10 Reasons Why Conservatives Suck And Are Total Failures

They have conserved nothing.

Own it.

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  1. 11. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/senate-bill/720/cosponsors

    Ziobucks > Muh Constitution, apparently.

    It’s interesting that the only thing the Dems and Repubs can consistently agree on, is fellatiating Israel.

  2. The term “conservative” is as usurped and bastardized as that of “liberal.”

    How about “Traditional” and “Fucktheupsidedown,” instead?

  3. Jeb Bush isn’t a conservative and never was.

    • Mark Matis

      NONE of the God damned Shrubs, nor any of the rest of the Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill, are conservatives. And they never were.

  4. Watching the US government self destruct, via Cuckservatives, is most gratifying to most southern nationalists.

    Then, there’s this:


  5. Jeb, like his brother George, is a Globalist. Not a conservative. Globalists are anti-American. Just like Marxists. Neither group likes White people.

    • “Neither group likes White people.” Odd that, you know I have never met a minority Globalist! Makes for quite a conundrum at the Globalist office party, everyone pissed off at everyone else. 🙂

      • Notarealperson

        Minority globalists do exist. Consider every rich Asian who runs a sweat shop or slave labor factory to be one. The same with every Arab billionaire and Russian plutocrat along with all the Euro trash billionaires.

        These people have so much wealth they transcend nationalism. They can buy government officials anywhere in the world and live where they want.

        And many want even more wealth and that is where open borders comes in. They want to eradicate the white middle-class and make a two tiered society – them on them, and the rest of us nothing but expendable laborers.

    • Grenadier1

      They like white people just fine. They just dont like our history of self determination. Its all about getting people under heel.

  6. the murkins are all lyin cheatin lazy in debt gubmint badge polishers.

    you know it.

    every one who is will now defend themselves in 1, 2, 3, …

  7. “Immigrants are more fertile,” Jeb Bush said. “And they love families and they have more intact families, and they bring a younger population. Immigrants create an engine of economic prosperity.”

    Meanwhile, USA Today reports: 50% of immigrants get welfare of some sort.


    So, the more immigrants we bring, the more FedGov must take from the productive native born to redistribute to them. This is Jeb’s idea of “an engine of economic prosperity”

    Tax rates for most Americans, in the under $200,000 family income category, approach 50%. We pay for our own kids, we pay for our own health insurance, we pay for our own pre-school, we pay our own phone and utility bills, we pay our own food and mortgages, and then another $5K in property taxes.

    And we also pay for their kids: they get WIC as infants, food stamps as kids, free Head Start, free Obama phones, subsidized heat in the winter, some get Section 8 housing year round, They don’t pay property taxes, so when the “more fertile, family loving” send their kids to school, we pay for the teachers and facilities for that too.

    So, of course we don’t have as many kids as the free riders in the Barrio, who know that no matter how many little cholos they pop out of their fertile pussies Uncle Jeb will just send them more free stuff to take care of them.

    There are many days I think Trump is a freaking idiot, but at least he drove the wretched Jeb Bush clear from the public square. Low Energy Jeb will never recover from the $150 Million dollar failure of his run for the GOP nomination. The big money donors don’t forget losing on that scale. Good riddance!

  8. Globalism is a Big Club that floats upon a cloud of lies, within that group there are multiple personality types that present multiple fronts but as a chorus they all cry “It’s for your own good!” It’s a Virtue Signaling Cult, an exclusive club; and we ain’t in it


    Goldwater defined “Conservatism” in his run for President in 1964. His biggest fight was against the NWO-RINOS at the time such as Rockefeller, Scranton, and the East Coast WASP establishment. They, along with the MSM, comprised the Deep State.
    The Dead Elephant Party has always looked at true conservatives with a jaundiced eye. Their reason is simple: power. Once they have it, they will use it anyway they please and to hell with the sheeple who voted for them. True conservatives are not electable.
    This was evidenced by the way they handled the whole wetback thing in the 1980’s. Wets meant union-busting and cheap labor. Their useful idiots and cheerleaders such as Buckley, Larry Arn, and the Zionist stooges such as Bruce Herschenson, Bill Kristol, and our current POTUS have presented a clear picture as to what they are all about. The fact that so many “voters” out there are still drinking the Kool-Aid is a sad commentary on the eventual demise of this country.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The Dead Elephant Party has always looked at true conservatives with a jaundiced eye.”

      Given that it was founded on the primacy of the Federal Government over everything else, it’s not exactly surprising that they’d be overly fond of anyone interested in challenging that.

    • I agree that voting for cucks won’t solve anything….but voting for Trump gave us some more time before the festivities start.
      Supreme Court Justices that are pro-2nd are not a waste…yes eventually we will go to guns….but I am thinking that we may gotten another 18-24 months to prepare than if Killary had been selected.
      In the meantime, more rope, more bullets, more PT.