Bracken On The Deep State Coup – 26 JUL 2017


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  1. Shinmen Takezo

    Holy Fukeeee!
    Is anyone here connected or has a line to Steve BAnnon.
    This guy and Trump needs to see this video.

    I have not heard so much truth, in so short a space of time as I have heard just now…. and my fucking head is spinning.

    In this thread yesterday (link below), I speculated that this was an operation starting before the election–and this was all an elaborate set-up to take down Trump (pre-election and post election–knowing he was likely to win).

    Matt Bracken has confirmed my theories.

    The only person that Bracken has left out of this web is Brennon and other filthy spooks inhabiting the CIA basements.

    What President Trump is facing now is not just a “hidden coup” –but I believe a direct threat to his life from these cloak-and-dagger jokers. I am reading the comments of Rush Limbaugh today and he is speculating that “they/them” are recruiting some retired generals to lead a “hard coup” against President Trump.

    Let me stick my neck out a tad… what if this pans out?

    What then?

    Personally if they “Kennedy-ize” President Trump, or overthrow and imprison him, I personally believe that the government buildings will smolder for years beyond the coup action.

    It will in fact be the catalyst for Civil War II –don’t be deluded that it won’t happen. No amount of MSM babble and yammering from these “Dark State” Conservatives (see: Michael Medved, Krauthammer, McCain, Senator Sodomite and so forth) urging “calm and sanity” will put out the fires.. and these people also will be tossed into the pits of burning truck tires.

    These cocksuckers are literally playing with fire.

    • I see a lot of liberals on twitter & elsewhere crowing about Trumps removal, 1 way or another. I often ask them, “If Trump is removed from office, do you honestly think right wing death squads wouldn’t form to purge the land of all liberals?”

      They never give me a straight answer. I don’t think they allow their minds to look down that path for very long.

  2. Guys, pay attention when Matt Bracken speaks. He has some insiders or sources and with his background he knows stuff. In his book; “Enemies Foreign or Domestic”, he describes one of the villains as a gorilla made, bald headed, walrus mustached a$$hole. And he describes the house the villain lives in, it is located near D.C. on the shores of the river. It is described as a split level house built at the edge of the river with the basement entrance on the primary floodplain with the upper level built on the level that water never reaches. The building site is at the edge of an embankment which makes a two story.
    Shortly after I read the book there was a news story on the television. I don’t remember what the news story was about because I was astounded by what I saw! There was the reporter interviewing a shaved headed, walrus mustached gorilla a$$hole. The camera then took a wide angle shot of the location and there was the house, just as described in the book!
    Now I really don’t know if the guy being interviewed was a villain or not but he was the subject of some news story happening near D.C. Is that a coincidence?
    Perhaps he is Matt’s best friend or merely some bureaucrat he saw and used for a subject in his book, regardless he was described so well in the book I immediately saw the connection, location, everything!
    So if you haven’t read the book, you should, and for those who have, know that there is a real “Wally Malvone” out there.
    Also, perhaps the “100 Heads Life and Casualty Insurance Co.” should issue another policy to Matthew Bracken because of his insider knowledge.

  3. For those that Poo-Pooed Jade Helm just keep in mind what it’s motto was

  4. Interesting video. Bracken is right that the deep state is going all out for Trump. But they aren’t doing a good job. Trump did WIN the election and the colossal power that goes with it. And the Russia narrative is failing; only 6% of Americans think its an important story. The dems and the deep state thought they kicked Trumps ass over the Obamacare vote. But as McCain’s anti Obamacare campaign adds from 2010 and 2016 keep being played over and over again, it’s the republicans who are now panicking because they have been caught in the big lie, not Trump. Kid Rock is now leading the republican field for the senate nomination by 30 points in Michigan. The voters have had enough. There are too many ways for the voters to get their info now, with Bracken being just one of many excellent seers. And as for impeachment. The voters want to impeach the lying John McCain now. Not Trump.

  5. A young rapper was robbed in Oakland Friday while shooting a video.
    I was initially looking at the story for a laugh.
    This young man gets it.
    Wanting to at least hear his music first before Getting jolly, I came away stunned.

    It has an Industrial Techno meets Hip Hop Sound but read the lyrics and absorb the visuals.

    More proof that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

  6. If I were to tell you the coup actually occurred 53 years ago and we’ve been operating under it since wouldya believe it?

    Get right with God. Reckoning. If you are in doubt as to how to proceed see Rule number 1.

  7. Perfect!……..Great job Bracken.

  8. that must of killed bracken to admit trump was in bed with the Russians originally.
    so kutchner sold 110 billion dollars of tech, to the Saudis, from lockhead martin . comey worked for lockhead martin also. this is completely incestuous.

    what ever happened to trump going to release the papers on the saudiis link to 9/11?
    what about holding trump accountable for his abuse of the kelo decision, on his crappy hotel chain.?
    #americachoosepoorly we should of elected scott walker. god has taken his hand of protection off of this country and trumps our punishment. a complete walking disaster.

  9. drumpf jr manafart, and (((kushner)))

    fuck them all

    just fuck them all

    every one a POS dirtbag criminal…


    there is no defense for these 3 buckets of steaming shit.

    all rotten to the core.

    why anyone would stand behind these swamp creatures is beyond comprehension.

  10. 100% on point with his comments. I’ve been saying the same since day one. I’m also on record as saying there will be more of the same bullshit. Bullshit is all the left has at this point but unfortunately a whole lot of folks are feeding at that trough.

    Make memories, not regrets.

  11. Just listened to a local radio show that had a guest by the name Kevin Shift, a former whistle blower from the CIA. Almost word for word said the same thing.

