Luttwak: 16 Years Of Trumps?

Very interesting.

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  1. just murka needs-NOT!

    another fuckwit loser lifelong tax trough feeding militard dumbass..

    lifelong scumbag criminal

    does anyone else see how fucked up drumpf and his circus is?

    this shit is going to end real bad.

    whenever you put a militard lifer in charge of anything besides latrine clean-up, you will have a disaster-guaranteed. after all, defeat is all they know…

    and the dumb’d-down pee pul cheered….

    • Kudos, Betsy Butthurt.
      After being beaten over the head with them for some months, you’re learning how to make a point that doesn’t rely solely on your pre-literate rantings.

      Of course, we’re talking about you, so it’s a given that it’s a ridiculous point, ineptly attempted, but you get an A for effort in making a stupid case more artfully than anything you’ve mustered to this point.

      Now, show us on the doll where Donald Trump gave you the butthurt.

      After the slap fight this week between former Chief of Staff/RNC tool Priebus and new hand-picked Trump Communications Director Scaramucci, Priebus’ days in the West Wing were numbered. Most folks, even on the Right, see dumping the guy who was clearly the leaker In Chief, and spent all of 2016 trying to prevent Trump from getting the job in the first place as a net positive. Pull your head out and smell the oxygen. You seriously thought that “You’re fired!” was just a reality-show meme, and not Trump’s SOP, for his whole effing life???

      If reality, and the military’s recognition of your worth, hadn’t prevented you from becoming the supertrooper you’ll never be (except in your own self-masturbatory fantasies), you wouldn’t likely have such a kneejerk loathing of all things military, by people who – unlike you – could actually cut the mustard for more than five minutes.

      There’s no shame in accepting reality, even if you’re second-rate.
      So get over it, man. They kicked your sorry broken ass to the curb thirty years ago. Time to move on and get a life. Rub some butthurt crème on that scar, and fight through the pain. You’ll be a better man for it. And you’ll save hundreds of dollars not having to wear Depends pull-ups any longer.

      It’s never too late to potty train yourself.

      • you statist puddle of fuck.

        you loves you some bs leader to show you the way too- Huh?

        can’t seem to do anything without big brother holding your hand and picking your pocket?


        go eat some shit and then go straight to .gov worship services.

        i have an idea dumb ass. why don’t you go back to the Retardo Report and field all them magical ‘hits’ you think so important.

        Gdamn you’re dumb.

        • Off your meds again?
          Sounds like I struck a nerve. What’sa matter, the military wouldn’t let you play anymore, so you’ve spent your entire life since then trying to pay them back?
          So, I’m just spitballing with this, but it stands to reason your dog-whistle anti-cop rants are because they wouldn’t let you play either, after getting booted from Big Green. Sucks to be you, huh?

          But still butthurt about it after all these decades? You’re packing an awful lot of stress for something that happened when…who?…Reagan? was still president.
          Seriously, let it go. You’re going to stroke out. And then, as predicted, only be good for haunting houses.

          And calling me a statist? Sh’yeah, as if. When you let it slip that you’re sucking on .gov’s teat for your monthly disability checks, you kind of undermined your antigovernment pose. Now post us another fawning love letter about how the People’s Republic of Kanada is superior.

          I have to tell you, adding schizophrenia to your problem list is only going to complicate things for you. No matter how fun it is to watch.

    • “I have been fortunate to have served my country for more than 45 years”

      what a LOWLIFE piece of shit. 45 fucking years of sucking off my and everyone else’s tax dollars and doing absolutely NOTHING for it.. these types of despicable pond scum parasites need their all of their assets seized and then be thrown in jail at hard labor- FOREVER.


