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  1. Forgive me, probably not the proper place or article to respond on but had to git off my chest…Can I just say for all those training to shot from 100 yds and then some, dry fire into a white wall a 1000x/day, and practice in buddy systems exercises clearing an AO, um with you. Just don’t forget that for the less trained individual, unaware, and is an urban dweller living amongst the already dead. You carry on you every means needed to defend yourself and create interesting points of discussion at a 6-12 inch distance. Just check your pockets and imagine…Everything around you can put a period at the end of the sentence.
    Also um a simple man, even in “combat”, you’ll never will have enough and will never be able to carry it, but what God gave you and yours everything you need to carry…One day calling your brother, next day neutralized a threat…One night eating dinner, next hour…One morning drinking coffee, next picking it up and out to glue back together…Just sayn’s all…Golden rule and unspoken tactic, keep your friends close and your enemies closer…6-12 inches, and that’s not in “man” terms…pay attention

    • I’m not sure if you were trying to be obtuse or if I’m just dull, but I read that twice and it’s still unclear. Could you explain what you are saying in short, obvious declarative sentences. As best I could guess it is:

      “Don’t forget your martial arts training. Many fights will start at arms length in the real world and need to be resolved without weapons”.

  2. Dunno if I’m one of the ones, or one of the twoses. I actually committed a misdemeanor, for which I received just punishment…the sort of law even the anarchists here might think a good idea…

    But when I completed my sentence my record was “expunged”. So…is it really there, other than in the collective memory of the less than ten people personally involved in any stage of the process?

    By the way, I’ve lived almost twice as long since then than I had up until then, without reoffending. So I have that going for me….

    • Just remember what the head of NKVD used to say — “Show me the Man, I will provide the crime.”
      It is not so much that you have not reoffended. Its more you have not given the State opportunity to be offended. The two sentences are not the same sentiment.

    • Northgunner

      ” I actually committed a misdemeanor, for which I received just punishment…the sort of law even the anarchists here might think a good idea…”

      Anything that the parasite class deems law isn’t something that I think needs a ‘punishment’ for. There are two classes of wrongs; Mala inse (acts wrong in themselves, murder and theft fall into this category) and Mala prohibita (actscts that are said to be wrong because some parasite SAYS they’re wrong, smoking/possessing cannabis, possessing an “unregistered” gun, painting your patio deck a different color than your neighbors falk into this category).

      I spent a night courtesy of the Apache Junction PD for rightfully trying to protect my private property from a klepto minded inlaw caught in the act (she went full bore violent on me when I caught her committing the theft,..I spent the night in the can..she was also passing bad checks for $$$$$ amouamounts at the same time..they never caught her!..big surprise..)
      So you committing a ‘misdemeanor’ for a probably bogus male prohibita resonates with I wouldn’t want you to receive ‘just punishment’…especially with people like podesta and the clintons getting away with child rape and child sex slavery.

      Just my .02

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • Mala in se. Theft. Punishment: I had to go to a class once a week for not very long to learn why I shouldn’t do that, and pay a fee for the class, and also pay for the court’s time. As I recall the total bill was under $500.

        I figger I got off easy, especially with the expungement afterwards. The way I read some of the suff around here, the appropriate thing would have been for the person who caught me stealing to gun me down on the spot. Can you blame me for preferring the rule of (some) law?

        Any other questions?

  3. a follower

    Slaves are victims, what are you? Victims tend to blame everyone else.
    Some slaves work 7 days a week. Some slaves do not work at all.
    Some are slaves to their idols. Some are slaves to government. Many are slaves to self.
    When you start seeing,and accepting personal responsibility and individuals instead of groups, you will find freedom.
    The world steers us against one another. Why listen to the world?
    Seek Yahuah.

    • Here’s a dandy of a piece, it’s about an entire slave class. Great piece of critical thinking.

      Some are victims and don’t know they are. Some like being the victim, there’s a whole system just for them, very profitable. Some use victims as a tool to do things they normally couldn’t get away with. Some are victims and do not know how not to be anything but. There’s victims who are portrayed as those who victimize others, a cunning pogrom, in order to create a narrative and memes that they want to lead to genocide of the men of the west.

      Then there’s the rest of us who had just about enough of this bullshit.

    • Northgunner

      And some are mentally and physically slaves to the religious cults..moslems, jahovas witnesses and mormons come to mind…

      I have use for none of the above!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  4. They’re just doing their jobs and wanna go home at the end of each day.
    That’s all.

