Calexit Advances


Interesting times.

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  1. When they leave the US they leave the USCon/BOR; it shall be replaced by Sharia Law/Globalist Rule

  2. Uh, no.

    All the current attempt does is to form a commission to study the jacakssical idea. If it gets half a million valid signatures, and passes at the ballot box. (Not impossible outright, just wildly unlikely to ever amount to as much as a tub of warm shit.)

    With a report that will be issued in about 47 years, used mainly for birdcage liner, and shitcanned in about 0.2 seconds, or filed somewhere between “schizophrenia” and “syphilis”, stored in the appropriate state government warehouse.

    But, there’s at least a precedent for this nonsense.

    • Uh, yes!
      Imagine if you will. CA approves the findings and requests and is granted succession. Those folks up in ‘Jefferson Territory’ immediately apply for succession from CA and apply for statehood in US. What is left of CA gets all the fruits and nuts, the US remains with 50 states and all the flag makers are relieved of having to design a new flag. win-win-win.

      How big would CA be after all said and done? Well all those northern CA counties. Probably all those counties in the Imperial Valley area. And most likely the area north and west of LA as well. Pretty much the Baja peninsula flipped northward.

  3. Well…..bye!

  4. What did the commies say about rope?

    I say give CA all the latitude they need. But not one dime more in Fed aid. Thats the basis for the Federalist type of system here. Well Federal on as you wish CA, just don’t expect any monies.

  5. Let them go. I don’t care what their reasons are for leaving. Any state that decides to disassociate from the union should have every natural right to do so, and Kalifornia does.

    Question: How come Texas, with years, decades, of wailing about how they themselves are already a separate republic, has done basically nothing to advance that premise?

    • No. White flight and retreat to landlocked areas is not the answer. What we need to do is regain control of our territory. Coastal CA is valuable. We don’t need to retreat from the coasts. We need, instead, to reimpose white civilization there.

    • “Question: How come Texas, with years, decades, of wailing about how they themselves are already a separate republic, has done basically nothing to advance that premise?”

      They are ruled by the same parasites like the rest of us – and just as UN-Free as the other 49 (or is that 56) states. They just haven’t admitted it to themselves yet.

    • J.B., We Texians are still wailing after decades because we have large blue hives of collectivists and militants. These individuals vote, serve on juries, become cops, drive in mass traffic, own guns, and breed. In a matrix such as that, its a matter of winning hearts and minds at least until it unwinds on its own and i suppose those hives will turn on themselves as collectives always do.

      Your postulation that –
      …”has done basically nothing to advance that premise?… is not valid. We have and are in process
      There are roughly 200 – 300 thousand of us that have made our intetions and method known. Washington has control of the fiat currency casino, the nuclear bomb, and millions upon millions of bribed, dependent, blind loyal bricks abd cucks in the wall pledging allegiance to your flag that would not desire any state to Texit the imploding empire. State secession is not a thing that a bunch of cammo clad rednecks with AR-15’s , the kerodin III% club, blog rants or idiotnet memes is going to budge.

  6. let those faggots go.

    maybe Ass-sap will finally go away and die of AIDS.

    what a bunch of Godless scum. the whole lot of them.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      Has anyone ever told you that you’re a fuk-tard?!

      Well, you are now informed.
      Read my further comments below/above.

    • Thanks For Sharing Your Usual Output!

      This from the Shitlord of Michiganistan?
      How’s the baghdadification of Detroit working out for ya there, Captain Clueless?

      Go back to regaling us with fascinating fictional tales of your imaginary affluence in your palatial estates on Lake Misbegotten.
      We need the comedy relief.

  7. Stupid-just stoopid! The Northern Counties would rather become their own State of Jefferson. Kamala Harris is not giving up her bid for the Presidency in 2020, Jerry Brown would crown himself King of the country, and Maxine Waters sure as hell isn’t giving up her sweet spot of representing the poor and downtrodden. Back to the down filled comforter.


      SS: Given Jerry Brown’s track record, I think “he” would crown itself Queen of the Kalifornia Nation. In other news, once they become a sovereign country, who pays for their army and navy? I see the Chinamen looking over the horizon and seeing meat on the table. I just do not know if they would tolerate all of the booty pirates.

