Volk: Scale & The Fight Against City Hall

Rulers want unarmed subjects.


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  1. what’s worse a cop or a green bray?

    answer: they ere one in the same.

    no wonder so many innocents have been murdered lately…

    these freaks of nature have been sent home and need work…

    don’t believe me?


    thank God they are killing themselves at the rate of 22 a day…

    no doubt those are the ones who cannot face another day of guilt for their atrocities against innocent families, er, i mean “terrorists”.

    Praise Jesus!

  2. Guns alone do not defeat city hall. in 1917 Russia was armed to the teeth. Today Russia is armed to the teeth. (family knowledge) It takes vision of what freedom means to the populace.

  3. We have all been oppressed while being probably the largest group of armed people in the world. All with the oppressors barely firing a shot. Why? Because we have been turned into a country of pussy’s with privileges (not rights) who worry more about football stats and fucking nascar than removing the tyrants that rule over us – Government, Judges, Cops, City Counsels, etc.

    Choosing the oppressors has become a sport – MY Team is better than your team, even though they are both the same team.

    We outnumber them by vast numbers – Stop putting them on a pedestal and start putting them on the gallows.

    • My opinion … you got guns, but you aren’t “armed”.

      That latter thing happens in your head.

    • I don’t quite agree with the sentiment that because the oppressors have not been walked back, they won’t be. “They” haven’t picked targets as yet, the loss of whom has tempted “…every normal man to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats.” When” they” do, and at some point I am convinced “they” will, pick the wrong target(s) and they will either lose control of the narrative, or they will fail to gain control in the first place. Narrative largely determines reaction, and this is the one area in which “they” have truly excelled.

      To illustrate the point that control of the narrative works the same on both sides, we don’t have to look too far.

      Lavoy Finnicum was one such wrong target. I realized how many on “this side” ceded control of the narrative to the first one(s) in front the microphones. By the time all the arrangements had been made to
      ambush the leadership, “this side” was heavily vested in the “not the hill to die on.” meme. A public relations stroke of genius, actually, if I ever saw one. Short, sweet, dramatic, with a rather perfect dash of gravitas…the source apparently imbued with the knowledge of what the “right hill to die on” lookslike. Who, after all, could credibly, and publicly, dare take such a stance without that knowledge…right?

      one day, and likely a day in the not too distant future, media savvy players on both sides having lost the patina of credibility and therefore creative narrative control, people will act upon what they see, not what they are being told that they see.

  4. Its also so much easier to rewrite their history in their schools to convince them that have no need or right to have them than take them from armed people.

  5. get a load of this gaggle of degenerate pond scum…


    g’damn parasitic germs with tin badges…

    Wednesday, July 12, 2017:

    Bexar County, Texas: An officer was arrested for family violence. ow.ly/RzB730dzcFf
    Update: Orlando, Florida (First reported 8/23/16): One of two officers fired last August was rehired to avoid an arbitration loss. He has been re-assigned to airport duty, given 25 public complaints on his record. ow.ly/jrst30dzdvV
    Update: Columbus, Ohio (First reported 4/12/17): An officer was fired for kicking a suspect in the head while the suspect was pinned on the ground by another officer. ow.ly/934L30dzdY3
    El Paso, Texas: An officer was placed on leave after he was arrested for negligent homicide for the bathtub drowning death of his infant. ow.ly/f9hc30dzep5
    Newark, New Jersey: Two officers were disciplined for unrelated misconduct. One was suspended after he punched a subdued suspect; the other was reprimanded for causing $300 in damage to a prosecutor’s door in a fit of anger. ow.ly/TSYK30dzn2z
    Update: Niagara County, New York (First reported 3/8/16): The County will pay the family of a man killed in a crash caused by deputy $2,750,000. The now-former deputy pled guilty to three moving violations and was ordered to pay roughly $500 in fines. ow.ly/2sdZ30dzSPy
    Dawson, Georgia: An officer was arrested for pulling a gun on someone during an off-duty altercation. ow.ly/ZSNw30dzV7p
    U.S. Customs and Border Protection: An officer pled guilty to an interstate marijuana smuggling conspiracy. ow.ly/5DTe30dzVVy
    Update: El Paso County, Colorado (First reported 9/6/16): The now-former sheriff was acquitted of three of seven tampering and misconduct charges. The jury deadlocked on the remaining four charges. ow.ly/WvfS30dA3FD

    Tuesday, July 11, 2017:

    Update: Baton Rouge, Louisiana: The City faces another federal lawsuit filed by protesters who were arrested following the Alton Sterling shooting ow.ly/RDNJ30dxltO
    St. Johns County, Florida: A deputy was arrested for domestic battery for allegedly punching a woman in the face. ow.ly/iqx330dxqr3
    Update: Tulsa, Oklahoma (First reported 8/20/14): A now-former officer’s third trial for killing his daughter’s black boyfriend ends in mistrial. ow.ly/UH8d30dxrnY
    Alachua County, Florida: A deputy had his child abuse charge dropped, but he was fired for the incident. ow.ly/7WmX30dxt9b
    New York, New York: An officer was arrested for biting and choking his wife. The report notes he has prior arrests including DUI and child endangerment. ow.ly/9adz30dxAb3
    Update: St. Anthony, Minnesota: Officer Yunez, the officer who fatally shot Philando Castile, has accepted $48,500 severance to leave the department. ow.ly/aL4P30dxT5v
    Update: Lantana, Florida (First reported 3/6/17): An officer pled guilty to distributing obscene material and resigned after sending pornographic material to teens. ow.ly/eWI130dy42A
    Chicago, Illinois: The police are being sued by a man who claims he was incorrectly included in a gang database, making him unfairly excluded from getting DACA status. ow.ly/QerR30dyf3Q

    this shit will never end until the people wake-up and do away with life-long tax termites who think themselves ‘above the law’.