    • Everyone everywhere has a job just staying alive. Those that don’t or can’t do it, die.

      There are people in my town that hold cardboard for a living. I hear it actually pays rather well.

      Others work very hard at qualifying for gubmint checks and other stuff. That … individual … with welfare checks for five babies? Ask your local woman if she’d like to give birth five times. It’s hard, even with “free” medical assistance.

      Not saying those are praiseworthy examples.

      The independent farmer works his ass off.

      The successful self-employed, likewise.

      Ask them if they’re “slaves”.

      The small-business owner, with one or two employees (or, as the above poster would have it said, “slaves”) works at least 18/6.

      As for me, I have always been someone’s employee, or seeking to be. Of my jobs, I have quit…walked out on…three (one with the polite two-weeks-notice) in search of better opportunities. How any REAL slaves can even contemplate doing that?

      You dilute and render meaningless the word “slave” when you misapply it to EVERYONE who must do SOMETHING either to survive or to live decently.

      Even our resident @$$#0!e does SOMETHING to live, even as he derides the rest of us for being “poor” and telling us to “go to work” (to which my response is “yes, I’m doing that, and thanking God you’re not my boss.”)

  5. Is there any fundamental differences between these flowing quotes from histories most successful bloodiest tyrants as pertains to the underlying linked intentions? And what is so different from the state of our governments and the actions of their actors and these above historical truths?:

    Remember, Hitler said it best:
    “It is convenient to have a system of laws where everyone is a criminal.”

    “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: it’s patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”
    –Joseph Stalin

    “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”
    –Vladimir Lenin

    “Every Communist must grasp the truth, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” “Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party.”
    – Mao Tse-tung
    November 6, 1938

    Not just the feds, but the States, mostly ones ruled by the dirty stinking globalist/commies, have used de-facto weapons diktat, like NY, Cal, Conn, Mass, NJ, Mar, Wa, to make literally millions of us into instant felons.
    Think about it, if they go as far as to make an inanimate object, your property, remember a gun is your property as the first thing, illegal, by inseparable extension you become outlawed.
    Think about this in regards to what all else they will make illegal once the threat of retaliation against them using the finest instrument of combat ever invented, the Rifle. There is no where the threat to these motherfuckers if they can eliminate personal property of many kinds. Like your home and land, your transportation, your personal wealth, tangible assets of all kinds. Which they have to some degree or another outlawed or imposed Writs of Attainder.
    Far as I’m concerned, there is no difference between my rifle and my land/home, they are inextricably intertwined in both my tangible resources and wealth, and my self determination and liberty.
    Both protect and feed me.
    I believe beyond any shadow of doubt I can’t be a free and self sufficient Man of The West without having both. These two primal aspects along with unfettered unrestricted free enter prized constitute the three legs of the triad essential to Liberty.
    And that is the main point I’m always cognizant of, nothing else matters. That the fuckers out to deny me any of these properties and freedoms do so because it profits them at my indefensible cost and denies me the instruments of defiance and revolt against them for what they desire to do to me and my fellow Americans.

    And thats the other thing. “Rights” so called, are also property in their wholly unique way. I not only own by primal means my freedoms that constitute my liberty, they ARE not things that men can grant me or not to begin with, before anything. They are absolute. And like consent, I only loose them if I give them up, like consent, they can not be taken, only given away.
    So thats the defining thing for me. I’m come to the understanding in my mortal life they must be defended at all costs, wisely, biding my time and resources. Not the hard way, but the smart way.

    I look at my fellow Americans like LeVoy Finnicum, the defenders at Waco, the Bundy family, and many more, underlying everything which happened to them, and I’m humbled by their primal virtue and courage against seeming insurmountable odds against them, they never gave up nothin’ to tyrants.
    In doing so they proved something utterly essential, the very crux of Liberty, that tyrants can not withstand more than a few who defy them and their tyranny. That even though the “government” is indeed an imposing construct, with vast resources, it is still men who must enforce at the point of the spear and barrel of the gun the imposition and denial of ones Liberty and life.
    And among all these impositions and taking of life to force tyranny upon us, it can only be done against us Free Men of The West in critically vulnerable and cunningly scripted circumstance with overwhelming physical odds against a few at the most compromising and unexpected circumstances.
    It is truly instructive what Mike Vanderboegh said:
    “Tyrants have no problem dealing with people who are willing to die for their principles. They will happily kill them to achieve their goals. Where they fail is with the people who are not only willing to die for their principles but are willing to kill tyrants in righteous self defense of those principles, and their property, liberty and lives.”

