Climate Hustle

Via Maggie’s Farm.

Control freaks.

Plus greed.

Seems legit.

12 responses to “Climate Hustle

  1. Love them climate/control freaks. They’re almost as much fun to torture and ridicule as straight-laced commies. Mostly I love ridiculing them, since that is one of the most used darts in their operations bag. Every time I do that, I can hear Sun Tzu snorking and laughing in the background. Our enemies expect us to simply lay back and take it, and their training and operations are so bad and out of shape, that they are thunderstruck when their own stuff lands dead center. Piss on them all, from a considerable height.

    • Satellite data over the last few years is showing a steady consistent drop in sea level. Al Gore was unavailable for comment, pretty “inconvenient” of him if you ask me. Of course we know that will never see the light of day in the fake media. But you can bet it’s made the rounds about as welcome as Trump winning over the psychopath in a pants suit.

  2. This is child abuse (by the elite’s .. and they stand to get rich and more powerful .. if they can abuse enough children .. of the literal and figuritive nature).

    Though the link had a lengthy video .. it is just part 1 of 2 (or more).

    The money (re-distribution) trail is part 2.

  3. Remember, the propagandists in this realm are no different from the gov or media or any other leftist activism. They ultimately want us dead.

    I just wanted to leave this somewhere.

  4. I’m telling you, TEOTWAWKI could not possibly be anymore stressful. We are already being incarcerated, shot, under house arrest, surveilled, photographed, fingerprinted, and being exposed to other terrorist activities. Stalin and Lenin are laughing from their graves. Frankly, the preliminaries are just wearing me out.
    There is no FXXXing climate change-global warming phenomena! It’s weather, and it changes! Yes, California had a drought: we have had them before and will have them again. We also have floods. Go figure. For the love of Peter, find a new vice!
    I Will Not Comply! I am doing something useful, like buying more kibble and getting the car gassed up. Yes, fiber and carbon dioxide in the same time frame with a little grit thrown in. Just like an advancing army, with no transgenders.

    • Northgunner

      Climate change?!…
      The weather is ALWAYS changing!!

      And speaking of transgenders….
      Pediatrician: Transgender Ideology Is
      Causing Child Abuse.

      Oh how brucie jenner must have his silkies in a wad now!!!….

      Collectivism IS insanity!!
      Past time to shoot the rabid dogs!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  5. DixieDennis

    That “97% of all scientists agree” with these f—-kers sounds ALOT like the gun control F—-kers, too!

  6. Globalization requires the end of the Petrodollar.

    The “Climate Change” lie is to bring about a Carbondollar, amongst other things.

    A UN Human Development Report from the 90s is summarized as such:

    We cannot bring Third World nations up to First World nation status. We can, however, bring them up to Second World nation status. This will be done at the expense of First World nations.

    I used to know the exact quote. This is very close.

  7. The hustle was only possible with these guys.

    • You’re good, Man, and getting better but… how do you find the time to chop wood and draw water???


    Thing is, the real issue doesn’t rest on the data, or even the whole thing being bullshit. It would be just as bad if all of it were true. It’s the problem with Pragmatism and how it brought us here—arguing about the validity of the various Great Plans tends to distract from the fact that all Great Plans–at least when they’re for anyone else–are bad.

    If a person isn’t busy enough with his/her own Great Plans, then that person is doing something wrong. Yes, rationality demands that Great Plans require extensive cooperation, but that’s a rather different matter. It arises only AFTER a person recognizes one’s own values are self-owned. Happily, acceptance of responsibility tends to come quickly after that.