  8. It’s your blog but FYI you lose a ton of readers by always deleting comment threads and periodically allowing no comments.

    Perhaps you don’t care but it’s the truth.

    Any good truth blog is strengthened by the comment section.

    • You are probably right in your observations, but…. I run a blog myself and if you know you are headed for a long business trip or extended vacation it is probably better to turn comments off than let them pile up. In the first case it is rather obvious they are off for the reader, in the latter case the reader is left in limbo. Many a time I have started releasing comments to see later in the threads pissed off missives about ‘where did my comments go?’.

      For an admin its damn if you do, damn if you don’t.

  9. Not gonna happen. FEDgov would rather pump it with hellfires all day than allow the balance of Mexifornian votes exit the Hegelian Voting construct. To much winning and what not would ensue.

    Holographic two party system.

  10. They worship Venezuela…
    I have financial interests in the state that cannot be liquidated, if I wasn’t fiscally secure at my redoubt I’d be sweating the outcome

  11. CA Warrior

    I have a great idea.

    Why not let Jefferson become the 50th state, build a huge border wall cutting off San Diego, LA, and SF from the rest of the state. Let that cesspool depart, and oh by the way we will keep our water and agriculture.

    Problem solved.

  12. Grandfather the military bases similar to a carve out like Guantanamo. Place wine country in a national preserve. Give the rest back to Mexico without one more cent of fed/our money.

    Fuck em’. As previously posted. Curly Bill said it best.


  13. Shinmen Takezo

    I’m looking at all o these dumb-as-shit remarks about California… I haven’t yet seen one from an idiot saying… “Let’s cut it loose and let it drift into the ocean.”

    What dopes some people are.

    The fact about California is thus: There are two narrow strips of land (around 25% of the land mass) in which the leftists have a population density which politically controls the other 75% percent of the landmass–all occupied by “dark red” voters.

    These “dark red” areas are in fact more conservative than most of the red-areas of say Texas.

    This is the fact–wrap your ignorant skulls around it please.

    What we have in California is a majority (leftists) living in the minority of the land-mass, controlling/manipulating/tyranizing a minority (43% conservative) occupying the majority of the land-mass (which controlls all of the food, water, transportation choke-points and other vital services).

    In some of these “minority counties” there are more people lving in just one state–such as Montana or Idaho (and they live here because it is a nice place to live–as opposed to “double-wide land” where most of the nay-sayers reside.)

    I am proposing that all the conservatives support and vote for “Cal-Exit” in any shape or form. Ring it all in I say. Even without conservative support, it will assuredly pass–hands down with over a 50% margin.

    So what for conservatives afterwards?
    What would be the fate of California once Cal-Exit passes?

    I say–and do this as the campaign is gearing up… hold a “convention of California counties” before and during the Cal-Exit campaign process. Begin to draft up a “California Declaration Of Independence” and possibly a “Bear State Constitution.”

    Once a seperation of California from the USA is complete–what is to stop the conservaitve counties from a further secession?

    Nothing–that’s what.

    Once California is no longer a part of the USA, it will no longer be under the protection of the US Armed Forces and thug alphabet agencies.

    The majority of counties/cities in California are dark-red FYI.
    Wrap your stupid skulls around this fact please.

    There is in fact a precinct by precinct voting map of the entire USA–and you should all take a gander at California… and this map I believe is still to generous in its division between red and blue.

    So once California is seemingly sitting pretty, flipping off the USA… how about the majorty of conservative counties and cities hand Jerry Brown (or whatever fag they elect next) a New Declaration Of Independence?

    Why not?
    What could they/them do?

    Nothing–that’s what.
    With who and with what?

    The police hate them–only being employed for a paycheck.
    The National Guard also hates them, and is a joke BTW.

    The conservatives in California have all the guns.
    There would be several hundred thousand of III% types alone.
    Just in my mountain community there are hundreds of III% types.

    We have all the guns and determination–they have all the snowflakes, cunts and cowards.

    So who would win?

    I say seceed from the USA–and then seceed from the leftists controlling California.

    Let them have the Bay Area and the LA Country strips.
    Let them fuck each other in the asses all they want there.
    Let them have all the gay parades they want to their hearts content.

