Molyneux on Awan & Wasserman Schultz

Totally legit.

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  1. I am Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I’m a fuel injected suicide machine. I am the rocker, I am the roller, I am the out-of-controller!

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. hummus abedin

    There is no scandal.
    The rule of law and equality
    is long dead in America.
    Free Walking Weiner plead
    guilty to being a pedophile
    who tried to arrange a sexual
    encounter with a 15 year old female.
    Where is he now?
    It certainly ain’t prison.

  4. Claus Von Sttauffenburg

    This is what you get, once the requirement for being a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ as a mandatory pre-requisite for holding “any Position of Office, of Honor, of Trust or Profit” in the federal government is deprecated;

    Where the term ‘Natural Born Citizen’ is properly construed by the historical legal standard (as described by Black’s Law and other sources for at least the last 250 years) as: A person who is a citizen by fact of their birth in said nation, to two parents who are themselves citizens of that same nation at the time of said birth.

    In the Naturalization Act of 1790, which recognized births outside the Republic [of the United States] as being Natural Born, provided that both parents were Citizens of the Republic; however, such status of being a “natural born citizen” was withheld from those whose father “had never resided in the Republic”. This restrictive clarification was to prevent the transmission of ‘Geniture Citizenship’ to aliens foreign to life in the our Republic – and thus potentially inimical to the autonomy [internationally] and well being of our Republic.

    Bear close attention to the difference between a “Country” and a “Nation” – a Country is defined by its territory and government; but a Nation is defined by the PEOPLE who constitute it… and to dispose a Nation out of their own Country is genocide by any reasonable standard – because a Nation without a Country is ultimately subject to the judgement of power[s] forein to their nature and inimical to their identity. That is why countries have borders, and citizenship requirements, and such things as ‘Natural Born Citizen’ clasuses in their Constitutions and Laws – because Countries are created by Nations; not the other way around.

    By corrolary, the surest way to destroy a Country is to corrupt and displace the Nation which created it. And the best way to inflict corruption and displacement upon a Nation is to impose “Diversity” upon it. Thus have we been destroyed.

    Also in that fact, however, is the key to our restoration – eliminate the “diversity” and restore the Nation: only a restored Nation can restore their Country. Period.

  5. Nothing will come of this. Panem et Circenses writ large. Focus on your survival. Normalcy bias (ie two party horse hockey) will get you killed.

  6. Molynuex DOES realize he’s on the internet, right? If you can’t get your point across in 5 min. or less, it’s not going to be viewed, people do not have 1 hour and 10 min. to piss away, waiting for him to get to the fucking point. I KNOW that these people are corrupt, and that they murder and steal with impunity already, just give us the facts, and let it go from there. The sheer volume of the horse shit that goes on is enough to drown most of the interest in it, and the info needs to be in digestible bites. It’s why privates don’t give or get briefed on, five paragraph field operation orders. They’re just told to ruck up, we’re going on a recon patrol, no contact, no noise. They start drifting off to sleep while you’re telling them the first paragraph. It’s why they’re privates. I used to tell my buck privates to see how much of everything on the recon patrol they could remember, and the one with the best memory of it all, getting a three day pass later. You develop intelligence, and you don’t drown operations with minor information when you do it.

    • The tragedy of the modern media environment is that those of us who can fast-scan a text piece in a few seconds for gist and major points are outnumbered by those who have to have things s-l-o-w-l-y videxplained to them.

      SM (and others) should dual-track, with their vids and an autogenerated transcript for the literate.

      • Edward Everett spoke at the Gettysburg dedication for three hours and 13,000 words; Lincoln was done with his speech there, all 270 words of it, before the photographer could even get his equipment ready to make a photo.

        Molyneux should cut it down to three minutes, and blogpost in-depth discussions for the policy wonks, and podcast the longer stuff for fanboys.

        He breaks Rule One of Every Good Movie/Broadcast Program You’ve Ever Seen: Don’t Tell Me, Show Me.
        It’s a f**king video, not a radio lecture.
        So either he’s tone-deaf in media usage, or he’s simply too lazy to go the extra five feet and make it an audio-video presentation. This is class material from Media 101 from the 1950s, FFS.
        (Actual media guys, like Bill Whittle and Andrew Klavan, for just two easy examples, go rings around the concept. This isn’t hard stuff.)

        Most of what Molyneux says, most days, could be consolidated into infomercials, tops, so one has to suspect at some point that he’s in love with the sound of his own voice.