Schlichter: Fire Mueller, But Be Smart About It


The Palace Guard watches over its own.

No matter what.

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  1. HHH Old Vet.

    Charge Mueller, Obama, Holder, hilLIARy with TREASON, lock them up until Conviction then MAGA. Show’em ya mean Business President TRUMP. Start Permanent removal of the Deep state, Obama’s Deep state, it’s gotta go or You will. Eventually.

  2. Former CIA Director Calls For A Coup If Trump Fires Mueller

    What tiny little remained of legitimate government. Stated clear as day. On CNN Fake news no less. We give you! Drum roll please!
    Banana Republic!

    Its the when everything else fails double down, aka, reinforce total fail with more double down.

    You know what that means, right?
    They are not going to let a little thing like 65 million American’s color revolution on 11/8 voting their way out of their deep states absolute power, absolutely.

    We are going to have to fight our way out of this whatever they are intending to pull over on us if we are not going to be their slaves.

  3. I’m afraid there is no smart way.

  4. Hopefully there’s a little voice going off in the back of this guys empty little head that keeps saying “If we try and impeach or jail Trump some one will hang us from the nearest lamp post”. That’s not overstated.

  5. Deep weeds. Michael Collins was killed by his own. Remember that. Remember also that the Forrest Brothers detonated grenades next to their face rather than be captured intact. This was done to prevent reprisals to their families.

  6. a follower
    James 2:8
    If ye fulfil the royal law according to scripture,
    Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, ye do well:

    Race, religion, nationality or stranger has no meaning with this rule.
    Matthew 22:36-40, Galatians 5:14.

  7. a follower

    FSS World News Update

  8. In Plato’s Republic 10. 18.2014- 3:04 PM
    The Classical Greek philosopher Plato discusses five types of regimes. They are Aristocracy, Timocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy, and Tyranny. Plato also assigns a man to each of these regimes to illustrate what they stand for.
    Aristocracy is the form of government advocated in Plato’s Republic. This regime is ruled by a philosopher king, and thus is grounded on wisdom and reason.
    Aristocracy degenerates into timocracy when, due to miscalculation on the part of its governing class, the next generation of guardians and auxiliaries includes persons of an inferior nature (the persons with souls made of iron or bronze, as opposed to the ideal guardians and auxiliaries, who have souls made of gold and silver).
    Plato defines oligarchy as a system of government which distinguishes between the rich and the poor, making of the former its administrators.
    Oligarchy then degenerates into democracy where freedom is the supreme good but freedom is also slavery.
    Democracy then degenerates into tyranny where no one has discipline and society exists in chaos. Democracy is taken over by the longing for freedom. Power must be seized to maintain order. A champion will come along and experience power, which will cause him to become a tyrant. The people will start to hate him and eventually try to remove him but will realize they are not able.
    Despotism is a form of government in which a single entity rules with absolute power. That entity may be an individual, as in an autocracy, or it may be a group, as in an oligarchy. The word despotism means to “rule in the fashion of a despot” and does not necessarily require a singular “despot”, an individual.
    Plato and Aristotle define a tyrant as “one who rules without law, looks to his own advantage rather than that of his subjects, and uses extreme and cruel tactics—against his own people as well as others”.