  12. With this kind of Byzantine mucky muck cloak and dagger bullshit the norm, I don’t see how anyone can hold out any hope for a return to a republic. I think more of the same, and then some kind of dictatorship, complete with Praetorians and purges amid a nasty civil war, is what we’ll get.

      • I was on Hagmann for over an hour, the featured 11 minute clip was taken from this one. I go into a lot more depth in the full interview, if anybody is interested. I come in at 32 minutes. This was the night before Scaramuchi went off on Bannon and Priebus, (July 27), so it doesn’t reflect that news.

        Episode title: Pres. Trump 86’s Corporal Klinger: Matt Bracken & Timothy Alberino
        The Official Hagmann Report

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  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. The Usual Suspect

    Stupid Cucknadian sling shit again.

  16. Even if Matt isn’t correct in the specific details, which I seriously doubt, Matt is at least correct on the general conspiracy and reasons for it to oust President Trump in a bloodless coupe. And that is what matters.
    I’ve always thought these guys are so dirty they can not do anything but pull a coupe, because if for only one reason they are so dirty there is no way to cover up what they are, have done, and which permeates the entire government, that it is essentially their private piggybank.

    That is why they appointed another clinton to be our next president.
    Its not rocket science, its simply ultimate corruption on a scale unequaled and they will have to do the worst thing imaginable to save their ass’s because Donald Trump was voted in, because they underestimated 65 million people had the will and wherewithal to do the impossible, pull their own coupe in the form of a color revolution on 11-8-2016.
    And they are pulling a counter coupe to nullify The Great Fuck You by ousting Trump.

    Look what operation Fast & Furious was for, (Not much difference than what is being done to frame President Trump regards how you create a narrative to create the optics to do things you can’t get away with otherwise). To create a narrative using gun running and the resultant trail of dead bodies it would create, as meme and narrative fuel.
    Crisis as a means.
    Its why the Twin Towers happened.
    Crisis as a means.
    Murdering 2500 people and collapsing the towers goes along way to getting your means of your agenda accomplished, i.e., a police state where you can frivolously violate the very foundations of this Republic, manipulate the nature of an entire nation, and in large part the Western Hemisphere.
    All under the guise of “terrorism”.
    Its obvious who the real terrorists are.
    Just as its obvious who the real corruptocrats are.

    But to get back to The Great Fuck You, these clowns really lost huge when it caught them and their rigged election operation flat footed.

    It is truly a different world since they first appointed/annointed/installed an Obama sock puppet. Much has changed in critical ways among the population in regards awareness and grasping at least the overview of how dirty our government, the actors running it are. Who here reading this or watching Matts video are taken totally unawares? I’ll bet a left nut might be a few lurkers just tuning in on WRSA. But the rest of us, we argue and have our scrum more about details than general events.
    There is at least 65 million Americans who are cognizant of the corrupt nature of their government, those in power. They showed up at polling station across the entire span of dirt people nation and checked the box that said Trump next to it. They are finding out at least 11 million voted illegally, 11 million fraudulent votes where rigged in Clintons favor. That is pretty darn close to the margin of vote fraud required to install the sock puppet of your choice in an election where 65 million people DO NOT show up to vote for the guy you do not want to install if your the deep state.

    Do you see how it is rigged?
    Its is how obama was installed twice. 3-5% margin of vote fraud “won” him the oval office.
    But on Nov. 8th 2016 a margin of legitimate votes nuked any vote fraud possible outside a totally rigged election.

    Millions, learned their lessons after 2010, the too big to fail bailout, the scourge of cuckery and RINO-ism, they began to see conspiracy fiction is conspiracy fact. The zeitgeist of Alt-Right, Hard-Right, the leaderless resistance, the fed up, the cold anger, the great Fuck You, and the BFYTW showed up.
    Millions felt and sensed, they… “smelled a rat” as Patrick Henry put it. The Alt-Media has filled in a great deal of missing puzzle pieces, there has been and still is a great awakening happening among millions, its a very large plurality of people too. You have to be deranged, have psychopathic denial tendencies, be very very ignorant, or a completely brainwashed person not to see there are things that are just not right and very corrupt going on.
    It doesn’t take much to put 2+2 together.

    On that note, its probably safe to say, among us all her on WRSA, using it as a good example, we all know there is things going on, just as Matt lays out. Is it any surprise what Matt is telling us? Who knows the exact details, and do they matter anyway? No, its the gross level and scope of how truly fucked up our government is that matters now.
    Really, for any of us who stay apprised of events and people, politics and how government operates, Matt connected some dots for us more than told us things we had no knowledge of. We suspect based on educated guesses and assumptions. Who doesn’t see a definitive pattern here? Who is caught unawares the deep state actors are trying to pull a coupe on Trump, and by extension us who voted for Trump?

    Its obvious if you ask me. And the point of saying that, a very pertinent point I want to make here, has nothing to do with claiming I or any of us are aware, but rather that these actors like Comie and Lynch et all, they are not aware of how aware many of us are of them and that they are part of a vast alternate government within our government who and which has created an unmitigated clusterfuck with their crimes and corruption.

    That we see you fuckers and your pals.
    We know your no good.
    WE truly want you gone.
    We are not the patsy’s and pushovers you think we are.
    That at some point if you don’t cut the fucking crap, WE are going to have us a nice little revolution that you will not live through.
    WE will drain that swamp.
    There are not enough lamp posts and rope around that cesspool of corruption and treason you have created and being the industrious and ingenious people WE are, we will find many substitutes for rope and lamp posts.
    Its not a threat.

  17. BFYTW


    …Its the question nobody is asking.

    • The reason I’m asking the question, why I made that agitprop, these fucks trying to frame Donald Trump, do they have a clue how ungovernable this country will become if pull off this bullshit of a coupe by ousting or impeaching our President?