Quote Of The Century – Great Britain Edition

My considered reaction to Dunkirk:

People should be hung from lampposts — they should be burned alive — for what they’ve done to Britain.

— Peter Brimelow


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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

  2. “God send, if only for the sake of my three little daughters, born almost exactly 100 years after my father, that America can be saved from this terrible fate.”
    It may be too late for America as a whole for the republic is lost. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition…

  3. and ever since we started spitting on returning viet nam war veterans, we’ve been heading down that same road. we’ll spend millions providing free stuff for illegals, but nothing for homeless veterans. what a great country we’ve become.

    • Thank you. Exactly ^ that.

    • You can thank the radical chic red diaper babies from the 60’s, who are still at it today, for that and everything else involving trying to destroy everything about us as a people.

      It’s why they are so pissed off about 65 million dirt people defying their arrogant ass’s on 11-8-16.
      Like the mast head says, dirty steenkin’ commies got to commie.


      Word. I got my baptism of spittle, curses, and dirty looks walking through the terminal at LAX in 1970. I never have forgotten it. Never will.

  4. European American

    The Movie “Dunkirk” is pure propaganda. Hitler deliberately refrained from “mowing those troops down” on the beach. He wanted PEACE with the British. But the fucking zionist bankers would have nothing of it.
    Those who win the wars write the history.

    • That doesn’t make it pure propaganda. Read the article then comment on it.

    • that’s not quite it. Hitler was unsure what to do with the English at the onset of the Dunkirk battle; he dithered, then accepted Goering’s claim that the Luftwaffe alone could stop the withdrawal. By the time he realized that the LW couldn’t do it, it was too late. He then wasted the next 6 weeks trying to make peace with Zionist-stooge Churchill, of course a fool’s errand.

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    Well then, speak no more Mr. Brimelow, but be on with it! Oh….

    • Northgunner

      You forgot “to make the world old safe for collectivism and save ‘unka Joe’s ass!!” And also, “to empower moslem cunts to deceive crazy cat ladies and their mangina boyfriends who both wear pussyhats!!”.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  6. “The British of that era were very good at queuing. Significantly, the working class was best at it.”

    Perhaps that was the real problem

  7. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/07/27/girl-15-raped-rail-station-suffers-second-attack-flagging-man/

    “The first attacker is described as Asian with light skin, brown eyes, was of a skinny build and about 6ft tall. He was wearing a track suit top and bottoms, black trainers and was in his early 20s.

    The second attacker is also described as Asian, in his early 20s, 5ft 6/7ins tall, of large build with a tight-cropped beard and was wearing a blue jumper and black jeans.”

    “Asian” is code for ‘muslim immigrant.’

    • ‘zackly.

      Actual ethnic Asian:

      British newspaper story “Asian”:

      (Formerly Great) Britain only ran a colony in Hong Kong for 156 years, so it’s not as if they couldn’t tell the difference between one and the other.

  8. There will be plenty of people hung from lamp posts and burned alive. You just have to wait for it if you like that sort of thing. It will take a while, as the pot is still moiling and boiling, and various actors and outrages still must rely. In the middle ages, in Scandinavia, a signal known to all was a man would walk through the middle of town, with a flaming cross. It meant the rebellion was ON, and those responsible or identified as the outrage makers were in for a lot of mob justice. Like the Mob wars, every 5 to 10 years, these things have to come about to get rid of all the bad blood now and then. I’m going to go out on a limb here, and estimate that the next purging of scumbags that need purging, will last for thirty years. It’s been about a hundred years in the making, it will take half of some peoples lives to correct it.

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