More Bracken: The Full 26 JUL Show On Hagmann & Hagmann

Per Matt, he comes on at 32:00; intro starts at 31:17.


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  1. Not in at 32:00. Scanned and skimmed and no Bracken to be found.

  2. For some reason the audio and video are way out of sync, I’d recommend just listening. It drives me crazy to see my mouth several seconds behind the sound.

  3. Matt, spot on as usual. For those that do not have time to listen, he stressed how fast things will change in a shtf time for the usa, literally a week from 1st world to 4th or 5th world.
    I cannot stress enough if you have a trip you always wanted to take or something you wanted like a sportscar in your old age, if you can afford to do it now you should. There’s now no reason the usa cannot be changed in a week with a north korea EMP blast or many other things. I have taken 1 of my 4 trips this year and already bought, enjoyed and sold the sportscar I would have bought for myself in retirement as within a couple of years, I may not have those opportunities if things go real bad, real quick.
    BTW, the “corporal klinger” commentary listed at the top of the video clip starts at 26 minutes of the 3 hour show; nothing to do with trump or a bracken comment; just a comment at how far the usa has fallen.

  4. hummus abedin

    If you want confirmation of
    how far-gone, worthless, and
    mentally enslaved your fellow
    countrymen are, you should
    read this article (and comments) at Breitbart regarding internal border patrol checkpoints, set up at random nowhere near the border:
    San Diego Teacher Thinks Citizenship Question Is ‘Racist,’ Refuses to Answer
    ““Citizens?” an agent asked her as she drove up to the checkpoint.
    “Are we crossing a border?” Parmely responded.
    “No. Are you United States citizens?” he repeated.

    The overwhelming majority of our
    “countrymen” are worthless fucks,
    and deserving of every bit of the
    grief, suffering, and heartache
    coming down the pike.


      “…the overwhelming majority of our “countrymen” are worthless fucks, and deserving of every bit of the grief, suffering, and heartache coming down the pike.” Sadly, I would have to agree. All one has to do, if you watch TV, is to take a look at some of the “reality shows”, if you can stop from vomiting. Then add the lunacy of THE PRICE IS RIGHT and LET’S MAKE A DEAL to see legions of morbidly obese “countrymen/women” make complete and utter fools of themselves as they barter their dignity for “prizes” that they will have to pay state and federal taxes on.
      Of course, if TV is not your thing, just walk into any Walmart, shopping mall, or public high school. Res ipsa loquitur. Always remember, my friends, these “countrymen” will try to snitch you off or rip you off in a nanosecond if it will save their fat, worthless asses. Keep planning and prepping. Bleib ubrig.

    • ha ha

      another one ‘gets it’.


      you are NOT part of the 300 million.

      looks like i’m


  5. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    50 million Mussies in Europe by the last census. 4-7 million in America who have blended quite nicely. J/K

    Houston… Can you read me?

  6. Notarealperson

    This stuff isn’t new, it’s been going on for years when some Lefty picks a fight with ICE or CBP over the checkpoints.

    And most CA teachers are hard core lefties. You do not want your kid in a public school in this state. In fact most cops, state and county workers and even teachers send their kids to private or parochial schools. I knew a girl in CPS and every worker there had their children in private schools.

    Teachers like Shane are the problem. They are rabid leftists and race traitors, they hate their own race. God help the white boy who goes to her with a issue.

    Most folks have no idea how much these people hate ordinary whites. It;s off the scale. Most need .308 therapy in the worst possible way.

    • “Most CA teachers are hard-core leftists.”

      Which is why I retired early in 2004 when I could have gone on ’till 2014.

      After 25 years of putting up with more bullshit than any man should have to take I got the fuck out of the profession.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. floyd winston

    Youtube is notorious for removing files they don’t agree with. This will only get worse going forward. I suggest you save a local copy of the file when you come across a particularly useful film and add to your local library.

    Heres how on a mac
    1 – go to – follow instructions to install brew using the terminal
    2 – brew install youtube-dl
    3 – brew install ffmpeg
    4 – youtube-dl –recode-video mp4 OabwqlzGPsk

    That last bit of random text is the youtube file name that you see in the address bar. right click Matt’s embedded youtube file and paste the address to see.

    You will find the mp4 file saved to your user folder a few minutes later.

    (On windows, use instead of

    Once you have a collection of mp4 files, install and you can view these files anywhere on your network on any tv/tablet/phone/cpu/os and you are essentially running your own TV station

    stolen from Ann whose videos get taken down regularly.