyone’s benefit to do a little reflecting on their journey. i do believe it is the journey that matters, how we have lived it.

    • >>> Frankly I don’t give a flying fuck what they think say, or do. My one in the sand is drawn, isn’t moving, won’t comply, I except the responsibility for my words, deeds, actions. It’s just how it has to be.<<<

      Interesting. On the assumption you're sincere with this, and I've no evidence that you're not, you've now proven two things—1) It's never too late, and 2) Things can happen fast. Both are likely to prove critical IMO.

    • a follower

      “The core problem is not even the New World Order, although all the politicians and apparatchiks who are pouring the fire ants over our heads are disciples or paid servants of the NWO. But we, the electorate of the nations west of the Iron Curtain, keep voting in these same loathsome snoids, over and over again.

      And that is the core problem.”
      Some of the reasons we are told we must vote for evil or lesser evil are also revealing.
      Because of the veterans is one that irritates me.

    • Absolutely, thank you, Dirk.

      My brother and I had this conversation yesterday, sparked by a comment I made about goose hunting.

      At 70, I’ll welcome you to the Club Of I Am Mine, Not Yours.

      Peace be unto you, and all.

  8. The core problem is fallible, sinful man. He will forever proclaim his intentions to never do the wrong he has just committed, again, and then like a dog returning to his vomit, he will repeat the mistake. A great many people have no sand, no grit, because they fear and loathe confrontation, of any kind, and will commit any idiocy to avoid that confrontation. Witness the millions who voted for Hill Dog, in spite of the fact they knew she is serial liar, and who knows what else. Witness the millions who went for Hitler, in spite of the fact they knew he was crazy, and that once in power, he would be uncontrollable. Witness all the corrupt and lawless public officials in this country, who think nothing of helping themselves and their half-wit relatives to the public treasury, again and again. And then move like a Robber Barron against anyone who raises an objection to the plundering. The core problem is man himself. Very few people are actually willing to stand for virtue and the standards of decency. When they do, the corrupt vultures around them move to destroy them. Seeing this, others, who might have stood with them are discouraged, and take the hint. Virtue may be it’s own reward, but there is no longer any reward for taking the moral high ground, unless you crave the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune for doing what is right. When enough corrupted people are in a nation, it is no longer a nation, but instead it is a hollow of evil, waiting for the ax man. Comes now, the blade……..

  9. Until such time I am assured of true and accurate vote tallies, I remain convinced the problem is mechanical in nature, rather than human in nature, though in the final analysis, it makes no real difference with regard to the outcome, whether the fault lies with the “what” or the “who.”

    It does set the imagination free to ponder the after action analysis of burning to the ground, each and every polling station, as opposed to standing in line at them. Most assuredly, that vote would be tamper proof. I could be wrong, but the first tamper free vote in modern history seems like a decent start towards corrective action.

  10. North Gunner nailed it in his first paragraph.
    Also, the deep state wants idiots as subjects. How else to make them into human cannon fodder?
    We are all Soylent Green now.

