Denninger: Yes, It’s Over

Obamacare’s survival is much more than a medical insurance story.

Denninger explains.

Think about it.

Will the FedGov survive its costs?

Will the Republican party survive its incompetence and treachery?


Will you and yours survive its care-rationing?

Plan for the long run, campers.

And “long run” means just that for freedom folks.

54 responses to “Denninger: Yes, It’s Over

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  3. You can drop the “GOP” on the pigs, then it would be accurate. Two party system is fraud.

  4. This will go down as the worst Congress ever! As usual the lobbyist get their wishes and the voter gets shafted!

  5. Fuck John McCain! Useless piece of shit.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      McCain reminds me of a bitter old grandmother that makes life harder for everyone around them just because.

      • actually, McCain did good on this one. Since Trumpenthal and Co. were simply repealing O’care…and replacing it with more of same under a different name.

        “how about just plain Repeal and NOT replace?”

        Republiscams: “Urrr, Ah….No”.

        because the Insurance Cartel, the Pharmaceutical Cartel, and the Jew.Gov Cartel would not approve.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Useless piece of shit.”

      What? He’s been worth every penny!
      – The Globalists

  6. a follower

    So are we angry that Babylon is collapsing?
    Should we be?
    Should we hate each other?

  7. Greetings,
    The picture of man in horrid conditions (believe a picture
    of Cuban man in Cuba), I have witnessed and dealt with,
    only here wet vacs and other “utensils” are available, but
    above all, Hands On & Loving your neighbor + Honor your
    father and mother WILL be graceful and keep tidy relief.
    Then there is the matter of massive “prescription” crazy
    pills & patches that only cover up the symptoms and end
    with chemical lobotemy[sp?] at a HUGE Co$t until the
    Damage Is Done.
    Who are the payees? Who are in receivership?
    21 Trillion and counting…

    “The Kingdom of God is AT HAND”
    …”and deliver us from evil, Amen”…

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  8. I don’t think a lot of people realize that Trump is playing the biggest game of chicken since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Trump knows that left untouched OCare will die of natural causes. He in fact has already stated his case on the matter and he’s right. His bet is that the collapse occurs while he is still in office so that he may influence the outcome or out right dictate terms.

    Roughly 3.5 years left. The odds makers ought to run a line on that bet.

  9. If all they’d wanted to do was offer coverage to the uninsured, they could’ve simply opened enrollment to Tri-care or Medicare on a simple subscription fee.

    they didn’t do anything like that, because it would have been a minor boondoggle, and not left government in absolute control of 1/6th of the economy, with you and your future medical choices clutched in their hands by your short hairs.

    ObozoCare is working exactly as intended:

    It was expressly designed to first, fuck up and destroy all private health insurance (which it’s done with gusto), and secondly, to fail itself, leading to no other option but government-funded-in-perpetuity Single Payer cradle-to-grave healthcare. (Ask the UK family of Charlie Gard how NHS Euthanasia DeathCare works out in practice.)

    Look at the Republicrat machinations for the last seven months, and tell me how we’re not heading there on an ICBM to the site of the impact.

    Anybody that thinks that wasn’t the exact plan from Day One is delusionally insane, pure and simple.

  10. “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  11. Something Denninger missed in his post (or could have been the timing):

    After seven years of “talking” Repeal & Replace, the people of our great country are still being forced to live with imploding ObamaCare!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 29, 2017

    If a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end very soon!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 29, 2017

    Emphasis mine. Should the insurance companies not get ‘assistance’ there will be a rash of State level withdrawals like has happened in Kentucky through out the nation. That will hasten the OCare collapse. And that is all within the purview of the Executive branch to do.

