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  1. there is NO western civilization- anymore.

    there is only freeshit, entertainment, drunkenness, debauchery, corruption, and false patriotism.

    if it weren’t so, sites like WRSA wouldn’t even exist.

    you are only the ‘remnant’.

    most of your children and family are already counted in the ranks of the enemy.

    everything i say is true.

    the fact that so many bitch and moan at my posts basically prove it.

    the truth is too harsh for most of you to face.

    you are the cling-ons.

    now Ass-sap will start with his homo-erotic feces fetish and cartoonish rants…

    • We know which side you are on Tu-Fat. . The Polish kept their nation ,language and culture intact even though it didn’t exist on a map for 150 years and now they are on track to produce 400,000 babies by year end. What did you ever beget other than poison? Only results matter.

    • Stop selling yourself short, Betsy Butthurt: People bitch and moan at your posts because you’re a sociopathic self-centered moron with delusions of grandeur, and they’re justifiably tired of dealing with your twaddle. You’re the strongest argument I’ve seen in decades for federally-funded abortions.

      You can’t focus on even one single post on this site long enough to digest the contents, and make so much as a single relevant, intelligent, or insightful comment on it, in your entire history here. Never have, never will, and couldn’t do it to save your own life, because you can’t haul the mental gear required. That’s why your every broken-record defecation here merely parades that lifelong shortcoming; why the smartest thing you could do is cease and desist, and why your total inability to recognize those truths proves how mentally handicapped you are to go on beyond any wild counter-explanation. Like Ron White’s hilarious line, you have the right to remain silent, but not the ability. You’re thus nothing but a punchline with internet access.

      You’re therefore worse than a mere fart-sniffer, who thinks what he’s putting out is perfume; you’re a diaper-licker, right down to the literal shit-eating grin, so self-absorbed with the flavor of your own Pamper-spackle that you can’t begin to comprehend why everyone else loathes and ignores you and your revolting personal addiction to eating pantloads of your own poop-corn.

      The cartoon is you, every time your OCD and Tourettes leads you to think you have anything worth defecating out of your cloaca for the universe to consider.

      There’s nothing wrong with you being a cipher in the copybook of humanity; there are millions of such in every time zone. It’s only unfortunate that you think you’re something special, on the basis of not a single piece of evidence in support of your psychosis. Like callers and guests on talk shows with “Doctor” in the title, your essential value is that after seeing and hearing you for any slight amount of time, everyone else breathes easier, because not being as bad off as you cannot fail to make them feel better about themselves. You are the Marianas Trench of humanity, the absolute lowest point ever recorded, and a disproof of Einstein’s suspicion that stupidity is limitless.

      And I only bother with the pictures for two reasons:
      because most everyone else here gets the joke that you are, and deserves a laugh to lighten their day;
      and because all these words might be too difficult for you to digest, and I’d hate for you to miss the point when your processing hardware vapor locks after trying to suss out too many syllables.

      The one thing in your favor is that nearly everyone who visits here would actually piss on you if you were on fire…eventually. Mainly because they’d get to see you on fire first. Count me in amongst that legion.

      Other than that, your pathetic “I Am A God Among Men!” schtick wore out any hope of welcome some months ago. (Obviously, you’re nose-deaf, but rest assured everyone else smelled your fecal mountain early on, and from some distance away – even upwind.) Now they treat you like a homeless person laying passed out drunk by the front door of a store, or a lump of dogshit on the sidewalk: something they can’t help noticing, but mainly just step around, lest they get some of it on them.

      All that leaves open to you is haunting houses, but based on your few demonstrated skills and abilities over some months, it’s exactly the sort of position you’ve been destined for your entire trivial life.

      And as you’ve repeated (endlessly and pointlessly), you’ve just been warming up to saying “Boo!”. QED. The prosecution rests.
      Time to fulfill your destiny, Betsy.

      • and you.

        piss off weasel fucker.

        • Good comeback, Betsy.
          How brilliantly erudite!
          Even on a grading curve, that masterpiece of tfat-headedness probably taxed your abilities to come up with. Probably gonna need to take a breather now, and a nap, huh?

          Now shuffle along, and try to leave a smaller skidmark on the bowl than is your usual custom.
          Even shit serves a purpose, but not when it tries to stand up and talk.

