Her Vote Cancels Yours

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I know!

Marco will save you!

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  1. I must be allergic because my finger starts itching

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Funny because I get an itchy dryness in that webbing between my thumb and my pointer. Feels better when I wrap my hand around cold steel though. Remember Gentlemen, The M-7 Bayonet did not kill nearly as many Commies Scum as it should have. Not even close.

  2. sure offisker huckleberry / dodge

    fuck you bitches

  3. Grey Ghost

    I don’t see the boys in blue going door to door in NY and CT yet and those states already passed the register your “assault” rifle or turn it in law. At this point, I don’t think there is a good count on the number of “illegal” rifle owners in CT and NY and I don’t think the cops want to find out either. Lesson learned: The LEFTISTs can pass whatever gun control law they want… but then they have to enforce it. The day the cops start a door to door confiscation campaign will be the day it will be open season on them and any person supporting same.

    Grey Ghost

    • Amen. I was there the day they passed that heinous shit in the Nutmeg. The main “turn in” location was/is located just of 91 north between Farthoard and New Slaven. I travel that quite a bit and was traveling it on the last day before failure to act made you a de facto felon. Trust me, the majority of the states weapons holders chose to risk a felony.

      CT=VZ. Not down the road, now. Watch and learn because “that” is coming here.

    • The LEOs know that doing a door to door would be like playing russian roulette with a six shooter with 4 chambers loaded. They may luck out in doors 1,2,3. But by door 7,8,9 they are losing personnel in the ones and twos with every knock. By door 11 they are drawing straws on who get gets to rush the door. By door 15 somebody is calling backup but nobody answers so it stops.

      None of them want to be the last guy to die for a stupid idea.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Zero Cops I know support any ban on firearms. However, I do meet government stooges who hate guns. Funny Story, We could care less about them, their precious minorities, or their fucking McMansion in the Suburbs. Their super Flammable McMansion.

      • hummus abedin

        I call Bullshit on that.
        Each and every LEO is enforcing the treasonous anti/2A and anti-gun edict on the books.
        Yes, that includes the one’s who claim no support for those edicts.

        • not only are they all corrupt scum, they also protect anyone else connected to the .gov fleecing of the citizenry.

          they’re all in the same thieving, lying, bloated benefits, pension club- and you ain’t in it.

        • Yup – They all follow (ALL & Any) orders for a paycheck – even if that order means violating your rights and killing you in the process.

          Same goes for all the Sheriffs & deputies that violate the constitution on a daily basis by enForcing the state gun laws that are null and void on their face as they all violate the 2nd.

    • Word!

  4. Deplorable B Woodman

    Is “she” willing to pay for the support of the families of the gooberment agents killed while seizing guns?

  5. wendystringer48088

    Typical Liberal progessive thought that has no clue as to the most obvious problems with their bright ideas for a perfect world that would immediately present themselves and the immediate and long term consequences of what would actually happen if certain things they dream of were to actually happen in real life.

    I also like how these people that want the police to “go door-to-door to confiscate guns” – in other words, heavily armed police SWAT teams going around kicking in everyone’s doors, ransacking their homes and taking away their guns (because how else would you do it) – and then complain about a police state. Which is what you would get if that were to happen.

    By the way, “Zinnia Jones” is a transgender woman (born male, taking female hormones, has had some feminizing facial surgery) who’s male name is/was Zachary Antolak. She (I am using this person’s preferred gender pronouns) who thinks she is a lot smarter than she really is,




    Also sadly, I feel that I have to apologize to everyone here for all the crazy transgender (usually male to female) persons out there saying (and doing) stupid and totally crazy stuff.

    They make the 1% of us that really are sane look bad…


    • Perfect comeuppance would be for that person to be SWATTED so that they get a taste of what they wish for other people to experience.

      No need for a WRSA reader to get implicated.