      I’m so tired of this shit. right down to the vermin county workers and postal filth…


        does anyone see what’s coming here to Fusa?

        an authoritarian regime filled with rednecks, military flunkies, and headed by a creepy orange colored comb-over who’s in bed with the israhelli banksters and assorted other criminal filth.
        July 25, 2017 “Information Clearing House” –

        The horrific execution by police of an Australian woman in her pajamas that took place last week in Minneapolis has again produced a torrent of criticism over killings initiated by law enforcement in situations in which the officers are in no way threatened. America has always been a violent place relative to much of the rest of the world, but even so there has been a noticeable shift in how, since the trauma of 9/11, some policemen believe themselves to be superior to and detached from the society they are supposed to be protecting. And the public is reciprocating, seeing the police frequently as a force that is no longer there to serve the people and instead something that should be feared. Even in the upper middle class predominantly white county that I live in, residents not infrequently discuss the increasingly visible and aggressive police presence. It is widely believed that arguing with cops or showing even the slightest attitude in contacts with them is done at one’s peril.

        Even in low crime parts of the country, the police are able to deploy fully armed and equipped swat teams that are more military than civilian in their threatening demeanor as well in the body armor and weapons they carry. Many cities and counties now have surplus military armored vans for crowd control even if they have no crowds. Armed drones are increasingly becoming part of the law enforcement arsenal and it sometimes appears as if the police are copying the military as a model of “how to do it.”

        The various levels of government that make up the United States seem to be preparing for some kind of insurrection, which may indeed be the case somewhere down the road if the frustrations of the public are not somehow dealt with. But there is another factor that has, in my opinion, become a key element in the militarization of the police in the United States. That would be the role of the security organs of the state of Israel in training American cops, a lucrative business that has developed since 9/11 and which inter alia gives the “students” a whole different perspective on the connection of the police with those who are being policed, making the relationship much more one of an occupier and the occupied.

        The engagement of American police forces with Israeli security services began modestly enough in the wake of 9/11. The panic response in the United States to a major terrorist act led to a search for resources to confront what was perceived as a new type of threat that normal law-and-order training did not address.

        Israel, which, in its current occupation of much of Palestine and the Golan Heights as well as former stints in Gaza, southern Lebanon and Sinai, admittedly has considerable experience in dealing with the resistance to its expansion manifested as what it describes as terrorism. Jewish organizations in the United States dedicated to providing cover for Israeli’s bad behavior, saw an opportunity to get their hooks into a sizable and respected community within the U.S. that was ripe for conversion to the Israeli point of view, so they began funding “exchanges.”

        Since 2002 there have been hundreds of all-expenses-paid trips including officers from every major American city as well as state and local police departments. Some have been sponsored by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has also been directly funding trips since 2008, explaining that “As a people living under constant threat of attack, the Israelis are leading experts in security enforcement and response strategies.” The intent? To “learn” and “draw from the latest developments” so the American cops can “bring these methods back home to implement in their communities.”

        AIPAC has several pages in its website dedicated to security cooperation between the two countries. It asks “Did you know? In May 2010, 50 retired Generals and Admirals wrote to President Obama, highlighting the value of U.S. Israeli cooperation.” It goes on to cite an Alabama sheriff who enthuses that “There is no other country [Israel] that shares the same values and overarching goal to allow others to live in peace.” Regarding airport security, it also quotes a U.S. “security expert” who states “We should move even closer to an Israeli model where there’s more engagement with passengers…We’ve just stated to do that at TSA…” Indeed. That’s called profiling and pre-boarding interrogations.

        Even the federal government has gotten onto the Israel bandwagon, perhaps not a surprise given the number of Israel Firsters in Congress. In 2003, the Department of Homeland Security established a special Office of International Affairs to “institutionalize the relationship between Israeli and American security officials.” The New York City Police Department has a branch in Israel and carries out frequent exchanges.

        It should be noted from the git-go that Israel is no more knowledgeable about possible responses to acts of terror than is anyone else. The techniques employed to create physical barriers, to develop sources for intelligence gathering, and to train in tactical responses are quite familiar to anyone who has studied modern-style terrorism since it emerged in Western Europe in the 1970s.

        Most countries that have a high or even moderate risk level deriving from terrorists, either domestic or foreign, have recruited and trained special police and paramilitary forces that are familiar with the basic techniques and are quite capable of responding. Ironically, even though the United States government and local police forces have tended to look at the “real pro” Israelis for guidance, state of the art resources for learning about how to deal with terror are available right here at home. JSOC has teams that are every bit as effective – and lethal – as anything the Israelis can muster and the CIA and FBI together know far more about terrorists and how they behave than do the ideologically driven Mossad and Shin Beth.

