Schlichter: We Must Elect Senator Kid Rock

In prep for the Camacho2024 landslide.

31 responses to “Schlichter: We Must Elect Senator Kid Rock

  1. i know this guy.

    great fun…

    but, he would be an extremely poor choice.

    that’s why the murkins will vote him in.

  2. Grenadier1

    The fact that Kid Rock and Camacho are more appealing and probably better candidates than 90% of the people in congress is only absurd because Camacho is a fictional character. I however suspect that one could automate a statue of Camacho equipping it with a simple pull string to recite lines from the movie and his advice would be more accurate and more helpful than any of the current congress critters.

  3. If Minnesota can send a barely funny comedian to be a US Senator, I see no reason Michigan shouldn’t send Mr. Ritchie. He can’t be any more bizarre than Maxine Waters or Nancy Pelosi.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yeah, Franken may not be funny, but he did shitloads of coke. Not sure what that gets him, but….

  4. Now THAT is a great article. Not just great…but ass kicking honest. I agree.

    If Kid Rock wants the job, I see absolutely no reason why he should not have it. As the article states “…at least this time we’ll elect a pimp, instead of another ho.”

    A perfectly fitting end to that whining bitch of fake conservative ideology whose one function is to get the job so nothing whatsoever will get done.

    And I’d pay good money to see them apoplectic over the prospect of another “DJT” on steroids, mind you, pissing in their trough.

    • you have just proved yourself an idiot.

      now go make some sammiches and shut up with the rest of the idiots.

  5. While his announcement makes me smile, I could no more vote for him without hearing his stated positions, what he hopes to accomplish, his first four.

    To be honest, I’m to the point that I doubt I’ll be voting anymore. Haven’t seen where my vote makes a difference. The rules I’m intending to follow have pretty much been in place my entire life.

    I don’t intend to follow further retarded rules, made by retards, for retards.

    Best of luck to Kidd Rock, living in Oregon, makes my vote for him moot.


  6. Praise the Lord! I am totally in! I am so ready to get rid of the liars, thieves, and charlatans; anyway possible.

  7. Was thinking what Putin was thinking meeting Trump – ‘ First they sent me Bush , then Obama and now this shambling bull. What will that crazy country send next?’
    ‘God loves children , drunks and the USA’ – Bismark.

  8. Judeo-Mexifornia Dems are setting up Hollywood Transvestite # 1 to succeed (((Feinstein))) in the Senate. It and “Kid Rock” will get along fine.

    and btw, Schlichter, the Republican bill that failed was “repeal and replace”…with more of the same, and worse.

  9. Will revisit when the points in the essay, verbatim, become a lead on something that reaches the somnambulants with the remote.& the Cheetos bag.

  10. “Kid Rock/The Rock 2024!”

    If I could I’d vote for him for no other reason than to see the meltdown from our “elites”

    • damn the murkins are fucking dumb…

      • Yes, they are …. Idiocracy was, after all, a Future Documentary

        And yet, it’s almost certain KR would be better than the typical politico, who’s been an ass-kissing lying sanctimonious piece of PC shit since they started out in highschool student council

  11. a follower

    “Schlichter: We Must Elect Senator Kid Rock”
    i must be imagining all of this?

  12. Camacho2016

    Cmon scrot!!!

    That’s juss how that shit went down on TV!!!

  13. I’ve got no problem with it, or Bocephus for congress. If the otherside can h

  14. “You can’t be serious!” Kid Rock over some Democrat, or whatever lying sack of fraud the More Con Than You-cons have been selling us?

    Any. Freaking. Day.

    Conservative Incorporated sold us a bill of goods – oh, not all of them, but enough of them that there’s no more benefit of the doubt for the Republican Party. Let’s be really clear – most of the GOP Senate crew was ready to pull the tab and chug the beer of repeal. That’s good, and why we need to avoid playing the “I HATE THE WHOLE GOP! WAAAAA!” game the Democrats and their media catamites are pushing to dishearten and discourage us. No, we’re not falling for it. We don’t need to give up. We just need to purge the party of the squishes. We still have about a dozen or so liars who played conservative at home and bipartisan trough hog back in DC. And they need to be kicked to the curb.

    This crisis is not of The Donald’s making; this is a failure of insiders, not of outsiders. The tunnel vision Never Trumpers can’t put this repeal treachery on Trump, though they’ll try. To them, everything is Trump’s fault – their irrelevance, their dandruff, their inability to perform as men. No, this was a betrayal of real conservatives by alleged conservatives in good standing, big talkers about liberty and free enterprise who were happy to take our votes but even happier to burrow into the Washington scene and suck it dry like the ticks they are.

    Which brings us to the criticality of attitude, because one fact remains indisputable. Attitude doesn’t lie. We’ve just seen a graphic demonstration of how the GOP hacks can easily fake ideology. But attitude? That’s almost impossible to fake.

    Tell me more about how all Donald Trump has is raw opposition to everything Democrat, how he has no firm ideology of his own. Yeah, and so what? Raw opposition to our enemies sure as hell beats faked ideology that suddenly vanishes whenever it’s in danger of actually being implemented.

    OMFG, Schlicter hit demi-god status with this essay.
    When he coined the appellation “Felonia von Pantsuit” last year, he got into the Hall of Fame, but this time he’s not throwing heat, he’s throwing lava.

    Bitch McConjob, Quisling Ryan, and a cast of dozens now have Schlicter-sized handprints on both face cheeks and both ass-cheeks, and Schlicter just keeps bringing it!

    This is the best thing to hit print since news of McCrazy’s brain tumor.

    • and the fool from califuckoff has added his less than 2 cents.


      • Thanks For Sharing Your Usual Pantload!

        Tourette’s is still kicking your ass; you couldn’t even make it for one entire day.
        Increase your dosage.

        And remember, the less you post here, the smarter you sound.

  15. Camacho/Rock.Has a nice ring to it.Put the pedal to the metal and get this Bozo bus moving.I ain’t getting any younger.

    • Once you wrap your head around the notion is essentially unnecessary, illegitimate and Bueno por effing nada, the notion of a Camacho/Rock ticket positively brims with pure entertainment value. C-span could skyrocket to the top of the ratings pile with real time ass whooping sessions as the dirt folks continue to send their biggest bubbas to Mordor. This could signal the end of pay per view UFC, 24 hour news cycles, etc. I’m really starting to dig this. After all, elections really aren’t more than civic cereal filler with the resultant cheap wieners anyway.

  16. Jimmy the Saint

    Now, I understand everyone’s shit’s emotional right now…but I’ve got a 3 point plan that’s going to fix *everything*!

  17. i have so much dirt of Bobby it would make your head explode.

    but unlike some with websites out there, i don’t give out private info.

    you know who you are and you will regret it.

    fuck the green brays.

  18. Vote for Scrote!
    Prophetic movie.

  19. “I can smell a pig from a mile away”
    This guy has my vote.

  20. Don’t overlook the fact that the ‘establishment’ types and insiders have fucked everything up in DC to the point that a Kid Rock candidacy is anything but a joke! This is great news! The sheeple are stirring!

  21. Toss in a grenade and go in full auto………