  6. Northgunner

    You can almost hear her protesting outside the recruit shack:
    “I’m Zinnia and I’m a trans-ranger!!!..
    Can’t keep me out..you’ve seen stranger!!!..
    Got my pussyhat on, for Hillary I’ll march with honor…
    Til a moslem beheads me..then I’m a goner…
    How’s a gal to march with all this crap on?!…
    Moldylocks waitin’ for me,..don’t need no ‘strap-on’!!..
    This ’16’s soooo ugly ‘n heavy…I chipped a nail…
    Tried to avoid the PT & qualifications..total fail!!..
    Called for help from my womyns support..
    Debbie Wantzamanswartz said, “Can’t help ya out gurl, my IT guy flew the port!!..
    So I drowned my sorrow with a pbr and a line of coke to snort…
    So no life for me as a rainbow trans-ranger…
    Will have to haunt Walmart as a panhand’ln stranger…

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • anonperson

      ๐Ÿ™‚ Well done.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Did you come up with this on the fly? Well done. I’m a Literature and writing assistant in Maryland. This is brilliant. Mandatory Critique-Needs more hate

      • Northgunner

        Yes I did. Given the target/subject it wasn’t that hard for me to let fly on him.

        Adderall you say,.. No I didn’t know that.
        As for cannabis, personally I favor total decriminalization and far more research into its anti-viral and anti-cancer properties (‘gov’ KNEW about it wiping out ALL cancers since the mid ’70’s; my father died of colon cancer in 2009..if it hadn’t been prohibited he might still be alive today!!). Don’t even get me started on the ‘war on [some] drugs’; what an individual wants to put into their minds or bodies is their biz, the only proviso is they’re totally responsible for the consequences of doing so.

        Speaking of “transgender ideology”
        I think this pediatrician definitely hit the bullseye!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

    • wendystringer48088

      “โ€œIโ€™m Zinnia and Iโ€™m a trans-ranger!!!..”
      Funny little poem that hits the spot on many things. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Only corrections I would make are drugs of choice of that group are cannibus and Adderall…
      Lots of transgender youth are taking meds for ADHD, have autistic tendencies and have ‘eccentric’ or ‘funny’ ways of looking at things. It seems to go with the transgender brain wiring in so many cases that some have wondered if the two are related (transgender being some form of high functioning autism).
      Zinnia is speaks well, seems quite intelligent and is entertaining (if you can stand to watch Zinnia’s YouTube videos and don’t mind the sarcasm like I used to) but like so many intelligent and eccentric people they are so smart that they are stupid. They think everyone else thinks like them and therefore if the other people don’t ‘get it’ then the other people must be stupid. Zinnia is also arrogant and dismissive of others (did I mention sarcasm), which turns people off over time even if they initially thought she was something worth paying attention to.
      There is a great schism between the transgender women who have a military background and/or transitioned in middle age vs the younger transitioners who for the most part take everything for granted, think the world revolves around them and are politically ‘progressive’. Real world life experience matters a lot to knowing what is practical and what would likely result in a FUBAR goat rope.
      By the way, the transgender Soldier/Sailor/Marine/Airman/CoastGuard serving military success stories that the main stream media is using is pretty much people who were total macho guys in the military who then changed genders afterwards, or if they are currently in the military are pretty much all officers or are in jobs that any woman can do.
      Funny how they never seem to ask currently serving or recently seperated biological females who were in the military their opinions on sharing space with a transgender woman. Maybe the current generation of females is ok with it. Matybe they would not enlist or re-enlist if that was a possibility. It’s a question that has to be asked – losing some good people who are transgender vs possibily losing a lot more good people who will stay away / get out to avoid sharing personal space with a transgender person is something that has to be looked at and honestly reported so that a clear headed rational decision based on facts and numbers can be presented.

      • Serious question for post Service people that transition m-f, is it Testosterone burn out?
        A form of PTSD and a coping mechanism?
        I know a bubblehead that is preop and was on attack subs for 20 years.
        Very hawkish on China and the Norks and jihadists but Libertarian on most else.

