CNN Learns They Have Lost The Meme War (Along With Their Raison d’être)


11 responses to “CNN Learns They Have Lost The Meme War (Along With Their Raison d’être)

  1. F**king awesome.

    Somebody timed the lines to the rants especially well.
    The farce is strong with this one.

  2. feeling gay fly over?

    Fly by, over, fly over. Roger that! Over! Get the message?

    When Johnny comes marching home again, brew ha! brew ha!
    We’ll give him a hardy welcome then, brew ha! Brew ha!
    The men will cheer and the boys will shout
    The ladies they will all turn out
    When Johnny goes marching home for the last time, Brew Ha! Brew Ha!

    And let the soldier have his day, and we’ll all feel gay?

    When Johnny come machining home again, BREW, Ha,HA, Ha, HA, HA, Ha!

    Seems the only way get a politician to go home and stay there is to show him the Pearly Gate, thank you for your service John, now Go Country Joe fish.

    And , it’s one, two, three, what are fighting four, don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn, next stop is the Rio Grand.
    And it’s five, six, seven, open up them pearly gates, there ain’t no time to wonder why, Johnny’s gonna fly. Brew Ha Ha Brew Ha.

    I want Johnny’s JOB! No matter if I AM not from Arizona, I have no EXPERIENCE in government, I have NO credentials and will probably not pass a drug test, least a psychological evaluation, yet give my true intent, aaah but, My Country Tis of Me, sweet land of Liberty, they may not understand a need to carry either, carry on. My qualification are as follows I AM NO BODY and I Know NOTHING! However, have a GOD given gift of KNOWING Bull Shit when I see it. Further I would crank up the old UN American Activities Committee again and demand that each and every represented and senator and their subordinates, swear allegiance to the Flag every day on camera, with a So Help Me GOD! And those that don’t, be physically removed from office to the nearest gutter where they belong, So Help Me GOD!

    However, I AM not ni eve enough to be leave, that anyone can inflect the appropriate pain required to put a stop it. It being the machine. The machine has many moving parts and all well fueled and oiled, backup systems for the backup systems, redundancy for redundancy, too plan Z. What they didn’t plan on was Plan ZERO. Now you may ask what plan ZERO is, but first we have to define what is, IS, then we can move on to ZERO. Remembering that most people have the attention span of less than 30 seconds they need be reminded of past aggressions and transgressions repeatedly, with no intent to be gender specific, however, not so long ago the whole gay thing was in the closet, for good reason, them being perverts a pretty good reason in my book. Movie time pop porn and perverts, and we’ll a have a gay od time, won’t we? GET BACK in the DAMN Closet! Them then the whole black and white racists thing, what should we do? Let me suggest a fight to the death. But first, I would ask the question, what are WE fighting for? Don’t ask ME, I don’t give a damn, next stop I’m gonna can your ham! And it’s five, six, seven, open up them Pearly Gates, Well,,, there ain’t no time to wonder why, Wooo pee, ya,ll gonna die. But seriously, how did you black guys go from the Christianity of MLK, we shall overcome, to Malcolm X Nation of Islam, all white men should die? You see Mr. X preached a different religion but, only later in life realizes it was not just about black and white, it was a belief. Short of that, let’s have at it, shall we? Yet I do in jest fight not the object, but a pretty good show, and ya know them what? Joe, ain’t gonna tell ya, but you should have known that by now, shouldn’t you? I can skip to the ending if you would like, OK, I will, the end…

    After the beginning of the end, perhaps a new beginning, once done away with the silliness we can move on to the future. The future, does not belong to us, it is the generations after that will know the future. Our responsibility is to ensure they have a future, got it? The first thing I would do is reincarnate Hayek and Mises and give them one directive, make it work! Energy? Did somebody say Energy? The elemental nature of stored energy is Hydrogen, hydrogen can be converted to electricity. Imagine that? It is well past time we stop reinventing the art of boiling water! Hydrogen is a pretty good welding gas and has been know to make a pretty good really big boom. As in H boom. Education, re-education, every American will pray to God they will be able to say the Pledge of Allegiance. Isolationism, Protectionism, you bet your ass, as well assets! WE are gonna crank up a whole new machine, the deportables! My suggestion as to where, obviously hell would do, but than again there is China with our complements, here is some cooks, excuse me, I think I meant Crooks!
    You want a fix, you want solutions, you want to a solve a problem. You may want to get outside the boxes you are in and start speaking up, but what to speak about?
    First on the agenda is to define what it is you want. Then how to get it. Say you want to address the sanctuary cities issues of replacement citizens of fighting age young men of middle eastern decent, how would you do that? Don’t know do you? A suggestion here, start by denial of services, cell phone, food, gas, water, you get the idea. Then you have two opposing forces, cops and robbers, while being entertaining, that is not the objective. The objective is those that produce it. You simply round up the producers and the other problems works themselves out, sort of. Another term for the producers is providers, for those that need providing to, here again if you take out the middle management you cut the communications lines between show producers which support the providers of those that require the producers to provide for them. Got it?

