What Does It Take To Track 100 Million Cell Phones?

Read, then assess.

How is your meatspace tradecraft?

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  1. Walter Sobchak

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  2. All true.

    All of which goes away the instant you power it down, take out the battery, and leave it behind.

    You can also (so far) get a phone, set it to forward all calls to a burner phone, and then destroy the intermediary, and as long as the account is paid for, you’re nowhere when receiving an incoming call. Just give out the intermediary number, and rock on.

    To call out, you’d need a call-forwarded device for each and any number you wanted to reach, from your non-affiliated burner phone.

    It’s only a layer of security, but it’s better than nothing.

    In practical terms, it’s pretty damned tough to be Gene Hackman in Enemy Of The State, if you insist on using cell phones and surfing the internet.

    If you don’t want or need that, it’s not so tough. There are many other obstacles (credit tracking, license plate readers, facial recognition software, etc.) , but unplugging first definitely makes solving them with other workarounds orders of magnitude easier.

    • Oh, and you have a later-model Government Motors vehicle with OnStar (or the competitors’ equivalents)?
      Your vehicle is the cellphone.


  3. Rich Young

    Um, JADE II program on a quantum computer – and then track / monitor / control every cell phone and smart device on the planet in real time. Oh, look, they have that already.

  4. a follower

    Celebrating, and laughing about a brain Tumor? How are you different from the far left or the far right? How are you different from your “enemies?”
    Same as celebrating a divorce? Wishing others were dead? Gods will, Gods justice?
    i can think of much better things to pray for and or celebrate.

  5. a follower

    “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

    i disagree with Einstein,lol. People pick and choose miracles everyday. There remains middle ground.

  6. a Ranger buddy of mine has a top secret clearance.

    he says the gubmint is so fucked up he doesn’t even worry about their stupid shit anymore.

  7. I am typing this on an old desk top. I do not own a cell phone or any other “modern” device. No electronics=NO TRACKING , see how easy that was.

  8. Quality built and tested RF shielding pouches, IP spoofing, VPNs, TOR and geo offsetting are your friends. Don’t forget a good bit of disinformation for the reptile pervs that reside at any of the alphabet agencies.

  9. Old Telco Guy, love the math, etc. Brings back memories. But to be honest this article did not answer the fundamental question — What does it take to track a million phones, but rather a treatise in cellular geolocation. It would still be interesting to know how low you could go on the cpu scale to pull that off. Like could a Raspberry PI 3 do it?

    The tech to set up your own tower is now pretty much off the shelf — http://openbts.org/ Developing an open source Stingray can’t be far behind. And remember this, listening to cellular traffic is perfectly legal anywhere in the US. Disclosure to another party, of what you have heard is not however.

  10. “Put your phone in a tin box (to block signal), send it a message, take it out of the box, how long to receive the message?”

    Tin box huh? Low tech, readily available ‘jammer’. Cool! I like that shit!

  11. No One You Know

    Get your ticket “for the long haul.”
    (SSB/CB for monitoring the local color.)
    Practice CW. It gets out when nothing else will.
    Geocaching teaches about dead drops without drawing attention.
    Get a manual Underwood, Royal, Corona or Remington to write it down.
    Learn how to perform a decent handshake.

    There’s a lot more to the list.
    Please complete it.

  12. POd American

    Everyone one that reads this forum should read Unintended Consequences and the Bracken Trilogy. And everyone that visits or has visited this site is a government target.

  13. Amazingly, there’s an app that defeats all this slavery by electrons.
    Its even self perpetuating. It even pays you for your freedom instead of you
    paying for the privilege of being a slave.
    Nifty little trick it is too.

  14. I have one, I generally leave it at home. Nothing more then a sanctioned leash. Most don’t understand this. Your cell phone is for YOUR convienence, not the rest of the world.

    While we’re told they can’t be tracked when in the ” off” position, I don’t trust them!. So I leave it at home most days.

    Incidentally, doctors, and the Govt, now tracking heart valves, and other parts inserted into the human body, with telemetry components.

    Recently reviewed a couple criminal cases where convictions were gotten, partially on Intel/evidence retrieved from telemetry, from the body.

    That’s some scary shit. Of course it requires a Search warrant to gain that Intel, eventually probable cause, will be developed allowing that warrant to be penned, and signed by a judge.

    Tic Toc.


  15. a follower

    Haven’t carried a cell phone going on three years. Peaceful
    How did we get by before cell phones?

  16. I heard the government tried to track 10,000 patriots to see what kind of data they could harvest………….. They were all watching the NFL.