    Can you clearly see the imperative of The Dutchman’s axiom here of denying us our property, our rifles?

    That right there is unquestionably indicative of the true lawless tyrannical nature of the actors and government which orchestrates such violence and death. Because if those actors, their leaders, and the “government” they operate is just and legitimate there is no need for such actions against free and self determining people. They simply would be in unison with no existential conflict between them.
    So is the current present forms of “government” as we know them presently capable of leaving us alone to our own business & enterprises, of not meddling in our affairs, imposing itself upon our freedoms & Liberty, of not shaking us down to extract our wealth to support it’s ulterior agenda against all these components of our primal rights?

    This extract of ten years ago from Wikipedia has probably been sanitized or memory holed, like they did with the definition of The Nomenklaturer, aka the regulatory tyrants of the unelected deep state and their administrative tyranny:

    ‘Totalitarianism (or totalitarian rule) is a political system where the state recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible.[2] Totalitarian regimes stay in political power through an all-encompassing propaganda campaign, which is disseminated through the state-controlled mass media, a single party that is often marked by political repression, personality cultism, control over the economy, regulation and restriction of speech, mass surveillance, and widespread use of terror.’

    I believe they are not capable because as constituted the tyranny is baked into their construction, it is the fundamental cloth of their existence, to specifically extort and extract, steal and coerce our wealth and tangible, and intangible prosperity and happiness.
    And this is the conflict of our time, this clash between the desire and ownership of freedom & Liberty and the States accumulation of power and wealth to create a body of people who are subservient to the state, specifically the actors who constitute its evil construct, that can not exist without both stealing our wealth and denying our ability to defy and revolt against such a system. It is a fine line between balance and collapse of this construct, and the more it takes from us, the more it has to take from us to survive it’s illegitimate criminal nature.
    It sure looks like these States have arrived at their existential stage. The point where their tyrannical components are facing a critical mass which will implode if they do not go to the next level of tyranny, and the critical mass of a people who can not survive a next level of wealth extraction and imposition of its most fundamental of primal freedoms.
    At some point the simmering concoction reaches its full boil, and it becomes Ragnorak, the end of all things.

    Don’t know who said this, but its pretty awesome:
    “We do not belong to the government. Just as we once did not belong to King George III of Great Britain, for Americans are not subjects of monarchs, parliaments, congresses, Presidents, Governors, Mayors, Kings, Queens…the who lot of them.”

    BFYTW Bitchez.

    • I did a search for the Hitler quote, and all I get are comments from you on various sites. Any source on it? And the Stalin quote is not real, either.

  6. Half the people I know and have frequent dealings with have a criminal record. It worries me not. I’m still running into seniors who think FDR was an angel. I guess that if a socialist rescues you, you’re convinced that they’re not so bad. Funny how Hitler gets all the heat, and Stalin, his evil twin, was objectively worse. Not so funny when you consider the NYT and other party organs are full of the faithful to Stalins’ plan. What absolutely kills me is that these butt rangers don’t recognize that if they get their wish, the first to be liquidated will be THEM. Since there are no survivors from other communist take overs, it follows that the swine in this country believe that there will be no liquidations, because there is no one left to warn them that they will listen to. Much like the system used at Katyn, with your hands tied behind you, and you’re led to the basement, where you smell blood, it’ll be much too late to object or struggle.

  7. Sadly true. The wise man doesn’t put himself in a compromised position, or within the radar of law enforcement. Where I’m at, where I hang out, I can go literally months on end, without seeing law enforcement.


  8. that twitter account is awesome.

    he knows how to get out the message of the futility of gubmint and the statists who worship it.

    meanwhile morons like A-sap continue to lick the boot of tyranny.

    what’s new there?

    fuck him and his califuckeachotherintheass ‘state’.

  9. I was born and raised in Northern Ca. It’s a bitchen state to party and play hard in. Got out of the navy in 83, and realized the downward spiral after being gone 8 years. Took us until 87 to get out, never looked back.

    What a waste of a once awesome place.

    Agree, State of Jefferson is the right way to go. The counties on the east side, north and south are actually pretty Conservitive still, as Stealth points out.

    Stealth Spaniel, your welcome up here in Southern Oregon. High dessert, 4100 ft, sportsman’s paradise.