        The American policemen who go on the “exchanges” are probably only dimly aware that what they are being shown is part of Israel’s military justice system, which has nothing to do with Israeli criminals, but instead is designed to keep the lid on the millions of Palestinians who live in what has become a virtual outdoor prison camp. It is an apartheid police state that uses deadly force as a form of crowd control. And the Palestinian former residents of the lands Israel now holds are the “terrorists” that Israel is protecting itself against.

        You can bet that the American guests for their part clearly do not realize that they are being trained as prison guards and you also can be sure that they never catch so much as a glimpse of the 300 child prisoners that Israel continues to hold without charges.

        Israel’s reputation for “dealing with” terrorism has in any event been glamorized by the Israel-friendly media and entertainment industry while also being promoted by Jewish organizations. It has meant in practical terms that many of the contract security firms operating at airports in the United States and Europe are Israeli. They have also infiltrated state Homeland Security agencies and corporate security in the U.S. Many of the Israeli companies with offices in the United States work closely with Mossad and might reasonably be considered arms of the Israeli government.

        Where Israel really excels is in its willingness to kill large numbers of Arabs of all ages and genders using the excuse that they are terrorists. It does so with impunity because Israeli courts almost never hold the army and police accountable for whatever they do. It might reasonably be suggested that when American police officers go through their training in Israel they acquire at least a bit of that attitude from their instructors.

        No Advertising – No Government Grants – This Is Independent Media
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        Recognizing that Israel is not exactly a model to be emulated when it comes to the human rights of its Palestinian victims, there is alternative viewpoint which suggests that American law enforcement might just be learning the wrong things when it travels to Israel. Amnesty International asks “With Whom are Many U.S. Police Departments Training? With Chronic Human Rights Violator Israel.” It notes that last August when the Department of Justice documented numerous violations by the Baltimore Police Department the report failed to mention that policemen from that city had received training in Israel.

        Amnesty makes clear what we are dealing with when our policemen are being trained – “…military, security and police systems that have racked up documented human rights violations for years…carrying out extrajudicial executions and other unlawful killings, using ill treatment and torture (even against children). Suppression of freedom of expressions/association, including through government surveillance, and excessive use of force against peaceful protesters.”

        And actually, it is worse than that. The American visitors will be welcomed to contemplate the Potemkin village miracle of a democratic, multicultural, inclusive, clever Israel. They will not be allowed to see how the soldiers training them, representatives of “the most moral army in the world,” force Palestinian women to give birth at military checkpoints and watch their babies die, shoot Palestinian teenagers as they are running away for throwing stones, drag men and women out of their beds and kill them while terrorizing their children and dragging them off to jail during midnight raids.

        Amnesty’s article documents many of the abuses by Israeli security forces and concludes that using “Public or private funds spent to train our domestic police in Israel should concern all of us. Many of the abuses [in the U.S.] parallel violations by Israeli military, security and police officials.” I would also add that the training provided by JINSA, ADL and the AJC is also partly on the American taxpayers’ dime as the organizations are all tax exempt.

        Finally, Israel’s ability to market its state sponsored brutality has even become a form of light entertainment. A company in Israel called Caliber 3 that was set up by a reserve colonel in the Israeli army is offering what has been described as a two hour “boot camp” counter-terrorism experience. It includes a life size target consisting of a man in Arab attire holding a cell phone. The mostly Jewish American audience ponders if he should be shot, but the instructors eventually intervene and declare that he does not quite meet the standard for being killed. Visitors are also treated to simulations of Israeli commandos taking down terrorists and can even shoot live rounds from a semi-automatic weapon at a firing range. Ironically, the Caliber 3 gated compound camp is located in the Gush Etzion settlement bloc on the West Bank, land that was stolen from the Palestinians.
        This article was first published by Unz Review –

        Statement on President Trump’s Call for Police Brutality on Long Island
        Author Jonathan Blanks Posted on July 28, 2017

        In a speech about criminal gangs before police officers on Long Island, New York today, the President of the United States openly encouraged police officers to abuse people they arrest and take into custody. Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star tweeted that President Trump explained that didn’t want officers to protect suspects’ heads when putting them in police cars, saying “You can take the hand away,” which drew the officers’ loud approval. Concurrent reporting from Asawin Suebsaeng of the Daily Beast confirmed that the call for police brutality drew “wild applause.”

