TL Davis: American Hammer And Sickle

His latest.

Understand, for the love of all that is holy, that there is no opposition political party in FUSA.

There is, in fact, no “Right”.

And a majority of the residents of FUSA are largely beyond salvage, politically and morally.

To quote Curtis yet another time:

Here we are.

Imagine where we will be.

11 responses to “TL Davis: American Hammer And Sickle

  1. But but… trump! Maga!

  2. “Imagine where we will be.”
    I don’t have to imagine, I have a list of what to expect in the future usa over the next 50 years, but there is too much; so I will sum up.
    Immigrants, foreign countries, AI and automation will take 25 to 50% of the jobs in the usa today, the global debt cycle will crash and the govt will take what you have to keep itself afloat, the govt will be having death panels to get rid of any person costing too much thru healthcare, the usa will be ruled by the elites with a willing welfare majority that will do their bidding and everything you do will be monitored thru technology. the pinnacle of the usa has past, we’re on the decline now.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Maybe, however maybe not. An encouraging sign is that more young people are really questioning things. They are becoming aware, and while still a minority of white kids, their numbers grow daily.

      My take is thus: America is in for some historic times, but I believe there is a chance of winning this thing because of the youth who are experiencing firsthand the benefits of diversity, Obama care, never ending conflicts with no strategy, and so on. They are the demographic the communists blindly rely on to commit national suicide, but in the end won’t be there.

  3. Yes, highly likely that Trump will help lay out a path to MAGA. He can’t do it alone though.

  4. The Festivities will damned near be a relief. Be sure that Kim the Younger of the Northern Territories has the correct coordinates for Washington, DC. There is no party to vote for, no Republic, and the Constitution was murdered in daylight by both political hacks. No, your social security check won’t arrive on the 6th of every month, but then neither will the IRS bill, Obamacare threats, your state tax bill, and myriad other 1913+ social engineering schemes.


      SS: After watching SoCal go into the toilet for many, many years, I often thought that Kim the Younger or the Chinamen should target LA; preferably on Oscar Night.

  5. Rape of America
    Is this the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning? What cause is so great that men would give up their lives to defend? And how many times do we need to? Was the last time the last time? We have turned what was intended to protect us to what will destroy us. It seems to have started when it was discovered government could vote itself a pay raise, as well, all things necessary and proper, however ill advised. The needful things of government are the best of the best and all the rest goes to the pension fund. Staff being necessary and proper to make law and fetch coffee and say yes to the yes man, a government duty, loyalty. Spare parts for maintenance for all the needful thing has cost plus, from the copy machine to aircraft carrier, the side show contracts and profitable for some. Law by lawyers makes it so courts decide the popular opinion then is enforced by law enforcement of the opinion of the law. The American people have spoken, still no one listens.
    At what cost is freedom when we cannot define what freedom is and natural law is at best an afterthought, if even thought about by those that still know? The law of the land is as usual the bigger bank account for squeaky wheels greased the slum lords and contract manager. The shell game sucked the blood and money out of every little town in America for corporate profits FDIC guaranteed the elasticity of a dollar when it can be least afforded goes bust. The law of the land is the mortgage and the only thing that holds any little town in America together is the government school. Bond issues the For Sale sign of Main Street, local government and school board tax authority with no tax base for strings attached to debt and group think of government loads loans.
    The rape of America happened one little town and family farm at a time while nobody was looking. Distraction after distraction with no end in sight, no logic and no reason to endless rules and regulation to protect us from ourselves with authority of government controls, strangled by the noose of progress, and nobody questions why? Who will question the authority and if so, the consequences of action are, how dare you question the authority!
    Virginity lost to the rapist, innocents gone and replaced with animal instinct without instinct to fight city hall. Freedom of the press gone to mass media, diversity and multi-culturists how to think and what you cannot do, do not offend anyone the new law of the land. To question the authority is not allowed. The seat of government rules supreme for a welfare check. America has been raped by the war profiteer, the business of big boxes and national franchise sanctioned by Wall Street Banker and approved by Congress. It is written in US Code of Just US replacements.
    Enslavement in the big cities blighted urban league of activists and community organizers and pension for the more things change the more they stay the same, slum and ghetto. An army of administrator schools the teacher’s glue that holds the same empty promises of generational slave trading for votes. Things will be better soon, after the political fix next time. The war on poverty and drugs ensure the slave trading will continue for wages and benefits of law enforcement, lawyer and courts to the benefit of the city administrators. None know the rapist. No one knows the innocent man convicted of rape for blaming the authority. The racist thick divide that conquers the nation soiled virginity.

    Every little town Main Street sold out for a buck. Cry Rape and see what happens? You deserve what you got, you voted for it. To be continued, or not…

  6. I think we should get together and work out a fix, instead of decrying the crimes. We all seem to be able to point at a million outrages, in what direction is the solution? An Epiphany is what’s needed here, not more Infamy.

  7. When the salt has lost it’s savor,it’s only good for the dung hill.

  8. The Usual Suspect

    Canada !!! What a fucking joke.
    Canadians = fucking jokes
    FAtee = stupid shit slinging joker
    We= laugh @ UuUuUu