    The term shadow government or Cryptocracy, also refers to what is called “the secret government” or “the invisible government,” an idea based on the notion that real and actual political power does not reside with publicly elected representatives (for example, the United States Congress) but with private individuals who are exercising power behind the scenes, beyond the scrutiny of democratic institutions. According to this belief, the official elected government is in reality subservient to the shadow government who are the true executive power.
    In what was our Constitutional Republic of the United States of America of self rule “We the People” have handed over our sovereignty for little safety and security to despotism and now we have neither and will be ruled by tyranny.
    Soon we will vote again for hope and change. That fundamental transformation with transparency which result in higher taxes, more regulation, loss of liberty and the deterioration of rule of law replaced by rule of man. Anyone will be allowed to vote and usually not knowing what they are voting for, or what the repercussion and consequences will be. The Cryptocracy will tell them to vote this way, if you want to keep getting the free government money.
    The rest of us will look on in amazement and wonder why such people are elected that take our hard earned wages and redistribute to the undeserving. We will be amazed by the wealth of a nation confiscated under penalty of law while rich get richer and everyone else will be paying for our elected officials to dictate to we the people, who will get what.
    There is little hope that government will change. The following is why and your vote does not count. Because when the vote is over the despots are still in charge of those elected. There is only one hope for changes back to a Constitutional Republic and the rule of Law the laws of nature and the nature of Gods law. Declare independence again.
    The assumption is those we elect are qualified, but qualified to do what? We assume those elected will do the right thing for the good of the country. However, this is not true. All too often the shadow is behind those elected that will campaign on hope and change, but will not say what they hope for, or what changes are to be made. The question to be asked is, do you wish to be elected for personal gain and status or the good of the country? Then what good will you do for the country? Will it be the preservation of our Constitutional Republic with liberty and justice for all, or the destruction of it?

    If only we the people knew what the motivations of those we elects are we could make better voting decisions. It is only human nature to vote your pocket book and your paycheck, but be very careful what you vote. What is the motivation of those we elect, is their motivation for personal gain and not the good of the country?
    The question is, would you vote for this person to run the last bastion of Liberty on the face of the earth today? Does this person intend to uphold the oath of office?
    I do solemnly swear (not, or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. So, help me God.

    Thanks to Don Fredrick who wrote ” The Obama Timeline “ and the following of what just happened six years ago and now we see the consequences of our action, the vote. If only it were public knowledge before the vote and mandatory that all such information be made public on each and every candidate for public office. Thank you Mr. Fredrick, you are patriot and a scholar. If you choose to forward this to anyone else, please note that the source is *******
    Consider the Obama-related coincidences:

    Obama just happened to know 60s far-left radical revolutionary William Ayers, whose father just happened to be Thomas Ayers, who just happened to be a close friend of Obama’s communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis, who just happened to work at the communist-sympathizing Chicago Defender with Vernon Jarrett, who just happened to later become the father-in-law of Iranian-born leftist Valerie Jarrett, who Obama just happened to choose as his closest White House adviser, and who just happened to have been CEO of Habitat Company, which just happened to manage public housing in Chicago, which just happened to get millions of dollars from the Illinois state legislature, and which just happened not to properly maintain the housing—which eventually just happened to require demolition.

    Valerie Jarrett also just happened to work for the city of Chicago, and just happened to hire Michelle LaVaughan Robinson (later Obama), who just happened to have worked at the Sidley Austin law firm, where former fugitive from the FBI Bernardine Dohrn also just happened to work, and where Barack Obama just happened to get a summer job.
    Bernardine Dohrn just happened to be married to William Ayers, with whom she just happened to have hidden from the FBI at a San Francisco marina, along with Donald Warden, who just happened to change his name to Khalid al-Mansour, and Warden/al-Mansour just happened to be a mentor of Black Panther Party founders Huey Newton and Bobby Seale and a close associate of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, and al-Mansour just happened to be financial adviser to a Saudi Prince, who just happened to donate cash to Harvard, for which Obama just happened to get a critical letter of recommendation from Percy Sutton, who just happened to have been the attorney for Malcolm X, who just happened to know Kenyan politician Tom Mboya, who just happened to be a close friend of Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., who just happened to meet Malcolm X when he traveled to Kenya.
    Obama, Sr. just happened to have his education at the University of Hawaii paid for by the Laubach Literacy Institute, which just happened to have been supported by Elizabeth Mooney Kirk, who just happened to be a friend of Malcolm X, who just happened to have been associated with the Nation of Islam, which was later headed by Louis Farrakhan, who just happens to live very close to Obama’s Chicago mansion, which also just happens to be located very close to the residence of William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who just happen to have been occasional baby-sitters for Malia and Natasha Obama, whose parents just happen not to mind exposing their daughters to bomb-making communists.
    After attending Occidental College and Columbia University, where he just happened to have foreign Muslim roommates, Obama moved to Chicago to work for the Industrial Areas Foundation, an organization that just happened to have been founded by Marxist and radical agitator Saul “the Red” Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals, who just happened to be the topic of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s thesis at Wellesley College, and Obama’s $25,000 salary at IAF just happened to be funded by a grant from the Woods Fund, which was founded by the Woods family, whose Sahara Coal company just happened to provide coal to Commonwealth Edison, whose CEO just happened to be Thomas Ayers, whose son William Ayers just happened to serve on the board of the Woods Fund, along with Obama.

