The Need For Nations


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  1. Same thing happened to my parents house in Florida.
    There were some fine Mexican neighbors, at first. Then a few more that weren’t so fine.
    A few miles down the road was MLK boulevard. That shit spread like rats.
    The end.

  2. Simple truth, kill him, his wife, his children, his pets, his business partners. Burn his empire down. Burn em at 14000 degrees and throw what’s left in a shallow hole with no markings, no identification.

    These people are the real cancer, of society.


  3. a follower

    “Reflections on what we lost.”
    Sorry everyone seems to need to make a race issue out of all stories. i find some things difficult to believe. Lake front living, lost to muslims, mexicans and blacks in such a short time?
    Is the Government giving out this kinda $$$?
    Am i also to believe there was not also an influence of the WHITE tweaker variety?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      It’s possible – local governments can have a big impact on how demographics change. If people from one part of a city (for example) control the City Council, you can be pretty sure stuff like Section 8 housing won’t get expanded in *their* area, but will get expanded in the areas that they don’t like.

      • a follower

        Yes, i am aware of (busing) and the (forced integration problems.
        sect 8 housing, i have also seen this very recently. Daleville, Indiana (Salem apts.)
        Yet in this article are we to believe this is what has taken place? It would be helpful to know where this lake is, or what city this has taken place in.
        What color are these city councils? How much money exchanges pockets?
        So who is at fault the goats or the ones who use force?
        So who is at fault the sheep or those herding the sheep?

    • Northgunner

      ” i find some things difficult to believe. Lake front living, lost to muslims, mexicans and blacks in such a short time?
      Is the Government giving out this kinda $$$?”

      Yes the parasite class IS giving out that kinda $$$; it’s called ‘welfare’ and it’s stolen from you, me and every other productive individual to buy the loyalty (and calm/aneasthetize the weaponized demographics..what was it lbj said, “We get these niggers to accept welfare, we’ll be having them vote Democrat for 200 years!”).

      The parasite class also has been importing them in from some time (and again enabling them richly with our stolen $$$ – check out Ann Corcoran’s resettlement watch), at least as long as that murderous shitweasel teddy kennedy’s day. It doesn’t take a long time for them to create a fouled nest either…look at both ‘Dearbornistsn’ and ‘(not so) Little Mogadishu’/Lewiston, Maine as well as Hammtramic (the moslems are very adept at colonization for their false prophets death cult; they’re the middle eastern version of ‘LA Raza/azatlan’…’everything for the ummah..kill and subjugate the filthy kaffirs and their lands!!’
      As for the dindus and other niggers, there’s Detroit and Flint Michigan, Baltimore, ‘Shit-congo’, Atlanta, Boston,…need I go on?

      As for the mexicans, during the last iteration of the political kabuki theater, WHICH flag were protesting mexicans waving around in public as they protested trumpy?…the one of a scraggly buzzard perching his ass on a agave with a snake in his mouth.

      Don’t even get me started on ‘wiggas’ and other feckless cosmic whites stumping like neo-brownshirts for ‘antifag’…

      Things will definitely get spicy in the hives..let them burn to the ground and barricade them from the rest of us dirt people!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  4. White trash is bad, “minorities” are the worst. Once the blacks, mexicans, and the dreaded Muslims get a foot hold, everything slides downhill. Any sense of civilization in an area is upended and then stomped out of existance. It is maharachi music at 3 am or rap all night. It is Allah Lovers complaining about everything and yet managing to be every fuXXing place in the street and sidewalk. You will notice that your surroundings are filthy with trash, human feces, weeds, and drug paraphernalia. Is everything a race issue? Yes, it is. Your skin color is your uniform. I have no need for an diverse neighborhood. In fact, when the variety starts moving in, I am moving on. There is a reason that 3rd world countries are still shit holes.

    • a follower

      Everything slides downhill. i agree. The world is calling.
      Skin color is a uniform. i suppose to some it is. These who judge and condemn on that basis alone are wrong.
      i believe God is color blind.
      satan is also color blind, he will attack and use anyone possible.
      We are warned the direction the nations will be pulled. We were warned the direction the world would take. And why.
      We were also told of an Remnant. A Remnant is not a majority. i also do not believe the remnant will be just one race, or of one tribe.


      SS: That is why my tribe and I evacuated CA in 2002.

  5. Northgunner


    Yup, right on target!
    And threaten re-creating their 3rd world shitholes here asap…especially the filthy moslems!

    THIS just recently happened in ‘Minnesotastan’

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  6. I’m glad I live in a semi-rural area. It’s not as far out as I would like, but it’s not full of the crap Stealth Spaniel mentions. We’re not far enough away from the Seattle-Tacoma megalopolis to suit me but the Dirt Prople in the area could deny entry to the desperate hordes by covering 4 or 5 streets with rifle armed overwatch. Hearing shots is common, giving me the impression that the Peons here aren’t sheep.