    More on later from you WW American III correspondent that brings yo swen.

    Joe x

    PS, You may want to consider the cross on the battle flag, the north is x.

    • Meds.
      You should take yours.
      The screen isn’t really talking to you.
      But the voices in your head are.

      And kids, this is why your teachers (at least, the ones not on LSD) should’ve told you that dropping acid is bad.

  3. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    Leftarded. You dumbed us down. I proof read college papers in Maryland. Even the smart kids are illiterate. In class you get ten or fifteen papers on sexism or racism. Every class no matter the subject. Shakespeare? Racist and sexist. Biology? Sexist and racist. Math? Stats are sexist and racist. Its fucking amazing how brainwashed generation Z is. FYI, I’m a 30 y/o Paratrooper. 82nd ABN INF- 2/505 PIR Sadr City 08-09

  4. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    I forgot to mention. They are still winning BTW. Maybe not in Iowa. But I assure you that this is not getting better. If anything its worse. We should have elected Colt and Brown.

  5. Claus Von Sttauffenburg

    This video runs awfully close to saying that the owners and management of CNN are a bunch of failed, wanna-be Hitlers —
    Which is particularly funny, given the fact that their lust for power and will to destruction are just as impressive as that of Hitler, Goring, Goebels, Himmler, Rudolf Hoß (not same as R.Hess), Karl Donitz (don’t forget him), Fritz Hartjenstein, Reinhardt Heydrich, Martin Bormann, klaus Barbie, Roland Freisler, Paul Blobel, Gottfried Feder, et al.

    Anyone who can’t, at this point, see where things would have gone had Hitler — er, I mean Clinton — been elected to the office of President, then they are hopelessly and irredeemably ignorant.

    And now, we’re in the middle of a political Night of the Long Knives, with the Korpsfuhrers of the GloballerSS attacking the legitimately-elected president from every side, in order to seize control of the US Federal Government.

    The Irony here is so deep you could drown in it — A bunch of actual Nazis (National Socialists) are being followed and served by a bunch of claimed “anti-nazis” (ANTIFA) as they seek to seize control over a government even more moribund, and with even more debt and corruption than that of the Weimar Republic.

    Our life as a nation has – for quite some time – been a ‘groundhog day’ of the moment in a horror film, when the shadow of the murderer falls upon the back of the protagonist but they have not yet turned to see their fate…

    Lebe frei oder sterben!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      How exactly is Hillary a “National” Socialist? She’s as internationalist as they come.

      • Claus Von Stauffenburg

        Because, Jimmy, the “internationalists” aren’t all one happy little clique. They agree on the end-state, certainly, just not on who should be in charge when it is reached. They may not be “nationalist” as you and I contemplate it, but they definitely have factions with competing ideas about who will be runnning things and who will be serving whom, and that is as real a form of “nationalism” as any other construction of he word. So yes, in a non-traditional form, they are nationalists, though their “nation” is more of a clique than an entity with it’s outline on the Rand McNally poster in your civics class.

        They don’t -Sig Heil!- in public, or wear facy uniforms, only because that makes them harder to spot, and thus harder to keep track of; and bring to account, should they face -um, shall we say- “setbacks” in their plan. Yeah, they’re rightfully afraid of that teensy little downside possibility…
        Our job, is to stuff that possibility down their throats,
        by any means encessary.

    • Hitler symbolizes everything that is evil, so of course he gets used for things like this. Even though the historical analogy would be Hitler=Trump, HRC=Bolshevik party candidate.

  6. Freiheit uber Alles! Besser todt wie rot.

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