Life Sentence

Fox: 53 year old Arizona man gets 68 years in Bundy standoff case

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  1. Jimmy the Saint

    To quote Omar Little: “Ay-yo, lesson here, Bey! You come at the king, you’d best not miss.”

  2. They somehow think making an example of that fellow by jacking up the charges and giving him life in a kangaroo court using “laws” made up just for the occasion is somehow going to make us all scaredy kats.
    Fuck that.
    All they have done is make that cold anger out here deeper, more indomitable, and when it comes to payback all the more terrible in its retribution.
    Oh ya, big meanie feds. Look at us all shaking in our boots.
    Probably took millions of dollars and a few thousand of the useless idiots, what, to round up a handful of ranchers and decent people who stood up for whats right.
    Oh ya, real impressive.
    They had to make up fake bullshit, no different than the fake traitor media, to get what they wanted.
    What a bunch of useless fucking clowns.
    I wonder if they are capable of groking what kind of one way fucking dick heads we see them as.
    Total disgrace.
    At least the old Soviets called a commie a commie.
    These fools think they are some kind of special.
    What are they gonna do when 10 thousand dirt people defy them.
    Employ Tactical Nukes?
    Because they can’t handle a hundred people who weren’t shooting back at them, who went peacefully and with dignity even.

    Bundy Ranch was a Mexican BFYTW standoff.
    Ranchers stood their ground and the feds choked.
    Feds made themselves look bad.
    Then they double down on looking like clowns, and set up the most obvious hit imaginable on LeVoy Finnicum.
    Feds look like total fools, and essentially a criminal gang with badges protecting political crime family bosses, by doing a sanctioned hit.
    Fake FBI video. Fake Town of Burns full of fake amerikans in name only. Fake county sheriff. Fake so called “Laws” fakely made up to suit fake crimes made out of whole cloth specific to fit fake non existent charges.
    Fake courts, operating under fake jurisprudence, serving fake power that is not fake outright corruption of not fake Clinton crime syndicate.
    Just follow the money.

    • wendystringer48088

      Respectfully, while ten thousand dirt people defying them is a nice thought, I don’t think that is going to happen. Even if the Freedom Forces had the people gathered together and ready to go, they don’t have the organization or the logistics to support it.

      As to the hundred people facing them down and making them back off and leave, they will handle those hundred peple who defyed them by gathering all the information they can at the time and afterwards identifying them and arresting them some time later in small batches and charging them with serious offenses.

      The example here of Gregory Burleson getting 68 years in the Bundy standoff case should speeak to their intent to get crimminal convictions in their courts that result in very long prison sentences for any such defiance.

      At least at this point people should be aware that the price of doing something serious is high, and therefore they choose their battles wisely.

      I don’t mean to sound like a Debbie Downer here, but the cuurent reality is what it is.

      Discouraging, but I have also seen the saying on here from time to time “That which cannot continue will not.” I guess one of the things that means is that the great empire will come apart and come crashing down at some point in the future. And then the smaller groups of dirt people will have a much better chance of standing against those that would come at them from the outside to steal from them and to enslave and/or kill them.

      Until then, the best I see is to continue to work on self improvement and individual preparedness and to help other people along who are on the same path.


        Miss Wendy: Good points. But, when the FEDGOV hands you lemons, make lemonade. Yes, Freefor does not have the depth or logisitics for a sustained war of attrition. I am currently reading a very interesting book titled FRY THE BRAIN. In terms of standing up to the Leviathan, it gives a lot of food for thought. I recommend it to anyone who is considering translating their words into action. And remember the words of Don Vito Corleone: “…revenge is a dish best supped cold.”

      • wendystringer48088: You say ” …the great empire will come apart and come crashing down at some point in the future …”

        Not necessarily. It can be well argued that the Empire has been in its gradual and unavoidable decline for more than a hundred years. Mosby’s third book makes that case pretty well. At this point in the slide, we are just along for the ride, trying to insulate ourselves and pass on what we’ve learned.

        Something badder may certainly happen quicker.

      • “Respectfully, while ten thousand dirt people defying them is a nice thought, I don’t think that is going to happen.”

        10,000 is an insignificant number on these levels, so it wouldn’t matter anyway. OTOH if each of them has a friend or two–also an insignificant number–and did it in 10,000 places simultaneously…well then, even nukes don’t stop ’em. Nothing stops ’em then.