        • no.

          navy personnel are pre-dispostioned to be queers…

          air farce are a close runner-up.

          • Says the guy who goes to rubber duck flotillas and couldn’t complete a single enlistment….yawn.

            • 2nd enlistment


              and if it weren’t for an asshole like yourself i would have completed my 2nd.

              fuck you loser

              bitch motherfucker.

            • never trust anyone who wears more than 3 stripes.


              they are only ordering you to do something they won’t do, and don’t have to do so why would they? in their eyes you are expendable and they are of higher value- which is complete bullshit. fucking lifers are so brainwashed they really think they are doing something no one else can…

              then why can’t the us military win any conflicts?

              because it is led by Peter Principle graduates.

              e-6 and above are there to suck off the taxpayers until they retire.
              most, finally give up and ETS. then they find they are pretty much useless in the real job market, so they find a .gov job and continue to suck off the taxpayer until they retire.

              it’s no secret these guys never amount to much of anything.

              sure, a few do, but most are washed-up and left begging for some dipshit position at the post office or road commission.

              • Peter Principle definition…

                “In a hierarchically structured administration, people tend to be promoted up to their level of incompetence,” or, as Dr. Peter went on to explain in simpler terms, “The cream rises until it sours.” The Peter Principle has even found its way into Masters of Business Administration (MBA) curriculum.

                The Peter principle is a concept in management theory formulated by Laurence J. Peter and published in 1969. It states that the selection of a candidate for a position is based on the candidate’s performance in their current role, rather than on abilities relevant to the intended role. Thus, employees only stop being promoted once they can no longer perform effectively, and “managers rise to the level of their incompetence.”

            • hence, why you see so many retired sfc /// types.

              e 8-9 are merely paper pushers. who’s main purpose in life is to re-arrange their ‘ribbons’ for imaginary heroism and collect as much freeshit as they can mange until they are pushed out.

              TRUTH. TRUTH. TRUTH.

              Hardly what ‘great warriors’ are made of.

              don’t let these retarded fools bullshit you.

              do a tour, get the training, and get the fuck out.

              there’s gold in them thar hills.


            • SemperFido

              Setting aside the ribbing that Navy and Marines do to each other, some of the bravest motherfuckers I knew in the Corps were Navy Corpsmen.

      • Northgunner

        Hi Wendy,

        Thank you, glad that you enjoyed what I came up with at his expense.

        As for adderall, cannabis and “transgender ideology” please check out my reply above to “theycallmerockstar22” above; I made the mistake of thinking that poster had made those comments when in fact you did..my apologies.

        I think you and others will find what this pediatrician said very interesting and on point.

        As for adderall and cannabis, my thoughts are listed above (only thing to add is that I think making a child take adderall is child abuse!).

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

        • wendystringer48088

          ‘I think you and others will find what this pediatrician said very interesting and on point.’
          Am familiar with various views of transgender identity and agree that exactly what it is, what the cause is and what is best to do about it is not at all settled science and any medical interventions on young people should proceeed with extreme caution as changes in the brain and body during those years are rapid and permanent.
          But it fits the current progressive narrative in support of LGBT rights so it is a big thing right now.
          Funny that when you think about it much of the ‘transgender identity’ movement is really the reinforcement of gender stereotypes (example: my son ‘acts like a girl’ so he must really be a girl inside) so that being weak and acting like a sissy in a boy equals him being a girl.
          While at the same time we are trying to tell pre-teen and young teen girls that it is ok to be a girl, that in our society girls are equal to boys, that it is ok not to conform to gender stereotypes – they can be as feminine (girly) or as un-feminine (tom-boyish) as they wish in their appearance and behavior and life goals, and that they can all be as smart and as strong as they want to be and we expect them all to go on to do great things.
          The usual pep talks you give to vulnerable pre-teen and young teen girls to try to innoculate them against the teenage depression, self-destructive behavior, alcohol and drug use, promiscuous sex, petty crime, and other bad life choices.
          What of the boys who transition to girls at an early age because they acted like girls? How will their trips thru puberty be? (Loved the comment by the doctor that ‘puberty is not a disease’.) Well, I guess we’re going to find out since the young subjects of these experiments are already out there (assuming their stories will be told when they are older).
          By the way, as to Adderral – Generation Adderall – https://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/16/magazine/generation-adderall-addiction.html

