In Re Senator McBrain (R-Glioblastoma)

A career retrospective linkfest.

He will not be missed.

But hey!

At least we got LosZetasCare out of the deal!

14 responses to “In Re Senator McBrain (R-Glioblastoma)


  2. The sooner he resigns or passes the better for the entire country…I only wish he would take Murkowski/Graham/Collins/McConnell and Ryan with him. That is only a partial list of the awful RINOs that infest DC

    What a treasonous lot…

  3. So, songbird, a.k.a. Sen. “Wet Start” (for his fuckup on the U.S.S. Forestall) is about to bite the big one.

    About goddam time. 

    Note that Trump had this cocksucker’s number way back in the primaries and wasn’t afraid to say so.

    And now is the time for my usual gentle benediction for souls like this:

    May he be ass-raped by Mohammed’s thorny cock throughout eternity. 

    Evil bastard.

    (and throw in the power trio of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot to run a train on him just to give ol’ Mo a break now and again.) 

    And include in this eternal gang-rape Alinsky, T. Kennedy, FDR and W. Wilson just for added flavor.

    I will be lighting up a ceegar and pouring some vintage port just to celebrate the day this traitor dies.

    • Thanks for making my day with this comment.

    • Hate to piss on your parade, but despite the distinguished and lengthy list of fucktardery that McCrazy owns, the Forrestal cock-up was owned by an F-4 jock (named Jim Bangert) on the other side of the deck (along with the usual “Chain Of Disaster” responsible for every such incident.)
      You could look it up.

      (Around the 42:45 mark is the payoff on that one.)

      McCrazy was just one of the luckless A-4 jocks who had to bail out over the side of his cockpit onto the deck before the bombs on his Skyhawk cooked off.

      As for the rest, I’ll leave it to others to dig around.
      McCrazy’s been a maximum douche for at least the last 20 years, so having his brain eaten up is as good a thing to happen to him as anything.
      Shame it took so long to happen; could’ve used it 10 years ago.

  4. Hadenoughalready

    Excellent caricature!

  5. Grey Ghost

    Of course he received two silver stars, etc etc etc, both is Father and Grand Father were Admirals. Tons of other pilots and aviators had way more ToT than that silver spoon asshole and they didn’t get 1 silver star. Don’t get me started on the shit I’ve seen Admirals sons get away with. In my opinion, he’s had a permanent case of Stockholm Syndrome since his release from Hanoi.

    Hey John: FOAD.

  6. I always thought when McCain was in the Hanoi Hilton they made him a Manchurian candidate….

  7. Jimmy the Saint

    To dust off an older comment:

    Here we go, cancer; here we go! *clap clap*
    Here we go, cancer; here we go! *clap clap*

    Let’s go, cancer! *clap* *clap* *clap clap clap*
    Let’s go, cancer! *clap* *clap* *clap clap clap*