Between A Cuck And A Sperg Place

Thoughts on what is arising, given widespread acceptance of the Red/Not-Quite-As-Red political reality.

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  1. “Another factor that is important here is recognizing caste. We need a social order with aristocrats, serfs and freeholders so that we can rein in the bad instincts of our people.”

    That about sums it up.

    Or, as St. Thomas remarked in his treatise De Regimine Principum, “The rule of one is best.”


    • Except that monarchy & hereditary nobility is a horrible system, with little stability. This wasn’t a big deal when devasting half the countryside meant it would take 20-30 years for the other half to breed enough to resettle it. Now that infrastructure is so much more important, civil wars every 2-3 generations would not be acceptable.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Sure, in theory, the benevolent dictator is a great idea – it’s highly efficient, and it benefits everyone. One slight problem, though – the theory and reality of dictatorships usually differ rather extensively.


  3. What I think will happen is that the “spergs” will wind up with the most air time, ink, and influence. One or more of them will come forward to make promise after promise, if they’re just given a free hand and the power to make things happen. After ten years of Hitlers’ SA and SS promoting street fights, murder, and mayhem, the German people were more than ready for someone to introduce law an order, peace and tranquility, stern measures as opposed to namby pamby. They wanted the rule of the Kaisers back, when a strong man pointed, TPTB, ground forward, and miscreants were hauled off to prison, or execution. In other words, opposed to the thuggery and instability they wanted a police state. I’d bet a great many in this country would clamor for it.

    • The SA were formed in response to the true promoters of violence, the Bolsheviks. Or as we call them now, “antifa.” People wanted a strong ruler to end many horrible aspects of the Weimar republic, street violence probably wasn’t a major concern.

  4. cousins?

    half brothers?

    fucking losers.

    and these inbreds are leading Fusa to its end…

    • Northgunner

      Like I’ve been saying for years, when one cones to the realization that “you OWN yourself” one realizes that the parasite class isn’t needed nor is it even desirable.

      The parasites like those pictured and their enablers and enforcers can all FOAD!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • Northgunner


        Damn auto fill

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

      • but there are retards like that goofball sfc barry/// parasite who think its the bee knees…

        what a dumb ass.

        fools like him and his supporters are the reason Fusa can’t win a war..

  5. The last time I saw that much drool in one place, it was the Unabomber’s manifesto.
    Or maybe it was T-bag’s. It’s hard to tell them apart.

    The guy is mumbling about derp so inside baseball that even Dennis Miller’s researcher doesn’t know what he’s getting at.

    • dude.

      the only one who cares about your drivel is wm…

      and he’s taking a nap.

      go away and leave the grown-ups alone.

      no one wants your statist bullshit.


      you are at the wrong site…

      go hang out at dodges cop/rank love fest or something.

      WRSA is about freedom not bootlicking.

      get a clue loser.

    • Missed replying to you Aesop.
      The fellow who runs 90 Miles From Tyranny posted that agitprop couple days ago. I thought it was outstanding also.
      Probably has probably passed into synonymous.
      Thats why we like it.
      Synonymous with Pinochet is probably it will be a most suitable of methods amongst a plethora of methods.
      Its unquestionably a target rich environment.
      And if things progress to the stage where these things become actualization, the solution to taking care of each of the individuals will be methods that assure not only certainty of desired results, there will be the BFYTW method of assuring the participant in question has a brief moment to reflect in no uncertain terms the solution is irrecoverably, suddenly, and rudely, very final.

      • you’ve outed yourself once again.

        anyone who agrees with Ass-sap is as dumb as him.

        you and your cheesy page long rants along with your stupid ass memes are worthless drivel, but you two homos carry on. retards have to retard.

  6. Alt-Right is like Liberty in the sense if you want it you have to do things many aren’t willing to do.

    The author may be kind of barn blind, Alt-Right has morphed rapidly, the zeitgeist is brunching out and solidifying in ways the author may not be aware of or recognize taking place.
    Not included in his equation are what you might call alternate alt-right zeitgeists, in other words Hard-Right/The Men of The West. They seem to me to be the meat and potatoes of the zeitgeist. They embody The nine Great Virtues, principles of Christianity, abhors revised history and dares to delve into understanding Political Polytheism and its role in how the west in particular America has evolved, what has been lost and must be regained and retaken, there’s a component of BFYTW within its warrior/patriarchy ethos. Legacy, Patriarchy, primal rights, is essential to Hard-Right and The Men of The West. The classic family and tribal, Kith & Kin Matriarchy has its definite place. I guess you could say there’s a shitlord factor too.
    There’s nothing laid out as to an “ideology”. Its the heart & mind, body & spirit, the spartan and the stoic ways of philosophy, aspects of Agrarianism, the provincial humble nobility of The Sacrifice and the whole armor of God, all an influence, there is a certain holistic embrace of components of all mentioned. Its shaping into something of a zeitgeist all its own.

    I think this is a righteous selection of the Hard-Right/Alt-Right/The Men of The West which embody and offer a rich banquet of thinking and being:

  7. Rumor has it when Jeb and W were kids,HW would chase them around the house shooting them in the ass with a BB gun. Who knows what else he did to them. 😂