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  1. Well, sociopaths do get their kicks rubbing it in your face.

  2. The premise is flawed:
    We don’t allow others to rule over us.
    We elect others to rule on our behalf.

    When we allow B to get bastardized into A, you’ve already fundamentally cocked up the whole works.
    Anything after that point is just gravity, working.

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    • Further clarification: “We elect others to govern on our behalf.” At least in principle these days.

      “Ruling” is very different than governing, in definition, point of fact, and in practice. Rulers mandate ‘absolutely’; governing authorities do so by consent of the People.

      Yes, I know what’s going to come next, but consider this: If the People didn’t consent, would the dead elephants being getting away with what they are, and have been doing? No.

      My .02

      • your .02 is worthless.

        assholes like you who spent their entire adult lives sucking the bungholes of even bigger assholes are the ones who let this system get to the point of no return.

        this guy DTG is nothing but a weak air farce queer who has done nothing in his entire life to defend anyone’s freedom. he’s a ‘yes’ man. and that’s all

        yes sir this

        yes sir that.

        yes sir.
        yes sir.

        yes sir.

        you never had the balls to be a man, did you?

        give me a fucking break.

        at least i told off a field grade fuckhead right to his face. and i never regretted it. to this day i smile when thinking about that moment.

        hard to fuck with someone when they are on crutches because of some asshole e-6s bad judgement. all they can do is demote you.

        i’m soooo skeered.


        got a 2nd honorable and medical RETIREMENT and never looked back.

        i went home and became rich. bet that loser is pinching pennies right now if he’s even alive anymore.

        as a side note, i knew a MAN who served in the Ranger battalion during Nam. the guy had more fruit salad than the battalion commander and guess what? he sported e-2 stripes because he wasn’t letting some college faggot get away with walking over him.

        fuck you dtg dickweed.

        ha ha ha

        • More fucking bullshit and trash talk. You got a bcd and think that’s something to celebrate?

          This tells everyone all they need to know about your self discipline and maturity level.

          You are deficient, weak and an unsuitable liability. Still.
          That is all.

        • You’re truly a legend in your own mind.

          It’s possible that you’re really more spectacular than any human being who has ever lived in world history, and that the 4,000,000 internet memes that fit you to a T(-Fat) are just a coincidence.

          But it’s far likelier that you’re just the latest and widest skidmark in humanity’s underpants, and everyone has seen and heard blowhard oxygen thieves like you so many times it’d break the internet to catalog them all, so they just default to this version of you in the Dictionary of Douchebags:

          Stop bragging on your imaginary acquaintances, and stealing glory from better men.
          You’re just a non-hacker broke-dick shitbird with an attitude and no functional purpose in life, wasting bandwidth.

          And you come here for your daily abuse, because anyone who knew you in real life got tired of your repetitive Commander McBragg tales ages ago, and most of them forgot you like a bad hangover five seconds after you weren’t around.

          And being such a meaningless, valueless, malodorous little twit just twists you panties so tight you’ve got a terminal case of butthurt, forever, right Betsy?

          We know what you are.
          Take the honorable way out.

          • you fuckstick covered in shit.

            i appear to live inside your empty brain cavity don’t i?

            you can’t stand the truth, so you respond to my every exposure to it.

            your shit is so weak, you have to support it with cartoons and retarded drivel.

            the murkins deserve all that they endure.

            i love seeing the desperation and futility of their daily struggles.

            i always tell them to have a drink and not to worry, it’s all Gods plan…

            ha ha ha

            loser. go scratch out your pathetic existence.

            my bills are ALL on auto pay.

            i haven’t bought a stamp in years.

            how dumb is that? buying stamps to pay bills.

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        • Yawn. Quitter. Go do your daily, “Weeds and Seeds,” and preside over the, “Ne’er Do Well Malcontent” club.