        Challenge is…those 1% of 1% gotta want it first and that’s not even close. Apparently it’s more fun to fantasize about 3% forming an army, I guess cuz they did it 250 years ago.

        • “Apparently it’s more fun to fantasize about 3% forming an army, I guess cuz they did it 250 years ago.”

          See below……

      • This is just a BTFO move on the part of the Feds.

        They’re going to do it again, either back at the Bubdy Ranch or someplace else, and most will either back off because this tool took a plea deal then recanted when the rest held firm, or cheer because Herr Wig is MAGAing up the place…

    • Right you are, as usual, Mtn Forge!

      Just because our opposition is full of fake, does not mean we are.

      The nay sayers and ‘fraidycats are making the same mistake the US .mil has been making for decades… planning for the last war.

      We don’t have the Big Battalions and we don’t need ’em.

      They have them (sorta) and can’t sustain ’em.

      Collapse has a quality all it’s own.

  3. Amateur ruckhumper

    Play stupid games…

    The Bundy Clan is, and has always been, the far-right version of the Dindu Nuffins that cops get excoriated for blasting in self-defense. They were assholes, and the people that showed up, by and large, had no plan to speak of.

    That people thought they’d come out from the other side of a standoff with the Feds without legal rouble is baffling.

    Then again, this guy was a rat, so he’s lucky he isn’t sleeping in a ditch.

    • So is it that you are doing? Since those people got out from behind their screens and grabbed their rifles and went SOMEWHERE and did SOMETHING, and apparently earned your disdain… So since they suck, tell us what you’re doing instead.

    • Even an asshole is entitled to an opinion….

    • “…that cops get excoriated for blasting in self-defense.”

      Can’t believe I read that. Disgusting. Lemme guess…Waco too? I mean the first Waco.

      “Then again, this guy was a rat, so he’s lucky he isn’t sleeping in a ditch.”

      Well okay, so at least you get something right. I’ve heard of dual personality disorders.

  4. Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro-check. Added to my list of Deplorables. You do have a Deplorables List, right?

  5. ha ha

    beard- check

    baseball cap- check

    tattoos- check

    SSI disability entitlement- check

    no sympathy here.


  6. Bunker/Mahleur ended well. They were the best the “liberty movement” could do. The trials haven’t ended.


    • >>>They were the best the “liberty movement” could do.<<>>The trials haven’t ended<<<

      Why sure, tough guys with walkers are going to rule the world. Sounds legit. Face it, bud…you had your chance and you coughed it up. Live with it and choke on it. If it's any consolation, though it shouldn't be, you're far from alone in that. But at least some of us have the courage to acknowledge our complicity; that would seem to be the first step. You, you appear to only want more of it. "Let's go backwards—to the King!"

      • That got mistakenly cut. The first paragraph was pointing out what weak thinkers like you did when faced with the best. And how that relates to why you and the gang never won shit except the free flow of oil and poppies for the benefit of the very worst among us. Face it…you had your chance and you coughed it up. Choke on it already.

        • The true patriots of ’76 were the Loyalists. And such true patriotism — resisting false liberty — can be traced back many hundreds of years before that.

          In over the past 30 years the “patriot/freedom/liberty movement” has accomplished exactly nothing. Nor can we be astonished that the “patriot/freedom/liberty movement” degenerated from the Libertarianism of the ’80s/’90s to the Anarchism of today.

          Better a king or a dictator. “The People” are insufferable.


        • Best comment ever, Jim.

          Thank you, sincerely, for that unerring vivisection.

          Seriously .

      • i have to laugh at the SF seals and the other bozos out there.

        without big green and trillions of debt bux, they are nothing but a bunch of sfc/// nobodies…

        go away loser.

        like the man said, you had your chances.


        oh and barry has been a NIGGER all his pathetic trough feeding existence.

        fuck off.

  7. But Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro in Las Vegas knocked five years off the recommendation, noting that the 53-year-old Burleson has gone blind, has serious health issues and was once an informant for the FBI.

    Official, suitably restrained response:

    Wait, I was supposed to be shocked or saddened?
    Yeah, right, as if.

    In other news, all the BATFE agents gunned down (most by their own agents) at Waco are still dead too.

    Same response there.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    Like they remind the rubes and bumpkins about the pretty card dealers in Vegas, when they “don’t like how they play”:
    “She ain’t playin’, boy, she’s workin’.”