  11. An interesting point of view, to say the least, the core of it is not yet defined. I believe the end game is world peace, define peace as you will. The fire ants, left, right, inside out and upside down are just distraction and you can blame the damn communist, still there are no communists in the leadership of the communists, they are the Progressives (more accurately dictators, sovereigns as they have always been born to rule, or so they think), democrat and or republican are all the same however defined and any which country they belong, or nation state. It makes no difference the party, in our case the democrats / republicans, or communist, or any other political social group to the Core Progressives, it is who rules and interestingly they never run for any elected office. The vote being the only confirmation in which policy to peruse the ultimate goal, still public opinion is irrelevant; the decision has already been made. Seemingly unrelated is Common Core but, who developed it and why? Then you can begin to understand the purpose of the Progressives, and that not all progressives are privileged to the real agenda, only the core. You may want to think in terms of the esoteric to understand the common core in reference to the Who / Whom question. Instead of dumbing down, is it weeding out?
    One of the key indicators of the Core Progressives is environmentalism, Climate Change, among others an indication of the end game for who controls what, world Peace. You might consider Westphalian sovereignty a notion of I think Progressives way back in 1648 which had everything to do with international law, nation states and sovereignty and still to this day is a core belief to most all core Progressives. You may want to think of the United States not as a nation of state but, one nation state to get an idea of the Sovereign game progressives play. The enforcement tools of international law have always been economic sanctions then war and negotiated peace at the table in Paris, or some other palace where the Sovereigns gather to sort it out, the spoils of war and still true today. A note here is the Sovereigns never actually participate in war yet control it, usually by funding.
    The G 20 and the Paris Climate Change get together is a pretty good indication of some core Progressives and their agenda of Fundamental Transformation of not just the US, but the world stalled for a bit, however minor inconvenient truth. These are just the figure heads of nation states that hide the true sovereigns, the real core and true believer in world peace. The funny thing about it is the so called new world order, it is nothing new. The last century we saw the reorganization of the world, Communist revolutions all over the world, WWI and again after WWII resulted in lots of dead people in the reorganization of Europe and the middle east, most of Africa and South America, Spanish Civil war and all. Now we talk of a new, new world order. The world was sliced and dices up, now it is our turn.
    Want to know what is really going on? It is weeding the garden for survival of the fittest and of course the new Utopia of Sustainability, Two point five billion or less. The only real question is Who are the Chosen Ones?
    The only silver lining is this, ask anyone who is the smartest person in the world? You will get a laundry list of people most notably, Nobel Prize for Peace winners. But are they really that smart and are they aware of the limitations of their intelligence? I like to say, you don’t know, what you don’t know.
    Here are the limitations of our combined intelligence and if you could find the person that designed and built our environment, our atmosphere sensitivities , to include sustainability of all life cycles of all that are living and ever had, the supernatural, light, gases, and liquids thermodynamic processes of photosynthesis to cellular respiration, repeating cell divide and structure, seemingly elemental and the biological super computer, we call a brain that controls how many bodily function and awareness of our limited intelligence fueled by a happy meal provided and for how long the thirst for knowledge of water, not to mention the aerodynamic principles of birds and insect flight, and an interesting side note of cross pollination, all from a few basic elements, and so, so many more sustainable processes. If we could find that Individual, I think we would call that individual GOD!
    Interestingly there is only one way to be born and thousands of ways to die. I believe.
    You see, the Progressives think they have a better design, yet reject the most intelligent designer of all times know to man. Faith is an abstract concept. What I have just listed is only a fraction of the concrete proof. You might say every breath you take is living proof of a very intelligent designer as opposed to the artificial intelligence of man, where are you going to put your faith? Your choice, who rules, as usual and that too was by design, I believe.

  12. ghostsniper

    Things will not change for the better until things get far more worse.
    When votists suffer as a result of their behavior they will change their behavior.

  13. Watch the Nazis load Jews onto the trains in some old footage. Watch how the Jews were starved, worked, and murdered because this is what is in store for us. Still ready to give up “some” of your rights
    For peace?
    To take your abandoned grandchildren in?
    To fit in?
    For the ability to buy groceries?
    Those damned trains looked cold, hard, and frightening to me. No thanks. What has really happened is that we allowed our language, our citizenship, our tribe, and our heritage to be changed and bastardized under the guise of getting along. Of being fair. Of trying to beat square pegs into round holes. No. Keep preparing, because voting might buy us time but it won’t be fixed.

  14. the core problem is humans have devolved into worthless trash.

    exterminate the useless eaters.

    welfare scum
    flag worshipers
    and all gubmint workers

  15. 1) What have the voters in Netherlands, Germany, France, or the UK ever done, to lead you to believe any sort of electoral common sense was likely, let alone possible? (Nota bene “normative” common sense as voting policy isn’t even suggested as an option.)
    2) When and where can one point to any such sensible outcome(s)? 15, 20, 30 years ago? More? Anytime since the Second World War? Earlier?

    The pool was polluted long since, generations since, and the sort of behavior one might hope for has variously emigrated elsewhere, died off, been bred and “educated” out of entire generations, for generations, and what little that remains is the truest miracle.
    It’s not incredible that Wilders, for your example, didn’t get enough votes; the miracle is that he even existed as an option, and got any votes at all.

    The elites, financial, educational, media, entertainment, and governmental, have been amalgamating feces and sawdust with steak for so long, most of the peoples in question can’t recognize the taste of actual meat anymore, and actually prefer what they have been born to, raised on, and died under, for going on decades and decades.

    Once in a miraculously great while, penicillin and mold may grow on the same piece of bread. But mainly, the mold that overtakes the bread is all malignant.
    We’re living in societies where they haven’t even been growing the mold in bread, but on a cultural stew of the vilest sort, with the foulest strains pre-selected and nurtured, then foisted upon people before they’re old enough to know good from bad.

