Buppert: Why I Fight For A World Without A State

Bill’s latest.

Never forget the quote from Boston T. Party (Kenneth Royce):

A slave with weekends off is not 2/7 free.


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  1. No states, No State Borders…that’s not a win

    • Northgunner

      Watch this, it’ll help you understand.

      What Anarchy Isn’t

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Someone once said something like “the nation that beats it’s swords into plowshares will plow for those that didn’t.”

      Same goes for “the nation that abolishes itself and tears down its borders.” Within a very short time, states intent on surviving and expanding will take note of the territory.

      This is what happened in the Americas. A few agrarian tribes, having not discovered the idea of the nation-state and thus having neither the will nor the wherewithal effectively to resist were occupied, colonized, supplanted, largely killed off, and either forced into “reservations” or assimilated — language, religion and all — into new nation-states.

      I’ll admit to a bias: the nation-state into which I was blessed to be born, for all its faults, is the best one on this side of the planet, and fair contender for beating out everything on the other side as well.

      And last, something I wrote a few months ago and may have shared here:

      “My country, right or wrong. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? Not really. It allows that the country could be wrong. Only the most ignorant orself-deluded nationalist fanatic would claim otherwise. Furthermore, loyalty to a country that is always right would not be patriotism, but mere common sense.”

    • Depends what you’re trying to gain, eh? For those of us trying to gain our own lives, it’s at least an, ahem, fair start. Of course some of us are so intent on gaining our own lives in any event, that what numbskulls do doesn’t matter so much anyway.

      Why…what’s a win look like to you? What are you trying to gain?

    • You are welcome to not employ, rent to, or buy from anyone you don’t want to. But why do you think you should get to make that decision for me?

  2. These guys are just as delusional as Communists.

  3. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    A borderless world or a stateless world is miserable. Maybe trying to be a real nation of real people is a good start.

  4. Bill, I get it, we live in a world long on pointing out the problem, but always a day late, dollar short on ” no shit” solutions.

    use to think I knew the answers, I’ve learned that every question has many answers. While I might know what works for me. I’ve no idea what works for the rest of you.

    If only the problems were simple.

    So I continue to find truth, which works for me, my family. To model what I belive to be in the best interest of the Williams clan.

    While I don’t like where we’re headed, I dislike the option of killing others based on perceptions of life.

    Never forget,
    ones perception IS their reality. That’s The truth of any matter.


  5. Slavery begins in the mind. —

    “The years thunder by, The dreams of youth grow dim where they lie caked in dust on the shelves of patience. Before we know it, the tomb is sealed. Where, then, lies the answer? In choice. Which shall it be: bankruptcy of purse or bankruptcy of life?”
    — Sterling Hayden

  6. Then enjoy your chains slave… the fact you can’t live without a master, in any form, speaks volumes of your cowardice to rule your own life.

  7. only an idiot would favor continuing the nation of Fusa as it is.
    it’s readily apparent that CA, TX, IA, FL,and MI are universes apart in their concerns and ambitions.

    it is destiny that our individual regions part their separate ways.

    let the califaggots fuck each other in the ass.

    let the texans be texans.

    let the Iowan’s grow their crops

    let the flor a duh cubans and blacks do their dope.

    let MI use it’s industry and natural resources as they see fit.

    and burn DC to the ground along with it’s satanic monuments, and corrupt pedophiles.


    Thoughtful essay. The blows for liberty will not start falling on the Leviathan until such time as the Sheeple can no longer feed, clothe, and house themselves. The fact that Mr, Buppert is already on a DHS watch list is food for thought for anyone who posts here. I do not feel intimidated. When the dance starts, many of us will have fair warning and should plan accordingly. Your fall-backs should already be in place.
    Having been a tax termite for over 30 years, I can tell you that the ORCS, while dangerous, are not supermen/women. Most of them are lazy and stupid. And, I find it improbable that there are legions of little trolls in NSA dugouts s collating everything that is expressed on every single website/newspaper/media space.
    Always remember, while they(SPLC, etc.) can see and hear, they need to ORCS to do. When the more visible canaries in the coal mines start disappearing on a regular basis, it will be time. Bleib ubrig.

  9. Being generous one could say that we are all better off for having eccentric thinkers around to challenge our preconceptions, and make us dig harder to get to the fundamentals of our beliefs.

