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  1. THEBigFatPanda

    All three of you will stand naked and alone before the God of the entire universe.
    No lawyers to speak up for you.
    Nothing about your lives will remain hidden.
    Every word,
    every thought,
    every action played back in full HD (Heavenly Detail).
    Including every opportunity you were given to receive the gospel.

    No doubt you’ll argue.
    No doubt you’ll scream.
    No doubt you’ll curse.
    As the holy angel drags you to the lake of fire and throws you in. Ever notice something about the way that Scripture reads?
    “Throws” you in.
    Like you’re a useless, worthless bag of garbage.
    You didn’t start out that way.
    But that’s where you ended up.
    And not one dime of the millions of dollars you stole will help you now.

    No appeal.
    No retrials.
    No bribing or threatening the Judge.
    Eternal Sentence immediately executed.

  2. you forgot these murdering soulless bums who feed like maggots off my tax dollars.

  3. a follower

    in the Grand scheme of things, they have gotten away with nothing.

  4. And the police get away with hundreds every year

  5. Ironically, it was the POS trail lawyer john Edwards who coined the two Americas phrase in 2004, which we now live in and was only cemented in every year by both parties since 2004. if there’s any group that exemplifies cementing in divisions while speaking of fairness it’s trial lawyers.
    I didn’t vote for trump and don’t believe he intends to correct the division between the rich and main street but his efforts (like currently inditing over 400 immigrants on health care fraud) as the best things that have happened to give the average American CITIZEN a little help.

  6. Blue collar vs. white collar….OJ got his own hands dirty, the Clinton’s have people for that.

  7. Murderers seem to come in two varieties. Those that crave the limelight, and those who prefer the shadows. There is no, “one is worse than the other”. One is just sneaky, and the other operates right out in the open, but they both take lives, and leave the relatives and other survivors with gaping, lifelong, wounds. The best defense against either, of course, is situational awareness, something the regulars here have 24/7 anyway. But take into account, if you will, that anyone who will murder a woman, is capable of virtually any atrocity, as is shown by both history and recent events. There is always something special about women, we all come from them, almost everyone is raised by one, and we are taught from day one( at least I was) that ladies are neither to be trifled with, nor treated roughly. Cross that line, and you are marked. Some one will always remember it if you do, and you will be a person that everyone will tense up around. Of the two murderers here (Hilldog and Billyboy I count as one) OJ is the worse. He is both an attention hog, and unrepentant. And being sprung from jail, again, he has received countless extra chances at cleaning up his act, simply because he used to run with a football, and he is black. Somehow, the white people involved with handling this monster feel compelled to cut him more slack than anyone else would get. Hilldog and Billyboy cut there own slack, and have their greasy paws on enough money to make the unpleasant things go away. Every time OJ gets over on whitey, it’s whitey doing the gymnastics of white guilt for him. He’s 70 years old, and he’s been riding that football gravy train since he was in high school. Good work if you can get it. With jerks like him running around in this country, we’ll never lack for shudder material, and with the Clintons, we’ll always be able to easily recognize our corrupted state.

  8. wouldn’t it be ironic if this issue is a core reason for the start of a ‘hot’ new american civil war?

    states rights and all…


    clearly the DOJ and feral gubmint is out of step with reality and the majority of voters.

    i hope this country erupts in flames over this and many other issues that the jackboot thugs insist on prosecuting.

    kill all pooLICE, all politicians, all commies.

    do you hear me now?


    • “I just wanted to congratulate you because I am hearing of the unbelievable job on the drug problem. Many countries have the problem, we have a problem, but what a great job you are doing and I just wanted to call and tell you that.” –President Donald Trump



      how long are people going to allow these piles of dung rule over them?

      and if you don’t think dumpf will use any means available to cement his power over the populace you will most likely die gurgling on your own blood.

    • Northgunner

      Can’t forget the black robed nazgul, prosecuting attorneys and Lawyers either…well, I’ll make an exception for Mark Victor.

      If trumpy is arrogant and stupid enough to let that motard sessions start trying to tramp jack boot fashion along with his merry morons in states that have effectively decriminalized cannabis, he and they fully deserve every bit of hurt and destruction that can come their way!!
      And if meat puppet trumpy gets his expensive silkies in a wad over that he is welcome to a generous steaming helping of the same!!

      trumpy and sessions and all the rest, we dirt people DON’T NEED YOU!!! Go FOAD!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!northgunner III

      • Northgunner

        Hehehe…so much for trumpy being fir the dirt people:
         “According to Politifact, Trump pledged to leave marijuana legalization up to the states while on the campaign trail. But last month he reportedly pushed back against the congressional ban on the DOJ interfering with state medical marijuana laws in a signing statement, asserting that HE ISN’T LEGALLY BOUND TO THE LIMITS IMPOSED BY CONGRESS.” (emphasis is mine).

        Can we all start to smell the stench of another ‘American stalin’ here folks?…
        Parasite class IS parasite class..
        And that lying shitweasel lindsey scram is no different or better..he wants to put the jack boot to cannabis folks just like the rest while they enjoy their burboun, cigars, coke and underage pets out of sight out of mind….

        Death to them all!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  9. Parole hearing, on live TV, WTF, we are living in strange times. Was amused, Friday as some talking head discussed with certainty the retrial of OJ. Cuz evidence could be re reviewed.

    20 minutes on the subject. Apparently the legal definition of ” Double Jeopardy” has changed. What a bunch of retards.


  10. I don’t think they’ll be laughing when they stand before the Lord God Almighty on the day of judgment.

  11. CamachOJ, 2020!

    Cmon scrot! You know it’s right!