    Apparently some folks haven’t learned the difference yet.

  8. Jury nullification when it applies,tis probably the last peaceful way to fight over charging people/unconstitutional laws.The man/women who has nothing to lose has everything to gain.

  9. Grenadier1

    Nothing worth having comes for free.
    I have been watching the Spartacus series on Netflicks. While its very over the top and has a lot of Hollywood silliness, it is a decent series. One thing that accurate from the story is the position that the rebelling slaves find themselves in. There is no out for them. Rome MUST destroy them. In order to continue to maintain its order the State must crush the rebellion. If it is allowed to continue it will overtake the State, if the slaves are allowed to escape the boundaries of Rome then it will spread the thought among those still in subjugation that they too have hope of escape. The slaves MUST be caught and re-enslaved or killed in order to set an example. There is no outcome but freedom or crucifixion. Freedom means that Rome must burn……

  10. Moral of the story is simple, pay your range grazing fees like every other farmer, or rancher in the United States.

    While at LaVoy Finicum’s funeral in Knab Utah, I personally witnessed Old man, Bundy and family arrive, with his body guards. What a goat fuck that was. I literally laughed out loud at this gaggle of 15/20 security personal.
    Hard assing well wishers out of the way, so King Bundy could walk thru.

    Pretty effective security if your herding cats. I recall thinking of the security, ” you dumb fuckers, are willing to die for that sack of shit” your willing to take on the weight of the federal govt, and suffer the consequences of your actions for those guys.

    No the arrival of old man Bundy was like the circus freak show arriving, their arrival totally diminished what LaVoy was all about. What the Bundies didn’t realize was , they were already in capacitated, by their own actions.

    They were prisoners of their own hand, their deeds.

    I was loaded and headed to Bundy ranch when it all went down. A little bird in my head instructed me to research the issue before I raced down the road in support of the Bundies.

    After reading both sides of the matter I asked myself a few easy questions.

    1. Is this MY line in the sand?
    2. What’s reasonable. Is the Bundies not paying their fees, worth fucking my life up.
    3. Am I prepared to involve myself in a shooting war with law enforcement, over the Bundies.

    The answers for ME, were a no brainier. I’ve got responsibilities and family here. Bundies made a choice, to not pay, what at the time was like a million in range fees. How is their actions fair to the rest of the ranchers and farmers out their. ” it’s not”

    lifes about choices, I made mine regarding this issue. I’m certain I got it right.

    We all have a line in the sand. Something we will fight for. Fiat cash isn’t high on my list. Nor is a dollar an achre to graze ones stock on public lands.


    • Way to miss the point, demontrating that you still have a long way to go. They didn’t ask shit of you, nor anyone else. And to this day, you stand against them as if they did.

      One guy fantasizing fables here is enough.

    • hummus abedin

      The Founding Fathers had “responsibilities and family.”

  11. Randolph -eat shit .fed - Scott

    So the badass thug faced cocksuckers call federal agents were afraid for their lives. Cry me a river, I could care less.

  12. Back when our family was barely existing between widely spaced paydays, my dad would pair up with the next-door-neighbor and go poach some deer. One night they saw a pair of eyes in the light and the faint shadow of a body behind it so dad took a shot with his .22 and waited to let the deer find a place to die. When they finally went out to get the meat they were surprised to find it wasn’t a deer but an elk!
    The neighbor started to freak out since the DFG was a lot more jealous of elk than plain old deer.
    My dad pulled his knife out and said “If they’re going to hang us we might as well go for a sheep as a lamb.”

    A 53 year-old man gets 68 years and he didn’t even fire a shot! Hell, that’s a life sentence! Now we know what the “lamb” looks like and the “sheep” need to watch their backs.

  13. TimeHasCome

    All Federal sentences are life sentences .You either go out in a pile of hot brass or you are Bubba’s date for decades

  14. The takeaway message is that if you are going to go, then go big or go home and wait to be jailed for life.

    • It may be the best part of becoming an old fart—waiting is almost always the last choice.

  15. Does this make my patriotism look fat?

  16. everyone totally ignores that the whites stole this land from the Natives. by hook, by crook, by murder, and by bio-warfare.

    we sit back and grin to what’s happening to murka…

    what comes around…. goes around.

    how’s it feel?

    to get fucked?