    Having said that: the Anarchist position has been around for many years, and has yet to deliver much in the way of improved human well being, so it seems completely fair to place it in the category of: ‘hopelessly Utopian ideas”, along with Communism, Socialism, and John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

    Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, 1809 – 1865 is usually considered the first in the long line of philosophers espousing anarchism. He liked the term “mutualism”, but was, according to his WIkipedia biography, the first person to publicly self-identify as an anarchist.

    His best-known assertion is that Property is Theft!, contained in his first major work, What is Property? Or, an Inquiry into the Principle of Right and Government

    Let us then, take him at his word, and imagine a world without property. Certainly property, and ownership of property, has been a hallmark of Civilization since it’s inception. Historically the idea of bands of people settled and “owning” a piece of land, either collectively as a group to the exclusion of other groups, or individually as part of a formal hierarchy of partial-ownership dates back to the first cities and states of history, and is generally viewed as a part of the transition from the paleolithic to neolithic era in human social development. Along with written language to keep track of the existing ownership of said stolen property.

    Without the concept of property we were able to survive as hunter-gatherers for many hundreds of thousands of years, so it has been proven to work, but the maximum human population of the Earth in the neolithic era is estimated at about 4 to 6 million people.

    As soon as a group starts planting crops in the spring, by diligently saving seeds from the preceding years, they are invested in eating those plants at some later date, and naturally object to the “others” who, espousing Bupperist Beliefs, explain that “property is theft” and go ahead and take the plants they find based on there superior philosophy.

    Buppert and his ilk wish to heap upon the boogie-man “The State” every evil of the human condition since the beginning of the Neolithic era of settled human habitations, without conceding that almost all human progress in that period has taken place within the context of groups of humans organizing into larger and larger political entities, from villages to cities, to duchies, to principalities, to nation states to empires.

    There does seem to be some ebb-and flow among these various sized groupings, with the attempts to get too many people under one system inevitably collapsing and returning to more manageable sizes.

    Civilization is based on property and rules, and while one might hope that all this could be completely voluntary among all humans, there is no example in the 10,000 years of recorded human history of such arrangements ever working. America presented another opportunity for property-less communities to self organize, and many were attempted, from the Shakers to various hippie communes. All ended in failure within a generation.

    I keep reading Buppert hoping for some new insight from him, the secret to the successful implementation of universal mutualism, where some how groups of strong, rude, hungry, armed alpha-males don’t decide to rape and pillage their way across the neighborhood to satisfy their hungers and urges.

    The essence of being a barbarian, in the old school sense of the term, is rejection of norms of civilization, rejection of the property rights of others, and hearty laughter at the idea of “the Non Aggression Principle”. Might makes right, implies self over others. From the real fear of such people societies have grown into Buppert’s hated “States” with all their various rules and requirements, including enforced obedience.

    There have always been those who rejected the forced compliance to rules imposed without consent. For the most part, in a functioning State, if they become to rambunctious in their insistence on non-compliance they are restrained or removed. In the USA our prisons are full of such. (And, some others).

    In BupperTopia presumably the barbarians are free to take what they wish. As soon as men organize to, for instance, stop some semi-nomadic Mad Max like band from stealing and raping, well you are well on your way to the hated State again.

    Imagine is a reasonably good pop song, and anarchism is a fun philosophic pass time for creative thinkers. But neither is a useful mechanism for organizing human societies for peace, productivity, health and happiness. The State, like childhood vaccines, has some downsides, but has proven to be by far the best mechanism yet devised for large scale human existence, which is why it is nearly ubiquitous over the entire Earth, excepting a few paleolithic reservations in Brazil, which exisit as sort of human zoos protected by the force of the State that, litterally, surrounds them.

  10. ghostsniper

    american illiteracy is breathtaking, is it any wonder they deserve the chains?


    It is time for an organized movement to force the removal of all statues and monuments commemorating Union soldiers, officers and units due to the brutality and illegal rape, theft and destruction they wrought. Remember Lincoln argued the southern states had been hijacked and secession was therefore illegal. That means their brutality was against American citizens! How can we stand for monuments to such wanton illegality? It should be time for a new purging of historical monuments, from Maine to Massachusetts to Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois.

  12. Liberty will arrive the week anarchists start preventing their immediate family members from working to govern them.

  13. a follower

    “A slave with weekends off is not 2/7 free.”
    Are those with 7 days off free, or are they also slaves?

  14. a follower

    Also, when people start believing and feeling that they are only slaves, is there a danger of them behaving as though they are victims?
    Are they grateful? Do they forget how blessed they truly are?
    After seeing how much of the world lives, it is painful to see my prideful neighbors whine and cry daily of the slavery they now endure, and especially a slavery that we have all had a part of in creating.