Brushbeater: Basics of Personnel Recovery for Preppers and Survivalists

Read, learn, and practice.

The examination will not be graded on a curve.

5 responses to “Brushbeater: Basics of Personnel Recovery for Preppers and Survivalists

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  2. MIghty good stuff/advice. The reality is that when things DO go sideways, you’re not going to be able to navigate and migrate where ever you want like you used to do. Even one block can be fraught with peril, so TRAIN! And one thing that needs to be said, over and over, noise discipline. Don’t be shouting at one another like the assholes in a SYFY movie, learn how to really whisper and use hand and arm signals. I have one son I could take with me anywhere, and never worry about noise discipline, and another that I wouldn’t let move ten feet with me until his mouth was duck-taped. Break noise discipline just once in the wrong place, and you could die. BrushBeater has good advice in this post, take it to heart, comrades.