  7. I think she’s right…. it would be “relatively uneventful”.

    We’ve seen it here a dozen times; everybody talks a good fight.

    I would judge that one-in-ten-thousand would resist.

    • I believe that somewhere around 140 million Americans own firearms.

      1 in 10,000 would be 14,000.

      If each of those people took one government agent with them, that’s 14,000 of them. That’s actually quite a bit. And I think that 1 in 10,000 is a low estimate.

      • Northgunner

        Following that analogy, if people being preyed upon by the extortionists called the ‘irs’, each took out one of their “enforcement” agents, that wing would be totally decimated and made extinct as there are ONLY 2,000 armed agents; all the rest are bureaucrats and bean-counters! At that point the irs would implode and cease to exist (they wouldn’t be able to hire any replacement thugs..it’d be a suicide move for any applicant).

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

      • Jimmy the Saint

        14,000 isn’t even a rounding error in terms of numbers of government personnel, unfortunately.

    • All righty! So – some quick figures –

      55 miliion gun owners in US – yeah, I know – I just grabbed the first search result

      divided by 10K = 5500 resisters.

      Huh. Well. ~5K is not an insignificant number. Let’s assume you lose 1-2 LEOs at every engagement. 7500 casualties for the OPFOR? That’s going to be a bit of a hard sell to the rank and file. Your pension and dental plan isn’t so attractive when you’re dead.

      Anybody think that these numbers have already been calculated? If they thought they could do it and be successful, they’d probably do it.

    • If my math is right, that’s still 10,000 SWAT deals. Also, some of those who resist would make the FBI Miami shooting look like a squirt gun fight.

    • Yeah, her vote cancels someones (not mine or my wife, sons or daughters or their spouses), but as we all know, the armed man STILL gets to vote. Bet that fool doesn’t realize THAT aspect. Keep gardening, canning, prepping/stacking, training, jamming, loving your family, we are those who will prevail BFYTW.

    • That is still 64000 LEOs lost in the attempt assuming 2 lost per encounter. But quite honestly it won’t even get that high. When the death benefits are forced out of the pension plans that are already due to collapse anyway, the typical PoPo has to wonder is the risk associated with it worth the damage done to their families well being when they are gone.

    • Pure projection, from another limey pussy.

      Just because you “guys” have been pussified forever doesn’t mean we’re all like you over here.

      Find a gun and the guts and take your own nation back from the progs and muzzies (yeah, riiiight), and shut your air intake about that which ye know not.

      I add a hearty Fuck you! but that’s already a done deal “over there.”

      • Firstly … you, me, and everyone else reading this blog, have led lives of unremitting submission to the State. Were it not so, we’d be dead.

        Secondly … it remains a truism that “the best predictor of future behaviour, is past behaviour”. Neither you, your parents, nor your grand-parents has ever lifted a finger in resistance.

        So, I’m saying that “it’s a bit of a stretch” to expect me to believe that you’ll go down in a blaze of hot lead, in a fight that you KNOW you cannot win.

        Because “the next insult” will be the one that tips the balance, won’t it?

        And all this crap about “hiding weapons” and “making them in the garage” is just so much bollocks. If you won’t use the good weapons that you now have readily-available, then it’s vanishingly-unlikely that you will discover untapped reserves of fortitude in ten years’ time. It’s a counsel of despair to even raise the prospect. It does nothing, save provide a further excuse for inaction, and a salve to a bruised ego.