    But when they cross the San Gabriel Mountains into the new “Bear State” –let them have passport ready. Let them pay heavy road tolls to go through our new country. Let them pay through the nose for Sierra Nevada Mountain water. Make them pay duty to ship goods in and out of our lands.

    Theres a massive list of what to do once a seperation from the leftist areas of California is completed… like for starters, fire all their judges, close down all their leftist universities, like disenfranchisej and heavily tax any leftist chosing to remain in our new lands and so forth (a massive purge).

    Sooooo, come on.
    Let’s seceed!

    How fun it could be.
    I say give rage a chance.

    And shut the fuck up if you don’t live in California.

    • Takezo,

      Be that everything you say is true it still won’t happen. And not a single comment alludes to it — 9th Circuit Court. Those asshats enjoy their federal perks and will not want to give one bit of it up. So the 9th will assert jurisdiction over any lawsuit they can find that they can use to withhold the will of the people by CA’s ballot initiative. The 9th’s background of rulings is replete with this exercise over CA sovereign authority.

    • and your worthless pussified queer ass have and will do nothing.

      go fuck Ass-sap in his rectum.

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    • ‘zackly.

      Meanwhile, back in Reality, once more with emphasis:

  14. alaskapaul

    Better ask the individual counties how they like it. They the ones that want to can become a self culling herd.

  15. Grey Ghost

    In a state as populous as CALI apparantly you only need 550k signatures to get a proposition of the ballot and let Democracy take it’s course. Not that it matter much in CALI as I recall CALI voted to keep marriage between a man and a woman but that didn’t stop the Demoncraps from setting that aside to get gay marriage legal in the state. Yep, keep voting in CALI it doesn’t mean jack shit.

    I have said for a long time… let those people go in peace. Good riddance.

    Grey Ghost

  16. Shinmen Takezo

    I am awestruck by some of the ridiculous comments made by people not residing in California–most of them residing in “double wide” communities it seems and possibly being the living role model for the retarded banjo player in the movie “Deliverance.”

    People like this have zero clue as the what is transpiring in California.

    They actually believe that “everyone” in California is a leftist-nut-job, homosexual degenerate.

    This is not true by any stretch of the imagination.

    To think otherwise make you a drooling, slathering idiot who no doubt thinks that eating at the Golden Corral buffet is the shit’s shizzle (no class).

    What exists in California are two small strips of densely populated areas–loaded with illegals, whackos, faggots, lesbians and other degenerates… roughly 25% of the states landmass (the Bay Area and the LA Country/Orange County super-cities) And this 25% of the landmass politically tyranizes, manipulates and controls the remaining 75% (the majority of the state FYI)

    In short you have a majority living in a minority area of the state, riding whip-saw/tyranizing the minority (42% conservatives) living in the majority of the state’s key areas.

    California FYI used to be “Regan Country” up until the late 80’s –and after Regan signed the first amnesty, the voting demographics shifted radically with the influx of then legalized and still pouring in illegal Mexicans (which to this day the leftists sign up on the voting roles).

    This illegal/refugee inflow IS COMING TO YOUR STATE FYI.
    This is what it is designed to do–shift the voting demographics.

    Laugh now as you sit on your ass in your double-wides.
    You won’t be laughing for long.

    So now the leftists have a super-majority in the California state houses and use this power to tyranize the minority of conservatives who are still holding out–and why do they hold out? Because many of them look at the shit-holes that are the “fly-over red states” and choose to remain in a place where their standard of living is higher (all be it expensive).

    If you look at the map in this link–you will see the true political face of California…. (and it is very generous with the blue FYI).

    If you look at some of these “red California counties” –most of them have more conservatives than the entire population of Montana or Idaho or other “red states” (in some cases combined). The big-mouthed dopes don’t realize this fact.

    Furthermore…. these red areas are wildly more conservative than most parts of Montana and Texas and other alleged red-states. There are hundreds of thousands of III% living in these areas–and California has a very high perentage of gun owners…. outstripping gun sales in most western states combined.

    Soooooooo….. I say (as a conservative type) –let’s go ahead and seceed from the USA! Bring it on baby!

    FYI–this Cal-Exit measure will in fact pass.
    It will pass with over a 50% margin.