    well? when are you gonna wake-up pee pul?

    sheesh. glad there are NO pigs on my islands- whatsoever.

    ha ha ha

    sucks to one of the 99%


    • thugs in uniforms don’t scare me.

      but big fucking BEARS do!

      just had a 300-400 lb black bear on my balcony.

      talk about a head rush.

      pistol was out immediately followed by a 30 cal rifle in short order…

      what a rush!

      what’s it like living in a city?

      ha ha ha

    • wendystringer48088

      Mayor Betsy Hodges has been very vocal in expressing concern about the Damond shooting.
      In 2016, though, she wrote a lengthy Facebook post that praised the hiring of Noor. A city newsletter said Noor was hired in March 2015 and “is Fifth Precinct’s first Somali-American Officer.” A welcoming event in his honor “was well attended with hundreds of people showing up to meet, congratulate, and welcome him to the precinct,” the newsletter said.
      Hodges joined in that welcome.
      “I want to take a moment to recognize Officer Mohamed Noor, the newest Somali officer in the Minneapolis Police Department,” she wrote.


    • I favor vigilante justice: more fair, more direct, and more effective. I vote the government everywhere resign tomorrow for failure to perform and dereliction of duty.

  6. The State is just “other people” … your friends and neighbours.

    A primary purpose of the firearm, is the preservation of Property … be that your life, or the things that you exchanged for your time.

    The primary purpose of the modern Western State, is the seizure of Property.

    Clearly, the two goals are incompatible.


  7. a follower

    On disarming the people. And electing Trump
    “You can’t always get what you want
    But if you try sometimes well you might find
    You get what you need”

  8. I don’t think there has ever been a more heavily armed populace anywhere in history. Certainly not one armed with this level of lethality. And if the combination of lethality, technical knowledge, and available soft targets ever meets with rising righteous will we will be free again.

  9. a follower

    Unarmed, ignorant & worshiping idols
    uncle Ted
    Chuck Norris
    Kanye west

  10. The Walkin' Dude

    The kayaks want their money, goyim, even if they gotta force ya to do business with em!

    • Senator Chuck “Shomer Israel” must be Replaced by a Senator who will “Shomer” the U.S.

      “My name as you know comes from a Hebrew word. It comes from the word shower, which means guardian … and I believe Hashem, actually, gave me the name as one of my roles that is very important in the United States Senate, to be a shomer for Israel, and I will continue to be that with every bone in my body.” (US Senator Charles Schumer interviewed by Nachum Segal, Apr 22, 2010)

  11. And keep in mind that the psychopaths who would send out armed men to force their will on the populace are not willing to expend any of THEIR blood to achieve their goals of total submission.

    How’s that list of local hacks and party ‘officials’ coming along?

    Do you REALLY trust your neighbor?

    • a follower

      i do not think we are to ‘entirely trust’ anyone (person.)
      neighbors are everywhere as long as the web is up.

      • i just met my new neighbor at my newest island property.

        he’s a German baptist from Kansas…and owns a trucking co.

        i called him out right away. “you’re a big shot aren’t you?”

        the guy smells of $- lol anyways. we hit it off right away.. we both are boaters and both have big RVs, and happen to be the same age. oh, and he’s a shooter. WIN! i’m having him and his sons over to my main home as guests at my range this week.

        they come up once a year for two weeks- and that’s it.
        so he asked if i would care for his acreage and waterfront maintenance for him(the previous owner of my land did the job). i wouldn’t talk about $ so he gave the a key to his pole barn and said i could use any equipment i wanted to and even tie up extra boats when he wasn’t there.

        when i returned home, my Indian neighbor(one of the tribal elders)showed up on his tractor and gave me a basket of fresh strawberries and a bag fresh red potatoes… then helped me flip a canoe i’m re-painting and left without any more said.

        island folks are the best neighbors. they have to be….

    • on the grammar thing…

      now do you get it?

  12. To quote a certain author – “Nobody arrests an infantry battalion.”


    In spite of all the cheerleading, remember that this is the calm before the storm. All you have to do is read Breitbart News or Drudge and see how the Deep State, (((Hollywood))) RINOS, and other enlistees in the Army of Darkness are continuing to subvert and destroy this country.
    Do not falter on your vigilance. Do not slow down your preps. Take the occasional break, but keep on moving forward and educating your tribe.

    • wendystringer48088

      “In spite of all the cheerleading, remember that this is the calm before the storm… Do not slow down your preps.”
      Agree 100%