    The Obama Timeline
    Obama also worked on voter registration drives in Chicago in the 1980s and just happened to work with leftist political groups like the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and Socialist International (SI), through which Obama met Carl Davidson, who just happened to travel to Cuba during the Vietnam War to sabotage the U.S. war effort, and who just happened to be a former member of the SDS and a member of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, which just happened to sponsor a 2002 anti-war rally at which Obama spoke, and which just happened to have been organized by Marilyn Katz, a former SDS activist and later public relations consultant who just happened to be a long-time friend of Obama’s political hatchet man, David Axelrod.
    Obama joined Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC), whose pastor was Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a fiery orator who just happened to preach Marxism and Black Liberation Theology and who delivered anti-white, anti-Jew, and anti-American sermons, which Obama just happened never to hear because he just happened to miss church only on the days when Wright was at his “most enthusiastic,”and Obama just happened never to notice that Oprah Winfrey left the church because it was too radical, and just happened never to notice that the church gave the vile anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan a lifetime achievement award.
    Although no one had ever heard of him at the time, Obama just happened to receive an impossible-to-believe $125,000 advance to write a book about race relations, which he just happened to fail to write while using the cash to vacation in Bali with his wife Michelle, and despite his record of non-writing he just happened to receive a second advance, for $40,000, from another publisher, and he eventually completed a manuscript called Dreams From My Father, which just happened to strongly reflect the writing style of William Ayers, who just happened to trample on an American flag for the cover photograph of the popular Chicago magazine, which Obama just happened never to see even though it appeared on newsstands throughout the city.

    Obama was hired by the law firm Miner, Banhill and Galland, which just happened to specialize in negotiating state government contracts to develop low-income housing, and which just happened to deal with now-imprisoned Tony Rezko and his firm Rezar, and with slumlord Valerie Jarrett, and the law firm’s Judson Miner just happened to have been a classmate of Bernardine Dohrn, wife of William Ayers.
    In 1994 Obama represented ACORN and another plaintiff in a lawsuit against Citibank for denying mortgages to blacks (Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank Federal Savings Bank), and the lawsuit just happened to result in banks being blackmailed into approving subprime loans for poor credit risks, a trend which just happened to spread nationwide, and which just happened to lead to the collapse of the housing bubble, which just happened to help Obama defeat John McCain in the 2008 presidential election.
    In 1996 Obama ran for the Illinois State Senate and joined the “New Party,” which just happened to promote Marxism, and Obama was supported by Dr. Quentin Yong, a socialist who just happened to support a government takeover of the health care system.

    In late 1999 Obama purportedly engaged in homosexual activities and cocaine-snorting in the back of a limousine with a man named Larry Sinclair, who claims he was contacted in late 2007 by Donald Young, who just happened to be the gay choir director of Obama’s Chicago church and who shared information with Sinclair about Obama, and Young just happened to be murdered on December 23, 2007, just weeks after Larry Bland, another gay member of the church, just happened to be murdered, and both murders just happened to have never been solved. In 2008 Sinclair held a press conference to discuss his claims, and just happened to be arrested immediately after the event, based on a warrant issued by Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, who just happens to be the son of Joe Biden.

