The Time For Cohesion

The single most terrifying concept to the Elites and their tribal minions.

Key quote:

“…[W]hen we win, you can all go back there [to your ideological and regional homes], and never have to see my Yankee ass again. Let’s win this war first and go our separate ways if we can’t coexist together.”

The hard, cold reality is that political, academic, media, religious, and corporate Elites want traditional American (along with British and European) values and families wiped forever from the planet.

You and yours face an existential threat.

You do not have the luxury of either denial or petty factional segregation.

If you want your way of life to survive.


12 responses to “The Time For Cohesion

  1. hummus abedin

    8 illegal aliens found dead in trailer at San Antonio Walmart

    You stupid mutts.

  2. Butt Muh Diversuty!

  3. the writer of that article is correct. Learn a lesson from the leftists. They don’t agree on everything but they do agree on one thing. Stick together to advance their agenda, we can and should learn that lesson as the author of this article states correctly.


  4. there can be no cohesion if the people support the thugs in blue.

    they are dumb to the point of fighting and killing just to be ruled over once again by pigs, pols, and money changers.


    it’s all or nothing…

  5. They don’t want the Values wiped out. They need the WHITE RACE that holds those values wiped out!

  6. My ancestors, and other souther men, created our civilization from its European roots into one that was for and by whites and no one else.

    All others not only shouldn’t be permitted government office, they can’t run our civilization including government office no matter how hard they try.

  7. Okay, Yankee. Let’s get to it, then.

  8. Diversity: the great variety of ways to solve the problem!

  9. Cohesion… or meaningless, “incremental,” INDIVIDUAL deaths.

    It’s what they want you to do.

    Anyone telling you that joining a cause, belonging to tribe, self sacrifice, subordinating your own will and short term self interest to a common goal is “collectivism!1!!”; that putting narrow differences and disagreements aside for The (now possible) Win! is a surrender of self and ‘principle’ is…. knowingly or stupidly, batting for the other side.

    There is no “I” in team, and a very big team it will take.

  10. thesouthwasrght

    The thing about the Yankee is that they never ever live and let live. It is not in their DNA. Their puritan roots dictate such.

    Those wonderful confederate vets are better than I, and had certainly earned the right, but I’ll be dipped in shit and fried for an oyster if I would have been reaching across a bush to shake the hand of one of Sherman’s heathens.

  11. Those old soldiers are shaking hands at the “little clump of trees” across the low wall, near Cemetery Ridge, just a little way from the town of Gettysburg. It’s the 50th anniversary of the battle, 1913, at the point object of Picketts Charge. They got there, but there were no reserves to exploit the gain. Many black, ex-Confederate Soldiers also showed up for that reunion, were welcomed into the tents on the Confederate side, and scorned as not legitimate soldiers by the Union side. This particular point on the battlefield is often referred to as the, “high water/tide mark of the Confederacy. I’d pick a different place myself. maybe the wall at the top of Maryes Ridge, at Fredricksburg, in VA. After T. J. Jackson died, after Chancellorsville, in May of 1863, Lee never made a good move for victory, wasting precious manpower and other resources on outmoded tactics, such as his play at Gettysburg. Mr. Ridgeway in his linked article, makes some very salient points.