      • Your why ALOT of people left here. Your EGO & fact that you have no muzzle discipline or respect towards other people’s opinions which is evidence not only by how you comport yourself but self anoited of self importance is only a scintilla of the why they left. We know who we will be in the Fox hole with during the Chaoskampf. You won’t make it & your a liability not an asset. GFY !

    • a follower

      Do you care about western civilization or would you be happy to see it demolished?
      Happy, probably not, not when we consider the people, the people that are left shocked and caught of guard.
      Will we understand it? (Demolished) The why? Will the ones who are drunk on the world?
      Will there be mercy, will their be forgiveness, or will there be those who just laugh hysterically at things and people that in Truth are just not funny?
      Mr. t Fat, No, everything you say and post is not true. Every thing you say is not right, or alright. Yet you do have a right to spew. And we have a right and obligation to rebuke, in the right manner.
      “there is only free shit, entertainment, drunkenness, debauchery, corruption, and false patriotism.”
      There is more. Sites like WRSA prove it.
      i see individuals everywhere!
      Seeing people and the world through Yah’s eyes can be a revealing change of perspective.

      • a follower

        You posted this link a few days ago. Pretty wild .
        i imagine you see the connections to music and the beast system. Are you aware in the book of Daniel 3rd chapter there are several warnings about music in Babylonian times..

        • Yes.

          I’ve read the KJV Bible a dozen times thru my years.

          Today, while my good friend Trent and his wonderful German Baptist family went out boating in Canadian waters(dressed in long pants, tucked-in shirt along with his blessed wife dressed in traditional garb and bonnet and children) I performed maintenance on his John Deere diesel 735 riding mower for him so he didn’t have to get dirty. See, I can be human when the situation calls for it… For them, and others worthy of my sacrifice, it is a pleasure to get dirty. 🙂

          For others- NO QUARTER.

          N O N E

          • Sorry, you had me until you got to the word “read”. Then I knew we were I the fiction section again.

            (BTW, fondling the cover and flipping the pages doesn’t count as “reading”. Your abbreviated education apparently skipped over this important point, but your attitude and verbal defecation shows that flipping the pages of any book, let alone that one, bounced off you as harmlessly as ping pong balls hitting a tank.)

            Then you described your imaginary “good friend”, and I knew we were fully into Baron von Munchausen territory.
            More meds, less internet.

    • Yep pretty much no doubt. When I posted the truth here so many times & observed the same Assclown comments from usually the same core. Hurdle the dead & trample the weak when the balloon goes up.
      pax vobiscum

    • Sure, yes, but technology growth continues. This is not peasants vs. knights because model Warthogs can be run by video gamers and metal cutting lasers for blinding can be mounted like pop-up sprinklers. Most of the 99% percent who favor collectivism are never going to run a weapon themselves, they won’t do more than snitch. Hide your enterprises from their view and they lose power, which drastically improves the ratio. Start your hiding by taking the battery out of your cell phone, it’s more effective than a serial number tattooed on your arm.

    • Your rant is almost circular

    • FAG!

    • A bleak post.
      But, accurate.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    Preach it, Brother!

  3. Got no doubts about my dirt person status. Got a connection with the dirt below my toes, living close to the Earth got me the best supermarket ever invented. Hit on a bumper crop of deer meat this week. They been getting at my neighbors and my corn. Called fish and game for a kill order, and have 3 deer, along with taters & carrots from the garden canned up already. We can bag 7 more. My good neighbor gave me all his kills, and fish & game said give us a call when you fill the first kill orders, they will issue couple more, plus bear and coon orders when they start hitting the corn. Got 62 quarts of deer meat carrots & taters put up already. It all come from our land. Cost was carrot seeds, canning lids, propane for the stove, some spices, gallon maybe of gas for the tiller, some lime and a sprinkle of fertilizer, and 3 rounds of .308.