    And a happy day it will be for conservatives–that is if we are prepared.

    My thesis is thus…. once the leftist sucessfully seperate California from the USA… we should then seperate from the “blue stips” which have been tyranizing California for the last two decades.

    Sooooooo–how do accomplish this.

    First–support Cal-Exit..

    Second–form “comitties of correspondanc(as did our forefathers in the 1700’s) in every “red-county and city” immediatley upon the acceptance of the Cal-Exit ballot measure. Start discussing “seperation” (see that HBO movie “John Adams for guidence).

    Third–once the ballot measure passes…. form a “Bear State Congress” using three representatives from each county (following the Continental Congress model). Begin drafting a “Bear State Declaration Of Indendence–and once seperation from the USA is accomplished–deliver it to the dunce who is the current sitting governor of the state.

    I am not talking about another “ballot measure” for the masses –I am talking about a “fuck you–that’s why” ultimatum for seperation.

    And what recourse would the leftist faggot, degenerates have?

    None–that’s what. Zip!

    The police by and large hate them–and only remain employed for a paycheck.

    The National Guard (a joke BTW) also hates them.
    And once free of the USA military and uniformed thugs–who then?

    So what could they do against hundreds of thousands of gun-toting III% types (actually around 7% in California) taking over the key infrastrucures of California.

    FYI–is you examine the map above, the “red-areas” control all of the Sierra Nevada water supply, all of the transportation choke points, all of the food production areas, key oil supplies, communications nodes and so forth.

    Red would surround and envelope the Blue leftist state.

    Once seperation is completed, we can begin the purge of all leftist wonks, zippeheads, institutions and so forth.

    We could in reality establish a truly “free” country as originally envisioned by the US founding fathers.

    Think abou it–and in the meanwhile shut your fucking mouths about California.

    • Post of the fucking YEAR™!

    • To my own amazement, I’ve been considering central/northern California, partly for the reasons you mention. Farmland and water seem to make sense, and mountains can’t hurt. Thanks.

    • my wish is that EVERY FUCKING BODY IN CA DIES.

      it’s what most of murka wants too.

      you are seriously to the extreme left of the bell curve.


      Sir: I am not some resident of a “double-wide community.” I was born in Los Angeles in 1947. I was raised in the SF Valley and, after my military service, was an Orange County Deputy Sheriff/DA Investigator for over 30 years. I spent my last 12 years in CA in Riverside. I do not know about your life experience as a Californian but I have seen the elephant.
      What was once a conservative, white, stable state has now become a: “…wretched hive of scum and villany.” You can talk all you want about your red areas. The voting(controlling) populations are in the those syphilitic counties/areas you have described. They control the politics of the state and have done their best to make it uninhabitable. Remember what Stalin said about counting votes.
      I hope the state does secede. And, I hope Jefferson secedes from the resulting Blue Hive of leftists, sexual deviates, and foreigners. But, to think for one minute that the “red counties” will take it back, is fantasy. I saw the same thing in the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon after we moved there. Portland and Eugene had the votes and controlled everything. And, after 12 years, we left, due to family and health care considerations, to Rawles Land. Enough said.

    • Shinmen Takezo

  17. Perhaps just as relevant… er, likely… er, appertaining thereto the erstwhile liberty lite:

  18. European American

    Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton,
    Old times there are not forgotten.
    Look away, look away, look away Dixie Land!

    In Dixie’s Land, where I was born in,
    early on one frosty mornin’.
    Look away, look away, look away Dixie Land!

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    I wish I was in Dixie, Hooray! Hooray!
    In Dixie’s Land I’ll take my stand,
    to live and die in Dixie.
    Away, away, away down south in Dixie!
    Away, away, away down south in Dixie!

  19. thesouthwasrght

    Good. I’ll gladly partake of the divorce. Now if they can get Oregon and Washington on board along with the north east we may be on to something.

  20. God-less scum…

    the whole lot of them.

  21. Take all the libs from the coastal area’s, throw ’em in say……the western half of Riverside County, build a wall, and let the rest of the state remain American. They don’t get the coast, they don’t get the San Joaquin. They get 1/2 of Riverside County. Commies gotta commie.