    In 2003 Obama and his wife attended a dinner in honor of Rashid Khalidi, who just happened to be a former PLO operative, harsh critic of Israel, and advocate of Palestinian rights, and who Obama claims he does not know, even though the Obamas just happened to have dined more than once at the home of Khalidi and his wife, Mona, and just happened to have used them as occasional baby-sitters.

    Obama reportedly praised Khalidi at the decidedly anti-Semitic event, which William Ayers just happened to also attend, and the event Obama pretends he never attended was sponsored by the Arab American Action Network, to which Obama just happened to have funneled cash while serving on the board of the Woods Fund with William Ayers, and one speaker at the dinner remarked that if Palestinians cannot secure a return of their land, Israel “will never see a day of peace,” and entertainment at the dinner included a Muslim children’s dance whose performances just happened to include simulated beheadings with fake swords, and stomping on American, Israeli, and British flags, and Obama allegedly told the audience that “Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palestine” and there has been “genocide against the Palestinian people by (the) Israelis,” and the Los Angeles Times has a videotape of the event but just happens to refuse to make it public.
    In the 2004 Illinois Democrat primary race for the U.S. Senate, front-runner Blair Hull just happened to be forced out of the race after David Axelrod just happened to manage to get Hull’s sealed divorce records unsealed, which just happened to enable Obama to win the primary, so he could face popular Republican Jack Ryan, whose sealed child custody records from his divorce just happened to become unsealed, forcing Ryan to withdraw from the race, which just happened to enable the unqualified Obama to waltz into the U.S. Senate, where, after a mere 143 days of work, he just happened to decide he was qualified to run for President of the United States.
    Obama just happened to save $300,000 on the purchase of a $1.65 million Chicago mansion for which he deposited only $1,000 in earnest money, while the seller’s adjacent empty lot which was appraised at no more than $500,000 just happened to be sold at the inflated price of $625,000 to Rita Rezko, who just happened to earn only $37,000 per year working for Cook County government, and who just happened to be married to Tony Rezko, who just happened to be Obama’s main money man for his political campaigns, and who only days before the Obama mansion purchase just happened to obtain a $3.5 million loan from wealthy Iraqi Nadhmi Auchi, who just happened to have been kicked out of Iraq, and who just happened to have been convicted of corruption charges in France, and who just happened to ask Rezko to ask then-U.S. Senator Obama to help him obtain a visa to travel to the United States.

    Rita Rezko just happened to borrow the money for the $625,000 empty lot from the Mutual Bank of Harvey, which just happened to be run by Tony Rezko’s pal Amrish Mahajan, whose wife Anita just happened to have been charged with fraudulently receiving $2 million in Illinois taxpayer dollars for drug tests never performed by her company, K. K. Bio-Science, which just happened to have a no-bid contract with the state, and whose computers just happened to disappear right before investigators arrived to take them away for evidence.
    Obama just happened to obtain a $1.32 million mortgage for his mansion even though the payments of $8,000 per month (plus at least $1,500 per month in property taxes) exceeded 50 percent of his $162,100 U.S Senate salary income, and even though Michelle Obama was claiming that she and her husband were still paying off substantial student loans and were struggling to pay for piano lessons for their daughters, one of whom just happens to look remarkably like one of the daughters of Malcolm X.
    Obama just happened to obtain his mansion mortgage from Northern Trust Bank, whose Board of Directors just happened to include Susan Crown, who just happened to be part of the wealthy Crown family, which just happened to donate to Obama’s campaigns, and which just happened to have ownership in defense contractor General Dynamics Corporation, and the Crown family just happened to sit on the board of energy company Exelon, formerly known as Commonwealth Edison, which just happened to have had Thomas Ayers as its CEO, and the Crown family also owned the Maytag appliance company, which just happened to move its operations to Mexico, after its employees just happened to donate to Obama’s campaign, after he just happened to pledge that he would keep their jobs in Galesburg, Illinois.
    In June 2005, just months after Obama became a U.S. Senator, Michelle Obama just happened to be named a “non-executive director” of the board of TreeHouse Foods, a supplier of Wal-Mart, for a salary of $51,200 in 2005 and $101,083 in 2006, and she just happened to be given 7,500 TreeHouse stock options, worth approximately $72,375, even though she just happened to know nothing about the private sector or running a business.

