Congressional Call For Investigation Into Former AG Lynch & The Hillary Email Debacle

Letter, via Gab.

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Samson option.

Bring it all down.

29 responses to “Congressional Call For Investigation Into Former AG Lynch & The Hillary Email Debacle

  1. “Bring it all down.” yeah, right. where is anyone, even the right wing talk heads; still calling for doj investigations on the former admin.
    imo, the congressional gop is perfectly fine with being labeled as pathetic and doing nothing while getting beaten badly in 2018 and getting trump out in 2020 in order to continue the game and enjoy the lifestyle.
    even guys like gowdy and cruz have been bought imo, they’re all talk today.

    • hummus abedin

      Fuck investigations!
      If equal justice under law
      existed the process would
      involve criminal indictments,
      legitimate trials, convictions, appropriate
      sentences, imprisonment or executions.
      Fuck special panels and the bullshit
      hearings involved.

      • they deserve all of that, but you know that would never happen; all those people in DC are a show.
        hopefully, the people are seeing now that the congressional gop is no better than democrat leaders.

    • hummus abedin

      Gowdy and Cruz were “bought” long
      before Trump announced his candidacy
      in 2015.
      Open your heart to reality and
      life will greatly improve.

      • Spot fucking on man!
        They are just circling the wagons.
        It’s more of the same old “what me?” bullshit hour.
        Except now there isn’t a 12 family banking cartel sock puppet in the offal office.
        The fake traitor media is kaput.
        They got to do something because the natives are really getting fucking fed up with their bullshit.

        Zman called trump The dirt monster. Thats righteous. President Trump is the dirt monster cause its us dirt people who voted him in. Nobody else did.
        When I hear criticisms and complaints about his ability to govern, or question of his character, I think well shit, hows what your bitching about him not being or doing, or not observing worked out for us all all these years?

        I think the guy has a set of fucking balls that clank when he walks. I think the statist-quo is scared shitless of the day when they are exposed as the fucking crooks grifters clowns and morons they are because Mr. Trump has absolutely no fear of them because the guy is an honest dude, and they know down in their slimy little rancid hearts their days are numbered, and as bad as Trump may seem, its a lot better than swinging from a lamp post or standing in front of an on the spot firing squad. Then there’s the Penoche helicopter option.

        I know the guy ain’t perfect, besides the fact you got to have a psychopathic streak to want to be even close to the scum in that swamp because they are a fucking bubonic plague on our country.
        Indeed. No one guy is going to save what America was born to be. Perserving such a thing only happens when people got a reason to get behind leadership without throwing the baby out with the bath water.

        In any case, us dirt people love the underdog who is indomitable, it reminds us of ourselves. Warts and all. Its a start. 65 million of us dirt people picked him, we are gonna stick by him, we know he has no allies in that den of slimy motherfuckers who have bled us dry. Remember who called us “domestic terrorists,( always be careful what you use as identity tactics, there’s the law of unintended consequences you know), trailer trash, deplorable’s, white racists, tea baggers blah blah blah, I never saw or heard a single one of the motherfuckers in government or the fake media utter a word in our favor. Except Donald Trump.
        And lets not get into the jobs industry and wealth of our nation they strip mined.

        Stealth Spaniel put it this way:

        There’s another future and its not dystopian. No matter how much they hate us dirt people.

        • all your rant has proved is that your ‘dirt pee pul’ are dumber than a box of shit. anyone who leaves Fusa to fight anyone shows a lack of basic understanding and are completely devoid of common sense.


          ha ha ha

          there sure is now.

          you bomb, murder, and rape another’s country and you certainly will have created ‘terrorists’…

          the reds ARE smarter, that’s why they are WINNING.

  2. Who was the guy down in S. America?

      • You ever read the history of Pinoche and how he became the leader he was?
        Its pretty fascinating.
        Trump in certain aspects is milder gentler version, in regards also, he was the system of Liberty verses Tyranny trying to balance itself.

      • And brilliant!

        And correct, to the third decimal place.

    • Agree with CA; outstanding! “A portion of the earth’s solution, drawn to scale, on a plane.”

    • Mark Matis

      President Trump has all the balls that the Rove Republican swill in Congress never had. And he has the balls that the past five GOP Presidential candidates never had as well.

    • Pinochet may yet become as synonymous with his method as Guillotine.
      Nice graphic.

  3. hummus abedin

    Much ado about nothing.
    The activities of a garden slug
    offers more political honesty
    and daily accomplishments than
    the entirety of DC.
    The rule of law and equality
    of justice is long dead in America.
    However, if you are of the deplorable
    dirt people, fedgov will continue to
    law and order the fuck out of you.

  4. In the 1930’s there was a Finnish counter revolution where a large number of Commie Professors disappeared from their jobs never to return. The same was true when Hitler invaded the Scandinavian countries and the old governments went into hiding, lots of commies disappeared from local positions as well and were never seen again

  5. The Romans had the same problems. Trouble is, when the list gets too long, cumbersome, and expensive, other methods of dealing with the enemies of the state become, naturally, more fluid and simple. When the heads roll, and the bodies are disposed of, things quiet down nicely, only EVERY ONE gets quiet, because they all got the message. That’s the point at which those in power have a free hand, and every one else has nothing free. Tyranny and Despotism are just around the corner. Staying out of the Black Maria will involve keeping your mouth shut. I know nothing, I see nothing………

  6. I hate to disappoint those of you who still believe in the hologram of justice in FUSA but nothing will come of this. Nothing. The path leads to places neither side of the aisle will ever go out of a sense of self preservation. Those who’ve stumbled down the path to far end up like Gary Webb (RIP). Hill n Slick are not going down like that. Over a hundred dead folk and counting were not available for comment.