        • bullshit.

          i’ve been a rebel my entire life. even in the army…

          my record is pages long…

          the difference from me to most others is i’m seriously connected and fairly well-off…

          let’s see…

          God Father/Uncle chief of PoopLICE in the big D at one time.

          other uncle, my brothers God Father- circuit court judge.

          another uncle a lawyer.

          cousins are lawyers and judges.

          other uncle was a depukety.

          another uncle was senior Capt for Ford Motor Great Lakes Shipping.

          another uncle was upper mgt. for Chrysler Corp/ friends with Lee Iacocca

          but the real power was on the otherside of the ‘Family’..

          Monteleone, Vario, LaTorre, Rubino, Stramaglia…

          heh. ๐Ÿ™‚

          what’s it like to be a nobody?

          • I bet they were Really Fucking Proud of your bcd. If they were real men they never spoke to you again.

        • You’re correct when you say that hiding weapons does absolutely nothing to actually stop tyranny if you won’t stand up and fight it.

          The thing is, what we’re talking about here is a bureaucracy. And the fact that not everybody is made of what it takes to stand up and fight it out bullet for bullet. There are however – plenty of people in this world who get off on fucking with the system. So you combine the bureaucracy part – which means every “i” must be dotted – and every “t” must be crossed – with a large percentage of the population out there going out of their way to screw with whatever confiscation system that gets setup – and you’ve got a ready made recipe to breed ACTUAL armed resistance.

          It’s long been a tactic of protestors or resistance movements to entice new people into their ranks – by basically setting them up for the tyranny to take a shit on. Bureaucrats only know numbers. If it somehow ends up in the government books that there’s 300 million firearms out there – and they can only find 150 million of them – they’re gonna go nuts trying to find the other 150 million.

          Here in MA we have registration. That means the government knows EXACTLY what firearms have been purchased. I mean that literally – the police have the ability to pull up your ownership list on those little computers they have in their cruisers. So what do you think happens on the day they declare confiscation and half of the guns don’t get turned in? It’s true – you might find your ass in jail if you don’t comply. But if you’re in jail – and you still won’t tell them what happened to the guns – now the bureaucracy has a problem don’t they? How many doors are they going to break down looking for them? How many actually innocent people are going to get shot when they break down those doors? How many people will they piss off as they start losing their shit looking for those guns nobody will give up?

          The point here is – you can fuck with the system – by fucking with the system. Alinsky the damn thing. You don’t need to fight it out on the streets. In fact that might be the most direct line to losing the overall war. The bureaucracy can NEVER effectively respond to the efforts of millions of people to fuck with it in the inventive and creative ways that millions of people will find. A tyranny – will only know to respond with tyranny. That will lead directly to it’s downfall.

          You don’t have to be a goddam SEAL super hero to bring the system down. You just need to fuck with it. Read the damn history books.

        • I am unable to have children in this life.

          That, however, does not preclude trading mine for those that CAN carry on the culture I had grown up with.

          The end of my bloodline will not bee wasted.

    • hummus abedin

      ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘

      I honestly believe the odds are
      far worse than that.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      You are half correct. The boomers with a Porsche and a Bushmaster will roll over. I make 12 bucks an hour, I could give a fuck less about a badge, rank, or title. You know what the real kicker is gonna be? When some Frenchie, Swede, or German digs up Grandpa’s Captured(or um… borrowed) MG-34 or MG-42 with all that belted AP and smokes a mountain of goat fucking ass hands while they do their little “pray of solidarity” on some street. Just wait. I talk to French, U.K. and German Patriots in Europe. We are ready. Just waiting on that window.

      • i’m thinkin the freaks of nature aka LGBT are near the top of the list come cleaning time…

        they are obamanations.

      • Holy shit Brother you need to find a new line of work…You said you were exmil right so why not find a job in the trades so you make a decent wage…

    • William Munny

      There you go projecting your Limey cuckery again BB.
      It’s becoming most tiresome old chap.