    In 2006 Obama pushed for a $1 million earmark for the University of Chicago, and his wife Michelle just happened to be promoted to Vice-President of Community and External Affairs for the hospitals with a salary increase from $121,900 to $316,962, and she just happened to receive public relations help from Obama’s political strategist David Axelrod, whose mother just happened to write for a communist newspaper.
    In 2006 Sarah P. Herlihy, an associate of the Chicago law firm of Kirkland and Ellis, whose employees later contributed $87,722 to Obama’s presidential campaign, and whose partner Bruce I. Ettleson just happened to be a member of Obama’s campaign finance committee, just happened to write a paper calling for the elimination of the “natural born citizen” requirement in the U.S. Constitution.

    Obama just happened to visit Kenya in 2006 to support his cousin, Raila Odinga, a Muslim socialist candidate for president, who just happened to have ties to both al-Qaeda and Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi, and who just happened to have been educated in communist East Germany, and who just happened to name his son Fidel, and who just happened to plan on establishing Shari’ah Muslim law in Kenya, and whose activities prompted the Kenyan government to lodge an official protest of Obama’s passport abuse and misconduct, and Obama’s actions just happened to have been denounced by the U.S. State Department as being in direct opposition to U.S. National Security, and after Odinga, for whom Obama just happened to have raised $950,000, lost the election, his Muslim followers just happened to burn Christian women and children alive in a church where they had sought refuge.

    In 2006 Obama endorsed Alexi Giannoulias in his race for Illinois State Treasurer and stated that he is “…one of the most outstanding young men I could ever hope to meet”—even though Giannoulias just happened to be only 29 years old and even though his family’s Broadway Bank just happened to finance Chicago crime figures like Michael “Jaws” Giorango, a Chicago thug with convictions for bookmaking and promoting prostitution, and even though virtually all of Chicago’s Democrat politicians were keeping their distance from Giannoulias, whose reputation was so questionable he even failed to get the endorsement of the Chicago Democrat Party—which just happens to almost never be concerned about questionable reputations.

    Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, once worked for the Ford Foundation’s Asia program, which just happened to be run by Peter Geithner, who just happened to be the father of Timothy Geithner, who just happened to neglect to pay Social Security taxes on much of his income, which just happened to somehow qualify him to be Obama’s Treasury Secretary.

    During the 2008 campaign Obama’s passport records just happened to have been illegally searched by an employee of a firm headed by John O. Brennan, and Lt. Quarles Harris, Jr., who was cooperating with federal investigators in connection with the incident, just happened to be found with a bullet in his head, and the murder just happened never to be solved, and Obama later just happened to make Brennan his terrorism and intelligence advisor.
    In Plato’s Republic the democracy deteriorates to what? And, that is the reason for the sorry state of affairs we see today.

    Be very careful who you vote for and what you vote for. I would also submit, be careful what you wish for.
    Blast from the pasture. Today 7.25.17, so what’s new? Early last century before the Federal Reserve and the Income tax, among others to Woodrow’s Wilson claim to fame there was the bag man Edward M. House (Col. House (never being in the military, but wanna be). Col. wrote a book “Philip Dru- Administrator” the road map to where we are at today. There is little difference between Co. House / Wilson and Obama / Soros. It is the Administrative State. Some call it the Deep State. Except deeper with Billy Gates of hell, business administrator, Billy Ayres education administrator, Billy Clinton court appointment administrator and administrators of the new speak, network news. So, how is that working out for everybody? Just dandy, I suppose?
    7.25.17 The debate today is War, healthcare, Russians, Russians, healthcare, war and so on more. The real issue is still the administrative state. The only fix is for Trump to do what he is famous for, YOU ARE FIRED to the Administrative State! Here is why, the Federal Reserve and the IRS (Individual Income Tax) fuels the Administrative State, STOP IT!