    Under those conditions, the outcomes noted aren’t surprising, they are in fact exactly what one should expect, and exactly the outcome planned for and worked for by those mixing up batch after batch of such foetid horrors.

    The true miracle is the recessive genomes that manage to thrive despite such a malignant incubation, and manage to allow a remnant to mature and recognize that both the agar they’ve been handed, and the social scientists who planted them in it, are exactly the core problem you seek.

    Amidst that thesis, ponder the allegorical choice by someone like J. K. Rowling, of the malign servants of the Dark Lord of her fictional universe being named “Death Eaters”.
    Every once in awhile, when and where least expected, the masks slip off, just a bit.

  16. I rarely take issue with Gates of Vienna, but this article incorrectly lays most of the blame for the current plight of Europe at the feet of its common people, i.e., for voting themselves into this mess. That’s known as blaming the victim.

    We will stipulate that the voters/sheep in some European elections have been remarkably foolish, even stupid, in their voting patterns. The people of the Netherlands had the opportunity to elect Geert Wilders, but did not. The people of France had the opportunity to reject the globalism of Emmanuel Macron in favor of nationalist Marine LePen, but did not.

    However, the blame for these outcomes must rest first and foremost with the western elites themselves (in Europe and elsewhere), who have invested billions over the decades in brainwashing their respective peoples into voting along the lines that they wish. The regime of political correctness must be seen for what it is – a highly-orchestrated and systemic attack upon traditional European civilization and its peoples.

    Politically-correct brainwashing was Plan A. In case that didn’t work, the backup plan has always been to “game” or control the political/electoral process in the individual nations, to such an extent that the people will be voting for a ruling class candidate no matter which one on the slate that they choose. Likewise, the elites in the United States and other nations have so contrived to prevent populist/nationalist opponents from getting onto the ballots in the first place.

    And in the event that a populist or nationalist does somehow make it past these safeguards, the globalist/ruling class elites have in place mechanisms for attacking those who threaten their political position, i.e., everything from well-funded media smear campaigns to agit-prop mounted by the state itself. Having the bulk of the media – whether electronic or print – in their pockets has also been a potent weapon for them when needed.

    In short, the game is rigged in virtually every way possible to favor the ruling class – which is just the way they like it. The façade of the average person having a political voice in how his nation is governed is a sham, one kept in place largely to provide the illusion that the common person has a voice in how his nation is run. If the common person is to blame, then perhaps it is because he/she still believes that voting makes any difference – when the evidence has been piling up for years – decades, really – that there will be no voting themselves out of their present predicament.

  17. Notarealperson

    Mind you we only escaped Europe’s fate by a percentage point as one wrote at the GOV.

    Dymphna laid it out, our whole society has been captured and turned on us and it’s been this way for decades.
    What do they have control of?
    News Media
    Most protestant denominations
    The Catholic Church
    Wall Street and Banking industry
    Madison Avenue

    Again as the lady points out, they keep us fat, dumb and happy. Lots of cheap carbs to fatten us up, give us diabetes, heart disease and kills us. MSM and Hollywood ensure we stay dumb as rocks and happy as well.

    Big pharma deliberately over produces opiods like Oxy, knowing full well it’s being shipped to pill mills across the country. They know full well how much legit use and what is not. This is called drugging the population into a stupor. It should be illegal but Congress is silent on this. Wonder why.

    I won’t even get into over prescription of psychotropics which is just as bad or even worse.

    They medicate our boys in school until they are zombies. Hmmm they took away PE, and extended breaks and boys get antsy. Wow.

    But it gets better, as adults many are saddled with debts from college, a mortgage, and a car payment. They’re debt slaves as well. If they worry about anything it’s those things.

    As a result most people and I’m not talking about Lefties, but the mainstream voters who vote for people like Hillary and Kamala. From their perspective everything is fine the mass voter if s/he is working, has a decent if sucky job, lots to eat. the 401K and IRA are doing great(or so they think). If they run into a black or a Mexer just off the avocado truck, it doesn’t register on them. Muslims? Or they’re really exotic and rude people, if that.

    9/11, San Bernadino, Tampa, Boston – don’t register on them except for a moment then they put their head back in their ass.

    The only fix is a societal level detox brought on by a economic collapse.