    So yeah, I’m connected to the earth. Don’t know how I could survive without my “5 Acres & Independence” these days, I don’t know how others do it without raising their own what with the costs of everything, it has to be getting more difficult as time goes by, (5 Arcres & Ind, great book by the way, written just before the depression. Best bible on home steading/farming ever wrote).
    Funny how the relationship of land to my life is always evolving. Grew up on a farm, got away from it then merged back again through time. Seriously, 5 acres and independence is doable. Its lots of work, but the quality of food is the best to be had, we probably garner better than 70% of our food from it, plus 75% of our electricity from solar cells and wind turbine, all our water, dug a pond in the spring, have a small creek thats filling it, stock it with fish, (southern states sells a variety of species), again, my neighbor and I went in on a deal on stock fish, so there’s more food. Been putting my pigs in different spots in the woodlot, saves a huge part of the grain bill with them rooting around under the trees. The pigs taste better off of wild forage.
    I quit my the coal mines last year, getting a business out of the house going.
    I’m just simply getting more and more connected to the earth, common sense way of it. Last year paid the property tax off Ginseng I dug last fall, all our heat comes from out woodlot. Picked 14 gallons of various wild berries we got growing, probably get 4 to 7 bushels of apples, bushel + of grapes, peaches, rhubarb, asparagus and horse radish they all grow on our land. My wife has an herb garden. Ever cook with fresh picked Rosemary or cilantro? Superb.
    Amazing thing of it so many little costs we no longer have. They add up serious savings over the year.
    All because of some acreage, elbow grease and community spirit. My neighbor and me always joking we got it made. We went in together grew our own sugar cane last two years, a few gallons of diesel, and the seeds you get from your previous planting. 100 lbs of fertilizer, lime, and weeding gets us each 6-10 gals of cane syrup. We cook it down over an open hardwood fire so it gets like old timey maple syrup smoky flavor. Even traded extra cane seeds for seed potatoes and tomato plants, plus a barn of old cured cow manure for the gardens.
    It all just snowballs this living as a dirt person with toes in the dirt.
    I which everyone could get themselves 5 Acres & Independence. We would be a nation of people nobody could fuck with. Because believe you me, when your this connected to your land, you don’t put up with any crap.

    • Amen. We doubled the garden this year. Fresh strawberries are amazing. Garlic planted last fall did really well. Our deer up here aren’t as cooperative as yours down there but archery season is around the corner. I plan to put some up, God bless.

      • `Heard that brother. Funny how year to year different species will have a bumper crop. I hit on a awesome trick last year. I had 4 large bags of compressed peat moss, you know it is so dry in those bags? Took a knife and pied a bunch of holes in one side and left them out in the weather all winter. The peat got all nice and wet, it seemed like it decomposed a bit. Well I put a bag to each 10 foot row of tomatoes, really worked it in with ashes from the wood stove, then some pulverized lime after tilling, let the rain wet it down, and planted tomatoes started from seed. have tomatoe plants 6 ft tall and wide, without stakes to hold them up, never seen so many tomatoes in my life, its blowing my mind how they have grown. A farmer down the road said its the peat, it holds a lot of water and nutrients, and thats perfect for when it gets very hot mid summer.
        We been increasing the size of ours each year too. Works out well that way, have you noticed how you strategize better in your garden? I find myself finding ways to grow more in less space by companion and rotation planting, than if I had one large plot to begin with.
        I had to start on a hill side, been building terraces with 6×6 timbers. Trying some guerrilla gardening in a small woods meadow down in the timber. Squashes and cucumbers have been doing pretty good. I think they like the forest duff and leaf mold. Oh boy! Fresh Strawberries, we have a neighbor she built a 30 ft round raised bed. Oh lord do they make the best jam or what? She sells and trades us for her eggs, and gave us a couple jars last week. Totally delicious. Incredible. I like strawberry rhubarb jam, we made plans be trading next spring.
        Discovered another thing I never knew till last year. Pinto beans you buy in the store, in fact most beans, they are heat dried. I been growing my own pinto’s, they are so tender they cook in an hours time, and the flavor is on another level good. They have a tenderness that is totally different also. Part of the whole barter thing is trading tricks and helps with others. Sometimes its the best part of the trade.
        I’m planning on building a small combo hi tunnel/green house. Like 12 foot long by 10 wide. There’s a variety of vegetables that will grow in colder weather, a few all winter in a high tunnel, some you can start late or early also. The idea is to extend our season to 8-10 months. That way everything isn’t coming in all at once. And you have fresh stuff in the off months you normally don’t.
        I put up a 2000 watt wind turbine, its far more windy in the winter, and the style I built you have to run a dump load to keep a load on the blades all times so they don’t free wheel and come apart when your battery is up to charge. The charge controller switches to your dump load. I got some 12volt DC water heater elements, thinking about using 55 gal plastic drum full of water with those elements. It should be enough heat to keep things in the greenhouse from getting frost. In China they grow all year in greenhouses that have deep compost bins up against the north wall for heat they put out while decomposing.
        Its really the idea of incorporating things in a holistic fashion with a bit of ingenuity, its the little things add up to a lot I’m finding.
        Like growing hardcore perennials such as asparagus, jerusalem artichokes, I even planted my seed potatoes in the late fall in a couple beds as an experiment, by leaving the summers crop till that point and putting the seed taters in behind digging up the new. Worked great, seems like I get about 25% more potatoes that way. Or carrots, beets, swisschard, brussel sprouts, and cabbage. They will grow right through the winter if we don’t get a hard frost in the ground. And you can go out and pick fresh anytime, just brush off the snow. So I took to a second late summer planting of those veggies. Can’t loose much, because usually every things been picked and the garden beds normally aren’t being used.
        I guess its kind of thinking outside the box. Its a lot of work growing enough food to actually live off of. Got to make the best of things right?