    • what “she”? A “she” is a woman, not a male perv playing let’s pretend. You mean, you think IT’S right. Actually, ‘Murka – degenerate as it is – still can’t touch England when it comes to craven surrender to the Jew.gov. Here about 1 in 3 would would resist. Violently. And (((they))) know it.Which is why neither Jew York nor Judeo-mexifornia attempts to actively enforce any of the annual slew of talmudic gun-grab (((laws))).

  8. Or does my vote cancel her’s?

    • Northgunner

      Your vote AUTOMATICALLY cancels his as the only thing he has to shoot off is his mouth while you, I and others have guns and ammo!
      I’ll wager that he DOESN’T even have a gun and doesn’t believe in owning one himself for his “protection”.
      Self selecting for extinction/suicide if you ask me….

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  9. Most leftists with real power realize they can end gun rights more effectively by doing it slowly. Ban a type of weapons here, an extra fee there, registration + fees. Even the inevitable outright ban wouldn’t be rigorously enforced, as that could spark an uprising. If police found firearms in the normal course of business they’d confiscate/ charge the person, but not go out of their way. Eventually as gun owners died off their children would turn in the inherited guns to avoid charges.

    • Yea when you won’t take them out to practice with and stay/become proficient with them then they have in essence controlled you/your gun…Also if the young never get a chance to own them then they will in essence get what they want by attrition…

  10. DILIGAF what this ‘person’ thinks? ‘Her’ ‘vote’ cancels nothing; all ‘her’ vote does is provide one more reason to practice fundamentals of many skill sets.

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  12. Bring body bags………… lots and lots of body bags.

  13. Shes not too far off base with this in afraid.

  14. โ€œZinnia Jonesโ€ is a transgender woman (born male, taking female hormones, has had some feminizing facial surgery) whoโ€™s male name was Zachary Antolak, defended Isis and their treatment of gays recently on Twitter.

    It claimed Isis was attempting to save them, not hurl them off buildings as they threw themselves to their death in despair at male patriarchy. I’m not making this up this is how these people think.

  15. lesson forgotten and needing to be learned once again:

    ‘those who convert their weapons into plowshares will plow for those who don’t.’ t. jefferson

    true then, true now, true forever. dismiss/ignore at your own peril.

  16. Here in the Commiewealth of MA, we have more than our fair share of gun grabbers including more than a few of similar mindset as the manwoman whatever detailed in the OP. The next town over from me had a selectman a few years back who proffered up a similar “solution” to Zippy Jones. When it really started to get debated – I offered up a few very inconvenient facts about what they would have to deal with if they REALLY want to gun confiscation right. Since “they” seem to think it’s going to be easy – and in my experience there’s a pretty high percentage of the population that simply can’t think ANYTHING thru – I figured I would lay out the land so to speak.

    First off – in MA, a ban in a single town – means they have to just pull everybody’s licenses. Because absent a license you can’t purchase a firearm. With no license you are also removing protection from rape victims, victims of domestic violence – etc. Point that fact out and suddenly a bunch of women start going “Oh shit”.

    Next up is pointing out the fact that since people can now build “assault weapons” from 80% lowers – COMPLETELY off the books – the only way to REALLY effectively put a “gun ban” in place – is to ban all sorts of commonly available workshop tooling like drill presses, wood routers, – even drills. Never mind the more sophisticated stuff like lathes and milling machines and so forth – that are actually pretty common in well equipped workshops all over the country.

    The next thing I pointed out was – bringbacks. Anybody who has been involved in the gun community for long enough has heard the stories of people finding old BAR’s, MG42’s – etc….. hiding up in the attic of returned WW2, Korean War, and even Vietnam war vets. Hell – I know even present day soldiers smuggle shit back. So you want a gun ban – well guess what – now you’re searching EVERBODY’s house and tearing the place apart to find all those hidden 80% receivers, all the long forgotten bring backs in grandma’s attic – etc.