    • Nothing lasts forever Tom. And they know to a man its shit or get off the pot time. The reasons are manifold. Eventually the “elites” run out of fingers to plug the holes in the dike.
      The tide has turned.
      Its never going back to the good old days for them. The only way is to bide enough time, stall and dissimulate long enough and try to turn this country into enough of a banana republic to keep the dirt people down.
      other to some fantasy private islands, where they going to run? The world is a tiny village now. Shit a handful of brilliant autistics on Reddit run circles around the NSA and the combined corporate conspiracy of information of the 5th column media. Their hope & change savior is too busy snorting pure coke and taking a dick up his ass in some tropical enclave.

      But you got to ask, where’s the resources of people within the permanent government necessary to go that route of banana republic? Sure theres psychopaths like the FBI hit squad, but they are only good for executing ranchers on deserted roads or using tanks with flame throwers to crispy critter woman and children in concrete bunkers.
      None of those back door funded hit squads have the manpower to get more than a few strikes in till the advantages of illusion of being “law” enforcement evaporates.
      The .mil? Not for nothing, 10 years and those stone age goat herders with a ball of rice and a couple magazines for their AK’s are still fighting.
      What are they going to do, or how will they fare if they take Jade Helm to the live ammo level.
      Its the pertinent questions here.
      They can barely manage a hundred pissed off Ranchers and friends. They totally dropped the ball on election 2016. Caught them with their dicks in their hands. The money is done runned out, they get by through check kiting and using one credit card to pay off the others.
      They are “up on the tiny wire” as Leon on Russell sang.
      And all along the watch tower is no longer prophecy.
      The hour is getting late.
      Even though its a “uniparty” the agendas and special interests are no where near being conducive to solidarity among the political elites worthy of the totalitarianism required to stop the revolt of withdrawal of consent thats brewing, that in its tacit form was all thats ever granted them power, they can’t even co-ordinate how to fuck us over anymore. One guy with with funny hair has got them by the short and curly’s.
      They can’t vote to end obamacare, yet unanimously voted to sanction the Russians? Are you kidding me? They think somehow that will rally enough suckers in this country to help somehow? Thats desperation. A long way from the glory days of unlimited budgets and unimpeded selling the seed corn to feed the strip mining machine.
      Its disarray, and the old guards are long in the tooth, the new dogs are ideologues, too late to the strip mining party, the old dogs aren’t going to relinquish the little real power and grift they still run.
      Its a ship of fools floating down the Potomac in a leaking sinking soapbox.

      • Another gem of rant, Mt F, and right the hell on.

        Sick unto nearly death, I am, of all the chickens fuckin’ little. They’re all scared THEY might get killed along the road to where ever.

        Every body gets dead sooner or later, it’s more a matter of how and why, than when.

        “Its a ship of fools floating down the Potomac in a leaking sinking soapbox.”

        Prophecy, with explication, from forty years ago:

        Ship Of Fools
        Grateful Dead

        Went to see the captain, strangest I could find,
        Laid my proposition down, laid it on the line.
        I won’t slave for beggar’s pay, likewise gold and jewels,
        But I would slave to learn the way to sink your ship of fools.

        Ship of fools on a cruel sea, ship of fools sail away from me.
        It was later than I thought when I first believed you,
        Now I cannot share your laughter, ship of fools.

        Saw your first ship sink and drown, from rockin’ of the boat,
        And all that could not sink or swim was just left there to float.
        I won’t leave you drifting down, but woh it makes me wild,
        With thirty years upon my head to have you call me child.

        Ship of fools on a cruel sea, ship of fools sail away from me.
        It was later than I thought when I first believed you,
        Now I cannot share your laughter, ship of fools.

        The bottles stand as empty, as they were filled before.
        Time there was and plenty, but from that cup no more.
        Though I could not caution all, I still might warn a few:
        Don’t lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools.

        Ship of fools on a cruel sea, ship of fools sail away from me.
        It was later than I thought, when I first believed you,
        Now I cannot share your laughter, ship of fools.

        It was later than I thought when I first believed you,
        Now I cannot share your laughter, ship of fools.

        Songwriters: JEROME J. GARCIA, ROBERT C. HUNTER

  7. Remember that 21 trillion debt is in the RED. Not to mention
    the unsecured over lever-edged derivatives

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  8. ” Like Steinbrenner, Trump is an unpredictable and often impetuous boss.”

    Well, Thank God! I did not vote for the man because he gets along with anyone. If I wanted that, I would have voted Jeb! I want those bastards and bitches to be uncomfortable, swimming against their luxiourous tide, and hopefully-drowning in their excrement. Unpredictable is a fabulous thing where gators and other slithery things live. Let a few of them disappear in the swamp; many on our side were killed by the enemy for sport. God used Nehemiah and I am perfectly willing to let him use Trump. Trump is not here to save us, but he is buying us time.
    Use this reprieve wisely.

  9. Issa and Gowdy are responsible for how many indictments ? ……

    cue crickets

    the dickless, ‘nadless, metro soyboys of RINOpia will do squat, except receive more backhands and contempt from the Left.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Of course, neither Issa, nor Gowdy, actually has the authority to indict anyone, so…..

  10. Someone needs to publish a list. A list with pics.

  11. I admire that Samson Option . Folk tend not to fuck with you .

  12. Investigations? Eat my balls.Name one dirty cocksucker in recent memory who has been tried and convicted of treason. None.And none will be convicted.What a bunch of spoon-fed bullshit.

  13. The Forrest of Justice waits for the Guilty

  14. Wrong baseball bat pic; or at least, you mighta should have put these up sequentially:

    You get farther with a kind word – and a gun – than you do with a kind word alone.