        I’m glad you guys got a nice garden going Tom. I truly believe If more of us did so, really, lots and lots of us, it would be a totally different America. We would be a nation of self dependent people. That would change everything.
        And that connection direct to the Earth, a direct source of land to mouth, it does something to people. Like a great humility and individualism.

        Oh yeah, them deer, thats easy. The states are running out of money, those with jobs in them are thinking self preservation. They don’t want to pay for crop damage like they used to, they are broke, it would take away from them, so they are more willing to write kill orders. You should try it, I only have like maybe a short acre of garden, plus a few smaller plots where theres useful flat ground and I got into share cropping with a cattle farmer, but they didn’t even come to inspect. Sent us the orders by mail. They are really broke around certain counties WV.
        Hey, If deer are eating my food, well they are food too, its the cycle of life. They ate good on me, I eat good on them. Good barter system right there. I’m looking at canning up at least 10 deer. And we use the tougher parts and bones heart liver etc to make dog and cat food. We haven’t bought pet food in two years. So many things you can do with some elbow grease and thinking. Sure its work, but no matter what, you have to work for your food one way or another. I think this way above is a much more value added labor. It’s one reason we dirt people are “domestic terrorists”. We build tangible things, avoid taxes, and are independent of power of those who think we are despicable.
        We defy!
        BFYTW Bitchez.

    • kay_de_leon

      Sounds fantastic, man. I just got four acres in a national forest. Getting set for building on it before long. Can’t wait to not miss the city!

      • Good on you brother! Allright. I hope you do great.
        It is fantastic.
        Its ball busting hard work too, like whole days sweating 5lbs in the hot sun weeding and cultivating, but you get so much from your labor, things and happiness no paycheck can buy by itself. The satisfaction aspect is a reward in itself. Its the real McCoy in “sustainability”. (The kind the globalist fear).
        Thing is get started, start small and work towards larger. I make mistakes, but found in the garden they are better learning/less loss mistakes if I keep things within my mental & physical means. Sucks loosing a row of cabbage or cukes. Thats how many quarts of food, right?

        Like keeping as many critters from eating up the garden as possible. Electric fence works pretty good, but if their determined, they get in. I take my clothes from the day and hang them up around the gardens, and took an anti freeze jug, cut one face out, but left a couple inches of the bottom, put an old rag in it, nail it to a post, and piss in it daily. I think those two human sent things work pretty good. The urine piss pot trick definitely stopped the bears. the sent from my clothes makes the deer real wary.

        • mtnforge, those three posts should be a post in themselves here, and that kind of thing makes tfat’s insufferable droppings worth stepping over to get to.

      • I just got four acres in a national forest.

        do you mean surrounded by a Nat’l Forest?

        because you can’t really own land “in” a Nat’l Forest…

        I recently sold my private 5 acres that were “surrounded” by a Nat’l Forest.

  4. Very reminiscent of Junichiro Tanizaki’s “In Praise of Shadows” during the post WWII SCAP occupation of Japan.

  5. The Usual Suspect

    The point of the matter is your just a feces flinging monkey
    alone on your island zoo.
    We are all laughing at you !

    • Interesting article…if not for anything else but to inform and bring awareness of what these groups are up to and what their goals are.

  6. How it goes is the commies have won.

    Nobody talks about the obviously necessary solution even now.

    Wimps all of us.

    • as you were.

      i talk about it daily…

      • You talk daily, but about nothing.
        But to no purposes save self-adoration, and a pathological need to venerate your own scat droppings.
        Your shit is old and weak, doof. Take a holiday. Come back when anybody misses you. Don’t wait up for that word.