  9. Boss, I simply don’t understand the masthead, about soaking and ignition. By the by, I can now walk with the aid of a cane. Rehab when you’re past 60 is a mother fucker. I’ve seen people in rehab without hands or feet, giving it everything they had to get stronger, with nary a whimper. Guys in their eighties pumping away at the iron, and trying to walk without falling down. It is a strange and different world I wound up in. I babbled nonsense for months because I wasn’t getting enough oxygen in my blood, accusing physical therapists of trying to kill me, and telling my wife that I had an airplane waiting for me in England. Guard your health. It’s the only thing, that if you lose it, you’ll play hell getting it back. And if you wind up in a hospital, watch out for the secondary infections. Damn near did me in, twice.

  10. fire em hell

    kill every one of the motherfuckers.

    i don’t know what the weather has been like this spring and non-summer where you are, but we haven’t had more than 10 days of 80 or higher temps all year. and rain like a bitch. rain rain rain. water levels here are 2 ft above normal.

    here’s a graph showing what the chemtrails have done.

    to all the naysayers.
    eat some shit you stupid fucks.

    if you are under the age 50 you don’t have a clue what America was like or what the skies used to look like.

    Hint: cops weren’t murders of innocents and clouds were puffy and white…

    look up for once instead of at your dumbphones.


    land of the fee and home of the slave…

    freedumb and libertardy.

  11. another thing…

    how many grotesquely fat slob muslimes have you ever seen?

    how many grotesquely fat slob white murkins have you seen?

    THINK about that for a moment… if you still have that ability.

  12. Bravo-I will type the letter, paycheck free. Drain the Swamp? Clean the Sewer? How about Burn the Dump?

  13. Eh, I find this strategy doubtful. First, because there is no way the job can be done that will make the press treat Trump any better, and any firing just gives them ammunition: “What does he have to hide?” Second, why not just leave him to continue what he is doing? Give him enough rope to hang himself. It’s not like his machinations are going to harm Trump’s popularity. “Never interrupt an enemy in the process of making a mistake.”

  14. Trump has to make canning this globalist tool Mueller an indictment that rocks the one world order cocksuckers and makes them shit their draws. In other words, cram their scam right up their arses.
    Make it the final nail in their coffin of illegitimacy.
    The fake traitor media and treason congress will not be able to lie and connive their way out of the truth of how complicit by every means possible they are in attempting to deny we the people our will.

    Their will be resounding acclaim and thumbs up from the dirt people that makes MAGA a household name.

  15. fuck mueller! ( little “m”)

  16. Jimmy the Saint

    Just remind him of Frank Pantangeli:

    “Yeah, but only the rich guys, Tom. The little guys got knocked off and all their estates went to the Emperors. Unless they went home and killed themselves, then nothing happened. And the families… the families were taken care of. Yeah… They went home… and sat in a hot bath… opened up their veins… and bled to death… and sometimes they had a little party before they did it.”

  17. Not only be smart about it, take down others of the oligarchs with Muelier. There are plenty of vulnerable targets.

  18. Northgunner

    So, the idea is that the meat puppet trumpy will do the kabuki political soap opera dance of chastising a fellow parasite and send him offstage to bed with no supper…

    And the taxcattle will continue to chew their approved cud and moo their approval..”mooaga!! mooaga!!” as they’re further fattened for the parasitic class.
    And the kabuki theater continues the performance…

    Are you not entertained!?

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III