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On Trump, Sessions, and the ongoing battle to destroy what remains of FUSA.

If you are not actively involved in generational culture and knowledge transfer, you are wrong.

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  1. quit reading that drivel after the first mention of jeff sessions.

    fuck him.

    fuck him with a backhoe…

    little weasel bitchboy fuckwad.

  2. People who act stunned and amazed at Trumps behavior are ignorant. Trump is a brand like Tide laundry detergent.Is it sinking into your thick skull what we have in the white house? Trump the brand,supersedes Trump the president.At seventy years old did you really think he would suddenly become someone else?If you can’t comprehend that,at least shut the fuck up and not proclaim your feigned indignation and outright stupidity. We got exactly what we deserve with Trump. A self-serving blowhard of biblical proportions.The alternative was a blood-thirsty cunt.Do you understand yet?

    • Yes.

      another who “gets it”.

      Congrads, you are NOT part of the 300 million.


      Sir: I understand. And, I suspect that when the time is right, he will turn on a dime and mess all over those who voted for him. I have no illusions. Years ago, when he tried to bribe Mike Tyson’s rape victim to save his mega-investment Atlantic City boxing match, I knew this guy was a total sleaze. Then, you have the photographs of him and the wife with Billary, and his creepy Zionist son-in-law. Show me who you are with, and I will tell you who you are.
      My friends, use this eye of the storm to continue your preps, training, and planning. No one knows when it will come crashing down. But, it WILL come crashing down.

      • I think you mean “rape victim”.

        She got in his limo at 1:30 AM in a cocktail dress with no panties and went to his hotel. She willingly went to his hotel room. The door closed and they had sex. After which she had to put all her clothes on. (Because she had taken them all off, they were not ripped off in a non-consensual manner). I have trouble considering that a rape.

        Whether she was a gold digger from the get go, or a girl who had buyers regret over her tryst with Mike, or whether Tyson’s sexual behavior made her angry is hard to say. Different theories have been put forward.

        For sure though we know that Mike wasn’t very bright, and made some incredibly stupid mistakes, including trusting Don King to find him a decent lawyer. King hired a divorce lawyer.

        Take the red pill:



          Mr.Jackson: I stand corrected on the issue of the corpus delicti of the crime of rape. However, the fact that The Donald intervened and tried to buy her off is a matter of record. In CA, when I was a Peace Officer, the Penal Code defined that as Compounding a Crime. I’m sure in Atlantic City, it was just business as usual. I do not need any read pills at the moment as I am too busy accumulating lead ones.

    • Randall Flagg

      Was for this very reason that I, for the first time since turning 18, refused to vote on the presidential ballot. It’s all kayfabe.

  3. Shinmen Takezo

    Trump is absolutely correct with his comments about Sessions.

    Sessions is an alleged uber-conservative, who when the pressure applied to him by all the DC wonks and MSM, folded his hand mucked his cards like a pussy.

    To me (and I am sticking my neck out here… I am speculating using all the info gathered to date–this whole “Russia collusion” false meme was and still is a carefully crafted to discredit and cause the incoming president the maximum amount of consternation and distruption.

    The conspirators rages all the way up to Obama, Brennon (the mu-slime mole), Comey-the-clown–down into the elected political wonks such as McSlime ball (soon to leave this Earth–hurray!), Senator Sodomite and many others in the GOP.

    I believe that once Donald Trump secured the GOP nomination–“they/them” in the Dark State and both parties (belonging to the Dark State) knew full well that the “Trump Train” was unstoppable and that he would in fact win th election.

    This is why this “Russian collusion” meme was concocted. When all the MSM talking heads (including those on Fox) questioned on just how the “polls all got it wrong” –no, they didn’t get it wrong at all… they were lying all along. The “dump Trump” propaganda was a well coordinated campaign throughout all the MSM network (with the exception of Fox News). This campaign was a “last ditch” attempt to sink Trump.

    They/them even dug-up the “pussy grabbing” video and released it with coordinated shock and outrage (even with the twat, Megan Kelly, on Fox) –they even had 13 sluts all lined up to come forward (all of a sudden like, yeah right) with salacious allegations against Trump; and to their suprise it didn’t work–and I believe this was the once thing that swung the vote to Trump’s favor (everyone seeing through the ruse).