  12. Has it smacked you upside the head yet, literally, completely, unquestionably, in no uncertain terms, you don’t need these fools and their leviathan of criminal anarchy?
    That their State of Administrative Tyranny is utterly completely useless to us dirt people and exists to serve them in its entirety and strip us of every penny possible?
    That obamacare was never intended to do anything but continue the system of gently laying the chains of economic and cultural slavery upon our wrists slowly through time till it became a beast which intruded upon every facet in the sphere of our lives?
    That what we are seeing is a sneak peek of what is taking place under the vail of false legitimacy, an existential struggle of their system of slavery to survive it’s irrelevancy?
    That obamacare is their undoing?
    That the law of unintended consequences is their 800lb gorilla in the room.
    That they can not repeal obamacare, that it was baked into the strategy.
    That obamacare is their tyranny in a healthcare package.
    That from the beginning the uniparty was in on it, it was a setup from the start, the democratic party “majority” at the time was an intended part of the plan, that the uniparty set it up so all we witnessed was one faction, the left unanimously voting in favor, and the right unanimously voting against. It was a salve designed to placate the dirt people and make the broom stick a tiny bit less painful as the shoved it up our arses, when all along obamacare was a done deal agreed to by all parties.
    That they can not rescind or abolish obamacare, their whole racket will collapse if they do. It is a conduit to transfer the remaining wealth of the dirt people, a direct belt line from the strip mine to the coffers of the deep state, the 12 family banking cartel, remember 25% at least of the economy, its probably 40% what with how the grift inflated costs of sick care, of the income of the remaining productive dirt people and small business. obamacare was designed to get at the money us dirt people would never give up any other non violent way, through our health. That we would be forced to pay whatever it cost us to receive medical care, because their was no options, other than witch doctors, faith healers, folk medicine… or dying. Sarah Palin was more right than she said, obamacare is one big death panel of economic extortion. Pay, or you die without medical care. That simple. The offer you can’t refuse.
    It was the only way they could rob us of what we have left of our intrinsic wealth and prosperity. The only way they could get at it without resorting to violent force or confiscation.
    If obamacare is repealed it shuts off the spigot of other peoples money. An entire system within the system of administrative tyranny of the state runs off the skim of control of the 25% or so of the economy healthcare represents. That is no matter how its sliced a lot of real tangible wealth.
    If they shut off that inflow of actual tangible wealth, which is a tax made to look like healthcare insurance, the state goes tits up.
    There is no other source of money to replace it.
    There is the prospect they will pull the plug, jump the shark, and go total police state if obamacare repeal is forced upon them.
    The RINO’s are playing for time. Congress is playing the most dangerous game. They are cornered. Just because they are cucks, cowards are dangerous. The marxist faction has the RINO’s in the perfect position.
    Trump is not interfering because this has to play out to whatever end.
    Trump hedged his bets on it. He has created a new .mil command and control structure that has his back. And us dirt people by way of The great Fuck You. He has thrown them red meat, as commander in chief he has given them their dignity and honor back, in exchange for fealty to something more than political power.
    The deep state and uniparty no longer has control of the Tom Baughs Colonel’s, McCain and the neocons are furious. Trump’s first action was to flush out the command structure of political ideologues and radical chic political officers of the red diaper babies since the clinton regime had been building to eventually use their fundamentally transformed “military police force” on the dirt people domestically.
    Thats where it was all going. Hillary Clinton was the usurper destined to employ the tactics and strategy of regime change, on the American people, they planned all along to refine the strategy in the long wars, then bring it home. It’s what any self respecting dictator would do. Hitler and uncle Joe would approve. Create an expeditionary military accustomed to 4th generation counter insurgency warfare, flush out the Christian White Warriors, pump it full of illegal alien brown skinned mercenaries and perverted he-she’s in pink stilettos, turn this revamped military into a sociopathic cadre of blooded historically ignorant zombie solders, and let them loose in a nation wide live ammo Jade Helm.

    What is congress going to do now? Its in a serious fucking pickle. The deep state too, it is committing high crimes and treason on an astronomical scale.

    They know 65 Million dirt people are in a defiant state of being because we had a color revolution and won last November. That is no paltry event. That is cold audacity and motive power rooted in the idea of MAGA and BFYTW.
    Years, more than a decade, millions of us have learned to live on less, how to avoid the leviathan and it’s shakedown, avoid taxes, ignore regulatory fiat and give it the finger, we aways being prepared, prepared ourselves, our families as best as we can, become debt free, created barter, a sprouting system D of underground economy, learned new trades and skills, to garden, raise meat animals, make instead of buy food, turned our backs on corporatism & the industrial food chain, incorporated alt-tech and alt-living into our lives. Many have been building tribe and small trusted community’s, become learned and skilled in the basic small unit light rifle infantry tactics, there’s an entire underground of home crafted personal weapons that has sprung up from the 80% receiver and digital additive machining movement.
    Millions of us have pulled back quietly, intelligently from the tyranny of the state in a myriad of ways as individualistic as we are as a culture and people.
    Millions of us are getting right with science, history, tradition, legacy, our faith, turning towards & returning to agrarian ways, provincialism is again appreciated for it’s immense value and the virtues it provides through practical application in our lives.
    It is becoming plurality of people who are catching on it is a plurality of people instead of isolated and alone. The Alt-Media of blogs and sites is literally an underground movement of truth in an age of universal deceit and brainwashing.

    The “elites” are fucked.
    We all involved are on the cusp of the greatest human event ever. What the American dirt people do when it starts will change the world in ways we can not imagine. If there is any unique thing about our character, it is when we go big, we go big like nobody else. And we are very good at it, natural born good at it.

  13. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    It took me 7 years to get an Electro Cardio Gram, Echcardiogram, and then a Cardio MRI. 7 fucking years. I’m a 30 y/o Combat Vet with Cardiomyopathy and Cardiorythmia. Fuck VA and Government healthcare and all the Africans(Native) and Chinese they hired. Those jobs should have gone to Americans. I swear they hired them because they could give a fuck less about American Soldiers.