      • i bet you’ve said “YES SIR” over 2 million times huh cuck?

        you wake-up in the middle of the night screaming YES SIR!

        because you are a slave. your mind is owned, just as your body is, just as your financial security is… a hard core cuckold slave.

        go look in the mirror and ask yourself one question.

        how many times did i swallow my pride and say “yes sir”?

        you’re a coward. you’ve died a thousand deaths already.
        every time you said “yes sir” you died a little more.

        there’s nothing left for you now besides your 1001st death and cheap murkin flag made in China.

        i hope you at least survive long enough to witness even that taken from you.

        cheesy parasitic motherfucker.

    • “We elect others to rule on our behalf.”

      That should be enough, just in case anyone here still buys your fantasy bullshit.

      But thanks for sharing what you’re doing, anyway. Now the rest of us will get back to work. But don’t worry—you’ll be able to find someone to rule you. I’d offer myself, but I’m busy and don’t really care if your wishes come true.

      • I’ll play, Jim.
        I was merely re-working the host’s supplied verbiage.
        (But I like DTG’s clarification better.)

        So, tell me, in reality (not your usual masturbatory orgasmia of Utopia, but this world, this universe, in this country, any time in the last 240 years – lest you try and worm out of the box somehow) do other people make the rules, or do you? (And if “B”, please show your work. Your flag, circulating currency, and governing documents are the minimum ante.)

        (Hint: Maybe you’ve seen this little treasure posted here a few hundred times, which might give the game away, but you need all the help you can get, and it’s still never enough.


        So if somebody else – not you – is making the actual rules, that would seem, using ordinary English vocabulary and grammar (careful, you’ll hurt yourself if you trip on that), that they are therefore rulers (even anarchists governing a party of one, which has operated successfully…wait for it…exactly no place, never, in all of recorded human history) under any system you can point to.

        Bear in mind that every form of government also has those nasty Greek roots to words like arkos and -kratia, so me observing that someone is always the ruler under any describable system only has the precedent of 4000 years or so of history behind it, whereas you’ve been barking at the moon for a mere fraction as long. So it’s theoretically possible that me and all of recorded history has had it wrong, and you’ve single-handedly outsmarted everyone with two words to say about de facto government from Socrates to Rush Limbaugh, inclusive. (Though there aren’t a lot of chips on your spot on that table, I have to note.)

        But if you can cleverly square that little logic circle, maybe you can fight your way to the top of whatever imaginary condescension your were trying to become shitlord of, however momentarily.

        Best wishes, and keep me posted on your expedition.

    • Yep!

  3. a follower

    Yep, the premise is flawed!

  4. and while we are busy arguing, they are still killing our dogs.

    And us.

    Let’s stay focused on the problem, OK?

    The problem is that regardless of whether or not we consented, and whether or not the Constitution or the law allow it, we, the productive citizens of these presently united States, are being treated as 2nd, no, 3rd class proles, NOT as citizens of a republic.

    That is YOUR problem.

  5. too wide a brush. MOST of the shootings you refer to get HUGE ATTN but never do the Nat’l statistics on such matters get published. I’ve seen it many a times on this web site, cherry picking your bone to pick on this type matter. Not all matters but this type matter.

  6. Northgunner

    It’s like I’ve been telling folks for what seems forever, when you understand that “YOU OWN YOURSELF!”, the mental haze clears and one realizes that they owe NOTHING to the parasite class and their enablers and enforcers!!

    Not ‘allegiance’
    Not any requirement to ‘obey’
    And that their ‘legitimacy’ was and will always be a steaming pile of bullshit!

    “Consent of the governed/Rule of Law” is what they incessantly crooned to folks to indoctrinate and mentally seduce them into willing slavery.

    When you stop seeing them as your ‘ruling class’, they’ll cease to be your ‘Masters’.
    Slaves and citizens NEED a ruling class…
    Free men and women DON’T!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • Randolph -whoever kills my dog will NO go home safe - Scott

      The best comment on this page! We are only as free as we think we are.

      This is a giant mind game and once enough people overcome the subjugated mentality the day of the thug fucking cop will be over.

  7. Great plan.

    Let us know how it works out for ya.