    You note that when the pussy-grabbing video came out–the talking heads/wonks and RINO-Dark-State conspirators started propelling the idea for Trump to drop out (all on cue) and let Pence finish the race. This was all planned in advance–with the actors waiting in the wings to recite their line–if you noticed. It was a last ditch, last minute attempt to blow-up Trump’s campaign.

    But Trump soldiered on–thank God.

    What we have on-going with the Russia-collusion malarkey, is a well crafted disinformation/agi-prop campaign what was planned dozens of political moves in advance (inside the CIA FYI with Brennon on the board), including Jeff Sessions stepping aside, including the naming of a special prosecutor (Muller) and so forth.

    If Sessions is such a “cheeze-weenie” that he would fold and recuse himself, well this to me suggest that he is perhaps a willing conspirator in this yet unfolding shit-storm. If Sessions is such a cheeze-weenie that he is unwilling to go aggresively after the Clinton’s crimes (and all the other fuk-stains in the Obama administration) –then Sessions has to go, and damn the reaction from the GOP.

    If Trump wants to drain the dark-state swamp, then he has to confront/investigate/prosecute the multi-headed hydra of the dark-state…. one of the heads is Obama himself, One is Clinton another is the former attorney general’s under Obama and a few others in a very public, aggressive way.

    Once Trump perp-walks one or more of these fuk-stains, the jig is up for the Dark-State… and Jeff Session seems to be just another GOP cheeze-weenie and wonk who talks tough but mucks his cards when political pressure is put upon him.

    I say shit-can Sessions and do it fast.
    This author of the article has his facts 180 degrees from reality.

    • Grenadier1

      I think you are correct in this. I think Trump appointed Session because he believed him to be a loyal supporter, when in fact he was a deep state plant in the campaign. Trump didnt pick the deputy AG out of thin air, he would have been advised on that appointment by Sessions and the other Obama hold overs. I think Trump felt that he had to eat the elephant one bite at a time and that means he has to put up with the deeply infested bureaucrats for some time until each department can be addressed. I believe he felt that Sessions would keep the DoJ in check while he dealt with others, thats why he is pissed.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      Add the following to my initial coments–and your eyes will being to open up…


      McCain Is Plotting Regime Change in Washington. When Will Trump Fight Back?

  4. Sessions was never going to be a wartime consigliere.
    Which is why choosing him knowing that was a mistake.
    Appointing as Sessions’ deputy a guy less relentlessly prosecutorial than Ann Coulter was a monumental blunder.
    Trump is eating that shit sandwich of his own making, and his tweets indicate he isn’t liking the taste.
    Welcome to the major leagues, rookie.
    Have another bite.

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  6. I am surprised at Trump’s public criticism of his AG, but I am not upset.

    Those who are upset are either #NeverTrumpers who will never give Trump credit for anything, or – the majority I think – are shocked and disturbed because they have never seen a sitting president light a fire under a cabinet member’s ass. Sessions was a great choice for the job, but it was assumed he’d bring a work ethic and deliver results. Maybe he got too comfortable in the legislature. The executive branch is a different animal – perform or fail.

    If previous presidents kicked the asses of people who clocked-in for six months and had nothing to show for it, Trump’s behavior re: Sessions would go unnoticed.

    • spoken like the commie you are.

      in the first place, sessions wouldn’t make a zit on a real mans ass.

      motherfucker condones stealing citizens assets and want s more of it…

      i bet you’re the type who believes if you don’t have anything to hide, you don’t have anything to fear. Huh?

      he’s a wimpy fucking redneck hillbilly.

      fuck him and drumpf…

  7. No “honorable” Attorney General should be advocating the expansion of the seizing of citizens’ assets without due process.
    None, I repeat none of the elected, their staffs or the multitude of donors, lobbyists and globalists supporting them deserve respect for what they are doing to FUSA.
    F**k them all – R, D, I – they are all on the same train heading in the same direction. Regardless of their party affiliation, globalism is their ultimate goal.

  8. Trump brought us time, nothing else. The side show is truly amusing. While Rome burns!


  9. Richard Raymond

    Wonder how much truth is in this, especially the three part Mossad piece?

  10. What did Sessions accomplish in his endless hearings on Benghazi, the IRS scandals, Fast and Furious, etc..etc… ?

    His performance as AG is no different than his performance as a senatorial “investigator”.

    Nobody should be surprised.

  11. a follower