        The president’s comments are disgraceful and anathema to responsible policing and the Rule of Law. Causing intentional injury to a handcuffed suspect is not only against police procedure, but is a federal crime for which police officers have been sent to prison. What’s worse, the reaction of the crowd of officers should strike fear into the heart of every parent on Long Island, particularly those of black and Hispanic young men who fit the stereotypical description of the gang members President Trump described.

        In the name of law and order, the president made a mockery of the Rule of Law in his call for illegal violence against presumptively innocent suspects. It is a shameful day for the presidency and police agencies across the country should condemn the president’s irresponsible and indefensible comments in the strongest possible terms.

        Now, I’m off to enjoy some FREEDOM in wholesome, pollution free- Canada.

        God bless Canada and it’s recognition of human rights and personal liberty.

        FUCK Fusa.

        • So now all you can do is add cut-and-paste to your repertoire?
          Too lazy to even post your own rants, now you’re dependent on people more literate than you. Pity it has fuck-all to do with the post topic, but for you, that’s par. Keep barking to the dog whistles going off in your head.
          And by all means, keep telling us how the socialist paradise above the 49th parallel is superior to life down here. But stop teasing us. How will we ever miss you if you won’t go away?

          • your opinion means –


            your ranting drivel impresses no one except a few morons and even less worthy- wymin… maybe you should start a sewing circle or bake club with them.

            what an idiot.

            now go to work, perform and your pathetic job,.. no doubt your place of slavery is filled with mostly delusional retards like yourself who look up the great nobody… Hey-sap.


  2. Article was well-written and, on a grass-roots level, he gets it RE the car affordability thing as a barometer; the result of which has been that the car makers are willing to do almost anything to get some young dumbass locked into debt for 5-7 years when they should be banging the principal on their mortgage every 2 weeks. Still, it’s gubmint; I’m not betting that even repeal of any of those regulatory ball & chain affairs would cause a car-maker to reverse course & lower the price of a new vehicle. Like a .Gov program, once taken, it’s a direction in perpetuity.

  3. Northgunner

    Second picture: “But Daaady!!..climate change and transfags in uniform..Jared promised me you would!!”

    More psycho kabuki imperial theater…

    Are you not entertained…

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  4. I just bought a cherry 2004 4X4 w/60K on the clock for 7K. One does not have to go into debt for a ride

  5. Lost me by the third paragraph. Lunatic manifestos hold no appeal.

    Anyone seriously positing Ivanka Trump will go from daughter to POTUS in one jump has been smoking his own actual shit, to the point of permanent and irreversible brain damage.
    (cf. any and all Leftards seriously proposing Chelsea, for…anything.)


    Ivanka? Not even if the franchise for the entire country were restricted to Trump’s immediate family.

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    Sure, it *could* happen. The Yellowstone Supervolcano *could* blow tomorrow. A gamma ray burst from a supernova *could* hit Earth on Columbus Day. Biz Markie *could* become a virtuoso opera singer. I’d put all of them at about the same level of probability, though.

  7. Let me know when the folks from Tejas let someone else take the wheel. Ain’t happened yet and ain’t gonna happen. Anyone who thinks Trump is a wildman going off script please go watch the Zapruder film 10x and do not pass go.

  8. Soooo….

    The government run by (((special interests))) that screwed the majority of it’s slaves by driving them into the dirt inevitably leads to the election of the first (((special woman)))???

    I fail to see this logic-train making it to the station.

  9. Luttwak – the who in Gulf War I predicted US losses of over 50,000 in attacking Iraq / Kuwait – seriously? Having your predictions bear some relationship with reality is obviously not a requirement to be a pundit.

  10. Lolzozozoz a woman president.


  11. The left still mourns it’s loss. Tony Fat Ass from Toronto for prez 2020.

    • yet another statist who yearns for a master and still more gubbermint.

      you have a very long way to go.

      you still don’t ‘get it’ huh?