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    Good commentary on prepping. As far as the Leviathan forcibly taking what it needs via Executive Order or Martial Law, that remains to be seen. Things did get out of hand during Katrina. But when you are talking about a nation-wide meltdown, the scenario will be different. Venezuela is about ready to collapse. The commies there have to pay their Orcs with toilet paper!
    Now, on to OJ. Yes, he got away with it. The blame should be laid at the feet of the corrupt DA, Gil Garcetti, the sloppy police work of LAPD, and the syphilitic celebrity/black appeasement culture of Los Angeles. I could go on. but it would be pointless. These fools must lie in the bed they have made.

    • Randall Flagg

      OJ didn’t do it. The forensic evidence was woefully lacking. Anyone see the pictures of the dead and (nearly) headless corpses? See all that blood? And yet the totality of blood found in OJ’s car, his clothing and his house was less than what would cover the thumbnail of my pinky finger–and was most likely planted by LAPD scum. No blood, or any remnants thereof, found in any of the drains at OJ’s house. None.

      Sloppy police work? That doesn’t even do the word “sloppy” justice. The prosecutors knew the forensic evidence did not point to OJ, but went full-steam ahead on the case anyway. They got their just desserts.

      So who did do it? Somebody did. Look up a book by William Dear on OJ’s innocence, and you’ll see what some plain and basic detective work would’ve found from the get-go. Simply put, OJ didn’t do it, but he knew who did, and his actions right after the murder were trying to cover for that person as it was someone very close to him.

      • Nigger kills Whites. Jew legal system lets nigger get away with it. Business as usual. I was doing delivery work in LA during the trial and acquittal. The (((Hollywood crowd))) was all a-giggle.

      • i concur.

        i remember watching the entire trial when i was living aboard my 28ft CCC.

        the entire trial…

      • Rumor on the street is it was his son from his first wife who hated Nicole but like you said they wanted to pin it on OJ…

        • Randall Flagg

          Bingo. But it wasn’t that the son hated Nicole; more than likely he had a crush on her, and when she rebuffed him, he went full-retard, especially when he saw her with another man. The son wasn’t all that, shall we say, mentally balanced. He had prior incidents of aggravated assault. He was a chef and owned a set of professional kitchen knives that could have easily done the hack-jobs found at the scene.

      • what, OJs innocent, holly cow. Great news, that black jury got it right, and I thought they were teaching whitey a lesson,

        “If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit”. Johnnys famous quote, for his innocent client.

        What a fucking joke.


  2. OT, but worth noting for the future —

  3. I agree with his assessment of DC’s view of flyover country, and DC’s willingness to do literally anything to preserve their urban power base. I still argue it will be impossible for them to secure the power transmission lines (visibly obvious routes), finished petroleum-product and natgas pipelines (routes are marked where they cross under rural roadways; drill-and-tap gasoline theft from underground pipelines is a growth industry in Mexico right now, it’s really not hard), and much of the interstate highway system. It’s too big and spread out and it can’t be protected. None of that will be safe, none of it can be made safe. If someone can convince me otherwise, I am all ears.

    Without electric power the cities would become charnel houses, leaving a shrinking power base for the elites. I continue to hope they all simply go to New Zealand, where they can use their money to tell each other what to do, and we can get back to building stuff and raising honest and independent kids.

    This much I consider indisputable: The entire system depends on our cooperation, borne of either goodwill or fear. Absent goodwill they will choose fear, of course. Food will be the weapon. We make it, we have it, we keep it, we fight for it, we win. Besides, after a full-blown economic collapse, what need have we of unemployed unmarried welfare mothers, software engineers, lawyers, lobbyists, legions of bureaucrats, corporate HR departments? I can’t think of any. Anyone? What do lobbyists do when there are no scraps left to fight over?

    Prepper “communities” would be reconned and then targeted by sufficiently-sized forces, as the known quantity of loot will justify military action. That should be obvious. You’d get hit without warning, then choppers would be used to retrieve the loot. Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man. Lastly, my reading of Argentina indicates that lone bug-out cabins in the hills are targeted by small teams of very unpleasant ex-military.

  4. Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.

    Sun Tzu