    Lay out these details and what you get is the cops themselves saying “Oh fuck” and carefully avoiding the whole subject.

    What you also get is the selectman’s gun ban effort getting shot down quite nicely.

  17. Or someone could just go door to door and start shooting Leftards like this.

    Zachary Antolak
    1412 Barcelona Ct
    Winter Springs, FL 32708-5023

    They’d meet little or no resistance, and it’d be surprisingly uneventful. You just never know what’s possible until you try it and find out.

    Of course, that would be exactly as illegal as what “it” is proposing, but why let things like lawful conduct stand in the way of Getting What You Want, right?

    Fucking lunatics, the lot of them.

  18. Re: gender pronouns – what’s wrong with “it?”

  19. >>>I would judge that one-in-ten-thousand would resist.

    Only one way to really find out. If “they” start going door-to-door… all bets are off.

    The big issue is active vs passive resistance (i.e. immediate and violent versus anything quieter than that). Passive resistance, at least, would be a LOT higher than one in ten thousand. Hope everyone has plans re plausible deniability, and which items to surrender vs which to retain.

    • Exactly.

      Passive resistance will be much much larger than active resistance.

      It ALWAYS is. I’ve been around long enough to remember the stupid 55 mph speed limit. How many people “obeyed” when their radar detector went off – and then sped right back up again to 70mph as soon as you were past the fuzz? How many fast drivers learned to always make sure there’s one idiot out in front who will get caught and let the bear reveal himself – and then went right back to speeding as soon as the “runner” got caught?

      Did the 55mph speed limit ever REALLY make people “obey” ?? I remember it pretty distinctly – and the answer is NO. 55mph caused people to speed up the breakdown lanes, run around the a-holes who thought they were playing Ricky Ranger and driving 55mph in the left lane, by driving 80mph up the right lane.

      I distinctly remember a story – probably from back in the mid-80’s , where the Ohio State Police were doing one of those rolling road blocks and holding back a whole highway’s worth of traffic. That is until some WW2 vet type guy said “fuck this” and passed their roadblock in the breakdown lane – once he was past them he had an open highway and sped up to like 80mph. This caused the troopers to go all Blues Brothers and give up the roadblock and chase the guy. Once they started chasing him – all hell broke loose and everybody else started speeding too.

      Point here is: You can Alinsky the damn system . That shit works going left – and RIGHT.

  20. Wonder how “uneventful,” it would be if someone were to show up at her/his…ITS door, fed up with such talk.

    Actions speak louder than bluster.

  21. it’s hard to believe this would be possible given the number of guns in the usa, but when Texas flips to a swing state in about 10 years thanks to the ted kennedy immigration act; anything the hard left wants will be possible because they’ll have their unbeatable duped minorities winning the presidency from there on out.
    10 years folks to turn it around and I’m not optimistic given the patheticness of the gop today and fizzling out of the tea party, that thing should have been a monster by now if traditional americans really wanted to stop the DC swamp.


    The cops in Taxachusetts had no problems going door-to-door in full ninja rigs after the Boston Marathon “bombing”. This was done with the cheering sheeple on every street corner! Keep in mind, my friends, that if the system really starts to collapse(which I doubt), the ORCS can all be cross-designated as Deputy United States Marshals by an EO. So presidents-elect Kamala Harris or Pocahontas Warren would have the man/woman power to do just that.
    The right set of circumstances(read False Flag) will get the Leviathan the right set of results. Do not hold any illusions about the current state of the FEDGOV under the current POTUS. The fact that the cancer-ridden rat bastard McCain can totter into the senate and keep the criminal scam of Obamacare alive with his one vote, speaks volumes about how we are at the mercy of a system of fascism and collectivism which started with Frank the Cripple and is still ongoing. Bleib ubrig.

