ZH: Swedish Government On Verge Of Collapse After Admitting ‘Accidental Leak’ Of Entire Nation’s Info

Government is just the word we use for doing things together.

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  1. Government is just the word we use for, “doing things together, at gun-point”.

  2. By any means the system of welfare for the rich and connected aka “government” has to be destroyed or it could in the end very well take most of the West with it when it implodes. Its doing a pretty good job of taking the free shit leeches, fools, idiots, and useful dupes with it already.
    The idea is to help it along, give that Autodelegitimization a boost at every opportunity. Excellent feature of this is there are only cosmetic differences between all the factions of the human extinction movement. So helping the fake media, anti-fa, the “intelligentsia”, the banisters, the whole lot of them etc, in any capacity of revealing their illegitimacy and irrelevance to what matters most to us Men of The West is another nudge closer to a mass extinction event.
    The idea is to needle and worry it incessantly a tiny bite at a time from every quarter, thousands and millions are turning their backs, and a large portion are using agitprop memes and creating common understood ridicule to expose the insanity of it all, something that is beginning to bear fruit, until you get the whole construct to implode in spectacle of self destruction.
    Its not so much that the fuckers running things collapse, its that they are first commonly seen and known as illegitimate to the bone, then they will choke. That is collapse of of legitimacy, it is cognitive, willing withdrawal of consent. A plurality so powerful once it reaches a particular stage in its growth is unstoppable. A movement of people that then itself obtains a mantle of legitimacy which is indefeatable.

    The rot and decomposition has built up, it is so deep in the American political system, at the bottom the weight of treason and corruption has compressed the foundations of illegitimacy into fossilized tyranny.

    I think when that swamp is drained, gonna have to bring in dredges to remove the vile sludge at the bottom and put a razor tape fence around it while a lead lined concrete containment dome is built over it to entomb it from the radioactive tyranny half life of a millennia.

  3. @ Annon, response to your question on the “Correction” post:

    “I did a search for the Hitler quote, and all I get are comments from you on various sites. Any source on it? And the Stalin quote is not real, either.”

    Please tell me your not that easily duped?
    Whats real?
    What they want you to see and understand or what is the truth and actual history?
    Wrote them down about about 25 years ago from books I’d read. I’m not surprised you can’t find them on the web. Lot of stuff like that has been “cleansed” from the internet in recent years. The memory hole is deep. Call it the internet Riechsted Fire or something similar.
    Revising history is a particularly vital, (and vile), component of the cultural marxists strategy.
    What do you suppose removing all these Confederate statues is about?
    The revisionists, right from Lincolns Marxist, hell from the Fabian society and the USC have been revising and whitewashing history of the “Civil war”, shit, they started before the North began its war of aggression.
    Hey, you been on WRSA a long time brother. You haven’t noticed the revisionists at work?

    Wikipedia is a excellent platform for dissimulating the truth of marxism. It is its entire purpose, why it was created jun the first instance.
    Case in point, the definition of the old Soviet Nomenklaturer political class was readily available from a number of sources, now you type it into your search engine and it’s like the Nomenklaturer never existed. Not surprising, the deep state’s rank and file managerial class trying to undermine President Trump and nullify the color revolution of 11-8-16, literally is the amerikan Nomenklaturer.
    I personally witnessed it’s removal and how the revisionists sanitized it from Wikipedia. Along with a number of other parallels to marxism and the cultural marxists who have infiltrated all of our essential uniquely Western institutions.
    Its basically literary and historical genocide, the idea being once completed, the next stage is physical genocide of Men of The West. It is much more difficult to rise up and revolt against something that there are no references to in history. Kind of gives the axiom of those who forget the past take the dirt nap first an octane boost.

    • >>>Wikipedia is a excellent platform for dissimulating the truth of marxism. It is its entire purpose, why it was created jun the first instance.<<<

      Tiny point of fact…that's not why it was created. I'm familiar with the chap who created it, and that's not why he did it. Jimmy Wales was a strong Objectivist of sorts, but he tended a bit toward Pragmatism, which is common of nearly all business minds these days. Ha, that's why I can't take it any more!

      So yes, it devolved into collectivism/marxism/etc, but these days what doesn't? Originally the intent was innocent and hopefully maybe one day the results will be.

    • You misspelled it. Try searching with DuckDuckGo, also.

      “Soviet Nomenklatura political class” brings up dozens of results. 🙂


    Sweden needs to totally implode and become Muslim. It has been a degenerate socialist septic tank for generations. They are reaping the whirlwind for their Godless hedonism and the emasculation of their male population. From some of the stories I read on Breitbart News, their disintegration is not long in coming.

  5. A proper analogy for swamp depth at the moment would be the newly undroughted Lake Tahoe. Spicer was a sacrificial lamb, MLHO in my opinion. Someone have a current running total on swamp creatures banished from Mordor? No? How bout that wall? How bout those deportations? The tranny military thing was a bone (please excuse the pun) thrown to those who like to gnaw on bones (again apologies). The total number of Navy Seal trannies appears to be relatively low even by liberal media standards so though a step in the right direction (full disclosure you wanna chop you dick off go for it but don’t expect me to pay for it or put you in the landing force) it’s not more than a fart in the wind in terms of our problems. That said we must maintain the RED STATE BLUE STATE myth at all costs lest the plebes realize they are being played AGAIN.

  6. Grenadier1

    The leak was confirmed when the following email emerged.

    Dear Mr Sweden
    I am writing you to day from my position as Oil Minister for the nation of Nigeria……

  7. Notarealperson

    This is what happens when you have idiots in charge. “oh lets save some money by outsourcing all our IT functions to some 3rd world shit hole who then puts it on the ‘cloud” where there is no security”.

    Same thing happened to the DoD, they outsourced IT functions that were previously done in house and what happened? Massive data breeches in the Pentagon and elsewhere.

    Fact is there are some things you keep in house and physical control of no matter what some bullshit artists from Silicon Valley says.

    Consider the Pakistani family running IT for the House Democrats. Whom they ripped off to the tune of $5 million, stole boat loads of sensitive data and sold it to Pakistan and Iraq. That IT function used to be done by civil service or a very reputable IT firm with vetted individuals.. Not Muzzie grifters.

    This sort of stupidity is pervasive and doesn’t have squat to do with the government. Lots of businesses have bought into out-sourcing or cloud basing critical IT functions only to have them blow up in their faces because management is greedy and technically illiterate. Target and Home Deport are classic examples. The people in charge of their respective IT departments had no IT backgrounds.

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  9. The Swedish government isn’t even close to collapsing in the way you all mean. A parliamentary government collapse means the coalition that runs things might break apart, and there is a political scramble to form a new coalition to elect a new PM & appoint cabinet members.

  10. that guy has 3 chins.

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