      I am sorry for your situation. I hope you can resolve your health issues and live your remaining years in comfort and dignity. The thing that troubles me is that for many years, the VA has failed our veterans. Yet, hundreds, if not thousands of young men and women are STILL enlisting, being used as guinea pigs for vaccines with GOD-knows-what in them.
      They sign a contract to go to mechanics school and end up manning a Ma Deuce in the cupola of a Humvee on the streets of Baghdad. I drank the Army’s Kool-Aid in 1969 and by the grace of God, escaped with my life.
      Before I got canned from my teachers aide job at a local high school, I used to see the recruiters come in and set up their tables in the lunch room/commons area. If I saw any kid walk up to the table, I would walk over and tell him/her in a loud voice to: “…get it in writing”. That did not go over well. And thankfully, you could count the kids on one hand who would even talk to them.

      • Don’t doubt a word you said but my experience was different…
        I turned 18 in 1974 and joined up then…Got exactly what I wanted which was the 82nd…My time in the Army was one of the best times of my life, learned a lot…

      • a follower

        Have recently heard some stories of recruiters warning students not to enlist. There are individuals present.

      • don’t forget the depleted uranium and other assorted variety of radioactive particulate on top of the vaccines and poison militard-y food.

        they are dumb as a rock right of “high” screwl and complete the dumbing down process within the ranks of murkas modern army via it’s super brainwashed e-6 thru e-9s.

        why anyone would join that criminal organization from 2001 onward is beyond me.

        other than they watch too much teevee and drank too much kool aid.

        911 was a total scam and I saw thru it not long afterwards.

    • The VA was just a another promise made by politicians to vets that they couldn’t keep, in order to get votes. It could never work. It was a single payer system run by the govt. The health care was to be delivered by politicians, govt bureaucrats and public unions. What could go wrong. It had fundamental design flaws from the beginning. Now they just put lipstick on that pig to get it past the next election.

  14. The Usual Suspect

    TfaTee waking up in the morning after another day slinging shit.

  15. That brain tumor he has? If he’s super lucky, he’ll make it to Christmas.
    The only treatments for it are chemo and radiation. I hope he gets both…
    Good and hard. Let his last days be miserable.

  16. Great article ! I could’ve written it myself as I have lived and concluded the same.
    When obamacare was passed, I knew it was in for good and the country was changed. I also believe besides using it to death panel off the costly, it will also be used to kill off any economic ladder for those trying to climb up; you’re not making it to the next level when your healthcare or your small companies employees healthcare costs is eating up any extra money you have.
    Back on subject of the article, you want to be like him and me; go the paleo diet. IMO, if you eat what the earth naturally provides; you’ll be in the best health and you might as well learn to live on minimums now because at some point the govt debts is going to make it where you have to. going dave ramsey “debt free” now is your best bet to be able to handle when reality comes calling.

    • wendystringer48088

      ‘Back on subject of the article, you want to be like him and me; go the paleo diet. IMO, if you eat what the earth naturally provides; you’ll be in the best health and you might as well learn to live on minimums now because at some point the govt debts is going to make it where you have to.’

      I was wondering what diet he was talking about
      This one?

  17. And old Army friend of mine goes to the VA, he has cataracts real bad,and a serious melanoma issue on his back,they won’t do a thing about it. He has emphysema and they give him nebulizers for that. That’s it!

    • The melanoma and cataracts are treatable, and should be.

      Emphysema is terminal. Just slowly.
      There’s nothing else to “do for that”.

      Just spitballing in the dark, but it’s likely your old Army friend probably should have put away the cancer sticks about thirty-forty years earlier.

      The warnings on the packs weren’t just for shits and giggles.

      But with the VA, they’re probably gambling that the emphysema will kill him before the melanoma metastasizes.

      • there you go guessing AGAIN.

        damn you are one dumb motherfucker aren’t you?

        don’t answer that

        you’ll get it wrong AGAIN.

        your nothing but an asshole running it’s diarrhea.

        fuck off fucktwit from cailfuckeachotherintheass-sap.

        • Jeff Cooper squarely skewered any one who could not write a simple sentence without sexual, scatological, anatomically impossible or blasphemous language, of which YOU are the wikipedophile exemplar supreme, as crude and witless past redemption and beneath the notice of intelligent and civil men.

          Go ahead… provide another pants full of evidence….

          Don’t bother with a “scathing denouncement” of Col. Cooper. His rep is secure from drooling spew.

      • wendystringer48088

        Emphysema is indeed caused by long term cigarette smoking.
        Sadly, lots of people smoked back in the 60’s and 70’s in their teens and twenties and thirties when smoking cigarettes was the cool thing to do and everyone was doing it. Especially in the military.
        Even today people smoke, although it is a lot less popular. Emphysema is indeed fatal – seems treatment is to control symptoms as much as possible until it kills the patient.

  18. Yup. What Karl said.

  19. Regarding most of the comments posted above: “Are these the men with whom I am to defend America?” — Gen. Geo Washington