    • I had a long conversation with a guy who is on the Boston SWAT team about that day a while back. Even he admitted that the thing was a big clusterfuck.

      One the things I asked him was – and I framed my question by saying “maybe I’m ignorant of reality and have watched too many 1960’s movies about escaped convicts but……….. why didn’t they track that kid with dogs instead of driving down the streets hanging off of tanks?”.

      His response was ” Exactly”. Then he told me that some of the dog teams were tied up doing publicity spots and stupid shit like that. As far as the going around knocking on doors – he said in many cases they did that because so many of the trigger happy idiot cops had been letting rounds fly that they didn’t know if there might be people laying inside their houses shot who couldn’t – or were scared to – actually do anything about it.

      Basically what he said was that day was just a big huge clusterfuck. One thing he told me , which I had never heard before – was that one part of the reason why there were so many cops there was because when the thing went down agencies all over the region sent all their people down to “help”. They weren’t requested – and they weren’t really wanted. Agencies were working against each other – and just going around doing shit just to say they had done something. Again – it was a big clusterfuck.

      Look at it from another angle – look how screwed up that day was – from TWO KIDS. And go back and remember that cop in CA who went nuts a few years back (the one where they shot the two women in the pickup truck). Now imagine what happens if you’ve got an ACTUAL armed resistance. It doesn’t even have to be that many people.

      The whole machine would go into a tailspin.

      Read what Solzenitsyn said about how they should have fought back and how the machine would have run out of men to keep it running pretty quickly.

  23. Jesse James

    People wouldn’t do shit. Actions speak louder than bluster. We don’t disobey now and we won’t then.

    • The Flight 93 Rule says different.
      You get one bite at the apple; about an hour after that, people will start coming after you with butter and steak knives, if necessary.

      Except this time, it’ll be small arms, and better proficiency than most cops ever had on their best day.

      By noon on Day One, we’re out of jack-booted thugs to shoot, and have quite a surplus of well-armed pissed off folks, except now with full-auto ARs and MP-5s, looking to find the people that issued the orders.

      There’s always an epilogue, and tyrants and their minions usually get the last bullet, not the last laugh.

      • That’s what I think.

        They get one bite at the apple and then it’s all over.

        And they don’t have enough people to make that bite national. So if they try it locally – they tip their hand.

      • you actually believe the fairy tale of flight 93?

        G’damn you’re fucking dumb.

  24. life-long civilians will fold in a new york second.

    they never had the balls to fight in the first place.

    double for the married with children, mortgage, and bills- cucks…

    that’s why they demonize the vets.

  25. Notarealperson

    When CA passed the first so-called “assault gun” ban and registration/turn-in. Only 7000 people did so.

    The law was such a failure the Dems and the LEO’s STFU about it. This was the first mass FU to the authorities.

    The cops knew if they tried to enforce it by going door to door, some folks would be waiting in ambush for them. If they thought dealing with low IQ gangsters hopped on coke was bad. Wait until it’s some pissed off cold blooded white guy who can plan stuff out and shoot straight. Oh I’m not talking taking a last stand in ones house. But setting these buggers up with 911 calls to some semi-remote location. Then potting them. Once a couple dozen bought it, the rest of the police would stop showing up.

    • Look what Dorner did to all of SCal – had the pigs running in circles doing all sorts of stupid. Yeah they eventually got him – But just imaging 5000 or 10,000 Dorner’s.

      Shit 100 would put the pigs into a tailspin.

      • And Dorner was a dumbass and didn’t have a plan other than I’m going to kill a few people…You get someone that has nothing to lose cause they have took everything from them and they have a plan and a backup plan then watch a city burn…

      • How about Eric Frein in PA?

    • All true.

      And that was 2,000,000 ARs in CA ago, when there were only about 200K of them.

      They don’t even talk about that anymore.

      • you ass licking wannabe.

        fuck you nurse bitch.

        i have more balls than most all of you.

        that’s why i can do anything i desire.


        go to work loser.